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Amazing restaurant in North Dakar. There is a menu of 1 meal each day and will cost 1000CFA. Oumy is the lady in charge and she is lovely. Honestly some of the best Senegalese food I have eaten and the atmosphere is lovely. Definitely worth giving this place a look.

Restaurant Touba Kheweul 14.73450, -17.46151

Nice big new Arco gas station. Has diesel very friendly staff.

Arco 31.11665, -114.90125
Les C

Super quiet, Lots of amazing trees, sunshine and a nice mellow breeze. feels safe.
Got my 37 ft rig in pretty far, probably farther than I should have.

Canyon Loop Spur 35.26063, -111.68277

Estacionamento da Prefeitura pode se usar de segunda a sexta feira. Sábado e domingo pernoitar na ruas próximas.
muito tranquilo.
Água e banheiro sem chuveiros no terminal Turístico próximo ao estacionamento.

Estacionamento da Prefeitura Segunda a sexta feira -10.15935, -36.13530

loud as expected. but nothing crazy. standard walmart lot, stayed one night, no issues.

Walmart 35.31889, -106.57353

We went there to replace the solar batteries in our motorhome. Dario, who speaks English well, and his team are very professional. Because we needed a special size of battery, they had non on stock but could organize them quickly. Fair price, recommended.

Gaia alternativa solar 19.16983, -96.11757

We paid for our double room 430P/night, breakfast and IVA included. Because this is the cheapest room (no.101), it's close to the guest car port and therefore can be noisy.

Hotel Rolovi 19.16885, -96.11724

Hey guys, I wanted to give a quick update from crossing the border: Costa Rica into Nicaragua.

Leaving Costa Rica:
1. drive the car until you see a blue house that says "Migracion Penas Blancas". The road splits in front of the house. On the left side you can park at the fence.
2. The entrance to the "Migracion" is, when you stand in front of the house / at the fork on the right side. Just go in and get stamped out. TIP: pay the exit tax ($8) in advance online at the BCR website. The border official will ask and immediately check the Coronatest for Nicaragua.
3. Leave the car and walk to customs (200-300 meters). You have to walk a short distance back along the road and there it comes on the right side. Go straight through the sliding gate. You need a copy of your TIP. From customs you get the copy stamped back and a small note.
4. Back to the car and across the border to Nicaragua. The Costa Rica customs checks the stamped TIP and the small white slip at the end.

The exit costs nothing except for the 8$.

Entry Nicaragua:

1. at first drive past a blue "tower" on the right. There you have to show your ID and the Corona PCR test. You also get a customs document. Then you continue to the right. Follow the signs and the road marking "vehiculo liviano".
2. After about 50 meters you will see a desinfection road for trucks on the right. Stop at the fork in the road. Next to the disinfection road is a small building. Pay there the 3.50$ for the disinfection. You get a receipt or confirmation.
3. Our car was disinfected only underneath. An employee went around and sprayed some disinfectant.
4. Follow the signs "vehiculo liviano". Be careful: the signs are printed very small (white writing on a green background).
You drive through a passage but nothing is done here. Just drive directly in front of the Migracion and park.
5. Before the entrance to the "Migracion" on the right side is a window. The window opens and the PCR test is checked.
6. Go into the hall to enter. You only need your passport. The entry costs 13$ per person (make sure you have the money fit,
the border guard does not change and just tries to keep the change) . A woman in a yellow shirt tries to take 1$ from you because you have a foreign passport (this is total nonsense and does not have to be paid BUT BEWARE the border officials play along and tell you you have to pay it).
7. after entering the hall (but you can also do it before) you have to fill out the customs document yourself (similar to the ones you get on a plane).
8. on the parking lot is at least one employee of the customs (always blue polo shirt). Give him the customs document and he will search the car first. Then he stamps the document.
9. After the customs, the police must search the car. There are also 1-2 policemen running around. Just talk to them and one of them will search the car. He also stamps the customs document afterwards.
CAUTION: Hide the drone well, because they are illegal in Nicaragua, you will be asked if you have one.
(We did not have to clear anything out of the car and it was also searched rather superficially, there was no X Ray and except for the trucks I have also seen none).
10.In the parking lot you still have to pay the $10 "street fee / rodaje“.The sellers stand in front of the entrance to the "Migracion" or talk to you by themselves. You get a receipt.
11. The car insurance office is at the far north end of the lot behind the hall. It is opposite a blue tower. It is a very small blue tin house, which looks more like a fast food restaurant. There is a sign on the house "Seguro Obligatorio de Automovil". The insurance costs 12$. You get a confirmation.
12. Then we go back to the "Migracions" building to apply for the TIP. Behind the entry counter and the luggage scanners is a counter where it says: "tramite vehiculo". You need:
Original vehicle registration document
Original driver's license
Filled and stamped customs document.

