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In a short bus. Paved forest service road. No other campers. View of the river and quiet. Feel like we win the lottery with this one.

NF2920 Shoulder 48.02381, -123.94443

Feel like we won the lottery with this one. Nice paved road access. No other campers. Beautiful view.

High above the river on FR2918 48.03979, -123.95739

I've slept here many times. it says no overnight parking but they never check. if course, be respectful! you can get wifi in some of the parking close to the gym but I never sleep in those spots. there are often other vans or car campers here.

Planet Fitness Parking Lot 44.44954, -73.14295

Open from 7 AM -9 PM a great place to hang out for the day. You have to walk a little to get to the walking path but once you cross the bridge there is some green space with chairs and hammock stands (I think). The path is about 2 miles and is great for walking, jogging, biking, rollerblading, etc. Great place to eat lunch or enjoy time outside.

Columbia Canal & River Front Park 34.00429, -81.05085

it's a small forrest. not the densest one, but it was quiet. perfect for cyclist. probably also for motorcyclists.

little forrest 33.09475, -7.53093

Spent a night in the pretty big lot here. Some noise from the road through the night. Sign at the trailhead says park closed sunset to sunrise. It's the off season so parks seem pretty relaxed right now.

shadmoor state trail 41.04049, -71.93306

Useful motel-style accommodation in San Gregorio. Clean and comfortable, hot water. You’ll need to go into their restaurant for wifi. 25,000 pesos for a room. Good wind-sheltered parking in a compound for cars and vans. Get room 4 and you’ll get the best parking for a moto in windy Patagonia (see photo…) Homemade bread and jam for breakfast.

Donde Rupe B&B -52.31297, -69.68375

Nice gravel road with sites along it. Some are quite big with fire rings- others are for tents. We stayed in #6- perfect for our van !

Jessup river road dispersed sites 43.58561, -74.42896

Sweet little camp site off the main road, not far from visitor center.

Potable water at visitor center and real poopers

Creek right there with canyons we explored but no water in creek at camp. Maybe earlier in season as we found water exploring.

NOTE… locals come here to shoot guns and one day we went to dwellings site so a local could practice for an hour. Easy as they kept our site, chairs for us.
Spent 4 days here loving life..

Dawgsaway Gila Camp 33.21904, -108.24560

Good quiet place. No shadow. 2 bars AT&T. Please let it clean.

Sentinel Volcanic Field 32.83786, -113.20449

Parked along the long fence on the road here. Safe and quiet neighborhood.

Street parking 29.52402, -98.49343

good heladeria home made
but chose the good biscuit
possiblity having chocolate cover on the top
very friendly

Heladeria -38.52544, -70.36644
Amar e viajar sm

Ficamos aqui 5 das, uma rua quase no final da praia. Não tem nenhuma estrutura porém tem uma quiosque( Thiago) no final da rua que ofereceu água e energia. porém acredito que deve ser ou consumo ou uma contribuição no final de sua estádia.
Em nosso caso, não usamos temos autonomia de energia e estávamos com caixa cheia.

Tem mercado, padaria, farmácia a uns 400 mts daqui, provavelmente irá passar por eles.

Dica top, nesta rua antes de virar para o local aqui, tem um casa que vende queijo, vou deixar a foto e contato, queijo bom e barato, 30,00 o quilo e uma delícia, aproveitamos pra comprar. Outra dica tem um pequeno corredor ao lado da caixa verde que sai na praia, um lugar bom para esticar a rede e colocar cadeira e passar a tarde.

Sinal da claro, Tim e Vivo pegam bem por aqui, não tivemos problemas. Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

Espero que minha experiência que deixo aqui te ajude. já estamos a 9 meses morando no Motorhome

Não esqueça de deixar seus comentários, sua experiência, poderá ajudar outros amigos viajantes também, como a gente usa o aplicativo que nos ajuda, vamos fazer boas descrições para outros viajantes, coloque suas experiências e detalhes.

Siga a gente nas redes sociais, irá saber mais sobre os lugares que ficamos.

