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Nice spot on the beach with shimmering lights of Bahía Inglesa in the distance in the evening. There were some people in cars watching the sunset, but we were the only ones to stay overnight - a lovely beach to have for ourselves. Three stray dogs hung around very close in the evening, and returned to greet us in the morning. We weren't too keen on them, and they could not be chased off (kindly, at least; we did not try otherwise), but in all, they were well-behaved.

Right on the beach -27.12048, -70.85447

This was our first ever dispersed camping experience and it was amazing! The coordinates will take you right to it! Easy to get in. Plenty of other sites along the road. We stayed 2 sites before the marked one. awe passed one person camping on the way in and that was it. A few hunters drove by in the morning and we heard some shooting in the distance later on but nobody bothered us and it was very peaceful. Great views as well!

11 mile canyon 38.95108, -105.35082

Ótimo local para apoio a MotorHome, Energia elétrica e água grátis. Local agradável em meio a natureza, excelente para pratica de exercícios físicos.

Apoio para Motor Homes Parque Henry Paul -26.82472, -49.28303

Bol>Par easy and friendly border: 30min, check first vehicule in bolivia, 200m after migration bolivia and paraguay + vehicule paraguay

Border Bolivia-Paraguay -21.67306, -62.45727

Police in the border didnt want we stay here for the night. very dangerous with animals Silvestre. Pity, it seemed very nice place. Dont know if they check. better to stay in the natural reserve aside, see "hostel section". free if you are in camper

Refugio carretera. -21.64435, -62.27290

About 6 other vehicles parked here doing the same as me. I got in around midnight and woke up by 8:30am and left. It was an awesome location and pretty quiet.

Cracker Barrel 41.66117, -71.54589

Wonderful. Beautiful scenery and access to hot creek spring and nearby reservoirs for recreation.

Dave Deacon Campground 38.38858, -115.13448

Personally I find this place a bit more quiet than the other one. Also, I think that all week there are visitors going in and out. Both spots have signs that prohibit nightly activity but staying overnight was no problem, it was really calm. Lots of shade. Almost no Claro reception.

Pozo Las Glorias 6.23655, -73.41189

All the other mentions are true, but I don't thi k you will ever be alone here. Also, the music from the restaurant starts early in the morning. (or maybe it never stops) but we preferred the other location.

Balneario las Gloria 6.23703, -73.41013

we camped here next to the river.
in the morning we walked to the cascade Wich was amazing. the laders down are doable for a person who is afraid of hights. on the way back we paid 50pesos per person entrance.
we took a different way in than out to this place so only past Timo ones. with high clearance and 4x4 the other road is also really nice.

Riverside 21.80681, -99.18544

san diego county parks. very nice and clean and pretty. only very few camping due to e coli in water. coin showers didnt use. free sani dump for campers.

Protrero County Park 35.20437, -119.00576

great place to spend the night. quiet and scenic surroundings. arrived after dark, several other overnighters here, plenty of room for everyone, with space in between.

BLM Hanksville 38.38296, -110.72475

Great place, we stayed for one night. If you follow the instructions below, it is not hard to find. Access does not require 4WD, but please check the sand conditions prior to enter…

La Playa - Bahia de Los Angeles 28.93052, -113.54864

We tried to get into this spot today. There was a gate with some dolphins and it was halfway open. As we opened it a friendly lady came out of the tiny house next to it.
We couldn’t understand any word (shame on us) and she didn’t speak any English unfortunately.
Anyways, she said something about money so it doesn’t seem that this place is for free anymore.
In the end we left and continued our trip to El Rosario.

Arroyo Armarga 30.19787, -115.79383

Staying here tonight. Friendly people and it’s 150$ per night for the van.
There is a restroom too but we haven’t had a look yet. Overall a good place if you want to stay near people. Next time I would probably move a few kilometres north to the free camps in between the cacti.

Rancho Santa Ynez 29.72975, -114.69825

Doris runs a small restaurant and we came by on a Sunday on our bicycles. We asked if we could stay and right away we were invited to stay. Doris made us coffee and some bread.

