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In low season the restaurant is close, but I could put my tent here. first the wanted 150pesos at the end I could stay here for 75, even so, the pool is empty, the water in the tap is brown (in theory they are fixing it). Close are shops and vegetables.

los capulines 17.32280, -91.70088

Grand parc à côté d’un plan d’eau. Wc en journée et point d’eau. Bien éclairé la nuit. Tranquille.

City Park Trenque Lauquen -35.97581, -62.72175

Camping gratuito, al lado de una playa de arenas finas y blancas, hermoso!! Tiene ducha de agua caliente gratis de día, de noche solo agua fría. Cuenta con espacio de asadores y mesas.

Riverside Campground -30.25083, -54.91158

Super nice owner indeed. $15 for no hookup site. Includes free hot shower (note they only have one shower and one toilet). Laundry is cheap at $1. Free drinks in the fridge. I stayed in my truck camper with roof top tent. You can hear the highway traffic all night long, but it is muffled enough that it sort of becomes white noise. Definitely not “quiet”. But I would still stay again when needing a place to overnight in the area.

Wolf RV Park 32.27598, -107.56865
Smart as a Goose

this road looked too steep for us. also may have low trees to block our high camper. we did not attempt.

abandoned quarry 20.85511, -99.22878

We spent a quiet night, beautiful and pleasant place, with hot shower and clean bathroom but of average quality. We paid 700 pesos for 2 people and the motorhome. It has space to wash clothes, but it does not have a washing machine.

Passamos um noite tranquila, lugar bonito e agradável, com chuveiro quente e banheiro limpo mas de qualidade mediana. Pagamos 700 pesos para 2 pessoas e o motorhome. Tem espaço para lavar roupas, mas não tem máquina de lavar. Tem parrileras, tomadas de energia e Wi-Fi.

Camping Municipal - Puerto San Julian -49.30691, -67.71930

Just entered my 49th country. Nicaragua. I have a few things to share after this crossing. We entered from chotaluca Honduras.

Nicaragua gets a bad rap as a 'horror' crossing. No one could be more wrong. They have rules. They are
1. Apply 7 days in advance of your entering
2. Arrive at border without the form then be prepared to wait or not be let in. All depends on your attitude towards them.

I realized they need the 7 days to look you up. Or They will look you up on arrival. That takes time. How do I know?
The offier came up to me asking why I 'Hid' I was working for gift of life adventure Foundation for organ donation. I smiled and explained I did not hide it. That it was my charitable work and that I answered his question on where I worked. That was it.

NONE of the staff were rude and nothing but nice cooperative and patient with the use of translators to communicate.

Step 1. Get a form at the guard gate as you enter Nicaragua. Fill it out. This is for the TIP not immigration. You will get this form after you give them your PP with copies of pp, DL and Title.

Then go get your car fumigated. You later pay inside after TIP is handed to you. $4.50

1.Get the online form filled 7 days ahead.
2. Walk up to immigration.
3. Pay $13/person
4. This is how simple it would be. Stamped in with three pieces of receipts. SAVE THEM.
5. Don't have online form filled? Then be prepared to wait till they complete the process and background checks. If you want to not fill the online form then consider arriving at about noon this way they would have cleared the crowd. Or arrive at 7am, before the crowds and you get out to customs faster.
6. Now take that form you got at the gate filled up along with your original license with copies of title and PP. Give it to the police uniformed person inside the customs office (same building) There are two peoe sitting at a table in the lobby. The other is from customs.

The police will take that over to the XRay guys outside the building. She leaves that with them and you get it back only after your car has been Xrayed and cleared. Once you are done with your X-ray you will see a loading dock like place on the right. Wait patiently there for the paperwork and scan report to get to them. Based on their discretion they will physically check your car for things they don't want you to bring into the country. Like a drone. They found my drone case in the xray so they checked. Please cooperate. Smiling. That process can become easier. If you had mailed the Drone to another destination ahead (like I did) then save the receipt and a picture of the packed DHL box. They will want proof of it. If they find components of the drone. Like they did with me.

NOTE on Drone: they don't like it so don't try and sneak one in. Respect their laws. Ship your drone ahead. It cost me $100 from Honduras to Panama City via DHL. Would have been more if I had sent it all. I just sent the drone with NO battery as spare parts. This helps with customs on the destination end. It was valued at $40. When you pick it up you won't pay through your nose for what was already yours.

