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Large open clearing on dirt road at the end of truck pullout. Arrived in the dark and left at dawn. Definitely a nice empty area right off the highway…especially in December.

Mountain overlook 40.91980, -117.39407

Fine in a pinch. Lots of cars parked here. Probably an open secret among the locals that parking here is free game. Very little privacy unless you’re quite stealthy. Realized in the morning that there was a giant pile of crap right next to my car.. In the morning some people pulled up to walk their dogs and a homeless guy asked me about drug paraphernalia.

Hollywood Heritage Museum Parking Lot 34.10815, -118.33653

Currently closed due to forest fire. Was informed by forest ranger. Nice place with distant view of north and south. Quite quiet and dry at this time. Temperature above freezing. Caution: main road are not plowed when snowed

Dome Rock: Beautiful Site 36.06916, -118.53406
Explore Beyond Limit

Turkey to Iraq
On the Turkish side, parked the car and got exit stamp in passport from one booth and car exit registration (tescil) from another booth. Then you can drive out. Everyone asked me for the passenger list but I kept saying I don't have it and that if they would only give me the paper I would fill it. It's just a simple A4 where you write the name and passport number of passengers. If you can find it, share with us.
Iraqi side, they check the car. Then Covid booth, PCR test 35$ or proof of vaccination (they scan QR code). Then enter a building to get your visa, start booth no 1 then 2. Pay 100'000 dinar only Iraqi dinar. I changed money at covid booth but there is also a bank later, you might use it. Then they check the car again. Then drive and get some paperwork for your car done. They check châssis number. Then I payed 30$ I think for temporary import permit. Keep all receipt. At the end I had to shower a receipt to the last guy. Drive away and enjoy! :)

Iraq / Turkey Border 37.14395, 42.56932

Well yes, sheltered from the wind but in very deep sand! Managed to tuck right in by the rocks but very soft ground.

Camp protected from wind sheltered with a stone -22.40463, -67.78061

Great treat to reach this splendid campsite after a tuff 55km sand track from the north. It is the start of rainy season so it was a bit easier to navigate the deep sand after some light rain, but not for the faint hearted. There are 6 newly renovated campsites which are all well groomed, spacious and they all have a panoramic view of the river plains. Ivan was a great attendant and it was also nice to speak some Afrikaans! We stayed at campsite 6 (walk-in) and it was perfectly groomed on arrival…I mean even the sand was raked! No electricity, but the private ablutions has a dedicated boiler and small pieces of wood are provided (ND30 per bundle). Flush toilet, running water with basin and kitchen sink. Each site also has a permanent canopy for shade, fire pit and dust bin. Amazing!!!

We paid:
- Conservation Fees: ND20 pppd + ND20 p/vehicle/day
- Entrance Fees: ND20 pppd + ND110 p/vehicle/day
- Camping: ND335 pppd
- Firewood: ND30 per bundle

Not cheap but well worth it. We ended up staying 2x nights!!! This wild and untamed place will see us again!

Khaudum Camp -18.50563, 20.75408

Awesome place to overnight. we just visit.

Waterhole -19.23186, 13.36943

Big trees and awesome view. Hot water nice showers. so peaceful. we miss the elephants

Puros - Community Campsite -18.73200, 12.94162

We couldn't camp in the campground where we were expecting to stay so we looked for another site in the area. Spent one night here in our B-van. It was just as described. There was one car parked there, but we never saw an indication that anyone was in it. The site was reasonably level and the road noise died out pretty well at night.

Beach trail 41.20874, -124.11008

Great BLM area. Everyone is very dispersed.

Ghost Town Road 34.18698, -112.85039

Great place to obverse 360 degrees coyhaique and near by lakes

Radar on top on the mountain great view point of coyhaique -45.62187, -72.02669

Esta abierto el lugar, solo que no están permitiendo acampar, tienes que rentar cabañas y están caras. No nos quedamos así que nos tuvimos que quedar en otro camping llamado rincón de luna.

Media Luna 21.86315, -100.02815

We couldn't sleep parking in Lagune media Luna so We came here and payed $120 pesos x person. There is a pool but it cost. The wifi wasn't available didn't work.

No pudimos dormir estacionándonos en Laguna media Luna, así que vinimos aquí y pagamos $ 120 pesos x persona. Hay una piscina pero cuesta. El wifi no estaba disponible no funcionaba. Pasamos la noche tranquilamente.

