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Pet friendly. Beautiful grass camping sites with electricity and water.
Clean, well maintained ablutions and facilities.
Small dam with ample bird life.

Medolino Caravan Park -33.60246, 26.88962

still in flow!! early Thanksgiving miracle!

Fresh Water from a Well 43.03525, -77.56240

This place is permanently closed.

Strand Vista Park 33.46765, -117.71451

This little gem of a place is tucked away at the end of a dirt road at the wharf.
Quiet and lots of room to spend the night

Wharf Maryland 45.94056, -61.52835

Wonderful that Walmart allows overnighting in their parking lot. I can see 5 other RVs from the very corner of the lot where I am at. There are also various other vans and cars in this area as well as some people living in tents on the other side of a fence that is up behind the parking lot. Generally quiet, but there is some trash around…others have said it, what a wonderful place it would be be if people didn’t just toss their trash. Suspect it is not this community of folks leaving trash as we don’t want to ruin a good thing, but it is always a good time to remind to respect all places stayed.

Walmart - Bozeman 45.69557, -111.04529

Very nice and quiet place. We were standing direct at the water.

Wildcamping on a Lake -16.85926, 26.89547

This might be the loveliest place to stay in Maun! A wonderful guesthouse (b&b) directly located at the Thamalakane River with a lush dreamy garden, a nice swimming pool, eight modern and lovingly furnished rooms, safe parking spaces, a cozy fire place and a very delicious breakfast with home made bread. And the best: the hosts‘ hospitality is just incredible! You will love it here!
(We paid 1750 Pula for a double bed room for two in November 2021)

Waterfront Maun -19.96289, 23.47540

Great family run restaurant with decent prices and huge portions! We’ll be eating here again.

It’s located a block from Romanita RV Park, and also a block from the Malecon. After dinner, it’s a just a couple of block to walk to the brewery.

Jr's & George's 26.01133, -111.33987

Great family run restaurant with decent prices and huge portions! We’ll be eating here again. It’s located a block from Romanitas RV Park. The grilled fish was amazing and the portions were huge! The owner was very kind and speaks English as well.

Jr's & George's 26.01127, -111.33997

Very nice spot. It costed us 13€ for the van and the electricity. Very nice view and near the city.

Ecoparque do Outão 38.50222, -8.92849
Dori & Mena

This place is permanently closed.

Walmart 41.64177, -81.44699

The park is really beautiful!
We saw rhinos, lions, buffalos, zebras, monkeys, pelikans, flamingos and so on. We camped at the only public campsite and paid for 24 hours+ camping+ car 133$ for two persons. It is quite expenisive but in our opinion worth it.
We were the only guest for camping so we were completly alone, a buffalo was grasing during the night around our tent.

Makalia Falls Public Campsite -0.49081, 36.08235

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -34.14843, -63.36506

Axion Estacion de Serviço -34.14843, -63.36506

Wonderful little backpackers / Lodge just next the police station. Tented camp options as well as chalets. Restaurant and self service bar available. Breakfast included with the accommodation. Very clean and well maintained. Secure parking for overland vehicles. Prices were R600 for 2 people (large safari tent without own bathroom) and R1000 for two people in a chalet with own bathroom both incl breakfast. Abultions were clean. Definitely recommend.

DEVOCEAN -26.84181, 32.88506

Boutique dive shop (RAID and PADI), Offering a range of dive courses as well as dive tours. Family run operation just past Coco Rico along the beach road going north. Recommended if you want to dive with smaller groups during the busy season. Pricing more competitive than others in the area.

Back To Basics Adventures (Scuba) -26.83896, 32.88505

This is overflow parking on a hill that is rarely to never used or fully except for weekend nights when Fairmount Bar, Barrio, etc are busiest.

It feels like a little getaway because it is a lot on a hill/overlook surrounded by trees, quiet, condos to one side, rental houses on another, seems chill.

Usually there are 1-2 cars parked here... could be employees of the businesses at the bottom of the hill, or other car dwellers.

there has been a trailer parked in a spot for a couple weeks now, saw a van parked for a couple weeks earlier in the summer.

there is a sign that it's for patrons only, but the lot manager guy is a dude in a Ford Flex that comes between 5am-7am and just spends most of his time in the lower main lot picking up any trash from bar patrons or stuff that fell when dumpsters being emptied. He sometimes drives up here, looks for trash or things and heads back down. no trouble.