The place is filled with flowers and trees very nice place to chill. Some noise from the road though.

Future ideas of Doris is to make a small hotel and camping.

Recreo ecoturístico Edelmerit -9.74355, -76.09555

great place to stay, safe at night,parked with a motorhome. Water and Electricity free. Near downtown, restaurants and bars.

Apoio para Motor Homes Parque Henry Paul -26.82253, -49.27737

Great spot! Only a few others here currently, all very spread out. Quiet & peaceful. Friendly officers, the patrols made me feel safe. Weather didn't cooperate for me, but would be a great place to put in a kayak or paddleboard.

Titus County Freshwater Supply District 33.08893, -95.01427

Wild campsite next to the road. 3 minutes away from the water fall.
We arrived at night so don't know the view.

next to the water fall 5.09649, -73.64542

if you use my GPS position it will take you to the entry to the park, I parked on the left side 2nd spot. water, power and sewer. can stay for 3 days, there are no signs with any info on who or where to check in. county employees are friendly and just wave at you. I've seen big diesel pushers, trailers, van life. I'm in a truck camper. park is very clean, dog friendly, play ground for the kids. very quiet at night. lots of people use park during the day. they are having a rodeo Thurs, Fri and Sat. so expect it to be busier here. $10 entry to rodeo. grocery store 5 min walk. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PLACE.
Host Yukon truck camper.

Stowell County Park 29.81296, -94.38055

This is a great find and a fantastic place. We came into town a little late looking for a place to stay and Claudia and her husband were very accommodating! A very nice place with all the amenities!!

(And Claudia wanted to say thank you to the original poster)

Claudia’s Compound 25.46492, -100.98283

Room for a couple vehicles or several tents right on the riverbank near the town of Tinco. Only a few cars passed in the night. It was calm, and we loved hearing the sound of the river nearby.

Riverbank Campsite -12.28981, -75.68905

Der Platz ist ordentlich und macht einen gepflegten Eindruck. Die Stellplätze sind sehr klein und es gibt kaum Rasenflächen. Positiv fällt auf, das es einen extra Platz für Hunde gibt.
Wir wollten nur einen einfachen Platz ohne Service am Stellplatz, dafür wurden 30$ verlangt. Ver- und Entsorgung gab es dafür nicht, das hätte nochmal 10$ gekostet!
Eigentlich viel Geld für wenig Leistung - keine Empfehlung von mir für diesen Platz.

Mountain View RV Park 37.88183, -109.34155

Passamos uma noite muito agradável! banho agora é cobrado 5 reais mas vale a pena!

pampas grill -21.72255, -44.98600

Arrived from "Trilha do Ouro" at 18:00, and it was raining, so I decided to camp here. There is a house nearby, but no one around. Put my tent right beside the river. Very calm night and in the morning the sun was shining so I could bathe in the river to start a fresh day going to Mambucaba

Ponte de Arame -22.94523, -44.60205

Stayed two nights here, had other vans/rvs parked around as well so definitely felt safe. Would recommend this over some other parking spots around Nanaimo that we checked out, this was the best option.

Costco parking 49.23727, -124.04354

Water pump is located right in front of the big white propane tank. Also a dump station right next to the water spigot.

Flying J 33.81822, -116.40308

Stopped by yesterday and it wasn’t open yet but I wouldn’t stay there.

Casa de Mireilla -47.01590, -72.83007

It’s a Hotel and restaurant. All types of accommodations cabins, single rooms etc. Secure big parking lot. Clean rooms. I got a triple - alone - paid 70 reals. Good value. You can park bikes right next to room. AC, hot water.

DS Hotel -11.00620, -68.74608

San Lorenzo Immigration office. Travellers heading North to Brazil - check-in here! Ask if Inapari Immigration is functional or not - if it is not they will send you back here to exit Peru.
I went to Inapari - Immigration had system problems for the previous 7 days - and they sent me back to San Lorenzo to get exit stamp - then return to Inapari to exit.

Peru Immigration Office San Lorenzo -11.45487, -69.32142

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