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Found this place after driving around the downtown beautiful colonial city and spend the night here, after driving towards Leon Guanajuato. We asked a cop and said it was ok to park here. Kind of noisy lots of traffic.

Street parking 19.70269, -101.19683

Passamos duas noites neste estacionamento, o local é muito tranquilo porém agitado até certo horário devido aos restaurantes. Tem ducha que funciona com app e banheiro público por R$2,00. Muitos mercadinhos próximo, padaria e o centrinho em geral.

barra da lagoa -27.57441, -48.42333

There is a new, permanent sign that says No Camping!! A few more sites have the sign as well. Not sure why, as this is BLM land. Keep driving, there is another spot up the road with no sign!

BLM Carlsbad district 32.56325, -104.42502

Gravel lot off hwy 68 designated as rest area. Quiet enough. Sleep til 8am. Nice views of Taos and mountains. Nobody else here on the weekend. Stayed 1 night passing through after trying to locate BLM plot further back seemed sketchy AF. High speed polic chase passed by around 10pm. Some hey noise. Nothing terrible. No restroom at facilities of any sort

Rest Area 36.30751, -105.73067

If you’re worried about getting stuck in the sand, this is a good place. It’s a dirt road junction on the paved Kelbaker Rd so it’s well packed.

Since you’re inside the Preserve, you can park anywhere as long as it’s already a traveled area and you’re not driving and destroying on pristine desert.

This side road entrance is really wide so cars who want to go on the dirt road to the cinder cones can still pass easily. This is a rare feature in the park. Usually dirt road spurs are one lane.

There are occasional cars flying by on Kelbaker Rd, but overall this spot is MUCH more quiet than the hard pack areas closer to 1-5 where you can feel the vibration from 1-5.

Strong Verizon reception with 2-4 bars.

Truthfully though, If you can make the drive, go on to Hole-In-The-Wall campground further south and pay the money to stay there. It’s lovely and super quiet.

Don’t forgot to visit the worlds most dense Joshua tree forest at the Teutonia Peak hike trailhead.

Also, get a fabulous date shake ( local honey and other goodies) at the Cima Shell gas station. They’re delicious 😍

Mojave Preserve pullout, hard packed sand 35.15547, -115.79032

Good laundromat with various size washers. Pretty standard. Decent size parking lot with plenty of room, but maybe tight for a big rig if during business hours M-F. Tucked away back in the corner, maybe tough to spot from the road

Hollywood soaps & suds 37.63794, -118.96621

Definite slope. We weren’t bothered for the most part, but had someone pass by driving northbound while laying on their horn around 8:30a. I guess that’s our wake-up call.

Stage Rd/ HWY1 37.33792, -122.39377

Had regular (verde) and diesel. Diesel was $22.99. They do take credit cards. We were told they sometimes run out of fuel. We topped off before heading down to Bahía de Los Ángeles since we heard that’s the case down there too.

Pemex 29.79240, -114.41414

Shower rooms for $45 pesos. Go into the market to pay.

Rancho Grande Showers 29.79150, -114.41507

Market with cold drinks, liquor, beer, wine, canned goods, snacks, basic fresh produce, dairy and deli meats. They also sell sunscreen and bath products. It’s inside a fenced off compound, along with the purified water, showers, wifi, and restaurant. Pay inside the market for the Rancho Grande Campground, showers, wifi, and purified water.

Rancho Grande Mini Market 29.79167, -114.41438

Great location. Plenty of eating options. BPS is always a great place for spending time and money. The area where Manager directs you is fine on all counts. Will stay here again.

Bass Pro Shop 34.99210, -85.20282
Fede Arbelaez

This is a restaurant where truckers stop to eat and they have showers also.

Thelma 11.21198, -85.61132

The GPS Data are incorrect! The correct GPS for the end of the parking lot towards the valley is 20.62782° N, 98.98762° W

Carparking der Grutas 20.62782, -98.98762

After visiting Los azufres we drove bak to Morelia and filled our gas tank here also we ask for tap water an filled our water tank as well. Gas attendant was very helpful.

Pemex 19.88520, -100.66460

We paid 125 per person to stay over night on a Sunday. Place was packed with 2 tourists busses but in the evening everyone left only a few stay.the place needs a little maintenance but still ok.

