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Nice parking felt safe. Left a quatzel on the hood it remained till morning. Asked for the WiFi at hotel paradise they said no problem!
Ne pas.w.rd for is atilago33

Parking Panajachel 14.73610, -91.15751

Taller de autos especializados en land rover. Hacen todo lo posible por arreglar el coche y te traen lis repuestos en 4 o 5 días.

Brithis motors -12.14449, -77.01691

Parking behind Van Lake. Near there are a park because of it, there are music but it is not very annoying.
There are a Steak house restaurant at 100 metres.

Parking behind Van Lake in Erçis 38.99736, 43.41549
Instagram: @savannatales

Not a cheap campsite for sure. We've paid 510 NAD for 2 people but the place is really well taken care of, well equipped and each camping spot is totally original and different from one another. Because they are so far away you chose at check-in while telling the owner what you expect and checking some photos on the wall frames. We stayed at Drongo Campsite, which was nice, clean, well equipped but I confess we paid much less for nicer spots here in Namibia. The owner is really helpful though, wifi is fast, pool was clean and toilets were spotless. There are so many possibilities to hike short or long trails and you don't pay extra for that. Eagle viewpoint is well worth the detour for sunset as it's got amazing views over surrounding mountains including Naukluft. You can reach it either hiking or by car uphill. No MTC network anywhere in their huge property.

Tsauchab River Camp -24.44396, 16.17015
Brown Moyondizvo

Kurima House, Zimbabwe Revenue Service office to renew TIP. BUT... they'll send you to a CBZ bank branch to pay your $40 US first. Then you may have to wait some hours for the payment to reflect on the Zimra system. Parking tends to be easy and costs a dollar and if you don't pay you may be clamped. Try to avoid CBZ branches in the city centre where scammers and thieves often target foreign registered vehicles. I had to remove a gentleman who crawled underneath mine in an effort to puncture a tire.

Zimbabwe Revenue Authority -17.82823, 31.05314

Great Spot! we struggled to find something quiet for the last few days and this was a relief. We were here during the week and only a few friendly locals showed up in the afternoon. After 5, you have it all to yourself. No dogs, no people, no road noises (only a surprising amount of small airplanes).

Good LTE reception as well!

Minas del aguacate parking area 9.96007, -84.46862

If you continue through Yates Campground down the very well maintained gravel road you will come across decently spread out private sites with fire rings scattered down the road. The Campground doesn't give you any privacy but these sites you will have a lot! The only benefit of the Campground is the pit toilet.
2 bars Verizon as well.

Private Site past Yates Campground 35.36044, -79.99065

TAKE YOUR TRASH!! Here on Remembrance Day weekend, thought it’d be quiet at night but families everywhere still. Good vibe, nice change rooms, cool people in campsite. People tend to leave their stuff at the pools but campground is sweet.

Came back a week later after some snow, it was dead had the place to ourselves.

Halfway River Hot Springs 50.50213, -117.79082

Staff are super friendly.
the wash and dry is quick.
it was busy when we were there even in the off-season so plan for that.
there is a change machine that will change $5 and $10 bills.
bathrooms are open again but I didn't check the wifi.

24/7 Moab Laundry Express with WIFI and toilets 38.57500, -109.55130

love the wooded area on the side for my dog.

Bass Pro Shops 34.65812, -92.41044

pretty packed for the off season. at least 5 people here other than myself. rock hounding is fun here. spaces are not flat. would not stay here again. other campers were noisy all night and rude. I had people continuously walking through my campsite for no reason and I ended up having to move.

Big Fir Campground 34.60649, -93.40844

Potable water spigot to top off fresh water tanks. Potential overnight camping, didn’t see any signs saying otherwise.

Lions Park (free water spigot) 38.75033, -78.64722

Very friendly staff, they sort the laundry even to color, but unfortunately our clothes didn't get very clean and they ran out of Gas, so we had to wait a few hours more. Actually price is now 17 pesos per kilo, but the nice woman told me that she will charge other travellers also 15 pesos per kilo if they are coming because of iOverlander :-)

Lavandaria la Barbuja 17.51265, -91.99234

After reading all this positive comments we decided to come here to ask Javier whether he finds the reason for the noise on the front axle of our MB310. The staff looked at it first and called Javier. He showed up immediately (and I mean not Mexican "immediately", but Swiss "immediately" :-)) in the garage and looked at the car. He found out pretty fast, where the problem was and they fixed it. He didn't charge us anything, but we gave them a propina. They were very helpful, competent and friendly.

