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Unfortunately this free atm doesn’t exist anymore

ATM Belize Bank - no fee 18.07984, -88.55950

We couldn’t fit our truck/camper under the entrance. They have a grass parking lot which you can camp at by the entrance. Price is 20,000 COP per person per night. You still get to use the showers and washrooms. Power and water spigot is also there.

MaCabañas/La Legua 6.23522, -73.41964

Very nice place. Concrete pads and right on the beach

Pete’s Camp 31.13541, -114.88772

Truly amazing place ! The description of samgabriel25 is on point 👍🏼 We stopped at the second pool and had an amazing time. The pools are full even if everything else around is dry. So don't let the other rivers (or their absence) along the road fool you : just go and have a swim 😉

Waterhole - Agüadita -29.38480, -67.79541

Great laundromat with friendly staff. 14 pesos per kg. Clothing was right on time when they promised it. Hours 9am to 8pm.

Lavanderia Burbu Clean 16.73670, -92.63068

fantastic spot with a wonderful view to San Salvador. Restaurant is very good, not very expensive and we didn't have to pay 10$ because we had dinner there. if we would use their shower than they want +10$.
WiFi super fast, there's also a WiFi at the bigger first parking lot.
can definitely recommend this place.
BUT: the street coming from the north from Quetzaltepeque (LIB10N) is restricted to 4,1 tons!

Finca San Cristóbal 13.73188, -89.27297

A place to go on Canal Street if needed, stayed overnight here once, didn't hav any problems but does hav that sketchyness to it

Canal St 29.96142, -90.08093

The road towards Ollagüe/ Chile wasn’t that bad at all. First 60km from Uyuni are a mix of hard packed gravel and bad asphalt. Could still drive around 80km/h. Didn’t see any part that could have been a mud pit, even if it had been raining a lot.

Second section is the now completed brand new asphalt road of ruta 701 for another 60km until we had to get back to a hard packed gravel road in good condition. The further construction of the asphalt road seems to take long.

Further in the direction of the border we had very sandy road conditions in the boulder forest (saw motorcycles struggle here) and then again hard packed gravel in good condition.

Overall probably took us 4hrs from Uyuni to Ollagüe border.

Muddy dirt road after storm -20.66449, -66.87623

What a beautiful spot! Absolutely divine with great views of the salar and volcanoes.

Toilets still broken. The pool was lukewarm but we didn’t dare to take a bath as the wind was too strong and extremely cold.

The next morning we continued the dirt road south. It leads along the salar and ends up on the main road after approx. 45mins. Very scenic, saw flamingos, llamas, vicuñas and nandus.

Aquas Calientes Picnic area -21.29709, -68.33563

Grabbed some food cart food down by the beach and then drove up here because our family members had stayed up here the night before in their van. Covered tables with lights at each site. Power to plug in. Water to fill our tank. Very kind and helpful owner. Slept well. 12,000chp for two of us and our sprinter. 5G available for cell.

Camping La Gruta -41.14177, -73.03260

We parked on a tent loop. $18 with water spigot. Then in the morning they called us and told us we had to pay the day use fee too.

Tyler State Park 32.48100, -95.29187

On the GPS location there are some big holes to enter and on the most flat spot at the river there was an old rusty van parked (not sure how long it’s there), so we turned back to the place at the river just 100 meters back (same side, but more gravel road and more space and better views in our opinion ;). Beautiful place to spend a night or longer. Some locals went fishing or had a picnic, but didn’t hear any of them. Very quiet night. Evening sun ánd morning sun, perfect! Movistar 3G but worked fast.

River paradise -45.45422, -72.41019

This is a place to fill up water. Both sides of the building have faucets one of them has a hose. The clerk let me use the faucets to fill up the water tank. In return we bought gas and snacks

Chevron 32.39799, -93.74951

Beautiful and peaceful ! Low clouds and seafog and patches of holes for the sun, only a bit wind.

Dolphins in the sea and if you like to collect wood, make sure a 20“ ft container „is available“.

Dolphins Beach -43.76305, -72.96948

Nice enough campsite with sheltered spaces to cook. Clean bathrooms (no hot water). When we arrived there were laminated signs saying 13,000 clp per person payable to Caleta Lodge but then we saw a CONAF park ranger removing these signs so we assumed it was now free to stay - or park rangers would collect a fee in the morning, as per the other Pumalin campsites. At 9:20pm a Caleta Lodge worker came and told us we needed to pay the 13,000 clp per person. All a bit strange - not a major issue but quite expensive for just pitching our own tent. Close to ferry but better value sites/cabañas closer to Chaiten.

