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Trully amazing campsite by Zambezi river. Its right on the river so you are surrounded by animals all the time. Hippos and herds of elephants, even walking through the camp. At night we could hear hienas and leopard. Ablutions are simple but clean and very well mantained. There's solar power at camping spots (they turn the generator on until 21, but is not too loud) and great place to wash the dishes. There are many barbecue grills. You can storage some food at their fridge to be safe of some hungry elephant at night. The bar and restaurant area is really comfortable with few sofas to relax. There's a very small pool but if you go during the week theres a good chance that the main house is not booked so you can use the amazing pool. Only dowsizes: is 45 km from the NP gate, at least 1:30 hs. But the only closer camp is Mvuu (20 km) at 25 Dollars pp! Price now $10 pp.

Maybe give Ruth, the general manager, a call so she can clean and prepare the pool before you arrive. Phone/whats +269 966940242

Woods Camp -15.87962, 29.05230

Great place to stop, specializing in RV and motorhome. It has all the structure of kitchen and bathroom, power plugs and water supply, it accepts dogs but dont privide wi-fi. 25 reais per person.

Ótimo lugar para parar especializado em RV e motorhome. Tem toda estrutura de cozinha e banheiro, pontos de energia e abastecimento de água, aceita cachorro mas não tem wi-fi. 25 reais por pessoa.

Camping SoTrailler -25.41562, -49.21742

Really Nice and quiet place i really recommand. at&t works good. verizon is dead.

Long Jim Loop Road 35.97940, -112.12920
Humble Bumble

this is one of my favorite parks on the North Shore. plenty of hiking, beautiful campground, open year-round with showers and flush toilets. can't go wrong

Visitor Center 47.33866, -91.19615

Passamos a noite. Sensação de segurança total. Vale a pena

Sinuelo -26.51612, -48.71850

Nice place to stay. Clean bathrooms. Warm showers.

Costanoa KOA 37.15714, -122.34994

Camped in one of the parking lots that were quite a distance from where the patrons parked. Pretty quiet other than the wind from the tornado warning. No one bothered us and we felt safe.

River City Casino near St Louis 38.52725, -90.26720

Great Super Wal-Mart. Parked in the NW corner of the parking lot. Two other RVs were there. Was able to connect to McDonald’s WiFi. Quiet night with the occasional truck driving by.

Walmart parking 30.21835, -85.86461

nothing really to add that hasn't been said. Convenient location to town, quiet, easy.

P6 Free RV Parking Lot 47.59173, -120.67063

No “no overnight parking” signs, parked two nights at entrance #28. Didn’t know it was a dog beach until I pulled up. Took a cold shower next to the van. Lizards were fighting in the trash all night and good luck trying to sleep past sunrise. Very busy area, day and night. I’d you’re going south then enjoy this beach while you’re there. It’s hi-rise hotels all the way down A-1A.

Jupiter beach 26.90046, -80.05935

It is a great place for a city stop. The guy’s are nice and the sanitary (shower + toilets) are clean.

Zihul campground 27.97186, -114.02040

Beautiful views and not too noisy even though I am close to main dirt road

Road to Palm Canyon Kofa NWR AZ 33.37616, -114.18525

Nice place for rest with tent.
Beautiful landscape with a volcano Yate and close to the Puelo River.

All basic staff include, hot water, light and shared restrooms.

Price is too cheap, $5.000CLP per person/night.

Ribera Sur Río Puelo -41.65435, -72.30165
Where’s Oscar

Great spot. Safe neighborhood. Cheap too. What a gem of a find.

Miami North Beach P107 25.86418, -80.12160

I wasn't able to find this place.

Swiss Bakery Panaderia artesanal 6.21215, -75.57612

This place is permanently closed.

Boat ramp away from the road 25.76771, -80.67286

Perfect camping tot overcome 2 days with terrible rain. Good wind protection, electricity inside the camper, view on the lake and mountains. Paid 40.000 pesos for a place. There is an excellent restaurant which serves lunch and diner menu with 2 choices for starter-main- dessert for 20.000 pp. Lodge had a nice cosy lounge with wifi. Did the forel fishing for beginners, super!

Yelcho En La Patagonia -43.21974, -72.43754

This place is permanently closed.

salto del claro -39.31656, -71.93495

Good place to sleep overnight in Washington. Park at East Potomac park during the day as you can only stay for 3hrs here. You can park for free after 8pm - no issues over night.

Street free 38.88884, -77.02965

camping motorhomes enseada
muito bom o lugar
camping barato
Pe na arreia tem chuveiros banheiros
fui bem recebidos

Amigos da Enseada -26.21986, -48.50078

Nice place on the hill with ocean view on one side. They have many lots for caravans and some walk ins for tents. Many old trees. Ablutions are old but clean. 4G MTN and Vodacom available at most sites. The owners, Kathy and George are very friendly. They asked 580 ZAR and when they saw our old Sprinter Van we agreed on 400.

Leisure View Caravan Park -31.02232, 30.23395
Wendy & Graham

Quiet on a Saturday night. 480 pesos for two people and vehicle. Bathrooms in their usual state of disrepair. Level and shaded. convenient place between Mendoza and Chile border.

Camping Municipal Uspallata "Apuyam" -32.58645, -69.34687

Estacionamento público à beira mar. Bem tranquilo ao lado de barraca de praias. As barracas tem chuveiro e banheiro. Vimos tomada elétrica no poste mas não usamos e não sabíamos se poderíamos.

Praia Barreiras -4.67603, -37.40553

shower yes but not water,........,...........................

Water and showers 24.99976, 55.30749

public square where you can park. We stayed here for two nights, the gentleman who takes care of the square was very friendly and provided us with water, but we are not sure if he always will. very safe and quiet, except on the weekends which are quite busy with noisy cars and motorcycles and music at times. highly recommended on weekdays.

Plaza J. J. Urquiza -32.48344, -58.22533

Location close to the various spas in the city. Quite inhospitable, but it felt safe, wildlife present and we found two outlets in front of a kiosk, a quiet place on weekdays. and breathtaking view, great for a late afternoon.

punta viracho -31.24631, -57.95261

Very recommended place to spend the night, pleasant atmosphere and it is possible to have a barbecue in an Argentine classifa parilla. many locals visit and enjoy the place. we feel very safe here.

Recreo Municipal San José -32.21865, -58.23202

We only stopped here for tightening our axle sleeve. The guy (left garage) speaks a bit english, is very friendly and took a new metal cable tie (gave me 2 in spare) and tightened the sleeve (cost 500 IRQ, 50€ct)

The guy on the right fills gas bottles and was easily able to fill our turkish "ipragaz" bottle (3000 IRQ, 1,80€).

I also asked him, if it's possible to fill up our german bottle and showed him my 6 Euro-Adapters.
He asked me to take the bottle out, so probably he could have filled also this one, but it was nearly full, so we didn't fill it up.

Gas and Workshop(s) 35.62649, 45.93570

Rest area with Huge trucks parking behind the building, and lots of space for cars in front. “No overnight camping” sign in cars area but I stayed without problem (its december!). Noisy since right in front of highway. But at the back of the trucks area, you’ll be much better and plenty of space. Clean bathrooms and vending machines.

Westbound Indiana Welcome Center 39.86024, -85.02718

yes, of course you need CdP for Oman.
Visa is 20 Omani for 1 month.

Hatta (east) border crossing 24.80646, 56.20105

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