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Pretty quiet during the day. Was some loud fighting at nighttime and some bumping music but not close to us. Toilets working.

Courthouse Pier, Beach Parking Lot 30.37758, -89.04378

The coordinates for the entrance are
(21.8776258, -100.0422217)

Make sure you use these as the ones indicated on iOverlander will have Google make you pass by a small dirt road on the canal that is not good. We scratched the top of our rack on our van with low branches and the road is small and very rough.

Using my coordinates will bring you on a good road to the entrance.

Rincon de Luna 21.87839, -100.04115

OK for the night. Lots of people driving and walking by at night, even though it was very rainy. One spot that is hidden from the road. Otherwise lots of flat spots. Not easy to find a private place to use the "facili-trees" (wild bathroom)

Next to río Lenca -41.60802, -72.69097

The National Institute of Pathology (N.I.P.) is inside this building. The building is called SME Park. There is another SME Park along the same road a little more to the center of the town.
Also open in weekends from 9 to 12.
PCR tests will cost N$750. Card payment possible. We did the swaps at 11 o'clock. the results should be send to us by email the same day. Also in the weekends.

National Institute of Pathology (PCR tests) -17.92191, 19.76466

Campground is still closed as of today. There's a trash bag over the pay machine and an orange fence across the entrance to the camping area. No signs or any notices saying when it will be back open and nothing on the ACoE website.

Faceville Landing 30.78735, -84.66513
Andrew W Kragt

Free Bonsai Museum with over 100 bonsai trees, some trees over 100 years old. Well worth the trip to stop by and browse the trees. Large parking lot and easy freeway access.

Pacific Bonsai Museum 47.29399, -122.30200

ATM machine. 24/7
Close to Central Park

Dirección general de ingresos 27.28391, -112.89577

Ended up going back and staying the night here. My car is not stealthy at all, but no one bothered me. Quiet spot. Maybe 3-4 others slept in this row of parking or the lower lot. Bathroom was unlocked when I used it at 7:30am, so it may be 24/7.

Eben G Fine park 40.01273, -105.29609

Place was busy all night. I looked for a sign that said overnight was not allowed and found none. Police were here when I woke up, they looked around and left without contacting folks. There is staff here now cleaning up area, emptying trash. It's noisy, but Ok.

Larry Combs (Westley) Rest Area 37.58133, -121.32301

Superb views - simple but delicious food - rooms for spend the night beteeen coffee tree farms- exceptional views to the Cauca River Canyon.

Mirador El Ventiadero 6.05597, -75.89502

nice campsite, clean ablutions but only 1 shower per gender, small pool refresging but green...
price is 185 per adult per night and 90 for child 6 to 12
price includes Park fee

many hikes to do, we saw many giraffes

Ameib Guestfarm -21.78877, 15.62782

Stayed here for two nights over the weekend in RV. People fly by and there’s trash, but area felt safe and secure.

Street Parking 34.17213, -118.28180
Stiebilli op Jöck

We really enjoyed this quiet place as there was no other guests. Shady and grassy place under big trees. There is a big boma with two wooden chairs and benches, a kitchen area and a braai stand. Kabby, the catetaker is really attentive and cleaned everything when we arrived. Campsite is 15 US$ or 250 ZMK pppn. The cabins need maintenance - so they don't rent them out.

Kubu Zambezi (former Kubu cabins) -17.83023, 25.64834
Michael Conner

We stayed 4 nights at site 41. Pretty level, back in. Lovely walks all around. very friendly lovely place and bathrooms although old, showing signs of age, were always clean and stocked.
We would definitely come back. $15 with interagency and senior type passes. east to book online.
Lots of deer on road, so be cautious. plus stock up on perishables before arriving.

Verizon signal was great at our site with weboost. Campground wifi only works near entrance.

Codorniz Campground 37.21482, -119.96768

Nice campground with big trees, peaceful and quiet. Had 1-2 bars Verizon at times, but very spotty.

Cottonwood Camp- Big Bend National Park 29.13737, -103.52325

FYI, they require a two-night stay on weekends (3 nights on holidays) and now won't take payment at the gate so you have to reserve online (and pay their dumb "reservation fee"). I didn't stay.

