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Motos get through for free, no check, cars pay ARS200 for the spray…

Checkpoint Fumigation -32.29484, -68.52575

No one there to check today… happy days!

Fruit Control -29.54762, -68.10351

No consulate anymore. Apparently they moved to Nouadhibou...

Cote d'Ivoire Consulate 18.09199, -15.98204

This will be the new location of the Senegal Embassy. It is not open yet thought as of Nov 2022.
New Mali embassy is just next to it and is open.

Senegal Embassy 18.09953, -15.98912
Rosita Sandell

Place offers motel rooms as well as camp spots. Room for large RV’s with full hook-ups, sewer electricity and water. We only needed a tent site which cost us $40 being near Niagara I suppose. Not sure of full hook up fees. Not a lot of options as many campgrounds already closed for season (we arrive early November). They offer free WiFi and we still had 2 bars with Verizon without it. Fairly quite despite being near main road (we also landed before dense fog hit). Has flush toilet and nice hot shower. If need a meal there is clubhouse brothers restaurant down the street. I got $5 breakfast and was good.

AA Royal Motel and Campground 43.07514, -78.86158
Cinquentões na Estrada (Marcia &Marco)

Greater alternative to front parking. quiet place, opens at 6 am and closes at 6 pm. after hours just call or knock on the gate and it opens. You can come and go until 10 pm. you can sleep in the car. if you need some water he can provide it for you. 15 soles a day.

Garage 24hs -13.25970, -72.26170

Turn off the Mangochi-Chiponde road at Majuni trading centre and 8km along a dirt road you'll reach a large tobacco estate where you can park.

Parking for hike to Fort Mangochi -14.42547, 35.45494

Easy access water and drain next to the velo rail

Aire de service camping car 45.22983, 2.93145

Most of the road is paved, only the last mile is a bit bumpy. Simple & quiet, only a few spots. No trash. No service or fees off-season (October to May). Water is closed during winter. Some service on Verizon but the internet speed is not that great.

Curlew Campground 42.07067, -112.69196

As said, still accessible. You can be hidden if you go left inside the place. Passed a good night here. Good MTN connexion

East road to Msoro -13.93316, 32.14313

Sehr schöner Platz für einen Camper. Wir nutzen ihn um uns für ein paar Tage auf unsere Arbeit zu konzentrieren.
Der Besitzer ist sehr freundlich und hilfsbereit und kann sehr viele Ausflugsplätze in der Region empfehlen.
Von hier können leicht die Städte Genoa oder Portofino erreicht werden. Bus App (AMT Genova)

Area Sosta Camper - La Rosa 44.39220, 9.26851

Here you have water on both sites.
You Will have both sunrise and sunset. You will be close to Flamingos.
You must be able to drive in sand/small stones. Unfortunately some litter.

Flamingo spot 38.84598, 20.72807

Amigos ciclistas, don't count on this place, they don't host cyclists anymore. We stayed at the hostal Junin

Fire Department Tulcan 0.82336, -77.70741

very good place and funny it's a hard road but that ok with my honda Pilote.

Ringing Rocks 45.94343, -112.23901

Parked here overnight in a 28’ C Class. Church bells rang on the hour up until 10pm and then again at 7am. Quiet night. Peaceful spot.

Public parking C 33.36584, -79.28120

This is the correct place for the Triunfo seguros. Small shop with a friendly woman. 2 months insurance for our gmc savana for $15.

Triunfo seguros -23.20784, -65.34751

Wrong location. Made a new point on overlander with recent information

triunfo seguro -23.20672, -65.34746

Estacionamento amplo e gratuito no posto de combustível.

Ample, free parking at the gas station.

Sonhando Acordado: Estacionamento no Posto -5.56007, -80.58321

Great place to stay the night. Tons of parking available but only a couple designated RV parking spots. It is kind of confusing on how to get here especially at night. But you turn in right at the Hyatt hotel

Cracker Barrel restaurant 34.00430, -81.05084

Working western union inside a libreria in san Martin

Western Union -40.15791, -71.34919

We drove there in November and the bathrooms as well as the water refill are closed for the winter

Waskana park public washrooms 50.43333, -104.61815

We paid $12 per person per night. By inquiring the next day we learned that the real price of this hotel is 5 dollars per person per night... The staff is not pleasant with us. We do not recommend this hotel but for 5 dollar it may interest people. The room and the bathroom are not very clean but for a night or two it may be fine. There is air conditioning, a small desk, a wardrobe and a large bed. Breakfast is not included.

Cheap hotel but scam 32.61462, 44.02708

this place is still closed. Nothing else to say

Waterfall and Calafate -46.13306, -72.56810

eau potable sur le côté du bâtiment j'ai demandé la permission auprès poser aucun problème beaucoup de place pour stationner devant le robinet

Husky gas station 49.76810, -94.51403

You can refill your water at the public spring. Next to it there is a bar and restaurant. They also have rooms for rent but we did not ask the price.

Water 30.83361, -8.39883

Exactly as described by previous user. Great place to camp! Nights are super quiet, everybody leaves by 7-8pm.

Praia de Ponta de Pedras -2.44067, -54.91747

Azizi repairs motor vehicles and trucks and was helpful in re-gassing our aircon for our Landrover. Friendly and excellent service. Highly recommended. Cell: 0977364338

Azizi Motor Mechanic -17.86202, 25.85021

Arrived at 4:30 pm and the men told us he closes the gate at 4:30pm.. we were lucky.
Still 54 pesos per person and 100 pesos to overnight.
Very quite place. Around this time of the year, the water of the river is brown and we didn’t see any places to camp with a tent.
The beginning of the path is in concrete but the reach the waterfall it can be a little bit tricky.
Unfortunately no dog friendly, there is a sign saying it is not allow and we asked the guard, he says it’s not allowed:(
No telcel signal
IG: on.vagabonde

Cascadas El Aguacero 16.75849, -93.52515

Big rig friendly, But don’t know if they have a hose. Paid 8 pesos to refill our water tank (25 litre)
Very friendly and even clean inside and outside our water tank

Agua purification 16.76759, -93.37961
[email protected]

Visited here November 3rd before I noticed the posts warning away. Happy I did. This isn’t a good place to park, better off going to the nearby Publix.

Walmart 37.53350, -77.53155

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