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nice place to spent a night or two. its a place for daylight use but you can park on the parking lot. there is no services. there are fireplaces and benches to use during the day. beautyfull beach on the Rio de La Plata river.

playa El Pericon -35.27945, -57.22336

I stayed here with my tent in the massage area that is being worked on for 100 pesos. It is a place with cabanas that Adones said were 700 with breakfast. There's sweet bike rides from the place that Adones can take you on too.

Casa Mango 20.34844, -87.57735

I tried to ask about camping next to the lake, but no luck on one side and the other had mean dogs. So I came here with my bicycle to the woods and pitched up inside. Pretty peaceful.

Campo Deportivo 20.49743, -87.73138

Perfect service station. Fresh water available.

Dump station 46.98375, -70.56272

epic lookout over big bear lake and town.

A little hard to get here. Two spots in the road in the beginning are pretty dugged out. I have a 4x4 though and got though it fine.
Once you get there though the spot is epic, there's a stone seat and plenty of room for a cook out or to park your van. stayed two nights. Saturday during the day we had alot of family's walk into our campsite to look at the view so just be careful. I think the campsite is actually part of a trail. No one bothered us at night. Overall 9/10.

Big Bear Lake 34.23329, -116.90714

This points to the beginning of three yellow post dispersed camping spots. There are other spots that work well for camping and I stayed at one, but a ranger was doing work in the area and came and chatted with us. They said only the three designated spots are for camping and they are trying to stop people from camping in the others. The hope is that it will revegitate. If you see tree limbs in your way, it's a clear statement that the forest service doesn't want you camping there. Please respect those wishes. They were super cool about it and let me stay but said, "Only use the yellow posts sites in the future." Good Verizon and at&t. No T-Mobile.

Apple Canyon Yellow Post Campsites (National Forest) 33.67591, -116.66945

a couple of sites.close to town, at the foot of the Massanutten mountain range

Front Royal 38.91033, -78.30064

Wonderful spot, right by the beach ! Some young locals on quad and motorcycle until 9pm on a Saturday night then very quiet, just the sound of the waves and the wind. Highly recommend it !

Pleasant Bay Harbour 46.83036, -60.80008

When we arrived, a closed barrier blocked our way, we came on a Saturday afternoon km November.

public beach at Faoug 46.90993, 7.07826

Best spot in Newport! Great service, views, and other great ppl!

Large Pullout between Moolack and Beverly Beaches 45.51365, -122.50614

Closed gate across the drive. No signs anywhere to explain why.

Trulock Public Use Area 34.20934, -91.83319

Exactly as described. It fits all types of cars and you can stay here many nights. Very safe, lonely at nights, but busy during the day. It's close to supermarkets, medical centers and more.

Open gravel parking next to gas station 9.37653, -83.70232

beautiful Crater, you can hike around. it's a little bit tricky to reach out to this campspot.
you have to drive the Street "Routa al Crater" for a couple of kilometers until there is a gate on your left side with a sign "joya crater". Please close the gate after you drive inside.
take the left road and then straight up to the hill. especially in the rainy season you will need 4x4 at least high clearance also in the dry season.

Joya Crater 22.42244, -100.78347

We stayed for 3 nights at this camp site. Beautiful views over the lake.. There sre 2 camping spots at 2 beaches.. We preferred camping at beach 2 as it had a bigger beach area and had its own braai area. Ablution facilities is a but run down but has western toilet and there is a cold shower only. There are quite alot of monkeys but you are allowed to store your food in the kitchen area. Id you want to use anything inside the kitchen area for cooking etc you need to pay THS5000 per day extra. Staff is very friendly and helpful and can arrange a tuk tuk should you want to go to town.. Town us about 15min away with a tuk tuk... Look out for the super cute resident zebra, he is sure to visit your campsite during your stay... We oaid THS20000 pppn to camp here...

Jakobsen Beach Camping -4.91052, 29.59898

checked in on Saturday, November 6 with no reservation and got the very last was after dark and raining hard so we haven't seen anything yet but site is level with minor piddling. electric has 50, 30, or 15 amp plugs. will dump and fill with water before leaving.

Champoeg State Heritage Area 45.25184, -122.87714

Great open spot for camping
if you want to get close to the beach better have 4wd

Punta Bufeo 29.90853, -114.45294

Very nice woman let me fill up my water bottles here on their outside tap. Was here in early November. Bought a coffee out of respect for letting me fill as much water as I needed. Thanks for the tip.

JRC Gas Station 46.76256, -65.01210

Stayed here for one night in early November. Some locals pulled in and drove away but no one bothered me all night. Met a nice woman who grew up there and we chatted for a bit. Very beautiful sunset!

Pointe de pruches 46.98778, -64.81095

I loved this spot. There were two signs saying “no overnight camping “, one in the parking lot and one at the end of the road that’s to the right of the lighthouse. I decided to take the dirt road at the end of that road along the beach for a few minutes and parked very close to the beach. There were no signs where I was so I’m pretty sure I was good. Either way, no one bothered me but I was also way out of season (in early November). Had a great night though. Thanks for the tip!

Lighthouse Road 48.01594, -64.51013

A nice little spot for a tent just next to the river

Riverside 49.41240, -120.26126

This is a fishing and crabbing area with a few campsites. There is a restaurant in the marina about 0.1 miles across the Bayou. It has a pit toilet. Bring water and pack out your trash.

Bastrop Bayou Fishing Access 29.09422, -95.28197

Seems to be closed, no sign nothing and in a really bad condition

Black Sand Camp 42.01377, 41.75860

Local food, WiFi, a chimney, nice beer and nice people. Open every day since 12 to 18 in low season and close at 24 in high season.

Restaurant Anticura -40.66637, -72.17464

Trailhead parking lot - small (6 cars total). No signs indicating illegal to park daytime or overnight. Outside of Acadia NP boundary in private Seal Cove community. Stayed 2 nights - arrived 5pm & departed by 7:30am. We were the only vehicle there & no hikers arrived. (mid-week).Total of 2 cars drove by. Quiet neighborhood.

Cooksey Dr Overlook 44.29419, -68.22434

Perfect. Exactly where the app said. The water was on.

Diamond Shamrock Water Spigot 37.96127, -104.79438

Nice quiet parking spots next to the pick up area. Pick ups stopped around 9 pm.

Not close enough for WiFi but full T-Mobile LTE.

Walmart 35.94463, -83.21203

Excelent custom service! Thanks Sergio! Fixed my car! We recomend SD automotriz! Thanks!

Sd automotriz. Sergio solis 9.92155, -84.24541

We had plenty of room to park our 27 foot tow behind trailer at one higher level than water level. According to others, the place was not busy, but it still seemed like a lot of people were there. There were lots of trails from camp to OHV. Great Verizon service. Sewer dump was open, but water was already winterized. Showers closed for winter. A bit of trash by the water, our dog partially severed his toe and received a large cut by stepping on a chunk of broken glass. Be careful and wear shoes on the beach.

Lone Rock Beach 37.01973, -111.53918

Propane, dump, water, fuel. Pretty clean and nice.

Sinclair 40.49860, -111.88405

Clean and neat showers $4. Private rooms and towels included

Shell gas station 39.02044, -96.81780

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