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We were prepared for the mosquitos because of the previous comments, and they were no joke. Don’t go here unless you have a good bug spray or mosquito net. Otherwise it’s a perfect location, large area mostly hidden from road, grassy and flat and great views.

Big grassy flat area next to river -48.48420, -72.58909

The hotel/restaurant 'La Belle Vue' is located at the most beautiful viewpoint facing south on this route over the high atlas. Hamza, who speaks fluent French and English, welcomes visitors very warmly. An overnight stay is possible with a camper if you order a delicious meal in the restaurant (highly recommended). Afterwards, you can enjoy a great sunset and sunrise. The hotel offers 9 rooms -partly with own shower and toilet- for bikers/cyclists/drivers. The spot is also perfect for paragliding.

La Belle Vue 30.86060, -8.37680

Had a nice night stay. Electric still available but water turned off. One comfort station open. Not able to pre reserve in the winter, first come first served sites. Dump station open but no fresh water to rinse with.

Valens Lake Conservation Area Campground 43.38062, -80.14197

A small gravel pullover just off the parkway. Room for a couple cars/vans or maybe 2 RVs.
Tents can be pitched in a clearing among rhododendron near the power lines across the road

Gravel Pullover 36.13201, -81.76239

Spend 2 nights here. Its so super cheap (300 pp) and the facilities are okay.. if you park close to the bathrooms at the reception you will have great wifi too. In the weekends it can be super super busy.

Camping Turismo "La Cienaga" -24.41432, -65.28662

Casa de Viajeros para viajeros , Polo y Ana son unas increíbles personas donde puedes aparcar, recargar agua, tomar una ducha y conocer una increíble familia viajera.

casa caminando lento 21.09064, -101.58353

La Casona es una construccion de mediados del siglo pasado, que uno no se puede perder en el viaje.
En ella habitan grandes historias de nuestro pais, en perfecta conservacion.
Su ornamentacion campestre, contiene anecdotas en cada objeto.
La hospitalidad, sabiduria y amabilidad de Willi, es algo digno de disfrutar.
No se pierdan de probar las comidas tipicas de bodegon, que alli se preparan.
Super recomendable.

La Casona is a construction from the middle of the last century, which one cannot miss on the trip. Great stories of our country live in it, in perfect conservation. Its country ornamentation contains anecdotes in each object. Willi's hospitality, wisdom and kindness is something worth enjoying. Do not miss trying the typical bodegon meals, which are prepared there. Highly recommended.

La Casona -34.76940, -59.69249

most delicious pizzas. well worth it despite the price (150R)

Nature’s Valley Restaurant -33.98484, 23.54763

Big space in the sand between dunes. Big trees for shade and a drop toilet, very nice camping here

Canning Well 12 -24.59373, 121.87266

Big camping area, fire pit and toilet. Some shade, tons of noisy birds!!

Canning Well 15 -24.14099, 122.20203

Run down, but has a turnaround, shade a space for multiple vehicles. Plenty good enough for a night

Canning well 16 -23.90825, 122.38368

no camping: he offered to remove the trash cans to pitch the tent...
but the cabins are very good, very comfortable.
there is a common kitchen.

Pumbas Backpackers with Camping -25.74690, 28.24156

Went through the checkpoint with our family. They just waved us through. They talked to the car in front of us for a few minutes but waved the 2 vehicles behind us through too.

Military Checkpoint 27.30786, -112.84940

Planned on staying here one night, ended up loving it and the surrounding area so much we stayed for another. Dino land is lit. Many deer around (friendly). Park ranger woke us up past our checkout time but was really cool about it. Would recommend doing a cave tour if possible! Big cave!

Mammoth Cave National Park Campground 37.18794, -86.10168

Spent one night here as a midpoint between my starting point and end destination. Despite being a Saturday night, it was pretty quiet. There were a couple other cars parked there overnight, but I didn't actually see anyone in or around them (and there was snow plowed around them, so pretty sure they'd been there a few days), so I'm not sure if they were car campers as well or not.

Galaxy theaters parking lot 39.13007, -119.77319

Good free place to stay a night. Quiet, unless the dam authorities release water (5 times loud sirene :o((

FREE Dam Site Campground Fort Gibson 35.86514, -95.23058

One of the few first come first serve state parks. 15$/night for a motorhome. Each lot has a table with benches. Due to cold weather, water had been switched-off. Approx. 20min drive to the top of Mount Magazine, with 839masl the highest point in Arkansas.

Cove Lake RecreationArea, Mount Magazine State Park 35.22293, -93.62129

Closed, and sign removed from the building so may be permanently closed.

Supermercado Panchito -43.01022, -72.48208

Basic langman for 1000 tengue. Possible to buy water and snacks. The lady owner is very friendly.

Basic restaurant 44.58079, 54.04593

We where not really impressed with the stay here, the family is nice for sure. But apart of that 250 Pesos is too much for what they offer, toilets without the seat, shower is fine. Beer price 35 Pesos, meals around 250 Pesos.

Varadero Turístico El Guayacán Laguna de Manialtepec 15.94326, -97.17832

confirmed, it goes. spigot is running. had no issues filling up

Speedway Gas Station 38.09694, -78.46382

As mentioned previously good spot close a number of Seattle sights and free. We stayed further down street by old warehouses.

South Lake Union 47.62018, -122.33721

Very friendly people.
Just 2 dolares for parking
The waterfalls are very beautiful. Worth it

Siete Cascadas / Cabañas Victoria -1.00372, -79.23835

Exactly, don't follows a
Go to Estero Hondo and after you can ask and follow the signs.

beautiful place, friendly people.

7 cascadas -1.00372, -79.23835

Visited the Park and the near-by Museo Inti-Ñan (where the real equator is located, by the way), asked if we could stay overnight- sure, no problem. US$ 3 all day. Amenities inside the Park. Super fast WiFi on the parking lot.

Parking lot Mitad del Mundo -0.00294, -78.45349

We arrived in the city late and the municipal campsite was having a party, very noise. So we came here. Very quiet to sleep, hot showers, the owner is very friendly and helpful. We pay ARS$1000 per person.

Camping El Sol -26.67650, -66.04614

We spent the night in this parking lot near a housing estate. very calm. river view.

avons passé la nuit sur ce parking près d’un lotissement. très tranquille. vue sur la rivière.

Place -49.99590, -68.92525

Point of view on the penguins of the Parc de Monte León. Access by a 2.5 km outward pedestrian path.

point de vue sur les manchots du parc de monte León. accès par un sentier pédestre de 2,5 km aller.

Manchots -50.36122, -68.90471

600 m footbridge which leads you next to Mont A Lion Head. Point of view on a sea lion colony seen from afar, bring binoculars.

passerelle de 600 m qui vous conduit à côté du mont a la tête de lion. point de vue sur une colonie de lion de mer vue de loin, apportez des jumelles.

Sea Lion colony, Parque Nat. Monte León -50.36021, -68.90565

Monte Léon park information point where you must register before going to the park. Free. It will give you a park brochure.

point d’information du parc de monte Léon où vous devez vous enregistrer avant d’aller au parc. gratuit. il vous donnera un dépliant du parc.

Guardaparque Monte Leon -50.35948, -68.90750

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