Once the car is cleared they send you back to the Aduana office. Now take the paper you got from the scanner and the form you got at the gate with a copy of your title DL and PP to the customs girl on the table in the lobby. She checks it and then sends you to the officer across from her in a window. They then fill out the paperwork on the comp and hand you the TIP. The next window after that you pay the $4.50 for the fumigation. THE TIP IS FREE.

You are now DONE. Drive out to the exit gate and get the papers you just got which inudes the TIP, Your passport stamp and a receipt you get from immigration after your pay the $13 fees. DONT LOSE THAT. It's easy to have it slip away with all the opening and closing of the pp after.

As soon as this is done.. immediately park in the right side of the road. Walk across the street where long truck line exists. A small restaurant will have some ladies who sell Vehicle Insurance for $12 for my 3 days. More if longer stays are involved. Now you are truly ready to explore Nicaragua.

We got a transit entry which gave us 3 days to exit.

Driving into the country, well this part atleast (I imagine all of it is like this) Such a gorgeous nation. To recap no matter what country you enter and exit... here are some guidelines if followed will guarantee a smooth process and a great start to your journey in that country.

1. Every nation has its rules.
2. Follow the rules
3. Respect the law
4. If you have no patience. It's you not them and reconsider traving by road.
5. Every nation is different and adopt what's good for them not you.
6. Approach all borders with a smile and great attitude.
7. You may be on a vacation. The men and women in uniform are not. Help them do their jobs with a smile.
8. Red tape exists everywhere. Yeah! Even in your country whatever that may be.
9. Timing is everything. Get there at the right .time you may get out faster. If not, wait like everyone else. A Great way to feel the pulse of the people in the country you so want to get into.
10. Nicaragua is my 49th border. I may have learned a thing or two. So listen up. 😀

PRO TIP: DO NOT attempt to cross or enter in the evening. This is the time the corrupt get the time and opportunity to scam you with things you cannot dispute like say an Interpol call on your car. It happened to me. This time of the day the area the office is deserted with no help in sight and no scrutiny of travelers who are now all cleared out. You are most vulnurable here. Be nice at all times and don't give in. Play dumb. That you don't understand. Do not get aggressive or show fear. Stay calm. Stand up to the bully by asking simple but uncomfortable question. This Interpol thing? Scam. They made it look real by giving us a hand written note to the exit border to let us pass. That border had no clue about Interpol and now they had written letter is just a souvenir of our Adventures. 🤣 this was El Salvador.

Ok happy overlanding.

Guasaule, Honduras to Somotillo, Nicaragua 13.06229, -86.95382

Very easy border. I got there about 3pm and was out by 4. Both sides were super nice and the only delay was due to the presence of a few other people in line ahead of me.

La Hormiga (La Balsa), Ecuador to San Ignacio, Peru -4.97846, -79.11572

It is on Friday and Saturday closed. Really good museum.

Oil exhibition 29.09565, 48.07612

Solid campsite. I was in a tent site with no electric (it seems they have tent sites with it and without) for 29$ and some change. Felt it a was a bit high but it is a nice place so makes sense. Can’t speak for RV prices. Flush toilets, warm showers, coin op laundry. Facilities were clean. I was able to charge my phone by the laundry machines, and every site has water access, barbecue, and fire pits. Lovely campsite overall.

Gold Head Branch State Park 29.82055, -81.94565

Stayed here for one night before crossing borders. Was busy at day and theres a circus on the parking lot right now. Still plenty of space. We parked behind a tree between MacDonalds and the Mall. We fell asleep around 11 pm it was just a bit busy and I woke up around 2am and it was super quiet. No one bothered us. We watched a movie in the cinema to kill some time too it was great. Would recommend.
We had a quiet night and I slept well!
Would recommend

Chetumal shopping mall parking 18.51941, -88.32368

Incredible place!
It was only us here for the whole afternoon!
It take 10km away from Antofalla. Super worth the detour!

Lugar incrível! Ficamos apenas nós aqui a tarde inteira! Levará 10 km de distância de Antofalla. Super vale o desvio!

