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Great stop-over location on the way to South Luangwa, beautiful views over the river and the owner was incredibly helpful and friendly ! Great coffee in the morning. Clean ablutions, hot water and Wi-Fi. Would def recommend a stay here.

Bridge Camp -15.00595, 30.21512

GF/Vegan bakery and coffee shop with gluten free options (brownies and a few cookie selections). Closed Sundays and Mondays. Tu- Sat 10am-7. Also sell entire gluten free cakes with 2 days notice.

Vegan/GF- Panadería Piloncillo 31.83202, -116.59809

It's a beautiful camping spot in the middle of Zakouma National Park. It's not fenced so you have a wildlife right next to your car (but there's a guard overlooking campsite here so you don't have to worry about lions and other animals). The kitchen is very simple, the only thing there is running water. There's a restaurant in Tinga Lodge nearby. Toilets with running water, no electricity. In the daytime Zakouma offers game drives so you can discover even more wildlife. Available only in dry season (more less between December to April). Only 4x4 cars. Entrance through Goz Djerat. The price is $50 per night plus park fee $30 per person.

Tinga Campsite 10.83238, 19.78491

Great place to spend the night & fill up your potable water jugs or tank. Bathroom was clean too!

Westbound Rest Area 33.02900, -111.77143

We crossed the fruit check around 8:30am on a Wednesday and were stopped by the very gentle officer who asked if we had any fruits. Since we did have some, we said yes. We showed him oranges and bananas. We had to either eat the oranges there or throw them away. I took a picture of what's permitted and forbidden (attached here). Basically bananas are the only fruits allowed. There are also some restrictions to vegetables, but they didn't ask us about anything but fruits. No fumigation needed, as others pointed out.

Fruit Check Point -29.56582, -68.53365

Price since 01/23: 5500 ARG Pesos for non residents.
Next day with ticket: 50% discount

Perito Moreno Glacier -50.42650, -72.75163

Free Campground on the Beach. Perfect for Tent Camping. No amenaties but close to restaraunts, grocery stores, and Gas Stations.

La Playa Beach Rosarito 32.36152, -117.06932

Didn't stay here but enjoyed a really lovely meal of the fresh catch of the day. We were the only ones and enjoyed the solitude to just watch the sun set. The food was wonderful and so was the service.

Guillermo's Hotel & RV Park 28.94762, -113.55805

We parked at the public parking across the Terpel gas station. From there it's a 45 minute walk, but you could drive a little further like others have done although there's now a sign that says not to 😅

Las Gachas 6.23185, -73.41893

Une nuit dans la rue. les hôtels de chaque côté ont été très accueillants et facilitant : possibilité d'utiliser les toilettes et de prendre notre repas en prenant les boissons sur place, il nous propose de prendre l'eau pour remplir nos cuves, nous invite le soir à la piscine de l'hôtel de l'autre côté de la rue. le bon plan c'est Rolando pour la sortie buggy/surf. 140soles pour 2adultes et 3 enfants (7,5et2ans). Rolando a été accueillant et nous a facilité l'installation sur place quand d'autres nous proposes 240soles pour le buggy + 30soles pour la nuit.
Rolando par WhatsApp :+5197636404. il se trouve au pied de l'hôtel. son chauffeur de buggy, Marco, a été parfait avec les enfants, donnant des sensations sans trop en faire et en faisant du rab sur le temps: 2h au lieu d'1h20 prévu.

Hotel Carina del Sol -13.83436, -76.24870

Hato Berlín
Una reserva natural a 10 minutos de Trinidad
Tiene zona de camping, cabalgatas, caminatas, paseo en canoa, alimentación, baños y duchas
Pasamos 2 noches
Excelente atención y paisajes increíbles
Heiler Oropeza (314) 331-9158

Reserva Natural Hato Berlin 5.47365, -71.71403

Unfortunately, I think the good times for this spot are rapidly approaching the end. But if we’re all a bit more intelligent about how we use it, maybe not. Really not trying to be a downer, but some people seem to misunderstand the situation.

Make no mistake, the usual San Diego prohibitions on vehicle habitation apply to this spot. And there is a MAJOR police presence in the area. They have likely turned a blind eye to this tiny little spot not out of the love in their heart, but because there are a ton of vacation rentals right here and it’s very difficult to distinguish between parked rigs using the rentals and ones with people inside.

The more people hang out here with doors open, making noise, or otherwise being obvious about vehicle habitation, the more likely residents and police will notice, leading to many issues.

So if you use it, try to be smart. Come in late, don’t be obvious about being in your rig, and leave early, even on the days when morning parking is allowed. Staying many days in a row is a surefire way to attract negative attention, and it’s even worse if you notice others doing the same. That puts the spot on enforcement radar quicker than anything else.

There are plenty of nearby places to go during the day or after you park to enjoy the area. Please don’t do it from your overnight parking spot unless you want to ruin it for everyone.

