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apparently, it is not possible to get into the beach with any kind of vehicle anymore. a fisherman told us to ask a policeman officer but we didnt. nobody on the beach during the night...

the point 25.29837, -108.53256

apparently, it is not possible to get into the beach with any kind of vehicle anymore. a fisherman told us to ask a policeman officer but we didnt. nobody on the beach during the night...

Las Glorias Beach 25.29769, -108.52819

great place to stat cupple of nights. owner very cool.
250 dry camping
500 full hook up

Playa Bonita Beach House 25.29589, -108.52435

very cool place to stay some days. owner very very friendly.
full hook up 500
dry camping 250
traveling with 24 feets class c rv.

Playa Bonita Beach House 25.29586, -108.52434

Lots of parking spots out here, just drive around and take your pick. gritty sure, but safe. mindful of parking signs, this particular spot is no parking tues & fri 3am-6am. 24 hr laundrymat a couple blocks down. City Fresh Market has a great deli, as well as lots of types of premade meals for $6-8. House of Yes is a block away. Tons of cool graffiti in the area. L-Train runs into Manhattan along 14 Street, connecting into the Union Square junction.

Bushwick L-Train 40.70813, -73.92268

We drove into the riverbed and stayed under a cliff. It was a bit windy so this was a nice spot with a great view. Unfortunately we didn't see much wildlife.

Remote Wildcamp in a huge Riverbed -27.66734, 17.73138

We tried to go there to sleep but a gentleman in his vehicle called out to us saying that it was private property and that we had to pay. He wasn't very friendly so we left.

Mexican Hat, UT 37.06729, -110.04455

Easy access. Not totally quiet but not loud either. Good place to spend a night. Other reviewers are accurate.

Darby Wells Road 32.34564, -112.83431

You can park your car on a small way blocked by wooden sticks and walk 10m to find this beautiful beach on Bayo Lake, with view on several waterfalls.

Beach on the lake -46.49154, -73.12184

Eat at Chinese ask okay to stay in back lot! Good Chinese food and peaceful night stay!

Empty Lot behind Dragon Buffett 30.89377, -102.91497

I lucked out they stay open till about 10pm most nights. I got a tent parking spot for my camper van with bathrooms close by. You get 2 tokens with your nightly stay. Showers/bathrooms clean. It’s very busy area Zion Natl park and Springdale. Come prepped for weather and for crowds. This camp ground was great, no laundry services , there’s one down around the corner. The camp ground is clean well maintained. Def wound return.

Zion Campground 37.19363, -112.99225

Nice, open space. G lot has space with picnic tables. Trails near by. No toilets. Good cell service. Adjacent to Ken Adam’s Park.

College Parking Lot 34.68223, -120.46033

Stayed one night a little farther down the road, towards the city. About 200m, there’s a pull out with a nice view of the city. Suitable for Van size vehicles. Slept well, as it gets super quiet.

Guanajuato. near pipila monument - OK, FREE 21.01447, -101.25624

Paid $32 for 24 hrs. I’m in a van. I don’t think anything bigger would work here. Great location to Bourbon St.

Premium Parking Lot Nr. 338 29.95806, -90.07018

Large, shaded campsite just outside the hustle and bustle of Lusaka.

Stocked bar and restaurant on-site, chalets available, wifi in the common areas, and a swimming pool. The ablutions are clean, but the water does take a while to heat up.

We were the only campers there, but there were a few day-visitors by the pool with loud music (the manager told them to turn it down, which they did).

You can hear some noises from the nearby village at night, but only faintly. Otherwise it is a peaceful campsite with a few resident owls.

Electricity and braai areas available at some sites (not all).

12USD pp/pn

Pioneer Camp -15.39610, 28.45063

Beautiful but…bathrooms and laundry were closed for season. I would not have booked and Jacob, nice man whom I booked with, did not know those important details. WiFi was not working. Someone had my spot so I just went across the road. I was surprised so many people were camping at both grounds 20-50 people easily. Nice beach. Likely super fun in summer. This was closest to boondock I wanted.