Rua atrás da praia em Barra Grande -8.99002, -35.19855

Gas, potable water at the pumps,food, camping, repair shop, auto museum, formal campground, level ground for quick overnight stops

Fuel america travel center 30.69919, -101.09092

Water not working, but lots of parking, covered and open tables along the river, and many trash receptacles.

Picnic Area Water Spigot 34.70031, -83.72054

We didn't spend the night here but believe this would make a beautiful campsite for a small rig. Stunning view of snow-capped Callejón Cañapa.

Supposedly there are hot springs on-site but the water was lukewarm at best. Still can use for cooking :)

Laguna Pastos Grandes -21.61626, -67.85804

propane. easy access and quick service. $4.79

76 Gas 36.19679, -115.06188

dormimos no outro lado da praça, ao lado da biblioteca, uma noite muito agradável e segura. ótima localização. tem uma torneira de água em frente a biblioteca da qual abastecemos nossa cx aixa de água. a cidade é uma gracinha. fizemos boia Cross no rio.

Town Square, Mindo -0.05221, -78.77512

Called and asked permission to stay in our camper van and was told it was okay and to park on the lawn and garden side all the way at the back. Large lot with a lowes directly next door. Had a pretty quiet and pleasant stay, just the normal store traffic that drove by. Would stay again.

Walmart Supercenter 42.27760, -73.75218

we slept at the parking lot casas enxaimel, it is free and there is a public toilet close.
good place to spend a night

Parking Casas Enxaimel -29.58222, -51.15743

Despite the website saying they are open year round it was closed. There is a sign on the door saying closed 10/18-11/21. :(

Manoir des Sapins 48.90117, -67.34058

The campsite is open begin of nov. sun and shadow. We first walkt from the parking (200 m) to ask for a place with a truckcamper and space enough near the restaurant which was closed this time. Fast wifi at the reception and a bit slower at our place. Nice hot showers from sun boiler. very quiet, lots of birds.

Parque Nacional Los Alerces – Rio Arrayanes -42.74240, -71.74163

Easy border crossing from Paraguay to Bolivia, within 30 minutes we went through. In one of the previous notes made by Rob Jansen explains it perfectly. If you continue this road you need to pay toll within 40-50km from the border. Just before you hit the toll there are some shops on the left side who also change USD / PG with acceptable rates (see
Markings “cambio”)

Border Bolivia-Paraguay -21.67306, -62.45727

Nice campsite, right next to the sea. Good facilities, except the WiFi which is very slow and only available at the reception. Good place to stay when you are in town. We paid 1300 ARS for 2 persons and a camper.

Camping Municipal -47.75542, -65.88933

$5 gets you access to the show AND the pool, hot tub, and sauna. The shower wasn't hot but 5 minutes in the sauna and you will welcome the warm water.

Johnson Bentley Memorial Aquatic Centre 49.82631, -119.62379

Open. Fast and reasonable puncture repair. 10,000.

Vulcanizacion Penequita -46.12193, -72.16167
MiLi Weltenbummler

thanks to the whole team of Moto y Servitecas! We were looking for a reliable workshop to have our two BMWs serviced and we found it here. we discussed everything in advance and everything we wanted was done to our complete satisfaction. we even received pictures of the condition of our motorcycles via WhatsApp. The entire team was absolutely competent, very friendly and courteous.

Motos Y Servitecas 4.60111, -74.07022
MiLi Weltenbummler

Great Hostel close to the airport. They have a kitchen you can use. The bathrooms are very clean and in a very good condition.
We use and paid 66400$ for night

Bababuy Hostel 4.60113, -74.07023

This place is in fact open. The hosts are great; very warm and welcoming. Luis took us on a hike to the waterfall and local school. They shared coffee that they picked on their property as well breakfast.

Great view. Quiet and safe at night. We’d stay here again.

Mirador de Montegrande 10.41368, -73.53541

Good laundromat and good price. 2.25 wash, from .50 dry.

PD Quick Laundry 37.49057, -119.97360

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