Just give everything to the customs employee and answer the usual questions.

We didn't need any copies for us or for the TIP for the car and they didn't ask for any copies (I would still just
take a copy of everything). They also did not ask for a copy of the entry stamp. The customs employee scanned our documents herself.

13. Everything is done and you can enter Nicaragua.

For us, everything took about 3 hours but was very stress-free. Only dollars are accepted at the border (remember to bring the 13$ pP for the entry suitable, they do not have change). Also, we were not asked about the email to the government and the online Travel registration, but I would still advise to fill everything out in case they want to give you a hard time. Furthermore, also no helpers/fixers were there and no one approached us (Thursday, 8:30 am), so it really was pretty relaxed for us.

TIP: about 50-80 meters behind the insurance "building" you can make copies of everything you just got. We copied the TIP, the insurance and the rodaje (6 copies 1$).

I have marked some tips and locations on the map and attached them. Unfortunately iOverlander decreases the quality of the images, so if you need the images in better quality, feel free to reach out to us on Instagram: palms.and.pinetrees

ENTER Nicaragua 11.21576, -85.61207

Surrounded by gorgeous cypress trees and lots of alligators, this place has a large lot with a fire ring. If you can handle mosquitoes, it’s perfect for you!

Loop road 25.76041, -81.01514

first entrance is washed out go a few more feet to the 2nd entrance. Next to beautiful joshua trees. 2 fire rings. one bar of Verizon service. probably enough room for a group of people or 1 RV.

Leppy Water Tank 35.25347, -115.50093
Wendy & Graham

One hour and ten minutes to clear customs and immigration on a Thursday morning with a bit of a line-up. First, you will be checked for PCR and vaccinations. We know we made mistakes for the on-line declaration but they corrected it for us. TIP process was easy but you must have insurance. No check of vehicle.

Salto Grande Aduana ARGENTINA - URUGUAY -31.26296, -57.95848
Hayden Ellms

Long drive up some dirt roads. Couple rough sections but nothing crazy. Made it up in a promaster. Camp site is on a forest road at the top of a mountain. I camped in the middle of the road because it dead ended just past me and I could see it had little to no recent traffic. Perfect sunset spot with beautiful views to the east. Good Verizon service.

Top of mountain in Rogue River NF 42.26718, -123.73236

2 water dispenser machines outside of the Food City Store 0,25$/gallon it 1$/5 gallons

Food City water dispenser 33.45021, -111.92552

Amazing shop and an amazing team! I struggle with Spanish and they were so patient and understanding with me. They took the top end off my motor and made sure everything was perfect. You can trust them to be Efficient, effective and fast. If you have a problem, they will fix it. The Best shop experience in Mexico!!

Taller Alvarez 19.30183, -99.62662

Local muito lindo. Nos deixaram pernoitar e nos disponibilizaram água e energia.

Ametista Parque Museu -27.37002, -53.19762

Honest guy whom you can trust. I stopped by because my RV was making noise and he took care of it without charging me. It just needed steering fluid. I wanted to give him my business so I asked him to go ahead and change my oil but he said he was too busy for new customers right now. As busy as he was he still took the time out to make sure I got back on the road.

