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We saw the sunset and on the other side a big fullmoon. It's soo beautiful. There is a fireplace and a great few to the ocean and hills. Very windy.

Grand Étang Coast 46.55904, -61.03689

This is just a dead end road near a medical complex. No “no signs” at this spot. Almost zero traffic on the weekend and very little after 5pm during the week. This is a good spot for an overnight or two but wouldn’t exactly just set up camp here. Full bars on Verizon service. Spots are flat and level. Room for about 4 vans or possibly some bigger rigs. Longest spot is 40’ long, shortest is closer to 25’.

Loxahatchee groves park is about 1 mile away, easily walkable, and has flush toilets. There is also a free dump station down the way a bit, you can find this on iOverlander as well. Please be as discrete as possible, we need to keep spots like this available.

Dead end road near medical complex 26.68597, -80.25107

Continua 700 pesos pelo espaço independente da quantidade de pessoas! Muito limpo, tomadas, wifi, duchas quentes das 10:00 às 19:00

Camping Municipal -49.30584, -67.72100

Good place to spend the night before border crossing. The lagoon is very nice, a beautiful spot in the wilderness.

Laguna Azul -52.07404, -69.57993

Great place for coffee and FAST WiFi. The cakes are enormous. No dinner needed afterwards 😃

Cafe Martinez -51.62229, -69.21535
Francine the Travel Machine

Beautiful campground on the water with hot showers and toilets. Across the road are two trailheads - one to the cataract cascada that is only 1 km one way and beautiful, and the other is a longer trail - both are nice. 1200 ars per person and no extra charge for truck camper. 11 am check out. Friendly host.

Camping Agreste Arroyo Cataratas -40.62679, -71.49453

Just adding some photos. To show some changes to the area.

Cabot Trail 46.53121, -60.41768

Exactly as described with zero other people here, water level is good and FULL BARS of Verizon LTE (not 5G) but streams videos well and very quiet for a Sunday night in November.

Colorado River 34.84658, -114.60155

Wonderful camping spot on the shores of Lake Bacalar. We could reverse the van right up to the lake and open the doors over the water. Wonderful! $150 pesos per person per night. No showers, but who cares when’s there’s such a beautiful lake!

Sac Ha 18.60040, -88.43281
Kenneth Leake

easy access, room for 4-5 rigs. might even fit a larger trailer in here.

campsite 34.62436, -94.51994

Sunday pm. We went through without being stopped

Military Checkpoint 22.57059, -100.63203

Closed - no access possible at the moment

Southbound rest area 36.10753, -119.32470
Cinquentões na Estrada (Marcia &Marco)

Quiet place, clean bathrooms, no shops nearby.

Auto servico Dennis -13.11221, -70.37935

bom local para pernoitar. wi-fi bom.banheiros bons. bom atendimento

Posto do Jorrinho -11.05379, -38.83906
Josué Sanches

Torneira em um terreno público bem próximo ao centro. Fica bem numa esquina. Abasteci a van pela noite sem problemas.

Public Tap -50.33670, -72.27089

Lots of people at the weekend. But a beautiful place

Lake view -30.15803, -50.22510

we did arrive here at 6pm and no tourist groups any more present. and almost no more cars passed from this time. we passed the night there, very quiet and above all wind protected. it was though very chilling at night, cero degrees. there are two areas, the one closer to the two lagunes allows to park almost invisible from the road if you park your car on the very right.

Perfect place for night or just a stop -23.77328, -67.85232

Local bem agradável , com banheiros limpos e ducha quente. Wifi lento, com baixíssima taxa para upload. Aos finais de semana tem uma parrilla e empanadas no restaurante do camping que valem muito a pena.

El Mangrullo -32.85599, -68.89410

Officially this camping is only open in the high season, which is December, January an February. BUT ... unofficially guests are welcome throughout the whole year. Just drive up to the camping, go to the red house next to the gate and you will be let into the camping ground. The owner is a nice man and will provide wifi (only next to restaurant) building, connect gas for hot water etc...

great location and awesome view!

Camping Baumbach -41.24824, -73.00490

This is a large parking that gives access to the beach. We talked with the owner of the campsite just accros the street and he told us that camping is allowed in off season (November to March) since all the campings in the area are closed. There was another van staying for the night. You also have access to hiking trails from here.

Lido Lentiscelle 40.00070, 15.38415


Just choose a spot. Open land ready for housing but there's been nothing here for decades. Can be seen from all directions but no-one bothered me for three consecutive nights.
Water, WiFi, food, etc. at the truck stop.
Serious warning: When wet the ground hereabouts turns to adhesive. Super hard super strong concrete type glue!!!! Pratley should register, patent and market this stuff!

Open land next to Salton City truck stop 33.27795, -115.97160

Nice tent camping but sites close to each other, not super private. Parking close to tent sites. 13$ no water/electricity but nice flush toilets. Walk down to rv sites for nice hot showers. Sites by the lake with services for 25$. Before 5pm you checkin at the office, after 5pm they put the free sites on the door. Very quiet, beautiful fall colors.

Lake Catherine state park 34.43778, -92.92176

Alejandro reopened this gem a month ago. He's incredibly friendly and kind. The burgers are fantastic, the beer is cold and the vibe is really fun! Be sure to stop along your travels!

Prohibition Lounge 32.21411, 116.51080

Great place to camp! Arrived by bike with no problems. Not so good for windy days.

Rio Grande -36.33337, -69.67310

ENG: quiet place, we spent three nights here. near the city center and carrefour supermarket. Ideal to leave the camper and walk around the city. Police at 30mts that with drinking water tap just by asking. There's no trees. We feel safe.
ESP: lugar tranquilo, dormimos tres noches aquí. cerca del centro de la ciudad y supermercado carrefour. Ideal para dejar la camioneta y caminar por la ciudad. Policía a 30mts que con canilla de agua potable, pedir permiso. No hay árboles para sombra. Nos sentimos seguros. Se recomienda

Mendoza train station -32.88128, -68.84710
Tatieli Scherer

Coming from Cafayate to Cachi, we found a campsite following a tiny sand road just before Quebrada de las Flechas. The road is tiny and sandy but we made it without 4x4.
The place is quiet and flat with plenty of brush to shelter from wind and sun. The view it’s amazing and we slept with the sound of numerous frogs singing in the river.
There is a few houses near by, but we only heard 2 motorcycles passing by late in the night.

Quebrada de las Flechas -25.68348, -66.09908

Blue handled spigot (straight ahead)as soon as you drive into the gravel lot. Easy fill for tanks or containers. Park also has trash cans.

Fort Young Park 37.77405, -79.99040

Had to reserve online and $70 was the cheapest. Lots of sites available this time a year (maybe because it is very expensive). Like others said, very nice right at the ocean. Beautiful sunsets. Nice ocean sounds. Good cell reception. Clean. I enjoyed it.

South Carlsbad SB Campground 33.11148, -117.32313

Tranquil and beautiful on a snowy full moon night. one other vehicle with a campfire, almost no highway traffic. Would recommend winter tires, although the access road is plowed and there were enough tracks to follow in a RWD van

Kendall campground NF (free) 37.82022, -107.71362

I called to verify and they allow RV/camper overnighting (11/6/22). only requirements were to park near perimeter of the lot and max 24 hours.

Walmart 37.27419, -97.37278

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