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Spent one peaceful night here, it feels very safe. Mall with bathrooms stays open until around 10pm. If you park near the Coppel there's strong open wifi.

Walmart/mall parking lot 16.21530, -92.11440

Gas station with various facilities, shower with toilet, restaurant, laundry. Good place to spend the night.

BR Fuel Station -25.10340, -48.72156
The Pack Track

Open in November 🥶. We had the option of putting up our tent, but with adding all the prices up it was only €2 more for a cabin. they have 2 Schäferwagen (Shepherd's wagons) very simply kitted out with 2 beds, and a table but most importantly heating, it's a small space so warms up quickly. For 2 people to stay it's €28, for 1 it's just halved at €14. They didn't charge us for the motorbikes or our dogs but we did book in advance through Facebook Messenger. The facilities were good, strong hot shower but pay per use although the time was very generous. Toilets and wash basin were very clean and plenty of toilet paper. Very pet friendly. We definitely use this site again if passing through and would definitely stay in the wagon, even in the warmer weather.

Prices for camping are as follows (2021):
Tent €5
Person €6
Dog €2.50
Motorcycle €2

Camping Aschenbeck 52.93291, 8.40458

Parked in main lot, way in the back of the lot. Went in and bought dinner and breakfast. Then watched Apple TV, using a great AT&T service. Very quiet and seems great.

Super Walmart 31.56104, -110.25886

Very clean, no internet in our room. Cold shower

Auto Hotel Quinta Real 13.94979, -89.85643

Free showers in the petrol station. Super and clean

Des douches gratuite dans la station essence. Super et propre

Belgrano Road -31.95063, -65.15647

The owners are really super nice, they will give even advice if you need an indication or things to visit on your way. 500psos for a large panic of 2 / 3kg I think, and ready in the day. We tabled our clothes at 12a.m, at 6p.m it was ready with a really nice smell I recommend!

les propriétaires sont vraiment super gentil, ils vont donneront même des conseils si vous avez besoin d'indication ou de choses à visiter sur votre route. 500pesos pour une grande panière de 2/3kg je pense, et près dans la journée. On a déposé nos vêtements a 12h, a 18h c'etais près avec une odeur vraiment agréable je recommande !

Lavanderia -31.94202, -65.18918

We found this place because the municipal campsite no longer exists. When you go out of Villa Dolores to San Pedro, turn right after the former police checkpoint (out of service now) then continue close to the river or go on your right to get away from the bridge to not be seen from the road. It's not an extraordinary place, it's good for one night if you had to sleep close to Dolores. But it was very quiet, no sound from the road, we felt safe

Nous avons trouvé cette endroit car le camping municipal n'existe plus. Quand vous sortez de Villa Dolores vers San Pedro, prenez à droite après l'ancien poste de contrôle de police (hors service maintenant) puis continuer proche de la rivière ou comme nous aller sur votre droite pour vous éloigner du pont pour ne pas être vue depuis la route. C'est pas un endroit extraordinaire, c'est bien pour une nuit si vous devais dormir proche de Dolores. Mais c'etais très calme, sans bruit de la route, on c'est sentie en sécurité

Out of the city noise -31.95063, -65.15647

Wild camping level spot with fire ring and a stream to help you fall asleep. Need high clearance to reach it as you cross a washed out roadway. Trail head with bathroom close enough.

Pumpkin Hollow 37.82984, -79.08110

Stayed one night on the way to New Orleans. Didn't notice the signs mentioned below but we weren't bothered by anyone. The spots are cute with little tables and surrounded by grass. Great Verizon signal. Dog-friendly. Free dump station.

Wild Rest Area :) 31.77139, -90.43552

Super nice and helpful guys. They can fix anything and are not afraid of European motorhome. They diagnosed a connector problem on my Iveco engine and even found the right part and replaced it within the hour. If you need smart mechanics in Utah, they are your guys. Highly recommended

Iron Brothers Diesel 37.68306, -113.07340

Great place!! Track off by tin shack about 500m up but lots of options. Found a lovely flat grassy patch out of sight of the road with some cover from the reeds and old stone wall. Right next to a stream running fresh from the mountain (not from the mined river) so we could pump water. Quiet night in the hills, perfect break from the main road.