Rincon de Luna 21.87791, -100.04098

Free parking. Quiet and remote. Easy from the street.

Mill Creek Falls 42.74161, -122.49963

Stayed 2 nights, I grew up here locally around he corner by Elvis Birthplace. it's an amazing park, beautiful features and a TDGA disc golf course. It has a veterans wall and a lake with a fountain, very relaxing to listen to. Recommend staying, definitely please clean up after yourself, locals already do a horrible job.

Veterans Memorial Park, Tupelo MS 34.26664, -88.68041

I paid 5100 pesos from Mazatlan to La Paz with TMC (5,80 meter Van plus 1 person).

You can make a reservation in advance (via whats app) or just go to the office. Pay in cash or with creditcard.

I went to the office the day before the ferry was leaving Mazatlan. They told me they are booked out for the ferry leaving the next day.
But they put me on the waiting list.

The next day I went to the office at least 5 times but the employees told me to come back later.
Around 4 pm I got my ticket and at 5 I was on the ferry.

Ferry left around 8 pm. We made it to La Paz around 12pm the next day. Made it off the boat and through the checkpoint around 2pm. You pay 185 pesos for the custom check and I waited in line for more than an hour. Only got asked for my ID thats it.

TMC and Baja Ferry 23.18670, -106.42150

Asked inside if they had a spigot and lady directed me to the spigot by the dog park!

The Crossing Travel Market 31.94943, -99.96430

Not the greatest spot for a quiet night. Now the parking area next to the church is fenced. So we parked below the church. Quite some cars passed. 23 o’clock police came, checked passports and told us to park a bit further up the road.

Chullec - Lonely spot in a bay besides a wooden church -42.46752, -73.53920

Lonely beach near town. Good for camping in between the dunes. Only a quad bike passing by in the evening.
A few people would come in the morning.

Playa La Cachora 23.44381, -110.24214

Quite good ambassy!
Took me 35minutes for a muliple entry visa.
Took right afterwards with me. Payed 82 US$ for a 3 month visa. They accect Visa/Mastercard. I had to pay like an embassy fee 20k CFA

Embassy Guinea Conakry 14.70863, -17.47191

A very unique and quite place. A lot of shade.

Playa 9.83098, -85.34295
Howard Snell

Stayed here a couple years ago & the price was reasonable. Currently (2 Dec 2021) price seems to be $40 night for the dry camping lot. Showers, laundry, and other facilities are top notch so the$40 might be in line, but if you’re hunting a bargain looking elsewhere in Borrego Springs might be worth your time.

The Springs at Borrego Springs golf and resort 33.26561, -116.36509

like others said, surprisingly quiet. nice flat dirt lot (no dumping sign) just north of where pin is, almost full bars 5G verizon. happy to find this spot!

Toquerville Road @ Exit 31 Interstate 15 37.97749, -112.73961

We stayed here for one night on the way back from Laguna Verde. As described, dirt track just of the awful (between the Border check and not long after the road splits off to the C-341) Ruta 71 to Argentina. Good for a stop off to get used to the altitude. There is a grave plot next to the location.

Camping before the border post -26.88690, -69.24435

Between the olive trees, walking distance to town - good point to cross Swartberg pass
Dog friendly - clean ablutions

Olienhof Restcamp -33.21875, 22.03628

Pull off that leads to a small clearing on the ridge. Road is signed 4301 but very faded, hard to read. Nice spot, but tight to turn around. We managed with a Transit van but it was about a 17 point turn. Close to Gila cliff dwellings. Great sunsets and sunrises. Would be exposed in windy conditions.

Camp near Gila 33.17151, -108.20154

Spectacular Waterfall, height 80m. Water during the whole year, but best time august to November (rainy season). 31km unpaved road, manageable with a 2WD Van but 4WD and high clearance recommended.

Salto Del Agua Llovida 23.75852, -105.41060

Fairly level parking spot with spaces for big rigs. Parking lot was pretty full of cars in the morning so don’t expect privacy, but everyone left us alone.

Bass Pro/Cabelas 36.59456, -82.25306

Very busy place, parking lot was packed all day, but we stayed around the back parked parallel to not block the driveway and no one gave us any mind at all. Joined by a semi truck and briefly an RV at night.

Cracker Barrel 35.94624, -83.20646

Great sushi in Tulcan !
10 piece-Rolls for 5-7$
Really nice place with artisanal beer, juices and wine. Small, not the most ventilated place but very nice sushi

WabiSabi 3.47794, -76.52551

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