I snooze here sometimes when I'm going to have to go back to work at night, I also like eating dinner in this lot as it's not far from my work. I've never had any trouble here, even when I've fallen asleep for longer than intended.

Fairmount Parking UpTop 41.49960, -81.59235

Good spot to overnight. calm and quiet.
free hot shower (in the blie build back to Graal)
expensive diesel. we paid R$5,69/L

Graal Maristela -23.13905, -48.44744

Very nice place! This is a bakery and restaurant. They also have rooms.

They have a huge grass lawn to camp on. Only thing is they have dogs at night and one is grumpy.

Very good food, very friendly people.

They didn't had Overlanders yet, so they don't know the price yet.
Highly recommend this place to stay!

The Lookout (bakery and lunch) 2.79084, 32.31723

As described. I didn't see any no overnight signs and had no issues. A few other campers here as well. If you park at the back, there's a nice, big stretch of grassy sidewalk for walking pets.

Walmart 38.48242, -77.97480
Pierre Gagnon

Stopped here overnight, lots of trucks and RV's, didn't get to sleeping very well too much noise it was 65 degrees but half the trucks leave their motor running I don't know how they get to sleep every night. Nice place to stop to relax in the daytime though nice picnic tables also.

Conway Rest Area 37.47466, -92.85734

no Diesel, all Pumps are closed
i asked where to get diesel, but no

Diesel pump 30.18791, 56.82095

Circular drive next to a small lake. No signs. Boat ramp. Some light traffic noise. One spotty bar of Verizon. Dog-friendly. Beautiful lake view. Saw trash fire remnants so it's probably a popular place for locals on the weekends. We came on a Tuesday with no troubles. We did a clean up and picked up any trash we found.
A local drove by and shortly after a police officer came while we were doing a trash cleanup. We chatted and he didn't ask us to leave, but I think he might have had we not been picking up litter and being friendly. We moved on shortly after.

Holly Springs National Forest 33.97669, -89.82051
Hayden Ellms

Filled up here with no issues. Handle was red so I asked inside and the man said it was drinkable.

Pilot Travel Center 39.05592, -104.85402

Big dirt parking right off the freeway.
very little noise but you could hear the train passing by once or twice.
will fit all big rigs, all good for a night.
nothing in the surroundings to see

Towerline Road 35.32693, -118.80807

Family home, close to hot springs. Small campers and bikes welcome. Internet most of the time. Happy to help. Water, outside washing facilities. Hiking, and gardening.

Mountain Paradise 14.94760, -89.15414

beautiful, small and personal overlander-beachcamp with very clean shower and toilets (with seats and toiletpaper) and direct access to a beautiful beach and the ocean, perfect for swimming, right from the backdoor of your camper. 250 pesos per night for a camper with 2 persons.

Overlander beach camp Don Taco 15.69052, -96.23702

Tons of space on this …. Plateau. Wake early to see the hot air balloons. And do park away from the center of the field. Balloons need space to land. Gorgeous views, very quiet.

Balloon field 34.80132, -111.92137

If you want to do rafting, please go with White Nile Rafting. It is owned and operated by locals, very well experienced (former professional kayak expert). The right equipment and very nice experience. Call Annet directly +256 787 508236 or go to

White Nile Rafting 0.48096, 33.16901

Relatively quiet, surrounded by nature. Free. Police passed by to say hi, didn’t bother us.

1km from a metro station that brings you directly to the center (M3)

Free spot in the park 47.47726, 19.11146
David Steinbrugge

Once you turn off the highway and cross the cattle guard but before you enter the campground, there is a large gravel dirt parking area. I think this parking area is for people with their horse trailers so there is lots of room for big rigs. it is next to a county road but it is very quiet at night. I have parked overnight in this area without any trouble. further up slope there are additional parking areas outside the campground that people frequently use. I believe all of this is national Forest land. good coverage from AT&t

Next to Skull Hollow Campground 44.39617, -121.06117

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