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01/12/21 The guard at the gate said the camp is closed until probably January 2022 due to high water level in the lake.

Hippo Camp -0.74483, 36.43326

Nice rest stop with plenty of parking. Some semis and other RVs spent the night. If you are in a Van or car, take a right as you enter the rest stop for car parking. RVs/Trucks and trailers go straight.

2 bars T-Mobile
2 bars Verizon

Case County Rest Stop 33.06149, -94.27466

Nice rest stop with plenty of parking. Some semis and other RVs spent the night. If you are in a Van or car, take a right as you enter the rest stop for car parking. RVs/Trucks and trailers go straight.

2 bars T-Mobile
2 bars Verizon

Cass County Rest Stop 33.06149, -94.27466

I accidentally saw on the platform that day that the total duration of my League of Legends game was 6447.5 hours.
My first reaction was to take a breath.
I have been in contact with this game for 9 years, which is 269 days without sleep, accounting for 3% of my current life.
If you are a King

onlinebestsite 45.47374, 5.56787

Very nice indeed ! thanks for sharing. We spent a very quiet night there, there are several spots possible and reachable with a 2x4.

Nice picnic spot at the see -32.73661, 17.90722

It is still under maintenance. So it was closed, when we were there.

Nakahl Fort 23.39526, 57.82914

local tranquilo em frente a um condomínio com segurança na rua a noite toda, muito silencioso, um local para se passar a noite com muita tranquilidade. ficamos duas noites nesse local

Quiet street parking at the square -23.62814, -46.70904

Big potholes to enter. The place is very quiet but not so pretty. Worth it for a calm night.

parking next to the lake 50.03460, 19.98366

Great lasagne and coffee in a relaxed atmosphere.

African Aloe Cafe -33.65511, 23.12902

Great spot. Quiet and plenty of room when we were there. When you come in the main entrance road off route 743, turn left at the stop sign. Look for another sign indicating that RV's and trucks turn left down a small hill to the parking area. GPS for parking: (40.397767 -76.664279)

Hollywood casino and racetrack 40.39399, -76.66361

Among the best Hotels in whole Africa - worth every single penny.

Rooms are exceptional: 100% clean, aircon, superfast wifi, great showers & defenetly the best mosquito nets we ve had on our whole africa trips ( I am almost 2m and i could for once fully stretch my legs without touching the net.

Pool area and restaurant are overlooking the indic ocean and you can spend days just sitting there and calming down & relaxe like it is possible at not too many places.

Meals are good & staff is very very helpful especially Mwana at the reception does a super job.

This is definitely one of our favourite place on this planet, so i highly recommend it.

Mediterraneo Hotel -6.73257, 39.23839

We went there but the area is closed. Close to it there is „casa la aventura“ (marked on iOverlander). That’s a very nice campingsite too.

Casa Los Cocos 11.47081, -86.12423

This is not a campground. Nice roadside park with interpretive boardwalk.

Kirby Storter Park 25.86806, -81.15407

Working professionell. Result PCR-Test for travellers in 14 Hours 900 nd. Express PCR Test in 3-4hours 1700 na

Covid Test Station im guest House -22.56290, 17.10010
Greg Young

Quintessential Overlander spot. Arrived in the dark to a mass of twinkling lights in the distance. The glorious morning sunrise revealed it to be a wind farm on the horizon

Sunset Avenue 35.01284, -118.04249

Open dirt space just off the main road, it's a bit of thick sand on the approach so just keep your car moving (we were fine in a RWD heavy van). Firepits and ample space for large rigs if they can handle the dirt. Great stars at night with the distant hum of I-15. Strong Verizon and AT&T data

NOTE: some people left scattered glass and bottles particulary near the fire pit, so be careful if barefoot or with pets

Brannigan Mine Road Pulloff 35.25539, -116.05490

A good secluded spot to hang out and get some work done full T-Mobile/sprint service (full bars)

WARNING: google maps will get you here, but you will have to open a cattle gate and drive over a ditch that may be tricky if you don’t have high clearance. Turn off of the road on to Road 80A (signed junction) and then left onto the single track road at the next junction to avoid this tricky spot (you do not have to open any cattle gates to get here).

