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Nice place, good shelter against the wind. Clean toilets and showers with warm water. We had some rain but we were able to place a shelter..

Cape Cross Lodge Campground -21.75564, 13.97063

Have to enter from Fishtrap road to the South, the road to the north is closed off and marked as private. There was one other couple there in an RV, far enough away to not hear them. The bathrooms had TP, and there fun little XC MTB trails down the road that you can find on MTB project. Definitely would stay again.

Fishtrap Lake 47.36755, -117.83051

Not really big rig friendly with low hanging cables and a tiny spot to park, but very welcoming. (We are 5.5t and 3.6m high) Good food with grilled fish.

Lake Chila Lodge -8.83992, 31.38531

Great little taco stand! They have Birria only on Sundays and it is absolutely amazing! I could eat 20 of them, definitely a must when visiting Bahía de Los Angeles. Everything is around $40 pesos per taco

China's Place 28.95416, -113.55953

it is indeed nice as the other posters have said. if you are on an adventure bike as I am the trials are for hiking or horses only. but a good place to pitch a tent nonetheless. (;

Hercules Glade Firetower Trailhead Camping 36.68465, -92.88358

We don't know why but we got a room in the new building across the street (room 1) and it was really nice! Simple with a big window but clean with a great hot shower!

Hostal El Olímpico -10.66889, -76.77323

Also called Horse Trail Trailhead on Google I think. Free camping for 14 days max, no amenities, some firepits around. not very level in places. Signal depends on where you are. Any where from no signal to about 4 bars on TMobile. If you have starlink, that'll work great. During the week it's not too packed, but toward the weekend it gets a more crowded.

Apache Trail 33.48665, -111.46778

$200 bucks a month, .10 cents per kilowatt for power. has full hookups, hot showers, bathroom, community room and cable tv, and wifi. Nice quiet park, not far from Quartzsite. One of the cheapest places you'll find, and some really nice people.

Just for fun RV 33.93495, -114.00888

Yep, after a long day on the Peru Divide. These hotsprings were amazing to relax in before going to sleep. They let me camp as well.

termales picoy -10.90142, -76.72070

Ruben is the most helpful guy you'll find around ! He was ready to find solutions and go deep into the details to make sure our car is in the best conditions. You can trust him; he knows what he is talking about when dealing with mecanics.

Taller Ruben -42.78731, -65.04396
1,2,3 e foi

lugar fantástico, termas naturais à beira de um rio, toda infraestrutura para camping: parrillas, banheiros, piscinas, poços termais ... não tem mercados próximos, é interessante levar o que necessita para a estadia ... atenção à estrada, vale consultar antes de ir, aproximadamente 4km antes de chegar tem uma subida forte, com pedras, que inspira cuidado na direção

Termas/Camping San Sebastian -39.10741, -71.61448

Nice campsite with hot showers, although the buildings are in need of renovation. I paid 1.400 per night for one person and my 2WD campervan.

Camping Cruz Mendoza -23.57590, -65.40019

I had a great time in Roca Azul with my partner, this place is enormous, it has a view to the biggest lake in Mexico called "Lago de Chapala", I would never forget the memories watching the sunset next to the lighthouse, all the staff including the manager are really friendly, the amenities are in good condition, and the weather is matchless, absolutely I am going to be there next year.

Roca Azul RV Park & Home Mobile Community 20.26669, -103.42166
Karla Ringo

This was a great overnight stay. TMobile cell good. we didn't see the wild horse but they were there? Only room for one camper just off the 2 lane track. Almost missed it. Great view!

Middle of nowhere 39.39307, -115.32003

50 bucks per night, very close to the highway

Covered Wagon RV Park 33.53260, -112.11343

now southbound: they stopped and checked us with a letter in His Hand. but as requested we Provided Car and insurence paper, First aidKit, fire extinguisher and Triangel. towing Hook was dismounted. after 10, 15 minutes he let us go as all was fine. These Checks are allright as Long as you follow theire Rules.

Police Check Point - Ruta 14 -30.64690, -57.99738

Fontain Water near Arrábida bridge, since 1887, Mineral Water clean and drinking.

Fonte do Preto 40.74065, -4.08421

Really a beautiful spot in nature on this upgraded camping. The prize is only 250 nad for a car. Electricity, clean toilets and hot showers. Hiking to stretch your legs. Lots of birds and some animals. Firewood for free.
By Manfred you can do everything.
Camping, serve your car, safe storage for long term. He can bring you and get you from the airport and lots more. Very friendly Grandpa😀
Telephone number Manfred
+264 811241355
Or go to the entrance gate of Sand and Stones and ask for Manfred

Nature camping space -22.54126, 17.24712

After driving from Niagara Falls we found a Walmart the usual. Quiet at night. No problems

Walmart Supercenter Avon 41.46618, -82.01788

On our way to Nashville we pulled in. Did some grocery shopping as we like to spend money where we sleep for free. Quiet night. Thank you Walmart

Cranberry - Walmart - Harbor Freight 40.68665, -80.10371

Spectacular little spot nestled under some gorgeous trees near Cottonwood Creek off Cottonwood Canyon Rd. You could probably squeeze another car in this area and still be able to do some Tetris to figure out how to turn around. I wouldn’t bring a monster RV in here. The road off cottonwood canyon rd is pretty rutted, but with mid to high clearance, you’ll be fine. I had the tiniest bit of T Mobile service.
Would absolutely camp here again.

Cottonwood Canyon Rd 37.27145, -111.90449

The bridge is in repair and can only be crossed by vehicles under 5t. We crossed it 3 years ago when the bridge was still fine. But now were stopped by trafficpolice and they showed us a detour, 50 km around the river, which we took.

Puente de la Barra Leonal Viera -34.91018, -54.87288

Went back after 3 years, still a great place next to the lighthouse. Stayed the night, nobody cared. Beautiful view on the beach and sea. Maybe not suitable in high season when all the holidayhomes are occupied.

Parking lot in front of the lighthouse -34.84597, -54.63330

Directions in description were spot on. Long washboard road but worth it. Free camping between giant rocks. Beautiful scenery and amazing sunsets. Lots of mice, bring colored flashing lights.

Black Canyon Rd 35.13979, -115.40466
[email protected]

Restaurante e pesqueiro com belíssima paisagem do campo. Estrada ótima, comida muito boa com preço bom, bebidas bem geladas. Conversamos com o proprietário que nos permitiu pernoitar e forneceu água. Almoçamos para retribuir a gentileza.

Pesqueiro São Lucas -22.24252, -45.15481

Great flat spot off the road could fit two SUV's, nice stream running right next to site.

Babbling Brook 37.80823, -119.88529

A little secluded hideaway near highway but out of view, mostly. A short track 200’ to a humpy location where level can be found straddling the uneven ground. Has freshly used fire ring. Not for tall (tree overhangs that don’t need your pruning job) or long vehicles—not a lot of turn around room. My minivan with kayaks on the roof was fine. Highway can be heard when cars pass. From parking area a few nice places to walk up to with view of mountains. Verizon one to two bars.
It’s pretty clean not a lot of trash or butt paper—please keep it that way.

Gila Bump Out 32.89588, -107.72796

Parkground in the City of Lüneburg, 50 parkingplaces

Lüneburg 53.24612, 10.39894

From the river Kwanza till Mussende, very bad road, the tar is destroyed, more potholes than tar! About 70 km. If wet must be terrible...

Bad road 70 km -9.88682, 16.28174

lugar tranquilo de passar a noite!
tem ponto de água!!!
super recomendo, a cidade é incrível

Praça da Chaminé -28.63777, -49.49802

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