Parque Pumalín – Campsite Río Gonzalo -42.56212, -72.60265

Attention! New prices if you want to pay in Leon. If you check the internet homepage, you should go for the prices in $ not the one in Leons. So at the end we payed:
- Comunity fee: 270 Le per person
- Parc fee: 270 Le per person
- Guide: 113 Le for one day
- Camping: 180 Le for two (50% discount, because we had our own equipment, otherwise you pay 180 Le per person)

We where a little bit shocked, because we had to pay the dobble of the price we expected. So we contacted the person in charge in Kenema. They confirmed us the new prices. The prices may even change again in Fabruary.

At the end, we had some discussions, but the walk to the view point was worth! We even saw Dama- Monkey and the rainforest sound with the wildlife is incredible!

The teamleader of the guides and the compound explained us, where and how our money is going to be used, so we where more than happy to here, that this is a good and well working investigation.

+ the teamleader explained us, how the money is going to be spend and used for all comunities around

Gola Rainforest NP - Lalehun 7.67249, -10.97923

Now 90 COP for doble room with priv bathroom. Cockroaches in the room and really bad wifi. Better to stay in Hospedaje Guatapé.

Casa Rosa Hostel 6.23347, -75.16173

Awesome campspot! A bunch of stone picnic tables protected from the wind, an old train car, and some ruins nearby.

Pintados -20.62247, -69.63639

Very large parking lot. When I arrived he had at least 10 RVs and trailers. near the highway so a bit noisy.

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store 29.91558, -81.41294

Lugar muito tranquilo para passar a noite, o posto fecha às 22h mas fica um segurança. O posto tem um local para motorhome com água e energia. O pessoal é muito simpático.

Posto de combustível -24.04056, -48.00876

This place is neither closed nor free of charge. Stayed here for one night with my motorhome (3.5 ton, 2WD). The price for one person was 3.000CLP (it doesn't matter if motorhome, tent or other).
On the day we were there the owners were very eager to clean the toilets, brush up the garden and even install a new heating for hot showers.
However, we just got in contact with the owners by chance, when talking to a neighbor nearby. There is no sign or phone number. So, no idea how it works for other travelers.

Camping El Rincon -46.12262, -72.15231

Tem boa estrutura, deixaram nós acampar.

Graal-Buenos Aires Service - Station -24.52889, -47.85774

Cabins for rent. Paid 56k pesos. Really nice, cozy, spacious cabins. Got it’s own kitchenette, wood burning stove, gas cooking stove, upscale linens, jacuzzi tub, etc. Lake view, rafting is just steps away. Cabins are at the same property as the restaurant. NO wifi.

Cabanas/cabins -47.01600, -72.82985

Sandy soft road to a few flat parking options. Tried to get to the „the dunes“ spot but missed turnoff. Use turnoff right where the road bends. Make sure the road is dry. We made it with 2WD.

By the dunes 30.16450, -115.79251

Posto de combustível, passamos a noite. possui banheiros local tranquilo com alguns caminhões passando a noite também.

Ipiranga -16.51928, -49.41643

Don't forget to check out here if you are heading toward Argentina, you can pass by this place easily. Also, if you are heading down south rethink this route as it's going to be a (very) long and bumpy ride untill Moreno(!). 2wheel drive is OK but on argentinan side not maintained roads.

Border crossing Chile -46.29419, -71.93315
Postcards From La Taverne

Really easy to find and pull into, even in the dark. Places to park start a minute off the main road. Sites slightly sloped, but the views in the morning more than make up for it. Very good Tmobile signal.

Steep Hill Rd 32.94851, -105.87586

wonderful spot in the midst of magical joshua trees. very pristine - please keep it clean!!!!!

mohave nat’l preserve - valley view ranch rd 35.32789, -115.56946

Unable to fill rvs right now. They don’t have the adapter or something. Go to Twentynine palms campground. 8- 3 pm.

Builder's Supply hardware store 34.12892, -116.05479

there is a “You can only stay 8 hours max” sign but there were trucks and SUVs parked overnight. Very bad phone service. A couple cop cars patrolled all night. it was fine as a rest stop, nice bathrooms & place to walk around - but wouldn’t sleep there again.

Division Creek Rest Area 36.94586, -118.23982

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