Laguna Verde -25.47744, -67.55633

Coming from Antofagasta the inclination is not that big - long and steady climb! The road is in bad condition, but we don't need the 4x4! We came on our Defender 110, but we were with friends with a van Iveco, who made the way without much difficulty (but their car is high!).

Vindo de Antofagasta a inclinação não é tão grande - subida longa e constante! A estrada está ruim, mas não precisamos do 4x4! Nós viemos na nossa Defender 110, mas estávamos com amigos em uma Van Iveco, que fizeram o caminho sem grandes dificuldades (mas o carro deles é alto!).

Steep part in high altitude -25.66809, -67.51547

We paid today the value of 300 pesos per liter in Diesel Ultra (120 pesos more expensive than we paid in Belen two days ago).

YPF Trucha -26.06217, -67.40763

Tried to park there but we were told by the police that the place is closed.

Parking Lot 20.60234, -105.23592

Really nice place. Staff is super vrienden. Comfortable beds and hot showers. There is a stove, but you have to bring your own cooking stuff

Nordic Patagonia -46.12143, -72.15889

This hostel is no longer open. There appears to be only two options for rooms in town. Both higher end surf camps

Odoyo Hostel 12.16880, -86.76218

Great doctor, especially for pickleball elbow! My wife and I got a “cocktail” injection and our elbows are the best they’ve been since pain began! Can prescribe medication that you can pick up at a farmacia in town also. Can get busy at his home/office. Don’t expect anything fancy

Dr. Soto 26.89423, -111.95742

Great area with several spots. We were aiming for a campground an hour up the road and just couldn't make it. These sites are easy to get to even in the dark. We didn't explore too much when we came in because it was dark but we woke to beautiful views all around. This will be our go to spot when traveling through Phoenix.

Picket Post mountain 33.27009, -111.18539

Small paradise on the Omani coast! Definitely a place not to miss if you’re driving there. Nice eco-friendly camp on white sand and blue sea. Perfect place to relax few days. Possibility to sleep in rooms with 3 meals service. 25 OMR per person or you can park and use shower and eat there. Really good cooker. Sand track to get there but easy with a 4x4.
Definitely a place to go!

Whales Head Camp 20.36503, 58.38364

We spent 1 night, super quiet, it has great open Wi-Fi for those who need to upload.

Passamos 1 noite, super tranquila, possui ótimo Wi-Fi aberto para quem precisa fazer upload. Saímos cedinho para não incomodar o pessoal que trabalha no local. Tem uma área ao lado ótima para ficar também, próxima ao camping municipal.

centro cultural municipal -49.30783, -67.71858

Stayed Saturday night here, bar next to us played loud music till 3am and the guy on the parking charged us $3. Next day we moved down to dead end of the street, much quieter. Free. No problems at all. Bins, showers at weekends nearby, hostería conoa has a very easy to guess wifi password!! Stayed 4 nights no problem. Bit of a ghost town right now really, most camping is closed.

Parking next to the Palmeras -0.46646, -80.45600

As described - loved it! one of the most beautiful desert spots I've stayed at. Terrible for the dog though. I even put on thick shoes to walk around. Full bars LTE.

Cactus Jack 27.49687, -113.30869


Esqueci de comentar que o atendimento da loja de conveniência e dos frentistas é excelente, super educados e prestativos.

YPF forecourt -49.97978, -68.92897

This reat stop is closed for repairs. I checked Google before heading there, but it didn't mention it, so must be recent.

Calimesa Rest Area 34.01263, -117.07764

Next to the road but not many vehicles passing by after 8pm. A lot of garbage. Beside that a good spot with a nice view on the sea and cliffs. No facility's except for one bench.

perfekt spot with a view -36.47469, -72.91126

Large flat spots. Running water and sewer. I could not get a cell signal (Visible/Verizon) but a new cell site is going in right now so maybe there will be service soon.

Tortilla Flat Campground 33.53029, -111.39898

Awesome place, easy to get there and clean. Free campground!

Free camp sites next to the river 35.44427, -94.07103

A beautiful and peaceful place for tent or camper, accessible with 2wd. Away from the noise of the road. Take the gravel road and then at the smaller fork go slightly right.

In the dessert -38.91112, -69.70143
Jamie Z

Good food! I ate a couple burritos for lunch, probably could have had one or two more.

Updated to add the name of the place.

Gorditas "La Pasadita" 23.48243, -104.38727

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