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This place is permanently closed.

Camping Kambulum 20.11566, -87.59068

We stayed one night camping here and it was ok. A few fishmen showed up during night, but se felt safe.

Praia Tucuns -22.80603, -41.93116

It is a Walmart parking lot, so a little bit of noise until it closes at 11:00pm. a few trees for shade, not too many.
My only real and major concern is the stinky water treatment facility behind it, the smell is pretty bad. Woke me up a few times.
I'm honestly kicking myself for not staying at the Brawley Walmart less than 20min away. Lots of shade, no stink. Don't make my mistake...choose Brawley.

Walmart El Centro 32.81413, -115.57545

attention mauvaises coordonnées : l'emplacement est le l'autre côté du canal, là où il y a tous les loueurs de kayaks

Lake Yojoa Kayak 14.94102, -88.03233

not for overnight. we were woke up by a policeman, he told us that is not possible to sleep in the véhicules in all whistler... see the picture. 100$ fine... he wrote the licence plate and we leave...

Meadow Park Parking 50.14489, -122.96250

overnight not allowed in all whistler roads and parkings

Whistler - Side road Parking 50.14476, -122.96266

campground closed for the winter...

Cal-Cheak Recreation Site 50.05968, -123.10026

I wasn't able to find this place.

Charlesford Farm Campsite -31.84435, 18.25336

Beautiful spacious camp spots near Empire Ranch historic site which has clean fresh well water

Cieneguita BLM Land 31.76652, -110.62822

I was very skeptical about a parking lot but this was fine, especially right after a show at the Colony across the street.

Woodstock Parking Lot 42.04293, -74.11931

This place is permanently closed.

Coco's Corner 29.51663, -114.29073

This laundromat has a large parking lot suitable for large rigs. Lots of machines were still available on a Saturday afternoon. Seems to be well maintained. All machines were operable.

Laundromat 46.10975, -64.82940

Nowadays, it is closed. Call this number for information. 3172763487 3188215460 Purace Volcano

Cabañas Parque Del Puracé 2.36347, -76.40365

perhaps make reservations ahead of time. we did not and could only stay a night. great place!!

Campo Archelon 28.97131, -113.54724

Water spigot had a lock on it.

Water Spigot 35.02771, -85.31621

A parking lot close to the road and during day quit busy so we left. I took the liberty of changing the details form "wild camping" to something more fitting.

Parkplatz am Strand 46.93309, 7.12049

Great ATT and Verizon and absolutely gorgeous! The spots are far apart making it feel like you are the only one here.

Rye Creek deeper in 34.13772, -111.36758

Parking lot appears to be closed as the access is barricaded at highway 35.

Rotary Park 44.93779, -78.71320

A beautiful place to stay for one or more nights. It is only a few steps to the beach and a ristorante/beach bar, but it remains closed out of season. Toilets, water etc are obviously only available during the season, too. Unfortunately, no trash cans are offered on this cozy place so that visitors obviously feel invited to leave their garbage directly in nature. We have collected six large garbage bags together today, but which unfortunately does not even eliminate half of the pollution. A supermarket should have been visited in time if you stay here out of season. Otherwise is about 1 km the Supermercato Delfino.


Marina di Pisticci 40.32768, 16.71506

Is by a native reserve

Spots by the river 49.19673, -119.99667

Arrived around 7pm on a Saturday night and it was pretty busy but still nice. Stay on the main road as the road to the 1st pool is awful…see pic. Drove around past the 1st pool for a nice quiet spot. 1st pool is the warmest. 2nd has fish!

Meadow hot springs 38.86604, -112.50726

Open all year. Checked in at 10:30 am ($33 CAD which is ~$26 USD for 120/30/50 electric) today and stayed in spot 97 (end of open area back by the river). There was no host/employee at booth so as instructed self registered. Hoped to pay on-line but unable to reserve these spots as that ended in October. Many spots available and it was an easy process (actually paid in USD unsure if that was an issue, but didn’t hear anything to the contrary). This is Lake Louise Campground 2 (hard sided they call it) as not tents are allowed. It is central to many things/activities and for some peace and beauty on the back side of the property is a stream which is accessible. Yes there are train tracks and trains do roll through - I don’t make an issue of it. Sites are interesting in that there are two per “pull in” (side by side) so if the campground was full each person would have a neighbor. Fire pits (you can purchase wood $8 CAD), picnic tables, lots of beautiful trees and level spots with brand new electric boxes that contain household plug, 30 and 50 amp. No water hookups. Dump station is large/numerous lanes (although just one open this time of year) and grouped near the front of the campground. Potable water is available and there was sign saying to fill up at the bathroom building (there is a room with sinks for washing dishes - this is where I figure one would fill their water jugs). Bathroom were very clean and the shower was hot - very nice actually. I would definitely stay here again for the price, but for those who want everything (total peace, total privacy, all hookups) this might not be the place for you. This is my first Canadian Park campground and if all are similar, I would say they are doing things right. Forgot to add: LTE Verizon Service, no issues.

Lake Louise Campground 51.41147, -116.17261

caldor fire area closed until further notice

Eldorado NF 38.55718, -120.28632

Closed to RVs, at least today??

Rancho La Bufadora 31.72590, -116.71571

The other spot close to this one was a bit more crowded and in November the way to it has been too muddy, but we found this one, which is easy to access.
Directly at the river it has been very calm, just one friendly sheppard came along. It's a big area even for bigger rigs, no trash lies around. Turkcell worked very well here.

Calm Spot At The River 39.65298, 43.34918

very good campsite, reasonnable Price (200 ppn, very good dîner 180 ppn).
when we arrived, welcom drink very appreciate.
very good wifi at thé réception.
électricité on sites only from 7.00 to 21.00
highly recommended

Kaoko Bush Lodge and Camp -19.57484, 14.84467

Alternative spot to the other mentioned nearby (the church parking was busy and the town parking did not seem free anymore). Next to the street so not totally quiet. Just at the lake. In the morning fishermen use this spot so we left earlier than usual just not to bother them. They were not unfriendly though. Police passed by a few times but did not stop so we guess our stay was tolerated. Not a good place for big rigs (too little space) and not suitable for tents (rough concrete ground with some grooves)

Fishing spot 40.50459, 21.27842

Great Spot to overnight! Incredible views. I used MapsMe App to find the access road (google has you stopping right off of main road and walking down a cliff). It was a bit windy. We set up out tents right along the road edge and the did the cooking and hanging out in against the rock face on the other side of the access road.

Old Anenous Pass -29.22437, 17.61040

Very scenic terraced campground small with 20 sites ,tent area as well clean showers and toilet electricity and water at all so sites. Open until end of olive harvest 12/11 very friendly owners. Charged 100 kuna off season 2 people /camper van great for small rigs. Easy access to beach with promenade and restaurant’s,good swimming beach.

Podaca camping 43.12262, 17.30565

Campground with view to Weser River
More then 50 Places
Long Vehicles welkom.

Wohnmobilplatz Stolzenau 52.50944, 9.08149

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