Lujan 17.51788, -91.99724

Stayed here 1 night while passing through. There were several other vans and campers parked there as well. A bit of street noise as expected but totally fine for a night.

Mapleton Ave near Boulder Rock Club 40.02548, -105.25716

Good variety of groceries... very few organic items. Priced well for the area. Fire wood priced well!

Terry’s Food & Drug 37.27622, -112.63757

Stayed 1 night just past the trailhead... arrived late and left early. Only 1 other vehicle across the way from us. Dusty and slight highway noise but not to bad. Goos spot to overnight on your way to Zion.

Mnt Carmel Junction 37.21392, -112.68501

8 maytag side loaders... but only 5 dryers (1 was not working) so we had to wait for a dryer. Washers was well... 50 mins on super wash $2.50. Dryers got very hot $1.50 is the minimum and you get 32 mins.

Ruby's Inn: Shower, Laundry 37.67259, -112.15781

beautiful place above the valley. spent two very quiet nights here. very friendly shepherds passed by with their goats. Apart from that we did not see anybody.

Shady place in the valley near Akoyan 36.55127, 44.55718

We spend one night. we arrived on Monday around 3:00 PM there were people but they left so we stay alone all night. it was quiet and very safe.

Playa Piedras Pintas cerro Tetakawi 27.93990, -111.08586

hay personas pidiendo dinero, colaboración. ponen soguita y no dejan pasar. nosotros dijimos que vendemos artesanías y no teníamos para darle y nos dejaron pasar pacíficamente.

estatua Danzante Yaki 27.61821, -109.96364

A US Forest Service park with 14 wooded campsites on the shores of Lake Valentine. First-come first served (no reservations accepted). Has toilets and running water. $10 self-pay.

Valentine Lake Recreation Complex 31.24249, -92.68147

Lovely place with lovely mika. All very clean. Nice kitchen to use. Unfortunately were not able to watch the ruins. Mika knows a guide who can bring you in even though it is closed. But 200pp for that was to mutch for us. The place at Mika is highly recommended if you need to overnight.

Mazzoco 18.51540, -89.46135

This is really a professional and reliable petrol station. They even copied our passport. We got full for 600 (the normal price atm). But be sure you are talking with one of the guys of the station (uniform) and not with customers. One of them would like to send us away first. 🙈

Diesel station 27.22270, 56.25763

Both entrances provide a pretty rocky drive in, but the north entrance seems better for low clearance vehicles. I was fortunate to get the 2nd spot in from the north entrance. This is the only pull-through spot out of the 11 on this road. All spots are well spaced out, a good size and looks like they all have stone firepits. I've seen all types of vehicles drive by, from a sedan to a small skoolie so seems like all can make it as long as you go slow. Views of Organ Mountains on one side and Las Cruces in the distance on the other. The sunsets are beautiful! I stayed Tuesday - Saturday and spots filled up each night, but a few always opened up during the day.
The paved road is nearby and has a decent amount of traffic so expect to hear them driving over the cattleguard. T-Mobile service is spotty.

Baylor Canyon Road BLM 32.35006, -106.61287

This is a city park, just off Route 54 in Meade, KS. There are a few free campsites available, well marked with camping signs. There are flush toilets nearby, picnic tables, and trash receptacles. Mild road noise from Route 54, but not bad, and it gets quiet after 9 pm. A few cars drove through in the evening. ATT LTE and 2-3 bars phone. A great place to stop for the night. We stopped by again in 10/22, and travelers are still welcome at designated spots.

Meade City Park 37.28375, -100.32681

Great spot, nice service. Washing costs 5-7 eur depending on the machine/load weight and drying is 5 eur per load.
Shower for 2 eur.
Drinks, snacks, food available, as well as wifi.

Filia 37.46066, 21.65773

I really enjoyed this place. The pit toilets are exceptionally clean and worth paying the $8 for. The sunsets and sunrises are beautiful and I was visited by a ruby-throated hummingbird each day. Very nice hosts give you privacy.

Painted Rock Petroglyphs Campground BLM 33.02291, -113.04931

We arrived around 6pm. We told the reception guy that we wanted to visit the park the next morning and asked if it was okay to stay the night. Everything was fine and we were allowed to use the restrooms. We had to park our car next to the road, because the parking lot next to the entrance is for staff only. At night we had a nice chat with the security guard and he even showed us some night animals. When the night tours were over (around 8pm) it was completely quiet until 6am, no traffic.

Monteverde Reserve 10.30255, -84.79535

There is a fee to dump but, water is free.

Doheny Beach Dump and Water 33.46409, -117.68523

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