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good food, a little pricy. menu is only during the day

El Punto - Very good restaurant 14.55761, -90.73629

Good place to stay, walking distance to Xilitla and Las Pozas. We parked in the parking lot of the hotel and got pretty level with some blocks. The bathroom and showed are a little run down, but ok.

Finca Santa Monica 21.39285, -98.99613

nous n'avons pas vu de station à cet endroit

YPF -45.61087, -70.21372

Again we camped here with Leon and his brother Eddy. Great hosts and very peaceful campsite with private stands directly at the river. Spotless clean absolutions and friendly staff!
Looking forward to come again and we are recommending this place very much!

Camp Ndurukoro -17.94680, 21.10910

Really good place to spend some nights! Windy, but during the night use to be calm :)
4G Claro signal
Ótimo lugar para passar a noite. Bastante vento, mas calmo durante a noite :)
Sinal 4G Claro

Embalse Potrerillos -32.97610, -69.17033

Lovely little camp site. Small grassed area. Good ablutions. Friendly staff.
Value for money. Recommend.

African Bush Lovers Hide Inn Camp -19.96982, 23.46090

ps. next day went to valvoline mechanics (also on overlander)

Conejo Mechanic 16.91572, -89.92345

They filled up our American 20lb bottles of gas. The access is tricky, take the dirty road just before the trail way. You can call Widmar and he will send you the GPS point. The number is on the picture.

Gas del Valle 3.89712, -76.30863

Nice place for park at night very quiet and huge parking.
We were there sunday where all enjoyed the day with there family.
Free toilets but not so clean
Skate park, basketball park near
Perfect for walk with dog

parking baseball stadium 28.62763, -106.01955

The road is very bad east of San Pedro 4wd only It’s all washed out from rain. Made it in Toyota RAV4. I would not do it again until they repair it

"Orange Road" 23.21871, -109.84865


We finally got rid of our Baja California salt and dust. We found the place on google maps and could find it straight away.

Service is very good and we paid 200 pesos (100 each service) for cleaning outside and from below. We got a short wheelbase sprinter van.

The gate is approx. 2.70m so check twice if you fit in.

Auto Lavado Calvillo 21.01619, -101.24611

We paid $ 825 ARS per night (2 people and 1 VW Kombi) and spent a few nights here. Large parking and many trees protect wind, hot showers, very kind owner, quiet place perfect to stay!

Camping Municipal Uspallata "Apuyam" -32.58645, -69.34687

New, full service restaurant within a block of Los Dos Pinos. Excellent menu & beverage selection.

Cafe Kairos -50.33463, -72.26368
Via Cognita

Parador/ puesto de combustible.
Tranquilo. Posee restaurant, bar, baños muy limpios y ducha

Axion -37.36606, -64.59986

maybe IT depends on people: today the Lady Said No CAMBIO, so we can Not Change USD to Pesos. but we where succesful in town.

Western Union at Chango Mas -27.42549, -55.93339

they can Change larger amount of USD to Pesos but you need to Provider your Passport. easy to Access by Car but No parking nearby. one does the Job while the other drove the Car arround the Block 10 Times...have fun! todays rate: 285 for 1 usd

Dos Arroyos Bureaux de Change Posadas -27.36589, -55.89363

Spigot works great, still there between pumps 5 and 6.

Chevron Dave's Fast Stop 33.39696, -110.87261

I spent Halloween night here and there were only two other campers besides the host. if you're making reservations online, I would suggest site 50. but almost all of the sites looked excellent. Nice flat spots for tents and plenty of room for your vehicles. they sell firewood for $7 a bundle and ice for $3 a bag. bathrooms were in decent condition, and the showers look fine but I didn't try them.

Chippokes State Park 37.14145, -76.74187

Good spot for one night, beautiful view of Lago Nahuel Huapi and mountains.

Playa Centenario -41.13044, -71.29027

ce n'est plus un RVpark. Le terrain a été divisé en 3 entre frères et sœurs et, nous étions dans une allée étroite devant leur logement. Pas top. Les banos étaient fermés la nuit. 50 soles pour 2 et un van.

