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Hotel in walking distance to cathedral. Private double room with en-suite for 70,000 COP. Secure parking next door for 15,000 per Moto large vehicles arrive early.
Nice, very clean, room. Warm, good bed.

Hotel Portal Las Lajas 0.80774, -77.58366

Great shower option, $60 pesos per person for a clean shower room with hot water, as described by others.

Showers 23.36701, -110.17455

Standard cracker barrel. Called and asked permission to stay one night in our camper van and was told it was OK. There’s no parking directly in the back, but there is a lot of parking around the building and off to the sides. It’s a large lot. They even have a few RV designated spots. We pulled our camper van into a level spot on the side. We had a quiet and pleasant stay. There is some traffic noise with the highway right there but not bad at all. Would stay again. Very close proximity to Richmond and lots of stores around the area too.

Cracker Barrel 37.60557, -77.35664

Easy drive in from town. Some cell service. Good overnight stop.

Ocean View 26.05936, -111.36792

Best spot in the area. A small section of the access road is a bit rough. 4 bars 5G AT&T

Further down Sierra Vista 32.31869, -106.62326

Not a bad place to stop for a few nights. Great view of the lake. Too cold for a swim at the moment but we checked out Hosier Hot Springs in TorC. $10 for an hour long soak.
$14 a night for full hook ups and they have showers at the State Park. You can also camp on the beach for $10 but we didn’t want to risk getting our Westy stuck.

Elephant Butte State Park 33.19406, -107.20535

The Chevron here has hand washing sinks between the pumps. The attendant says it's potable. We filled bottles and our 5gal jug. It looks like you could screw a hose to it. Activated by foot pump and has decent flow.

Chevron 31.26011, -90.48112

Lovely double room with 2 queen sized beds, fan and aircon. En suite shower/toilet with warm shower. TSh 50k including breakfast for 3 of us. Many nearby restaurants to get supper.

mresheni lodge -6.16981, 35.77258

Used to park here all the time while in Santa Cruz. Don't park close to the Rock climbing area instead park in the across days market and the auto body shop. last time I was there they were only going after people that were camped out there for more than several days.

Street parking 36.96784, -122.00677

Island only accessible by boat. Secluded. Camped at this location in tents and hammock tents. Fire pit, beach, the area is in Quebec but most people speak English. It is technically private land but who knows who owns it. I’ve never heard of them being there

Island 45.90640, -76.98313

4/10 of a mile past Salt Creek trailhead heading north on the west side is a turn off at the curve of the road. Many areas to pull off and set up camp. Access to some sites may change depending on conditions of washes following heavy rains. Far enough from the highway to not be bothered by traffic. Great sunset and sunrise views.

Salt Creek Hills Dispersed Camping 35.62398, -116.28874

Odd experience where person working filled large garafon and then gave them to us to hand fill our water jugs. Made for a tough time. We’ll try somewhere else next time.

Agua Purificada - Los Cerritos 23.35644, -110.16473

parking lot across from ymir hotel. big lot that's plowed in the winter. very little traffic.

Ymir campground 49.28324, -117.21442

Be patient. Test the sand first. lots of hard packed...but some soft. Not a big deal.

Google put me in the West side of the canal. Holdridge Road is the road you want to be on. Not Hunt Road. Both are dirt roads.

Besides that? Very faint highway noise. Peaceful.

Dry camping free 32.74995, -115.26816
Des routes & nous

Total Station. Little shop with coffee 1nd groceries. Toilet. Water.

Total Station -11.99477, 13.99499
sonny jadun

i stayed here overnight. Gorgeous beach except it's very windy. Ate at the most southerly restaurant. ceviche was great. wifi is 220 pesos, but the waiter cut me a 100 pesos deal. At night, I parked close to the restaurant and continued to use the wifi. worked out great. if you park at the northern end by the mountain, it's less windy.

Playa Tecolote 24.33741, -110.31026

Pastor Gabriel welcomed us with open arms. He and his family are very friendly. Old church, in the middle of the bush, with a small school. There is a little roof next to the school, where you could shelter from the rain. During the night it was very quiet. Only Gabriel lives her with his family. Around 7 / 8am it got a little bit busier (Friday morning). No toilet available.

Chissamba mission -12.16473, 17.32259

Cuanza to Cuemba: Ask around in Cuanza which road to take during wet season. There are many and not all of them are shown on or Tracks4africa.

Impassable roads -11.98842, 17.64088

stopped by to get some fruit. the bananas here were all brown and ready to be made into bread. left without making a purchase.

Fruteria La Palestina -45.58064, -72.07428

bought ciabatta bread here twice. good stuff.

Total Market - Very good « pan » -45.57213, -72.06657

Slept in the parking garage to be nearer to the bathrooms. They close over night, not sure when.
Very quiet and safe (fifth floor). Apparently bathrooms stay open. 24hrs in the Terminal 3 itself.
The parking garage is more expensive than the mentioned open lot right next to it. The price mentioned is about the lot, not the garage.

terminal 3 parking -23.42126, -46.47520

no longer Kaya Papaya - now a local malawian restaurant. Perhaps the owners moved on

Local Restaurant -11.60946, 34.29841

There is now a chain closing the entrance of the road and a sign “no estacionar vehiculos”.

Lakeside, Entre Lagos -40.68055, -72.59835

Definitely go to the side lot near the auto center! Large lot that was empty and so quiet. Tons of grass area for the pups.

Walmart 34.99893, -101.92365

Single room 25,000. matrimonial(2ppl) with private bath 35,000 both including breakfast. Nice rooms/bed. Safe parking for motos/bicis and maybe a smaller van.

Hospedaje Shinka -53.29822, -70.37322

Excellent camp site, but you really do need to phone or email ahead for a gate code or you won't be able to get in!

Zvakanaka Exclusive Camping -22.97658, 29.95209

The campsite has large olive trees which provide ample shelter from the sun and the rain. The showers have hot water and the pool is running. The toilets are simple, and make sure to bring your own toilet paper. Cost $700 per person.

Camping Los Hornos -30.25529, -68.74752

Perfect place for the visit of petra. Spent 2 nights, everything was fine. People try to sell taxi service to the back end telling you its too much to walk. This is a lie, walking the whole distance there and back is easily doable.

Petra free parking 30.32386, 35.46827

Free parking for a van or rv 5min. walking distance from the main street.Left my van there for about 3-4 hours without any problems.

Free Parking for Oversized 29.89801, -81.31906

Very nice spot to spend the night. Pretty quiet and many parking spots. Clean restrooms inside and a perfect place to get a breakfast.

Cracker Barrel 33.55595, -80.82315

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