Rancho Viejo 19.78411, -100.67472

Friendly owner, but didn't look as nice as on the pictures from older iOverlander comments. Has no palapas anymore, Pool had no water, sanitarios where ugly, but luckily we could use a bathroom in one of the cabañas. We made the Flamingo Tour with the mototaxi of the owner (200 pesos pp) and saw a lot of flamingos, but also a loooot of trash evereywhere, very ugly :-( Don't forget your mosquito repellent!

Villas Del Mar 20.85375, -90.40190
SylvanGoes Instagram

Free overnight parking at Cracker Barrel in Weatherford, TX. Called and confirmed with staff that they allow overnight parking. Please park in back of restaurant entrance! Loud from highway buzz. 4 LTE bars on AT&T. Right next door to a large shopping center with Target and various other stores/restaurants.

Cracker Barrel - Weatherford, TX 32.72956, -97.78433

We could not visit the information center because even for the center you need a negative covid test. Being vaccinated and a negative test one week old is not sufficient. The reception itself was very unfriendly an not helpful at all. We had to find out ourselves where to get a rapid test. So we left without even a glimpse of the center.

Uwinka Visitors Center, Nyungwe National Park -2.47836, 29.19989

Nice place. We confirm what is said earlier. We paid RZF 20.000 for 2 people and a car.

Kitabi Ecocenter -2.52584, 29.41367

Wow it’s been few years I come here and what a change, very good clean up has been done. Not too crowded..

Snyder Hill, Tucson, AZ 32.15874, -111.11611

We stay here one night we ask the guy in charge (El comisionado ) if it was ok to stay over night and he said no problem told us to stay close to the main entrance. They close the gate at 5 pm best time to see the butterflies is from 12 to 3pm on sunny days.

Mariposas well hidden 19.66790, -100.27422

There is a sign just before this lot with a no camping sign for the next several miles. It’s on the right hand side and slightly hidden behind some tall grass… But it’s there. :-)

Newspaper Rock Parking Area 38.04320, -109.55196

Prices have gone up since the last update. Now C15k for the most basic private room with private bathroom. Still probably the best deal in town and very comfortable. Decent wifi and warm-ish shower.

Only complaint is the lady who runs the night shift. They don't allow smoking anywhere on property (which is fine). Late at night I wanted a smoke but didn't want to open the gate because it's metal and makes a lot of noise so I walked next to the gate and lit up there. She came out screaming and yelling and threatening to kick me out. it's a chain link fence. so I opened the gate and stepped less than 1 meter outside and continued smoking. It's not like the chain link was going to stop the smoke and also I'm pretty sure I was the only person in the entire hotel here tonight. Seemed like an unnecessary fight to pick.

Santa rita cabinas 11.07086, -85.63273
Instagram: @savannatales

The trail to the north east of the bridge is a private property (Oase guestfarm). Also, high risk of dangerous flash flood during the rainy season.

Dry river bed -23.48267, 15.75828
Instagram: @savannatales

prohibited to wild camp in a non-designated areas in the Namib Naukluft National park. There are specific spots for that, for a small fees permit to be obtained either in Windhoek, Swakop, Walvis or Sesriem.

Kuiseb River -23.29973, 15.75887

Playa Punta de Pelencho. Very beautiful beach and very quiet. We even stayed here 3 nights because we liked it so much! Friday & Saturday some BBQ’s by the locals, but around 8pm they left. Recommended!

Playa Loros/ Playa Punta de Pelencho 10.42029, -85.79080

Nice hostel very close to the beach. I think it might be the cheapest hostel in Tamarindo. We paid $30 for a private 2-person room. $40 for a room with airconditioning, but it wasn’t so hot that we needed that.

Tsunami Hostel 10.30586, -85.83661
Pamela Vanderson

Stayed outside the main parking area where there is a sign that says no overnight parking. Before u enter on the right there is parking, stayed there for 2 nights no issue. Great cell service, dark and quiet at night.

Buffalo Park 35.21777, -111.63303

Awesome spot, wifi is very fast. Place is quiet, no services in the winter (bathroom and showers closed)

Last Duel park 44.89948, -76.24012

Good place for the night. Free. Good cell reception. Overgrown and messy looking but it was fine. No sketchy characters. Other campers were quiet. No amenities. Pack out your waste.

San Antonio Riverine Park 33.92014, -106.85441

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