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24 single-load machines $2.25
15 double $4.75
6 triple $6.75
Change machine and soap/bleach/softener machine. Very clean and lots of seats.

Bay Area Laundry 27.71118, -97.40324

Stayed for one night in main lot. Had a officer knock around 11:00 to let me know that the park is closed, but staying in the parking lot okay. Quiet area well lit up and safe. Bathrooms available but we didn’t use

Barney Schwartz park 35.64074, -120.64688

There IS a park bathroom here. I’m here at 10am and used it, but I guess it’s possible that they lock it overnight. However, the men’s bathroom doesn’t lock from the inside, so you may have someone barge in on you.

Eben G Fine park 40.01277, -105.29540

Simple guest house with clean rooms and shower ranging from 20,000UGX to 50,000UGX per room. 20k room is fine for a couple for the night though the water wasn't working when we stayed so bucket water. Meals available on request.

Not suitable for vehicles. We asked to camp and they were happy for us to but there is just a concrete driveway area so not suitable.

Palms Guest House 0.45362, 33.48247

Nous y sommes restés 5 nuits, la charmante propriétaire du café Angel est même venue nous voir pour savoir si nous avions besoin de quelque chose!
Nous recommandons fortement!

Parking lot next to Bow River Pathway 51.06448, -114.15208
Hobbes OnTour

As above. Ground floor access and I could bring my bike into the room. Variable wifi and ice cold shower! Nice little village with a good few places to eat. 30k single traveller

Hotel Moros 1.04992, -77.45312

good Wi-Fi at a truck spot.
we didn't overnight.

Truck Stop -50.62409, -71.34438
Travel with Kevin and Ruth

Overnight parking at a restaurant bar. Electric available. Really friendly helpful owner speaks English. Great food, inexpensive prices. You really can't go wrong here, especially if you are planning to visit the nearby ruins.

Taverna Camper Stop 39.55494, 20.77604

The area is completely closed off with a fence to one side and a locked barrier to the other. Therefore, camping on-site is not possible. However, the baths are beautiful and the whole area around the pools is pretty clean. There are several abandoned buildings. So, if you are into lost places, this is it!

Eleftheres Hot springs 40.75292, 23.73505

large parking lot with a number of other vans... we were woken up by a couple yelling at each other at midnight and one of the other vanners said they have been here for 3 days. Truck is still there 14 hrs later... but a quiet place otherwise

Walmart 32.81527, -79.84443

100 pp dry camping. It was extra 50pp for water and electric. Nice flat area quiet during the day but there is an event center across the street about 80 meters down and they had events both nights we were there so the music was loud until after midnight.

Trailer park and Cabanas Mecolco Inn 21.21205, -86.80346

A lovley place to be with a tent, a caravan or in a cottage. Perfect for familys with Kids between 3 and 12 years. We have been here with a Motorhome. It's 150 Rand per person. Eat Berrys as much as you can, relax in the pool, use the tractor-attraction or drink a smoothie at the waterfront Restaurant. It is amazing! Have a look on their site.

The Berry Guest Farm -34.00846, 20.42426

They are open, we did not stay as that had a large group here and did not have an open spot. I did not so firm prices

Cavelands in the Jungle 20.34774, -87.36012

We stayed here on 12/10/2021. Clean and comfortable. Zihul is super friendly and very knowledgeable about the surrounding area. He gave us some great suggestions for off the beaten path places to visit.

Zihul campground 27.97204, -114.02044

So we got another winner here. Checks all the boxes. Access is fine for all. 360° views. I'm at ~ 3,500 ft amsl. Weather perfect, although will get into to low 40s at night.. This site is not on any apps that I saw, but this general area is. This whole area is just a bunch of dirt roads with pullouts everywhere.....but super spread out. Some ATVs cruising around slowly but no one really close to me. Perfect. My site is huge and flat and has a nice firepit. No trash. This place is nicer than the last, if that's even possible. Not dusty. No services. Free. 14 day stay max, not sure who is counting tho....

Internet is very good. ATT 23 mbps down/5 up. VZW is varying a bit, but is averaging 20 mbps down/5 up. The OTA TV Anntena is pulling in 30 channels....including all the major ones.

Bloody Basin Rd west 34.24716, -112.05120

great Wi-Fi spot.
we had an emergency and it saved us.

