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Very quiet night in a beautiful valley in the lower Eagle creek area. This place you access from 191N, lower Eagle creek road.

Longish drive down steepish curvy road. Not big RV friendly but I don’t own one. This road is bumpy and you have one wash out to cross. Plus, if you go to far you could be in trouble, no turn around and then water.

The hike is also an adventure of sorts, with a bonus at the end.

This is property of the mine you enter to access and we must respect their rules or ownership. We enjoyed our stay and adventure.

Saw some bighorn and a beautiful hawk.

Lower Eagle Creek 33.05953, -109.43779

We just arrived at this lovely campground directly behind the Dades Gorge. Clean WC, hot shower and a friendly welcome from the manager of this hotel and camping. Electricity is available. Tea in a lovely lounge in front of the fireplace and a nice chat.We will come again.

Camp Hotel Berbère De La Montagne 31.55779, -5.90956

It’s an option if you are looking for a safe place to camp. It belongs to the police so pretty secure, nice shaded areas with bbqs, tables etc… we paid ARS1500 for 2 people in a tent.
They opened a cabaña for us to use the bathroom / shower. Can get busy on week ends with kids playing football etc but the place is big enough for it to not be an issue.

Círculo Policial -34.61249, -68.38373

short hike up to the lake and forest, amazing views over the river, that spreads out in many arms, small islands and extremly diverse environment ... starts at 'dead end road' (on the other side of the pedestrian bridge) and takes max. 30min to get there, you won't regret it

Bosque del Amor -12.10949, -75.82904

Stop along Black Hill back country by-pass road.
Good view and in a pinch, a nice camp (didn’t see a no sign) for a night but right off road.
Has table and small roof.
Very narrow, windy primitive road

Black Hills picnic with a View 32.89951, -109.34774

great place to charge your phone. there is also free wifi on one of the corner

Abra Pampa square -22.72238, -65.69732
Lady Ferns

Parks seemed to have three sections. Boat launch area was still open, but the whole area seemed to be taken up with trucks and their boat trailers. Pit toilets, women’s stall had no locking mechanisms on the doors.

The other two sections (one of left side of road and the other on the right side of road) of Park were closed for season. Was told it closed on Nov 1st. I would assume these could be nice spots when the part is open for campers. Gate was locked on the entrance side, and tire puncture security on the exit side to prevent people from entering that way.

US Army Corp of Engineers - Eufaula 35.23884, -95.48977

This place is beautiful. Haven’t had any issues. There’s a big pavement lot to park or you can make your way down the peninsula and park closer to the water! Very windy but the best views! A few cars have come down here then leave right after. Very quiet and secluded. My dogs love it. Pack in and pack out. There’s a bit of trash the further you go out but not too bad.

Lake Eufaula 35.43838, -95.62404

Spent a few nights camping here, some distant and close music, Friday night until the early hours from a disco close by unfortunately. Rest is great as mentioned. Clean and good ablutions, nice staff and good bar area. Can recommend during the weekdays ;)

Audi Camp -19.93365, 23.51022

Stop along Black Hill back country by-pass road.
Good view and in a pinch, a nice camp (didn’t see a no sign) for a night but right off road.
Has table and small roof.
Very narrow, windy primitive road

Black Hills back country road picnic site 2 32.89229, -109.36191

Called beforehand and talked to security. They said RVs can park overnight in the "additional parking" across the street. I asked if we needed to come in to check-in with them or anything and they said no. The concrete parking lot isn't very flat but there are a few spots that are manageable. We are in a 25' class C. There was a large RV parked overnight as well in what looked like the fattest spot. There are a couple of trash cans in the lot. Its surrounded by cemeteries, just FYI if that makes anyone uncomfortable. We haven't gone in the casino yet. If we do and learn more, I will update.

Lucky Chances Casino 37.68073, -122.45423

Pull off with fire pit, great views up here and not a. Spot listed elsewhere.
Beautiful country
Big rigs would have to access from south side. Driving through not recommended by us 😁

Black Hills Wild Camp 32.87069, -109.39660

The road starting here for approximately 20mi/32km ascending up to the plateau is in poor condition with large ruts and holes interspersed with good asphalt. It is possible to drive in a passenger car but will take some time and care, use caution. The highway before and after this section is in good condition.

