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Very nice place. Shortly after we arrived it rained heavy. The staff was very helpful and took care we could settle. Made nice coffee and food. We had a hot shower. One of the best campsites we had during our long trip. Highly recommended.

Nkuruba Community 0.51839, 30.30222

Walmart parking lot. Large lot[. 4 or 5 rv, vans, trucks parked in back lot. I don't see any no overnight parking signs.

Walmart 40.13530, -74.96660

Very loud overhead highway bridge meant i couldn't sleep and had to move on. large well patrolled area with flat spaces. Possible to walk or scooter downtown. great for a visit or if you can handle the noise.

Bass Pro Shops - Pyramid Parking Lot 35.14958, -90.05406

Definitely not closed on Nov 1, as we just stayed here for two nights. On their website, it shows that this year (2021) some of the loops are open through Dec 13 and one loop is open until Dec 31. Not sure if that's the same every year they're upgrading the electric hookups at the sites. Decent campground otherwise. 3 bars of TMobile and Google Fi.

Holly Point Campground 36.00837, -78.65269

Stayed here Friday through Sunday. Free campsite since season is over. Small campground. Most sites are level. Stayed right next to the river. Very peaceful this time of year. Campground is not plowed during the winter. Road to get there was dirt but very smooth. Highly recommend.

Greendale Campground 43.35069, -72.82081

Nice Walmart. parked on the west side by the garden section, not a single car in sight. sign for "no trucks" but no sign for no overnight camping. large area for dog to run off you have one

Walmart parking lot 33.90244, -84.11131

Pretty spot on the side of forest service road. 2 cars drive by in the evening, then no one all night or Monday morning.

Fire pit, lots of leftover / downed wood, mostly pine, dry enough to burn once the fires going

Faint signal on t-mobile. Enough to send a text or look something up, not enough to stream video

Rensselearville State Forest site 2 42.49957, -74.19559

small area next to the see,
accessible for bikes and motorbike,
at the end of a gravel road

Makre wild camp 40.84766, 25.74428

showers, quiet, 30$. have to book online.
beautiful. has tent, TV and shelters which are like little cabins.

Bellplain State Forest 39.24425, -74.85607

We spent the night next to the big SOTB sign. Tons of parking available, and the place isn't as busy as it used to be back in the day. Lots of highway noise from I-95, but nothing a good pair of ear plugs can't fix. Security patrols the lot all night.

South of the Border Truck stop 34.49545, -79.31040

We found a small flat place beside the road where to park the Camper and spent the night. Not to many vehicles pass. Internet is 3G in the celular.

Beside the Road -43.60210, -71.71395

Free wifi, very fast, in front of restaurant and bar, nice

Main Plaza -31.73109, -64.43074

It's an incredible place worth the detour. It's the che's house when it was a child, bed, business, clothes, and even rooms like the bathroom and the kitchen are in perfect condition. You will be very well received by a personnel in love with their knowledge and will appreciate to transmit it. The wifi is free and the visit is 40pp! If you are French, they have a workbook with the entire written story in French with the reference of the rooms not to be lost. The service is great, filled with history and very well presented. If you go around in the area, it's absolutely worth the visit!

c'est un endroit incroyable qui vaut le détour. C'est la maison du Che quand il était enfant, son lit, ces affaires, habits, et même les pièces comme la salle de bain et la cuisine sont en parfaite état. Vous serez très bien reçu par un personnel amoureux de leurs savoirs et apprécierons de vous le transmettre. Le wifi est gratuit et la visite est de 40pp! Si vous êtes français, ils ont un classeur avec toute l'histoire écrite en français avec la référence des salles pour ne pas être perdu. Le service est super, remplis d'histoire et très bien présenté. Si vous faites un tour dans la région, cela vaut absolument la visite!