Cuivre River State Park 39.03066, -90.91383

two spigots to fill water
picnic area by the water

Water Fill on Boat Ramp 34.93792, -83.74020

For heavens sake, stop for the tamales!!! The rojo is like a creamy polenta treat and the mole is heavenly…

Tamales Stop 16.36630, -96.63868

We arrived here this morning and parked for the day no worries. We will be staying overnight also, but a Mercedes sprinter further down the street from us was broken into during the day today. They popped out the small window at the front of the passenger door and then opened the van from there and stole their computer and some other personal belongings. We closed up all our blinds while out so not sure if that helped or if we were just lucky. Just leaving this here in case it helps someone. It is a free space to park though with lots of space. Hide your valuables though.

Near National Mall 38.88329, -77.02617

Really beautiful private campsite, a great place to relax and re-energise. Outdoor bathroom was great, with lots of plants. Pete was an incredible host and really helped us out with vehicle issues. He even let us borrow his car to go shopping when our car was out of action. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and really felt at home.

Quite difficult to find so I’d recommend contacting beforehand for directions +26774839528

The Plot -21.37373, 25.59991

Simple lodging for $25 per night. Fan in room and spotty wifi. Comfortable little beach access with some outdoor chairs to enjoy the morning. Cold water showers and kitchen. Google Maps showed the place had no availability, but when we went here they had a couple of open rooms. Worth checking in person, as there is no website up and running, yet. The owner is very easy going and helpful!

Ofiuras Hostal 9.53863, -79.67433

As described. No no-camping signs. Right next to the cliff. Good Verizon and t-mobile service. Saw a few campers in the other spots.

Lighthouse Road 38.94627, -123.73349

Wild camp en estacionamiento frente a posada Recanto do lobo. A un par de metros de la playa. No hay energia ni agua. El spot queda a 750 m del centro. Muy tranquilo. Se puede conseguir wifi de la pousada

Estacionamiento Pousada Le Refuge -16.59263, -39.09134

little side road off the main forest road back here. you'll see a spot straight ahead that's already marked on the map, it was absolutely filthy when I pulled up so I detoured and found this spot. once you see the spot straight ahead they'll be a fork, take the left most road and it'll bring you back into the camping area. it's about 200 yards off that road. super quiet. super peaceful. please don't leave trash out here, it's how these places get shutdown.

great cell reception with ATT, 4G and 5 bars.


road to nowhere 45.86211, -123.76179

Steep drive to reach this place. Just 1 other van. Northside fairly leveled. Great park, especialy for dogs. Nice views. Quiet enough for big citycenter. Stayed 3 nights without any problem. Met nice people in the park.

Lafayette Park 37.79242, -122.42782

adding a photo of directions to this spot from the closed gate route the GPS will take you to. beautiful spot. directions are easy to follow.

San Lorenzo Canyon 34.24176, -107.00180

Wild camping option just off the main road. We had a quiet night st the spot and could not hear any traffic.. There are 2 possible spots to stand.. Turn off the main road at these coordinates (-10.91517, 38.02992) and continue straight on the road for a few meters and you could camp right there... If you want a bit more privacy you can drive in on the main road and when the road opens out a bit you turn right and go up the slope (there is a very vague path) untill you get to the hill in the photos..

Camping on the hill top -10.91728, 38.02939

Amazing camping option in the beach.. Staff is amazing and super helpful.. Food is also great and prices are extremely good... We paid usd10 per person per night to camp if you use your own tent.. Usd15 to rent a tent at the site and it includes breakfast daily.. *** please note that if you have a roof tent they are not able to accommodate you in the marked campsite, but they could accommodate you on the beach infront of the property but this is a public beach that is quite busy *** amazing place to camp would recommend it...

Bagamoyo Camping/Restaurant -11.28337, 34.80084

Perfect place. Quiet, right by the river, far enough from the highway.

Hampshire Rocks River View 39.30350, -120.52214

Amazing beach! Quiet, safe and Free!! clear water to do SUP, kayak, snorkeling. You can see dolphins!!
Perfect for bit rigs, lots of space. Not signal cell.

La Gringa 29.04022, -113.54284

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