Valley View -11.63341, -75.81353

Was busy when I arrived, but slowed down around 9 PM. There was a good bit of traffic noise until 11 PM. I parked on side closest to hotel and wasn't bothered.

Cracker Barrel Rehoboth Beach 38.71918, -75.11773

Stayed here with no problems. There is plenty of space on the left side of the main parking lot for big rigs. Plus, there is a great view if you park on the far west (left hand side of the store) along the guard railing.

Walmart 42.59366, -71.76000

Spring the locals use on the side of the highway

Natural Spring 47.61461, -53.33487

If you’re looking for a spot close to Red Rocks Canyon to go climbing…this is it. It’s just up the road from the main entrance. There’s a LOT of climbers here, so you’ll be in good company.

It’s right after the suburbs on the left if you’re coming from 215ish direction.

Warning: This is a hard little swath of gravel with big stones. Drive slow and you’ll be fine. I don’t have 4wd, but I made it because I drove very slow to a spot on the end.

This place gets FULL very quickly as the sun goes down.

Verizon signal 3bars ish. Speed is 7 to 9mb down/.8 to 1 mb up. If you want better speeds go down the road to the Home Depot Parking lot. 4 bars, 140mb down/26 to 30 up.

You are right next to a road, so you will hear road noise. But other than that, not bad, not stellar, but not bad. Which is to say you’re going to hear ppl going by at night.

The Gravel Pull Out 36.15590, -115.36228

Very good service, we too Ă  big bottle of 18lt for 108pesos. Refill is a lot cheaper! Easy park in front of the shop.

Las parras 25.79536, -111.31173

Nice place qitg Ă  lot of spot, we were at the nr14 but you won't see the nr from the road as it's on the beach. It's a gravel street with stones for 2km, drive carefully, and some spots have soft sand. We didn't see any snake
We stayed alone here, felt safe, no-one asked for money.

Rattlesnake Beach/Playa El Quemado 25.79405, -111.31137

espaço Público para estacionar e pernoitar no atracadouro da cidade de Muta, pessoal muito receptivo. praia tranquila e água morna e sem ondas. tem umas barraquinhas por perto.

Praça pier cidade de Muta BA -12.99102, -38.77654

Grateful for the free dump but recommend you do NOT use their hose … it was leaky in many places and made an awful mess.

Register RV Chevrolet 28.53245, -82.49279

Super clean restroons
Free hot showers
We felt safe to overnight
Lots of trucks, big parking area

Shell -24.34696, -52.73361

nice spot. with running water from the river and a safe place for one rig max 2 to stop

gutmans road side stop with running water 6.22874, -72.77971

Spigot on side of building. Filled our portable water jugs here after making a purchase.

Murphy USA 33.56306, -81.76608

Recomended! Ótimo lugar, passamos uma noite tranquila ao lado de outro motor home. Seguro e sem música alta, foi de terça pra quarta-feira.

Garopaba beach -28.02198, -48.62084

Water spigot still here for community use.

Fairview Rec area 35.73761, -93.09444

Très grand espace, en bordure du lac. Près de la route, mais relativement tranquille la nuit. Peu/pas de réseau cellulaire.

Lac-Pythonga 47.14596, -76.62545

Stayed in this area for two nights. Plenty of spots if you can nestle yourself by some brush or just off the main road. Two pit toilets by pavilion. Shooting sometimes heard in the day. Would not recommend after a heavy rain. No trash area, be self sufficient.

Verizon 3 bars of 4G

Great peaceful spot at night.

USFS Trailhead 35.68985, -106.09555

Didn’t stay here but saw a few semi trucks and a few RVs parked here overnight. Just a parking lot but one of few spots in the area.

Pho parking lot 34.27988, -118.73986

There are a few basic comedores here. We had lunch and they made it with no meat. They have natural juices and tinto.

You could ask to camp in one of the empty comedores once it’s dark. The road does not have a lot of traffic.

Comedores 1.36631, -76.51671

Taller de bicis, excelente atenciĂłn.
El mecánico es Rubén y es muy conocedor.

This is a nice shop. It’s small and run by Ruben. Don’t underestimate the quality of the work, it’s really good :)

Ride Bike 1.15357, -76.65004

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