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This place is open and we are just here

Fam. Schatz 31.69414, -8.13170

The parking lot now has signs up saying ....No Overnight Parking ....

Flying J Travel Stop 31.50813, -97.14468
Journey Dog Training

A somber place to visit, but very worthwhile. We paired with the museum of the revolution (20-30 min away). A volunteer met us and showed us around the site, park, and garden.

El Mozote Massacre Memorial 13.92425, -88.10263

This place is permanently closed.

Grassy Field 30.26645, -97.77296

Staying here tonight. All is well. Only person camping. ATT LTE 2 bars. Awesome sunset. Gonna get down to 42 degrees tonight. Road noise is very faint. I can hardly notice it. Just a Couple air boats in the morning. One left at 3AM, but it’s all part of the experience

Boat ramp away from the road 25.76779, -80.67307

during the day passage to the beaches of the trapiche and the square of the bandstand, a lot of movement, calm and peaceful at night......after 23:00 .....close to two fishmongers who work all day, fishing and cleaning shellfish... so it is possible to observe the coming and going of fishermen....

Armação -26.78976, -48.60654

The new highway, 1, is 10 or so feet above where the intersecting road is. And it is now fenced to boot.And there is now a 6 inch curb all along the highway.

Santo Domingo y La Playa 25.49900, -111.93736
Gould Lyons

Nice,Open, easy,fun place to play
I'll come back to this one.

The Casino @ Dania Beach 26.05454, -80.13797

Impossible to stay, extremely full

Impossível ficar, extremamente cheio

Balneario Camping Municipal de Baradero -33.78356, -59.51074

easy on/easy off of I-26 cracker barrel parking lot. quiet. safe. great food for cheap!

Cracker Barrel 33.55596, -80.82286

only delivery..but very good lanchs and empanadas and great prices..

Lá 10 del Tucu -53.78993, -67.69771

parking face à un ancien quai de déchargement.
sans toilettes, ni eau
calme, près de la ville

wild camping -51.61207, -69.22013

Pulled in while pitch black with no issues, showers and bathrooms closed for winter

Fritch Fortress Campground 35.68046, -101.59917

Loud Walmart. Dirty parking lot. I slightly prefer the one by I-10.

Walmart 30.00470, -90.22904

A much better option than the municipal camping, and for free! We parked in the back, which is much quieter and less crowded, and had a cold shower for ARS 200. We saved money on camping, and we were able to stay in a nice place...

Uma opção muito melhor que o camping municipal, e de graça! Estacionamos nos fundos, que é bem mais silencioso e menos movimentado, e tomamos ducha fria por 200 ARS. Economizamos o dinheiro do camping, e pudemos ficar em um bom lugar...

Puma Energy -33.85113, -59.54774
Living and building in Mexico

I neglected to say just go to the web site where you will see links to lots of photos, as well as Face book and Google link with more photos.

Playa Linda Hotel 14.65354, -92.35605
Parque ecológico, camping, RV Casa Tzocomá

Camping and RV park in Chichicastenango close to the market just 15 minutes walking but in a very quiet and special area to camp and enjoy nature.

Available services:

RV Parking: Single price of Q100 per vehicle per night, regardless of the number of people.
Camp tents: Q35 per person per night. (Campers with tents)
Camping tent rental Q35 per night (Capacity 3 persons, does not include sleeping accessories)
Campfire: Q20

All services include:

- Drinking water
- Shower with hot water
- Area to wash dishes
- Electricity
- Vehicle toilet discharge
- Bird watching
- Flora and fauna
- Healthy and relaxing environment
-Visit to the Mayan altar north point of Chichicastenango
- Allowed to place hammocks and tents
- Pets Allowed
- Wide and flat land
- any size RV vehicles can be parked

New services available: (inside the park)

- auto mechanic shop
- Automotive electromechanical workshop, household appliances and electronic devices.

these rates are independent from those of the park
Parque campamento y RV en Chichicastenango cercano al mercado a solo 15 minutos caminando pero en un área muy tranquila y especial para acampar y disfrutar de la naturaleza.

Servicios disponibles:

Parqueo RV: Precio único de Q100 por vehículo por noche, sin importar el número de personas.
Tiendas de campamento: Q35 por persona por noche. (campistas que traen su propia tienda de acampar)
Alquiler de tienda de acampar: Q35 por noche (Capacidad para 3 personas, no incluye accesorios para dormir)
Fogata: Q20

Todos los servicios incluyen:
- Agua potable
- Ducha con agua caliente
- Área para lavar trastes
- Electricidad
- Descarga de inodoro vehicular
- Avistamiento de aves
- Flora y fauna
- Ambiente saludable y de relajamiento
- Visita al altar maya punto norte de Chichicastenango
- Permitido colocar hamacas y tiendas de campamento
- Permitido mascotas
- Terreno amplio y plano
- pueden estacionarse cualquier tamaño de vehículos RV

Nuevos servicios disponibles:

- Taller de mecánica automotríz.
- Taller electromecánico automotríz, electrodomésticos y aparatos eléctronicos.