Bob’s RV Repair 34.61252, -120.19439

As described. However there is a sign reading no camping with a picture of a tent and an RV. This trailhead is not legal for overnighting unfortunately.

High Bluff Coastal Trail Head East 29.80911, -84.72899

Good hot shower! There is a jar in the office for using the shower when no staff is present

Worth the 4$

Lazy Lizard Hostel - Public showers 38.55611, -109.53501

Stayed here for total 6 nights. We felt safe because there is a food truck on the same street. Usually quiet at light but there are days (I think Wedensdays) when they clean the street at 4AM. Usually full during the day so come before 7AM or after 9PM to find parking.

Jardin Conzati 17.06943, -96.72145

Douches très propres @ 2,75$ par personne. Il est possible de se doucher ensemble dans la section familiale, ce qui est très pratique lorsqu’on a une seule bouteille de shampoing!

Shower/Rec Center 46.25782, -63.14145
Improbably Adventuring

for motorcycles they let us board at 3pm. They charged 93 pesos for the ramp fee (I did get a receipt). IMPORTANT: they do not have tie downs on the boat. I was lucky that some bikers had extra. Best to buy some cheap ones before you get here

Ferry Terminal - TMC & Baja Ferry 24.27479, -110.32723

Great restaurant with a private and safe giant field for camping. There are level spots along one side. The family is very nice and welcoming. This is a mountain edge town with incredible views over the valley. Happy Trails!

La Cabaña JIP 19.52944, -99.39273

can't stay overnight but you can be here 6am to 12am

Brazos Park East 31.58901, -97.15385

$3.00 for the regular size washers & $0.25 per 5 minutes on the standard dryers. Free wi-fi (passcode is located on the business cards at the "office") & restrooms. Not a lot of parking for larger vehicles.

Willcox Laundry 32.25172, -109.83322

We thought, they might also fill up german or turkish gas bottles, but unfortunately they don't.

LPG gas station 36.22010, 43.99140

cheap (8$/dorm) and does the job, away from the ugly city

inside parking with closed door during night

Hostel Rio Danta 10.47758, -84.64389

We camped with bicycles in a sheltered area of grass within the farm compound. Justus is an amazing host and provided a delicious dinner with food from the farm and was great to chat to. Camping + meal KSH2500 pp.

Camelboy Overlanders Camp -0.61079, 36.27261

A county campground above a river. $25 for dry camping, $35 for hook-ups. $55 for yurt. They only accept CASH unless you reserve online in advance (for an additional fee) so bring exact change! Flush toilets and showers acceptably clean. No view of the river from sites (except for #41 and the yurt) but a short walk down to the day use area by the river. Not much privacy between sites but there were only two other people here in early Dec. Overall a beautiful location.

Verizon service was iffy - sometimes I could load websites, sometimes I couldn't even send a text.

If you have a little extra time and not too wide of a rig, take N. Bank Road back to the freeway. Beautiful drive.

Happy camping!

Whistler's Bend 43.31582, -123.22046

Quite big campsite behind this historical hotel that’s established in 1923. Hepburn, Bogart and Hemingway have all stayed here. Good hot shower. No kitchen facilities. 25 000 UGX/pppn. Right beside the road, so some traffic noise in inevitable. Just look carefully where you park, we had one big tree branch fall just beside our Landy, took a hit in the edge of our awning, but luckily did no damages.

Masindi Hotel 1.69073, 31.71444

Amazing guesthouse just outside of the busy part of Arusha. Clean rooms in a quiet area and an incredible spacious garden out back to relax in. Kitchen available for use. Hot water for shower. Laundry and a huge/delicious breakfast available for extra cost. Guesthouse is around a 30 minute walk to the main square, part of it is on a dirt road but it’s easy to navigate if you contact the owner beforehand. Owner and staff are very friendly and accommodating. We arrived by bicycle and they were very helpful. This place is paradise if you are wanting a quiet house that feels like home to relax while still being close enough to main part of town.

Mazzola Safari House & Backpacking -3.35452, 36.67872

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