Huanchaco Gardens RV Park -8.07298, -79.11842

Had a great stay at Rancho Santa Rita. You either pay pp 100 peso for day use of the canyon or 250 for camping right next to the gate. When you pay the camping fee, toilet and water is included and you are able to enter the canyon 24/7. (definitely recommending the hot springs at night)
The camping area is a bit further up the road, they bring you there after check in. We hiked up the canyon a couple miles, there are some more thermal baths up there.
The family managing the area is really nice and helpful, we’ve got some free eggs from the farm

Santa Rita Hot Spring 23.47175, -109.80738

We really enjoyed staying here. The road noice didn’t bother us and we sleep with a window cracked open. Lots of grassy area’s to walk our dog. Interesting sites to see in and out of the Visitors Center.

Rest Area 30.34163, -91.72288

Found Horney’s as described. There was one other party in the “main” area. We drove another 50 yds or so along the dirt access road, beyond the two dilapidated picnic tables and the trash cans (which the BLM seems to be emptying- they had fresh plastic bag liners) and parked where the dirt road bottoms out before gently rising again. Nice and flat there. Quiet. Lovely in the morning.

Hopkins Reststop 37.44025, -115.37850

Auto propane and BBQ style tanks both refilled here.

Shell 50.01452, -125.28435

Georgia to Turkey.
On georgian side everything fine. A bit slow but okay.
Turkish side is still under construction, so a bit more chaotic because it‘s very little space for the cars and big trucks.
Took us more than 2 hours for the entire process.
Everybody is very friendly.

Georgia/Turkey border at Turkgozu 41.58722, 42.81792

This spot was just alright. Small spot for one, MAYBE 2 cars/vans. You could not fit a travel trailer in here easily. There was garbage at the site. And private properties on the way up. Didn’t like the vibe here much. Didn’t feel alone.

Lobo Canyon 35.20629, -107.71690

Very nice place in front of the waterfall with a shelter. The shelter are good for shadow but unusable by rain, the roof is open on the top. Have a sundowner direct at the waterfall edge. Facilities are all run down, no water in the toilets, shower not running. No drinkable water no electricity. Caretaker are very nice but hungry so bring a extra portion for him. Only the scenery is worth the money. The walk through the bush to the Kabeluma falls is a must do. 1,5 hours one way. So expect 4 hours to walk there and back. The road to the Kabelumafalls is in very good shape, but it’s an experience to make the walk.

Lumangwe Falls -9.54269, 29.38784

This place is amazing! We ended up snagging a cancelled spot last minute on Halloween for our 25ft rig. right on the water with a great view of the lighthouse and full hookup. The manager and staff were super welcoming and helpful. The island used to be a fort and the remnants are scattered about to explore, and there’s a couple small beaches and big rocks to climb on (I also found a crab which was cool). Will be returning next year!

Winter Island Maritime park 42.52672, -70.86905

No Dry Camping Allowed Anywhere!!!!
Signs everywhere.

Blue Water Resort & Casino 34.16196, -114.26669
Two Dusty Travelers

National Parks campsite. Neglected, but the view and abundance of wildlife more than made up for it! Lots of spots along the river. Neglected shared ablutions (flush toilets, cold showers, outdoor spigot). No electricity or Wi-Fi (slow Wi-Fi was available at the park office). When we tried to book ahead of time via Christine of ZimParks, she quoted us $115 per night. If you just show up they charge $23pp per night.

Lots of wildlife in camp! Hippos, elephants, baboons, vervet monkeys, kudu, waterbuck, impala, plenty of birds. Watch your vehicle closely! The monkeys will take anything.

There are also exclusive campsites with no ablutions, just long drop toilet, if you want a private campsite. Game and views seemed just as good at Nyamepi.

Unguided walking safaris allowed here with a permit. Guided walking or personal vehicle safaris $10pp per hour - show up at the park office and ask. Canoe safaris were on hold because canoes were damaged by hippos.

Nyamepi Camping -15.71950, 29.36708

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