Free dump station - Hyperion Water Plant | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


4 months ago
10.8 masl


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Free dump station near LAX airport. They wouldn’t let me have any water 09/2019. Dump only.

closed on weekends


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for us it worked fine!
they just wanted to see my driver's license. didn't care about that's a German one..
but we were going in with a rental RV from 'cruise America' with a Californian license plate.. maybe that made the difference, don't know..

pay attention to opening hours:
mo: 9-1pm
TU: 12-3pm
we: 8-11 and 12-1pm
the: 12-3pm
fr: 9-1pm
closed sat, sun and city holidays
it's a big sewer/water plant

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Showed my California ID and it’s right past the first stop sign on the left. Don’t make a left at the stop sign because you’ll pass it. Easy and free for california residents

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Apparently only for LA residents. The nice staff let us dump anyways, but it might depend on who is on duty.

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Very friendly staff, dumping and next to nonportable water,all free

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Perfect, they check your Id at the gate and the dumping is just near the gate on the left, no drinking water next to the dump with a hose (fixed)

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Il y a un gardien à l’entrée. Il faut lui présenter une pièce d’identité (permis de conduire par exemple, même européen, c’est ok). La dump est 50m après l’entrée.

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Attention pour les étrangers qui n’ont pas le permis américain. Nous avons été refusé avec notre permis français et également avec le permis international. :-( nous sommes parti dans un camping pour dump et water à 20$

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Great place to dump and also fill the tank with not drinking water! Also there is air for your tires! Everything free and super clean.

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free dump station, check the hours before come. no potable water just for cleaning the dump hoses

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Make sure you check the hours (see pics) before visiting.

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Free dump station. Pay attention to working hours. see picture attached.

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Gasolinera ARCO DIESEL 3.36, buen trato, se encuentra en la lateral de s
San Diego Fwy

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Monday 9 - 1
Tuesday 12 - 3
Wednesday 8 - 11 , 12- 1
Thursday 12 - 3
Friday 9 - 1

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Free dump station near LAX airport. And Non potable water.

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