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The campsite has large olive trees which provide ample shelter from the sun and the rain. The showers have hot water and the pool is running. The toilets are simple, and make sure to bring your own toilet paper. Cost $700 per person.

Camping Los Hornos -30.25529, -68.74752

Perfect place for the visit of petra. Spent 2 nights, everything was fine. People try to sell taxi service to the back end telling you its too much to walk. This is a lie, walking the whole distance there and back is easily doable.

Petra free parking 30.32386, 35.46827

Free parking for a van or rv 5min. walking distance from the main street.Left my van there for about 3-4 hours without any problems.

Free Parking for Oversized 29.89801, -81.31906

Very nice spot to spend the night. Pretty quiet and many parking spots. Clean restrooms inside and a perfect place to get a breakfast.

Cracker Barrel 33.55595, -80.82315

Very safe and nice spot. Near from all highlights in Rincon. 5 to 10min driving to all spots. Very calm. We spend our best nights there.
10$US/adult/night. Free for kids

Rincon de la Vieja Mountain Lodge 10.75482, -85.35140

Ótimo camping, um dos melhores que já ficamos na Argentina. Tudo muito limpo e novo. Valor 300 pesos por pessoa, não cobra veículo. Pouco procurado. Wi-Fi Camping senha ojodeagua

Uriburo camping (Municipality - municipal) -36.50918, -63.86634

Stayed in tennis court parking lot in our little transit. It was fine but the lights never went off and there was a bit of noise throughout the night. Felt safe enough and no one bothered us. We were also the only van there. We stayed most of the next day and walked around historic Savannah which was incredible! Have heard that police will say something if your camper is there longer than 12 hours but no one bothered us about it. There’s also plenty of street parking that might be quieter. Will most likely park on a side street next time for more privacy but a good spot for bigger rigs

Tennis Court Parking 32.06501, -81.09672

Great unexpected spot! Maybe 15 min of ascent up a dirt road into the mountains. We shifted into low range and almost made it to the end of the road before it got too sketchy. We camped at a flat spot mostly protected from the wind. We hiked around and there’s cool flora and rocks. Would highly recommend if you have 4x4, or rwd with big tires. Movistar reception if you hike to very top of mountain.

4x4 mountain road -27.71815, -70.49899

WARNING. It seems that the local surfers are trying to close this place down for overnight camping (although we believe that to be illegal) because of all the trash and black water that campers are leaving behind (and they may have a point there). There is some violence going on (one person had his windscreen broken by a baseball bat the night before we arrived) and although the violence is probably illegal, we do not want to become involved in the action.

Upon our arrival we were greeted by a friendly local in a white truck who advised us that the area was closed to overnight camping. He probably has no authority to do this but most campers were listening and getting out of town. We did the same.

We think that it would be advisable to avoid overnighting in this spot until the issue is resolved.

La Pastora 23.48670, -110.27275

You can ask to MAKE you Own product homeopathic. There is also a doctor give consultation. You can ask them to have his contact.

Farmacia Homeopatica 19.70135, -101.18646

Very good japonese food like soup, noodles and yakitori. Gyozas with meat are amazing, no fried!

Oishii japonese restaurant 19.69366, -101.18293

Very good bakery. Bread is amazing and good croissant. Many choice of bread and pastry.

Panoli bakery and pastry 19.68024, -101.18003

What a luxury for only 280 nad per side!!. Beautiful pool!! The rest is already mentioned! Top location.

Munsterland Guest Farm and Camping -20.21251, 15.89739

Beautiful place, free, but we had a bad day: There were Brazilians next to us, who celebrated Patry until 4:00 a.m. and left all their garbage. The next morning the birds went about it.

Laguna Verde Camping -54.84557, -68.57922

This was a very enjoyable campsite. It was a pleasure to be up high watching the moon rise, and the sunset at the same time. A great spot for one very quiet night!

Quarry De La Sierra 27.48836, -113.18334

Large parking lot at Amtrak station. We asked at the Welcome Center if we were ok to park our RV here while we went to the Steinbeck museum and they said sure no problem.

City parking lot - free 36.67868, -121.65663

Fabulous spot! The gps coordinates take you to the entrance road - go through the open gates and follow the dirt/sand road less than 1/2 mile to the buildings by the salt flat. There are nature walks, sand dunes, lots of birds, and oases. The owner is very welcoming and his 2 dogs are incredibly social/friendly. A great place to camp!

Campo La Salena 31.52382, -114.13667

Same description as the original post. If you park here outside of the free hours its $20/month

public parking city center 30.43575, -84.28460

Local guy in black truck told us not to camp here in the morning. The night before we drove around the town to look for a hotel after being off grid for two weeks- wanted a nice clean hotel. No vacancy anywhere. We then watched the guy drive over to another camp and take a baseball bat to a windshield. This gave us a really bad taste in our mouth for Todos Santos. Headed to Cerritos and paying to camp on the point and much better spot in our opinion on the beach. Todos the town didn’t really do it for us. More of an artsy town feeling that a surf/beach town. Lots of mustaches and yuppies.

