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This place is permanently closed.

Navajo Rocks Mountain Bike Parking 38.64066, -109.74898

as described in previous posts. So beautiful and totally worth the drive on the dirt. the dirt roads are very good until you get past the picketwire square, but we pulled our 20 ft camper trailer down to the overlook and found a nice place to park. just have to go slower on some bad corrugated. there's a couple spots to park, we found a huge one that would fit probably two 20ft campers or like 5 vehicles. we spent 2 nights here, so quiet! saw one car the whole 2.5 days. there's a small trail from the overlook/parking area down to the main Dino trail, not the withers canyon trailhead. we saved at least 5 miles of walking by cutting down to the mail trail from this spot (where the road turns left to the withers canyon)..the hike back up was killer but overall it was worth it. the Dino tracks are fricken awesome and it was a great hike.

Picket Wire Canyonlands Overlook 37.64364, -103.58209

Great place for the night , Toccoa River Park
Wash rooms and picnic tables .

McCaysville City Park 34.98574, -84.36825

We got there at sunset. The view is gorgeous. The place sucks thought. Lot of garbages everywhere. A dead cow carcasse. This is a shooting range. 3 bars AT&T. Woudn’t come again.

BLM land La Luz 33.03205, -105.95670

Quite spot. Nobody around. Dirt road in a great condition, no problems for big rigs and 2WD. No Telcel reception.

Desert Camp -23.91551, -70.30044

Absolutely quiet place after the vendors and people left at around 10pm.
Only good vibes here, a breeze from the sea and a police officer at night.
Police is patrolling heavy in the area, so it felt very safe and it is free. Parked right next to the “Police Tower”

Parkin beach 21.19383, -86.80599

after driving through the chaos of northern Lima this place is a breath of fresh air. surprisingly quiet for being in the heart of the city. we planned on staying for a night but stayed for 4. no problems at all. felt very safe. if Radek leaves a note on your car, he is a nice guy from Poland. he offered us breakfast, coffee and hot showers! if you park one block west of this pin there is even an open wifi. Radek did tell us that sometimes during the day the water the sidewalk from a truck and will tow your car. he says it's very rare, but offered us the information. didn't have any problems.

Large park Ramon Castilla -12.08998, -77.04329

Nice quiet big parking space near Isfahan aquarium and Nazvhan park

Park Isfahan 32.63607, 51.61473

We paid 13.000 shilling for a double room. People not very nice. Loud music the whole night. Hot shower and basic room.

Nygo Lodge -9.38930, 34.24115

Very busy. Loud. I did feel safe, though. There were two separate arguments that I overheard and made me slightly uncomfortable, but both ended fine and they went on their way. Sleep was difficult though. I doubt I would stay here again but there’s plenty of room for all size rigs, and the bathrooms were cleans. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Love’s 39.25316, -88.15278

I wasn't able to find this place.

Glacier water fill at CVS 36.14333, -115.26152

This place is permanently closed.

Taku Bike Rental -40.15840, -71.35656

Great place for a night. Just arrive in the evening, nobody Here. Very quiet

Universidad Aysen (open Wifi) -45.57117, -72.07586
Rich Fesler

Hose Bibb at 2nd isle on truck pumps. no problem filling up 100G while pumping gas. Propane here. And, sign says 12 lay over OK, but no camping??? (see pic)

Chevron 38.91072, -119.70848

Great place for an overnight. Parked across the causeway along the trees by the fence. Quiet night! Police patrolled. Gets busy with dog walkers. The trails are amazing! Went for a 9.5km run around the island. Definitely recommend!

La Framboise Island Nature Area, near Pierre SD 44.36207, -100.36249

Hermoso parque con baños, corriente eléctrica, parrilleros. Buena sombra a orillas del arroyo Porongos.

Balneario Don Ricardo -33.48325, -56.81888

Beautiful spot. Stay up to 14 days. Picnic tables, pit toilets, fire rings, dumpsters. Little to no cell service. ATT

Meredith Lake Rec Area 35.64703, -101.62983

Nice and quiet spot, we spent a night there and paid s/25 using water and electricity. Can be hard to park in the garden if you have a big rig : was pretty hard for our VW T4 + cell

Sumac Wasi Chivay -15.63860, -71.60243

Be very cautious if you pay by cash. I was to pay 7500 TGZ, so I put 3x 2000 tgz, 1x 1000 tgz, 2x 200 tgz, and 1x 100 tgz. The girl took the money, and hid behind the desk (which is very high, so I couldn’t see what she was doing). She counted them, it took very long, then she said, I gave her only 2100 tgz. I was super tired, didn’t want to argue, so I paid. But I was sure, she switched the 3 2000 tgz notes to 200’s.Next day I asked to check security cameras but the picture was so bad, you couldn’t see anything.I’m like 99% sure she stole my money. But I was tired, so can’t say for sure. Just be very careful.

Arna Hotel 45.32402, 55.19053

Got some water from spigot for our RV for our tank.

Petro Travel Station 29.40837, -82.24708

Potentially an overnight spot. Nice parking lot, picnic table, and river access. yellow gate at front, but looks like it isnt locked nightly. no signage indicating no parking. across from NC arboretum entrance.

Bent Creek River Park 35.50053, -82.59317

This Poste de pompage is always open from May 1st to October 31st.

Stoneham Poste De Pompage 46.98419, -71.37106
Eugene da Silva

Not a culinary experience. Better make your own sandwich

Motsana -19.93870, 23.51042

Nice place to spend a day exploring. No dogs in the caves. Bring Flashlights! Watch for rattlesnakes.

Redmond Caves (BLM Land) 44.27702, -121.18356

There is a parking machine. Fee at the time of this entry is 7PLN (probably per day). Does not look like bery busy mid-week in Autumn.

Parking Lesny Szeniawa 52.31500, 16.80428

No overnight parking signs now posted.

publix parking 27.29736, -82.49759

The road from Rosarito to the mission has been damaged by the recent storm. It is still passable but you WILL need 4wd and high clearance if coming from the west. Paid 500mx for two of us to camp in our truck. Took a nice tour with José, donated some good coin for a good cause.

Mision San Borja 28.74398, -113.75411

Só solicitar o abastecimento de gás propano na loja , pessoal simpático e cordial , não falamos bem inglês, e mesmo assim eles fizeram questão de nos entender. Na loja também vendem vários acessórios para camping e ferramentas

Ace Hardware Propane 27.22054, -82.51833
Clay Lucas

We stayed in this campground so that we could use the showers. The showers were so dark and dirty that my wife would not use them. We have used showers along the road in many places all the way from Alaska to this campground and this is the first time she has refused to use the showers.

Hillman's Ferry Campground 36.94558, -88.17348

We ask security driving around and said no overnight parking

Walmart 38.07069, -84.47905

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