If it is at all wet I wouldn’t recommend coming here, and the berm in the middle of the road may be an issue for very low vehicles, but otherwise most vans/cars should be able to get here. You could probably get a class C here but I wouldn’t go any bigger than that.

WARNING: There is tall grass at this site so be careful not to park on top of the tall grass, especially if there is high fire danger.

The pull off is a little overgrown but you should be able to see tracks heading into the woods. There is a well hidden spot ~50 m down this track.

There is some road noise, but otherwise a pretty nice secluded spot. I was here 3 days and didn’t see anyone on the adjacent road even.

BLM site (2wd friendly) 34.29387, -108.59958

This is a cute little beach with a beautiful view. Also you have a lot of Arrayanes tree if you didn't see one before, is really beautiful tree and grow only in Chili or Argentina, is the tree orange and white.

C'est une mignonne petite plage avec une super vue, il a aussi pas mal d'arbres "Arrayanes" qui pousse ici, et ils ne pousse qu'au Chili où en Argentine. C'est un bon spot si vous n'en avait jamais vu. Le tronc est orange et blanc, et ils sont superbe.

Arrayanes beatch -41.04072, -71.56727

Still as described. I just wanted to add some further information in the description.

Aquamatic Lavanderias 21.17116, -86.83245

Just a little paved parking lot for fishing in the creek I’m guessing. Nothing there but other than the road noise not bad for an overnighter.

Lebanon, Oklahoma 33.97355, -96.99599

Western Union was closed so we were send here.
It is a turist office and money transfer.

Turismo Dick -25.59923, -54.57506

Brazil to Argentina.
Easy crossing to the Argentinian borderpost.
Only take a stamp in your passport.
The rest will be done in Argentina.

Brazil/Argentina -25.57927, -54.55803

December- the water spigot doesn’t work
Maybe they shut it off for the winter

City Water 38.88513, -112.41033
Wendy & Graham

This Western Union (at Oro Mayo store) provided our money very quickly. Using Western Union is a much more economical way to get Argentinian pesos than to use ATMs where you will pay a high fee. Be sure to check opening hours as there are some restrictions.

Western Union - Oro Mayo -31.39755, -58.01866

Pull in off cross boyau propane fill located near back driveway.

Uhaul 28.24138, -82.72857

Once we arrived in Panama he took out the extra seats and sold them for us. With his recommendations of stores we traveled the city to get our van ready to live in. Within week of shopping Alejandro and the team did the needed installations and we were ready to move in.
Fy we moved in we stayed at the embassy waiting for the mechanic to receive parts form USA. We had the choice to stay inside the shop at night or in the parking. We felt totally save here and choose to stay outside. He communicated with the mechanic arranging everything for us. He took the time to give us recommendations of places to visit and places to camp within the country.
He himself is a traveler who has a passion to help other traveler’s enjoy his country to the fullest. No request is to much, If he cannot fix or solve it he will find someone that can.

The Overland Embassy 9.01439, -79.48662

Overgrown lot, some trash. Can park so that you’re private from the road. Road noise and the occasional train. Had one local couple stop looking for a Christmas tree. Picked up the small trash before I left. Felt safe, bet the area is pretty in the spring and summer.

Gravel/grassy abandoned lot 37.12577, -79.27105

Free WiFi at the small park just off the main road in town.

Free WiFi 9.68841, -85.10603

Truckstop was very crowded with truckers. The faucet is in front of the station as described, but it was turned off when I tried to use it. Lifted the handle and no water came out. Perhaps closed for winter?

Pilot 36.58289, -79.35527

This check point was open going South bound just waved us through

Military Checkpoint 26.12768, -111.42705

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