Las tarifas de estos servicios son independientes a las del parque.

Camping Ecological Park Casa Tzocomá 14.95004, -91.11014
Wendy & Graham

Going into Mendoza Province (heading north on Ruta 143), you will be checked for fruits, vegetables, etc. We showed the inspector our leftover lettuce and some green onions. We had very carefully made sure we consumed all potential problematic items before we got to this checkpoint. The inspector was satisfied and did not check inside our vehicle. You must also pay a fee (600 pesos) to drive through the fumigation spray.

Control Fitosanitaro -35.71274, -67.32978
Wendy & Graham

This place was indeed very busy on a Saturday afternoon with mobs of children in the swimming pool. We did not like the fact that we would have had to park on the campsite road. We did not stay. 2000 pesos per person (and apparently that was a discount rate for seniors) and 2000 pesos for the van. It did not seem that this place was really set up for campers.

Círculo Policial -34.61249, -68.38373
Wendy & Graham

We stumbled into this place accidentally after deciding not to stay at Circule Policial. Camping El Parador is OK!! No problems. Lots of camping, mainly tents, on a Saturday. Many families. Amazingly, no noisy music even though the place was packed. The bathrooms are not the greatest or cleanest. Showers were promised to be hot at 0800 - however, there was no water for shower or toilet until 0900. We felt safe here. Wire mesh fencing all around the perimeter. Swimming pool. No wifi. 2900 pesos total for two and a camper truck. Seemed like a good deal to us.

Camping El Parador -34.64580, -68.37223
pascal laheurte

Street parking on the right side of Progresso at the intersection with #1. Right in front of La Caza del Artisano. Lots of room but turning around will be a problem for big rigs.

La Caza del Artesano 23.80189, -110.10916
Des routes & nous

Very nice place and with amazing view on the mountains. They alow us to stay in their backyard for free. They do not ask to eat at their restaurant but we did it anyway. Was very good and affordable. 3500kwz roasted chicken with homemade fresh fries. 500 kwz the beer. Was very good.
They let us use the bathroom in the employee house. Was very clean.
The owners are very nice. They speak only Portuguese.

Mirador da Leba -15.07714, 13.23534

We were able to spend the night in our truck in front of the hotel. Had dinner in their restaurant and security looked after us overnight. Perfect.

Hotel Casa Italia 15.63055, -16.23618

Take the small, rarely used but good track that starts at this location. First spot to camp appears after roughly 200 m but carry on to find many more nice spots, all level

Wild Camp before/after Lobito -12.35798, 13.78865

we visited many mechanics around the world during our overland travels. Soroush is without doubt the most skilled, professional and reliable mechanic who has let hands on our vehicles. Bonus. He speaks good english. We came here twice with our Landrover Defender and had clutch and starter changed. Now after several months of traveling absolutely no " negative side effects" from the repairs. Soroush helped us arranging spedition of sparepart from Turkey. Worked very smooth.
Soroush has a garage that is perfect for overlanders that like to stay in their vehicles while work is ongoing. Actually the days we spent here were really nice. Good company, Soroush (and his farther), is not just a brilliant mehanic but also a wonderful person. Great conversation, great food enjoyed together. We had warm showers and did laundry.
Soroush and his farther build up cars from scratch and we guess they can work on any type of vehicle.
Repair prices are fair.

Sarpoolaki Group 35.66199, 51.45404

sin problemas para poner nafta! en general en esta zona no son mala onda con placas extranjeras. precio local y cargamos directo al tanque. atención muy buena

Tres Cruces -17.60085, -62.21725

hotel aceptable para la zona donde se encuentra! quisimos acampar en el auto (carpa en techo) nos dejaron. 280 bolivianos para 4 personas y desayuno incluido. limpio y básico. buena opción!

Hotel Baires -17.26712, -62.55480

Flat parking close to the sea. Good access (tarmac). There is a restaurant close and also a small black beach (Playa del Lastre). Also close to a small fishing port. Town is aprox 5km away. Very quiet. From here you can make some hiking as well. Good phone reception also for internet (4G)

Batería de las Chapas 37.58096, -0.84062
Baguette et zezette

Tres bel endroit, accesduble uniquement en voiture ou fourgons 4x4 . Malheureusement, des papiers toilettes partout.

Playa Tenacatita 20.36850, -103.17992

It's a good place. We were charged 1000 each to go in by some young guys...they said the money was "for the community" so I hope that's true.
If you want to find things without a guide:
-The view of the whole falls is at the Lovers Nest restaurant which you can see on google maps.
-The cave is at -10.585511, 34.119706. To get there, go from Lovers Nest back to the village. Cross the small wooden bridge and continue down the track. Take the first track to the right. Cross the smaller river using the stones. Follow the path on the other side, then take the path that goes back to the right when you reach a junction. The track/path up to this junction is shown on Komoot.

Manchewe Waterfalls And Cave -10.58748, 34.12078

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