Museo Che Guevara -31.64875, -64.44128

We slept at the end of this street, in front of the entrance for the river. It was very quiet and we felt safe. The campsite was closed and the other asked 1800pp to sleep. Nobody around, super quiet

nous avons dormis au bout de cette rue, devant l'entrée pour la rivière. C'etais très calme et on c'est sentie en sécurité. Le camping était fermé et les autres demandés 1800pp pour dormir. Personne aux alentours, super tranquille

Quiet street in front of the river -31.72507, -64.42727

We found this mice plateau with views going out if the main road.

there are plenty flat areas where you can park and sleep.

Not visible from the road, but you sometime hear the vehicles on the road.

you have to meander between small trees to find the place.

we've been here in dry season:
no high grasses
many small flies and bees.

cell phone reception

Behind the hill -16.78319, 29.02394

Still a good spot with minimal trash. Didn’t seem to have changed from the photos. Be aware that there was evidence of v recent sand mining activity, but didn’t appear to be a big operation—probably only a few truck loads. We arrived late Sunday afternoon and left mid morning on Monday and saw no one.

Camping in an old quarry 41.63927, 24.33303

Lights go off after Walmart closes, so mind that when choosing your spot. Felt safe. No issues.

Walmart Tehuacan 18.46766, -97.41504

Convenient! Just as described. Bring your own hose/filter.

Shell / Circle K 35.13473, -106.61324

Stayed the night on the Eastbound side. Had a pleasant nights sleep. Flush toilets cleaned daily, trash cans too. Good spot for a single night.

Arizona Rest Stop (both sides of Hwy) I-10 32.05992, -110.07557

great, quiet, and secluded camp spot. 10-15 minutes up a dirt road from the main Pisgah NF road, so keep an eye on weather, my dodge sprinter would never have made it up or down if it were muddy. there are lots of hiking trails all around you. only a few cars passed me while i was there. no one gave me any trouble. i spent 2 nights here. beautiful place to stay.

Bennett Gap, Avery Creek Road 35.32162, -82.77553

Muito tranquilo, de frente pro mar ao lado da casa dos guarda vidas.
Seguro, iluminado e silencioso.
Wild camp mesmo, sem ponto de água ou energia.

Garopaba beach -28.02198, -48.62084
Isabelle Côté

Toujours ouvert en novembre, nous sommes arrêtés pour prendre le diner. Propre, plusieurs tables à pique-nique, peu de visiteurs à ce temps-ci.

Rest Area 49.83371, -93.94825
Isabelle Côté

Bel endroit tranquille et sombre. Peu achalandé à ce temps-ci de l’année. Nous y avons passé la nuit.

St Anne Splash Park 49.66729, -96.64448

A police officer told me that this is city private property and I am not allowed the dump station.

City of Vancouver Dump Station 49.27290, -123.08821
R.T. Van Go

As described. Open. Several rigs present. Plenty of room for dozens more. Senior Pass makes it free, but instructions are unclear as to whether you have to obtain a permit from a FS office prior to camping. I didn't. Will post again if there is an issue. Windy, beautiful, and free.

Auxiliary dam recreation area. 35.64890, -118.46267

Espaço em frente e do lado do KIOSK, se consumir libera banheiro e até energia.
lugar tranquilo estamos em 5 MHs

Restaurante do Branco KIOSKI GAIVOTA -13.28195, -38.96287

Fantastic self serve laundry location! Takes quarters or cards and has a change machine inside. Met the owner and she was so nice. This place is so cute and retro and has a parking lot in the back for vans. (No big rigs but you may be able to park on a side street close to the building)

Sit & Spin 36.07472, -94.17133

incredible sunset views a lot of roads are really rough or washed out - almost got stuck looking for a ‘good’ spot ending up camping closer to the road for a night

Mt. Shasta Forest 41.48042, -122.32599

Nov. '21.
Basic but clean hotel. Matrimonial $200. Off road parking.

Hotel San Carlos 19.76434, -97.56526

Campsite #71 Warriors Path was near the river and boat slip. $32 for one night, most sites were full by nightfall. Bathrooms were clean. Arrived at 5:30pm and left at 9:30am. Stayed here overnight in overlanding SUV towing a utility trailer.

Warriors Path State Park, Kingsport. 36.49787, -82.48075

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