Vialidad Provincial -51.04879, -70.69300

This spot is great! Only about 200 yards from the ocean so you’ll hear waves crashing all night! Very quite spot. Not super level but good for a night or two.
2 bars AT&T 5g

Carnation ave street parking 32.58602, -117.13135

Quick and nice service. easy in and out.

Uhaul 33.46442, -112.02989

Great, level camp site. Fire pit but no facilities besides copious Joshua trees and boulders. Off the main room and private. Some other spots around but can’t see or hear anyone. Road to site is doable for most vehicles.

Mojave NP, near the Mojave Cross 35.31705, -115.54712

Quiet spot along the Haw River. No bathrooms but nice trails. Stayed one night without problem.

Byum Mill access 35.77169, -79.14095

It’s really nice. I recommend it. It’s mosquitos but is really nice.

Embalse 18.91821, -98.13403

drove by this rest area today and it has now been reopened

Cabin Creek Rest Area Southbound 43.46592, -123.31793

Couldn’t figure out the hidden parking, but parked next to the road and nobody came by. Road conditions were good. A little windy around dusk, but calmed down later. Great views!

4x4 ONLY! Road to Urique 27.05155, -107.75368

Road conditions seem to be a lot better now. 3 hours from Urique to the lower camping spot listed on iOverlander and then less than half an hour down to the paved road the next day. This was all at a moderate pace with time for photos and bathroom breaks. Stock 100-series land cruiser, used 4-lo only for the initial climb out of Urique but probably didn’t need to.

Road from Urique to Batopilas. 27.10069, -107.78520

Nice and quite place. Weather wasn’t the best when we stayed, so there was a lot of wind. But beat view on the sea and the Harbour. We got this place recommended by locals, so should be no problem to stay here

Raúl Marín Balmaceda harbour -43.77239, -72.95360

Asked for information here and Vanessa (owner?) was very helpful and tried to help us finding a boat tour to the Islas Hermanitas. We ordered food to take out, eco friendly boxes and delicious fish.

Isla del Palena - restaurant / tours -43.77237, -72.95359

Para llegar a Mariano Moreno por asfalto sin pasar por el camino de ripio hay que ingresar por la Ruta 14. El camino que sale de la ruta 40 viniendo del norte es de ripio pero con lindas vistas. Nosotros tardamos 25 minutos yendo lento.
Cuando llegas a este punto que subimos en el pueblo Mariano Moreno tenes toda esta zona está disponible para pasar el día. No pasamos la noche pero nos dijeron que era seguro estar. La gente del pueblo y alrededores vienen a pasar el día. Buena opción si venís de manejar mucho por la ruta 40 y queres evitar dormir en Zapala ciudad.

El arroyo Covunco viene de la montaña de Primeros Pinos y desemboca en el Río Neuquén. Acá estás en una zona con verde y un poco de mayor protección del viento. Nosotros bajamos con la camioneta. Desde el pueblo solo tienes que hacer unas cuadras con camino de piedras para bajar a la zona del arroyo. Después hay camino marcado para investigar la zona donde quieran estar!

En el verano es lugar turístico y hay balnearios con camping. Hay almacén a 5 cuadras y hay algo de señal (no 3g).

Arroyo counco Mariano Moreno -38.76257, -70.04184

Went it to ask if we could fill up inside and they were so friendly and said we could go ahead.

Allsup’s 32.41465, -104.25815

Restaurant Susy we arrived late almost at closing time 9pm (off season December) and worried about this place. We were surprised with the service We had dinner and ask about staying overnight the owner Luis told us no problem he even moved his car for us to park in his spot. We also ask Luis for the boat tour is 250 pesos per person for a 3 hr. Tour which includes jumping from a rock 3 bays and snorkeling if your lucky you can see dolphin and whales only in December. Luis is the man he’s got all the connection

restaurant suzy sussy susi 15.66487, -96.49587

Nice spot. Still working on getting the bathrooms set up (no hot water). But the owner is super nice, it’s small, and nice grounds.

Zihul is a good source of info on the area. Ask him about Rancho Chinga and google that (it's not what you think). We might try and roll out there to visit the ranch, but I bet he can tell you all about where to go in Baja.

Zihul campground 27.97179, -114.02038

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