Road South to Nguroji 7.26327, 11.09716

I correct my previous review : the clear and whash water is only available the day. The night the water is not available.

Elma Rest Area 47.01764, -123.35148

My husband and I cycled through here today, with no issues. Having read extensively online about this town, we were wary but followed the advice here to not stop at all- we cycled straight through, at approx 9:30am on a Saturday and just kept our wits about us. There is a very noticeable police presence here, the police station is huge and we saw maybe 6(?!) policemen throughout the town. They took no interest in us. Hopefully the bad days of this town are behind them now.

Cyclists are advised NOT to stop here! -7.73426, -79.30328

We spent one night here. No problem. Woke up with the birds sound. Just in front of the main square. We park on the other side of the street (the side of the houses). There is free wifi here.

Plaza San Cosme y Damian -27.31558, -56.33079

You can use wifi from the touristic center here in Encarnación. Its not free but the guy let the us, travelers, to use it.

Password: senatur2021

Wifi SENATUR -27.32175, -55.87312

This is a small campsite privately owned. You will park you RV between lemon and olives trees! 20€ per night with electricity and clean bathrooms. This is the only place still open in November. Make sure to call 0974933142 or visit .

Il Moro Della Molpa 40.03637, 15.30459

As described, very quiet at night. As I stayed on a Friday night, pretty crowded on Saturday morning for guys doing sports - cyclists, runners, bikers, and one hiker. So not quiet on weekends after 9 am.

Vieja Ruta Provincial 14 -31.58601, -64.71907

Behind the propane staytion. Not official park but there is grass opening behind the trees. Little bit of privacy.

Creek banks 43.18290, -80.24921

Lots of garbage here but it's free. The water is swimmable

Cockshutt Bridge River access 43.18271, -80.25268

it's for what we know the only hidden place in the area close to the national parque. No facilities and it's not allowed to make a fire. A ranger checked out the place one morning, but just drove by. We stayed two nights. Really quiet and lots of birds. There are lots of spots to park even some places in the forest. We've a Mercedes Sprinter and the road was fine. To find the spot it's a small road off the main road to the left. Take your trash and leave nothing behind.

Hidden place close to the entry -38.77819, -71.63933

We drove to the really nice village Capitan Pastene and overnight just next to the park and church. It's an Italian village so we had to try out the pizzas and we had the best pizzas of Chile (so far) at Los Cortesi. We asked the owner about the overnight and he said it's totally fine. The people are so nice and everybody welcomes you. It's really safe everywhere in the town. Just no facilities so only good for one night or just go to the village for some good food. Water available by the Copec in town

In the town -38.11349, -72.59319

it's right before the park entrance. We didn't stay here and found a spot a bit more south. See my post. But we saw a camper overnighting here. It looks safe, almost no traffic in the night, because the park is closed at 18:00h. Nowadays you have to reserve your tickets on asptickets online for 13€ each. The ranger said it's not allowed to overnight in the reserve only at the camping, so we respected that.

Lava stream -38.77336, -71.63513
Lady Ferns

Closed for the season! Gate is locked up tight. Closed as of NOV 1st?

Nichols Park 35.41247, -95.98148

Posto de gasolina muito tranquilo para passar a noite, frentistas muito simpáticos e atenciosos, tem água e banheiros muito limpos.

Petrol Station - Posto Amigão -25.99887, -50.58640

Impassable, had to turn around and the drive in was interesting in itself. We came from the north end.
4x4 and clearance a must
Or a side by side 😂

Wash out 32.70630, -109.49625

Camping located near the main highway. With good structure and well organized

Camping Prainha -29.45689, -51.13545

Local Amplo e com água conversei com a Vânia da Secretaria do Turismo e ela foi bem gentil disse que poderíamos ficar e é seguro.

Secretaria Municipal de Turismo -25.56016, -54.56258

Pretty standard Cracker Barrel. Relatively quiet and peaceful night, several other rigs around.

Cracker Barrel 35.45766, -97.59596

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