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Nice, friendly place with massive courtyard to relax ( and motorcycle parking )

Hotel Res Raldes -21.26598, -63.47551

The Camping in closed right now, because the bathroons are not working (they’re without eletricity and water).

Calingasta Municipal Camping -31.33485, -69.42527

ligamos para pedir hospedagem e eles não estão na casa. estavam em Quito.

Izaboo -0.11698, -80.21122

We can recommend the tour, it was great. We got it in English, 10.000p.P. Make your appointment ahead, as described in previous comment.

Yerba Pajarito Mate factory & museum -27.05769, -55.56236
La Famille POOS

Location at the end of a track. Close to a pretty villa which is rented in season. The caretaker, very kind, told us that there was no problem staying, facing the beach. stayed two nights with only the sound of the waves. Possibility of other locations on the beach for 4WD vehicles.

Front Beach 16.13311, -95.25633

Quiet flat spot with beautiful views overlooking the river near the dam with the mountains in the background. It’s a gravel pullout off of another gravel road. Horses, cows, and pigs down below at the river, which you can easily walk down to from the spot. A farmer from across the way stopped by to chat and told us it was fine to camp in this spot. Otherwise, we didn’t see anyone else. Enjoy!

Coop’s Lookout -35.54453, -69.63671

Looks like Planet Fitness is undergoing a major renovation. Doesn’t look open, no one in the parking lot.

Planet Fitness 33.71423, -78.89597

Clean place with large courtyard for parking. The rooms are well kept and have showers w/ hot water, ceiling fan and AC(when they have power). Electricity comes on at 6pm for light and fan, however AC is not available until around 10pm. We gave them some money to start the AC generator early at 6pm. Access to this hotel is convenient right in the highway coming into town.

Young JP 7.85259, 10.96327

Spend one night in parking lot. must to talk to Aurelio. just pay 20.000 Gs por parking. beautiful trekking to Cerro.

Parking lot Cerro Arco -25.28471, -57.10403

Secluded, shaded parking on a dead end street. It was quiet and peaceful. There’s a business at the end of this road called Sunbelt Landscaping. Staff started arriving and leaving between 6:00 and 7:00. No one disturbed us.

Secluded side street 33.70855, -78.88784

This is a new spot for Overlanders to stay near Bogotá, it's located about 20 minutes from the outskirts of Bogotá, on the hay farm of Julio and his mother.

At the end of a little road, past several greenhouses and horse pastures you'll find a sign "Zarzamora". Across the field and to the right you'll find thier newly built home with plenty of parking nearby. Should be no problem for any rig, big or small.

He has hopes of expanding facilities in the near future, to have a dedicated Bathroom and shower for campers, but during our stay we were welcomed to use thier large, modern bathroom and shower, and sit at the large dining table for home made Arepas and Hot Chocolate.

Julio and his mom are very warm and welcoming and eager to help find whatever you need. We enjoyed a walking tour around the farm and the FREE Calla Lily.

It is probably best to contact Julio by WhatsApp before you arrive so he can arrange to meet you at the gate.

Zarzamora Camping 4.83675, -74.12013

Absolutely wonderful place. River, trees, rather flat spot, space for everyone and NO trash! ENJOY!

Puente Rio Murta N2 -46.35876, -72.76311

Again no interest in fridge contents, only looking for live animal transports.

vetenary check point -20.53386, 20.70955

Very friendly staff. They have a Diesel card and let us fuel up for the regular price of 6000 Rial per Liter.
They said it is Euro Diesel and modern trucks are fuel up there as well.

Gas Station with Diesel card 31.69001, 49.84773

The place is okay. I did not stay there, only visited to check it out. The rooms are basic and the showers and AC were not working properly at the time. The hotel access is difficult, driving on a rough road very small like a walking path that is sandy in some places. It’s a good option if JP (on the highway) is not available.

Emmokene Motel, Bali 7.84454, 10.96204

No overnight parking signs along street & street parking lots.

Salem Willows Park 42.52779, -70.88893

Police offer told us there’s no overnight parking at this location & relocated us to Walmart. Not a very friendly guy either.🤣

Salem Willows parking lot 42.52536, -70.89318

Stayed here 1 night. Felt safe & it was quiet.

Walmart parking lot 42.52445, -70.89437

26.000 COP for one load (including drying). Its ready in 2 hours.

Lavandy Café 10.97552, -74.80352

Definitely still open. Signs that say RV parking for up to 12 hours. Other than that, it’s your typical Walmart. Town had a lot more than I was expecting too. We were very thankful for this stop after an unexpected snow. Quite a few others here too.

Payson Walmart 34.24416, -111.32347

Estacionamento na frente do Posto Paraíso na entrada da cidade

Posto Paraíso -14.15084, -47.52015
sonny jadun

Historic wait station in Sabinal just half block north of US 9W.
if you are facing the building front there is a water faucet to the left. you can use to replenish.

Sabina wait station 29.31893, -99.46713

We paid 10 dollars per person per night. Clean room, private bathroom and WC. Refrigerator available. Tea and hot water available all day in the hotel entrance. Air conditioning in the room. Pleasant staff. They gave us breakfast several times.

Zohor Al-Husain Hotel 32.61446, 44.02446

Completed Gboko to Bali today on motorcycles. No indication of security issues or escort needed as previously mentioned. Yes the first half of the journey had some places with many pot holes but no worse than anywhere else we’ve been in west Africa. Many security checkpoints (a good thing) and all very friendly. Very nice scenery as you get closer to Bali.

Very bad road 7.22867, 9.66421

The rangers told us that it was impossible to sleep here even in front of the gate.
7000 pp the entrance fee for the park.

Camping for Cerro La Campana -32.98285, -71.13395

Museo Histórico Nacional since the 22nd of March 2022.
Open March-Dec, Saturday and Sundays only. And Jan-March everyday.
Interesting history of the native culture of Argentina.
ARS 400 pp.

Museo Deodoro Roca -30.77734, -64.38714

Beautiful location overlooking lighthouse. Level area with picnic tables and garage cans. We have a 24 ft C class . Windy night with big waves . Very relaxing.
Area has many seasonal cottages . We meet a few locals and they were friendly. No issues. However, in summer they advise there would not be room for RVs.
We highly recommend.

Margaretsville picnic ground 45.04840, -65.06458

We paid 160TL with a 6.5m motorhome to get to Eceabat.

Ferry 40.15152, 26.40205

Quick, good-quality and cheap local car wash. The guy is trustworthy and hardworking! Highly recommended. We paid 30 BOL

Lavado (Car wash) -20.46853, -66.82108
Alanis Vargas Orosco

Nice place to spend time with family and friends. You can enjoy every moment in this Nice place

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166

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