Cachuma Lake Campground 34.57831, -119.95946

Easy access site set back from road. No level area, slight downhill angle. On well graded road. Decent privacy. Must register at Headquarters for stay

Green Ridge SF #38 39.63765, -78.49967

great spot to sleep! we live in a purple 5 window skoolie and we had a nice quiet night. There's lots of spots right by the water so we almost had our own little beach spot, too.

Wabasso Island 27.76028, -80.41778

Amazing spot to camp with a stunning view in the canyon.
Infrastructure is basic but functional (toilet, shower, tables, chairs).
The hosts are helpful and friendly.

Cabanas Campestres 6.76468, -73.00721

Perfect place to stay when visiting Santa Fe. We started to feel like this place was home. Easy access for two-wheel drive ProMaster, pit toilet, and two bars of good Verizon LTE. About 10 miles from downtown Santa Fe. We will stay here again when we visit next!

Santa Fe National Forest 35.68962, -106.09402
Dolson Bee

Super easy access, don't need a 4WD. The canyon you look down into where the trees are is actually part of China Ranch.

Edge of the Canyon 35.80612, -116.14107

Peaceful esquina del pueblo… except I think Sunday mornings going to be an early awakening.

Downtown San Ignacio 27.28354, -112.89823

"A Walk In The Forest" trail is currently roped off and closed but you can still park at the trailhead. Room for about 10 vans if you park side by side or a big rig or two. We stayed a couple nights in December. This seems to be the closest place to Tofino you can vehicle camp (it's about 30 mins drive). I'd imagine in the summer it will be packed. If visiting Tofino in a van during the summer just book a campsite even though the cost is very high. Vanlifers are not welcome in Tofino, no matter how tidy and respectful you are. Every logging trail, park, side road, even random spots like cemeteries etc. are closed off with gates and signs, and we've heard from multiple sources that you will absolutely get a $200 ticket if you try to overnight anywhere on the Tofino side of the National Park. Beautiful part of the world but not accessible through unconventional means. Enjoy!

Off highway 49.00230, -125.57533

Yup, still has free hot showers. Two stalls in a shared room. No shower heads, and the handles were broken off, but they worked! Very clean.

Shell gas station -41.34086, -72.98863

Beautiful place in rural area. The farm is run by Alice and Hugo who are very warm and welcoming to Overlanders. We could stay in the green garden under the trees. Nice pool and possibilities for drinks and dinner on request. Make sure to contact Alice before making the journey there. An amazing place to relax for a couple of days before heading out onto the Great North road again.

Druadan Farm -13.90859, 29.30044

Parking Lot in beautiful City Park, stayed 2 nights in van with no issue, couple other vans in lot, full ATT service, very quiet place to stay in City and the park is spectacular, crapper across street, WiFi at Noma cafe, regular parking lot so wouldn't try anything larger than van

Big Lake Parking City Park 29.98791, -90.09004

Unfortunately this was a really negative experience. We were charged 30c/pp, and told to give 50c/pp to the night guard to camp. They did warn us about the mosquitoes being bad, but that was the understatement of the century. We opened our doors and were instantly swarmed, the only thing that saved us was bug spray with deet. We did go swimming, the fish are super fun but also bite quite hard, especially if you have freckles or moles. The water is definitely crystal clear, but not blue. The top of the pool was covered in floating leaves, and the bottom was covered in an inch of fish poop that clouded up when we stepped. The bathrooms cost 5c, are only flushable with a pail, and have half an inch of water all over the floor. At dark we were approached by a lady surrounded by a pile of kids, who asked for our guard fee. Unfortunately we made the mistake of forgetting our dog's metal bowls outside overnight, and they were stolen from right under our camper. In the morning when we mentioned it to one of the owners, he shrugged and said he'd ask the guard. He never came back, and when my husband approached the night guard to ask politely, he was stared down without a single word. We just ended up leaving, and felt very unwelcome.

Balneario Campusano 12.79229, -87.06158
Tucks' Truck

lots of open spaces along the trail,, but trail gets increasingly rough and the camp spots are not very level

FS 9845 34.83042, -111.88490

propane by road, 10 drive through spots for trucks at back

Shell Travel Centre, 4673 Ontario St, Beamsville 43.18332, -79.47652

Quiet residential neighborhood with other cars parked on the street. A few vanpeople around but this area so maybe an rv could get away with parking for a night idk.

Marine Street Parking 30.68456, -88.05496

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