Parking san fernandino 32.76788, -117.25175

Stayed here last night and it was a safe and comfortable place to sleep in my car. The porter potties were open and decently clean.

Street Parking 43.96719, -124.10971

have stayed here several times while in the area, great place to stay over night, no problems, no 'no parking signs'
often semis at one end of the street and some RVs that look semi-permanent

Street Parking 39.82407, -104.76967

Great spot! It’s very open, but feels private since not many people pass by here. Us and our fellow van friends stayed here for several days over New Years without an issue! We saw a couple of horseback riding groups come by in the morning, that’s all. If it’s windy, it’s very windy… there were some pleasant days though! We had service with Claro, too.

On Top Of The Hills -50.32687, -72.33610

We stayed a few days after new year. Large camping, with barbecue, sinks and tanks, playground, wi-fi only works near the reception. Clean bathrooms and very hot showers from 8 pm to 11 am. It has a gigantic swimming pool, open after 11 am. Camping also opens to the public after noon, and in summer it gets very crowded and noisy. On Mondays, the camping is exclusive and closed to the public. We paid $2,200 (two people and a Defender)
Ficamos alguns dias depois do ano novo. Camping grande, com churrasqueira, pias e tanques, playground, wi-fi funciona somente perto da recepção. Banheiros limpos e duchas bem quente com horário das 20hrs as 11hrs. Tem uma piscina gigantesca, aberta após as 11 horas. O Camping também abre para o público depois do meio dia, e no verão fica bem cheio e barulhento. As segundas feiras, o camping fica exclusivo e fechado para o público. Pagamos $2.200 (duas pessoas e uma Defender)

Camping Municipal Carlos Xamena -24.81324, -65.41969

This is a parking lot behind a restaurant. The electric wasn’t properly grounded so we didn’t use it. We did hook up to water. Quiet and felt safe. I think we paid $200 pesos. Restaurant was good for breakfast but we recommend Santo Remedio (pictured) behind the casino for a great dinner.

Malarrimo RV Park 27.96794, -114.03035

Nice, very clean groomed and secure lodge next to a lake where you can also sleep in your car. Good Restaurant, big clean pool and houses to rent. 10 000 CFA two persons sleeping in car with cold shower. Dinner is from 6 000 to 10 000 CFA. Friendly staff.

Kabacoto Safari Lodge 13.00000, -15.00000

Beautiful spot right on the water. $250 pesos.

RV Park San Lucas Cove 27.21915, -112.21340

Laundry € 3.- Dryer € 2.- open 24 hours 7 days a week.

Open Blue 38.72750, 0.09929

Nice sheltered place to camp for the night. Next to a small river. You can cross the small ditch. At least we could with a 4WD.

Near Park Penguino Rey -53.47000, -69.30218

Nice, very clean, groomed and secure lodge next to a lake where you can also can sleep in your car. They have a good restaurant, a big clean pool and houses to rent. We paid 10.000 CFA for two personal sleeping in our car with shower, we had both Dinner. Dinner is from 6000-10.000 CFA

Kabacoto Safari Lodge / Hunting Lodge 13.77730, -15.63012

Great place for overnight. Security circled frequently

Gila River-Lone Butte Casino 33.28934, -111.94076

In Namibia we already heard speaking about this place. Great service and Perfect place for land rover owners.

Lowveld Landy Services -25.45397, 30.96027

Posto de bandeira BR, onde abasteci com gasolina aditivada, porém estava adulterado.

BR - Posto de Serviço Popular -23.62008, -46.64022

the whole street is full of repairshops, i used the garage with the 3333-red publicity-sign. They did perfect job in 24h from a collision with a truck i had in india, at the fraction of the money they would have done it in europe !! No english spoken !!

body-work and painting 11.57016, 104.91760

Campground is a field where you can park. It was busy and cars and tents are fairly close to each other. The washrooms were terrible and smelly. We couldn't leave this one quick enough, the next morning.

Congos Hostel & Camping, Playa Hermosa 10.57580, -85.67654

Interesting place to see. Come here in the morning to see the the dealing and loading & unloading of the camels. In the afternoon it’s calmer here.
There are also goats, sheep and some cows.

Al Ain camel souq 24.16259, 55.81542

Great safe spot in town, we walked to united center and came back to sleep there !

unrestricted street parking 41.87736, -87.66173

Safe place, and silent at night. In the morning, the bustle of the city begins with a lot of noise from the gendarmeria at the end of the street. But still, a good place to stay in Uyuni.
We left the car here, and went shopping at the Municipal Market, without difficulty.

Lugar seguro, e silencioso à noite. Pela manhã, começa a agitação da cidade é bastante barulho do quartel no final da rua. Mas ainda assim, um bom lugar para ficar em Uyuni. Deixamos o carro aqui, e fomos no Mercado Municipal fazer compras, sem dificuldade.

Outside Tonito Hotel, Uyuni -20.46520, -66.82488

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