La Pastora beach 23.48670, -110.27275

dump is behind the White building like commented earlier. There is a sign mentioning non potable water, but we could not find it

Dump station with non potable water 35.53003, -113.23153

Passamos uma ótima noite aqui. A senha do wi fi continua a mesma mas funciona mais perto do restaurante. Um pouco de barulho dos carros pois era sexta à noite. Nada que atrapalhasse.

parking near the beach with WiFi -51.71479, -72.48431

amazing place! quite and so beautifull.
Alicia, the owner, is so sweet and kindfull.
she show us the marvellous old hacienda and
she propose us à breakfast in the beautifull garden of is hacienda.
little forest in the back yards.
there are toilets and clean, hot shower.

Hacienda de Guapamacátaro 19.84392, -100.39109

The Cafe moved, you have to come by the rear street. Nice

Beach Cafe 26.24381, -112.47730

In the hotel car park, after registering with the Police, a policeman takes you here 500m from their barracks, it's quiet and free if you go through the Police.
Dans le parking de l'hôtel, après enregistrement auprès de la Police un policier vous conduit ici à 500m de leur caserne, c'est tranquille et gratuit si vous passez par la Police.

Hotel Tidikelt 27.19907, 2.48902

This was THE place who could solve our months-long tire troubles. Señor Jaime Gomez tried everything, and was on the phone all day to get tires which would fit on our special rimes - which are exotic and unusual in all the Americas. He even tried contacts in Argentina and Brazil. Together with Señor Humberto, a rim specialist, they managed to find and adapt rims which fit on our axles, the rest was easy - regularly available tires. Saved us weeks of waiting for a shipment from Europe, and a bunch of money. Fast, friendly, flexibel, faire prices, highly recommended!
By the way, I can’t get the coordinates right. La Rueda is situated in Fernando de la Mora, Av. Mariscal José Félix Estigarribia, km 9. I added screen shots from Google Maps.

La Rueda S.R.L. -25.32430, -57.54018
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui 4 dias, o lugar é um estacionamento com umas 15 vagas em 45•, porém as vagas são compridas, cabe um ônibus tranquilo, somente a manobra que é mais complicado, pra fazer retorno após chegar aqui somente no portão na entrada da praia aonde passa os bugs. Um lugar muito gostoso, praia bonita com uma extensão enorme de areia até a água e uma lago de água doce. e um por do sol do lado contrário ao mar muito bonito.

Tem mercado, padaria e comércio em geral a 200 mts na principal.
Tem água e energia e chuveiro pra tomar banho.

Pessoal, vindo para São Miguel gostoso não deixe de vir tomar um café no "trem das onze". Buffet por 14,00 local gostoso. O café é simples porém tem cuscuz, salsicha, salada de frutas, café leite, bolo e outros

Sinal da claro e Vivo pegam bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 1 ano morando no Motorhome

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Beach Parking -5.12162, -35.63011

Nowadays it has a sign ‘no camping’. Although we travel with a van, we did not stay overnight because of the sign. We moved back to the waterfall and camped 500 meters from the mirador del salto del Rio Ibáñez.

Rio Claro and Rio Ibanez junction -46.26209, -72.00136

Because the wildcamp spot at the bridge has the sign ‘No camping’, we moved further and found this spot. It’s next to the road, easy accessible and leveled, but hidden from the road with bushes and trees. It’s protected from the wind (depending on the direction;), but not with the most beautiful views. We found it difficult to find a place in nature without being so visible around and this one did! The road is not that busy, at night maybe 2 cars and between 6am and 8am around 2-3 cars. Didn’t disturb, we had a quiet night. No connection with Movistar. The waterfall (500 meters uphill) is definitely worth a visit, reachable by car and very forceful.

Hidden spot next to the road -46.26152, -71.99578

I literally had the best burger of my life here. Also quesadillas were exceptional. All handmade infront of you while you sit at the counter.

Sweetest lady working hard making everything with love.

We had a massive burger and fries, 2 chicken quesadillas for $100p

Mini Super Deyvid (Best Price Homemade) 22.92074, -109.92827

Wonderful! We only planned to spend one night here, but we decided to stay an extra night, and we spent the day just enjoying the campsite and relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. Check out the short hiking trails they have made on the property. The trail next to the restaurant leads to a really cool abandoned bridge over the river. Bathrooms were very clean and showers were very hot. The staff was friendly and helpful, and the food at the restaurant was delicious. Wifi was fast, but it only really works at the restaurant. They have covered areas/shelters for tents as well as various rooms/cabins for rent.
Camping is still 8,000 clp pp/pn, + 1,000 for wifi.

Refugio Rio Cisnes -44.70361, -72.23038

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