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Restaurant Susy we arrived late almost at closing time 9pm (off season December) and worried about this place. We were surprised with the service We had dinner and ask about staying overnight the owner Luis told us no problem he even moved his car for us to park in his spot. We also ask Luis for the boat tour is 250 pesos per person for a 3 hr. Tour which includes jumping from a rock 3 bays and snorkeling if your lucky you can see dolphin and whales only in December. Luis is the man he’s got all the connection

restaurant suzy sussy susi 15.66487, -96.49587

Nice spot. Still working on getting the bathrooms set up (no hot water). But the owner is super nice, it’s small, and nice grounds.

Zihul is a good source of info on the area. Ask him about Rancho Chinga and google that (it's not what you think). We might try and roll out there to visit the ranch, but I bet he can tell you all about where to go in Baja.

Zihul campground 27.97179, -114.02038

a friend recommended us this place, since he knew the owner. There is no name at the entrance but two big Colombian flags. Fernando and his family were very friendly and always happy to help us. Days were hot so we spent the afternoons by the river near by. Fernando father has a private access at his land which is 15min from the camping spot.

Pesca y coma finca 6.77630, -73.61098

Parked on the street across from the Chamber of Commerce
It was fairly quite after 10 pm. This was in October
It is very close to down town

Next to O’Donnell golf course in Palm Springs 34.19262, -118.36285

Pay Dump station. With water to flush tanks. $40

Benchmark RV 34.22298, -118.38568

There is parking around the corner from the water station so you don’t have to lug your jugs around too far.

Big Lots Water Station 32.75100, -117.20390

Carpark at the nature reserves Achtermoor and Schlapshof

Carpark Achtermoor/Schlapshof 53.51592, 10.15002

police say not allowed


On the canal 25.32782, 55.35598

Public toilets with hot water in the taps. Water tap outside for filling up.

Hopeman Harbour 57.71039, -3.43597

quite nice place with trees, not far from Highway

Wadi camp 23.89468, 45.22471

Ocean front room, including breakfast for $95. Gorgeous views from my room and the restaurant/bar at the top. Very friendly staff. They don't have a dedicated motorcycle parking but they let me park inside of a restaurant next door after it closed down at 9pm. A big curb to get in but nothing an adventure bike can handle. They have laundry service if you ask. Nice neighborhood around. Out and about drinking beers.

AST Surf Hotel 13.48636, -89.32255

This train station has free overnight parking for up to 14 days. We slept here in our van for one night on a Friday. The lot is well lit, no one bothered us, and it’s walking distance to some restaurants. The train station is open 7am-9pm and has restrooms, water fountains, vending machines, and WiFi. The only downside is noise from the trains.

Saco Train Station Overnight Lot 43.49279, -70.45109

Great spot, we stayed here four days and never saw another soul for half of them. We have a pop top and the wind, while persistent, was never strong enough to be a problem. Some service for both Verizon and att

Shell Beach 30.77230, -114.73198

The most invasive checkpoint we’ve come across, we both got out and waited by the car while he searched every inch of our truck. He opened and went through every bag in every cabinet, it took a little while but was otherwise straight forward and we went on our way

Military checkpoint 32.56693, -115.94414

We Parkin the parking lot along with a few other suvs and vans without problems. Great view to wake up to. Left around 8:45 the next morning. Saw some cars overnight along the street also.

Vietnam Mémorial Walk 44.63693, -124.06277

It is still here! $8 per person. This will be the cheapest you will find in town. You get a double room for $16.

We got a room upstairs for 2 people (there were 3 beds). Very simple room but clean with a tv, a private bathroom with hot water, comfy beds with lots of warm blankets, and there is a big bottle (garrafón) with purified water downstairs. Wifi was strong. We brought our bikes inside and left them under the stairs (inside) in the first floor.

The rooms are very quiet and some of them are very dark; so very good sleep at night. There are some rooms with windows if you prefer that. The street is very chilled, felt safe the whole time and there is a very nice artisanal brewery with pizza/pasta/burgers right in front of the hotel; it’s called Chiles. Their veggie pizza and burger are yummy!

Will recommend.

Hostal junin 0.81388, -77.71716

Very cool little place! Cyclists collectives hang out here and sometimes screen short films about the region conservation efforts.

Casa Cultura Carchi 0.79806, -77.73475

Gorgeous little cemetery. Free entrance. You can walk around the well maintained gardens. We biked around but mostly walked; it’s so pretty. It’s a very calm and quiet space. The sculptures are very interesting and impressive.

If you take photos be mindful that the space is a sacred place for locals; a place where their loved ones who have passed are buried.

Cemetery Tulcan 0.79806, -77.73474

We are parked at the last spot on the dirt road, right next to 2 beautiful saguaros. Love it here!

Pump Station BLM 32.43944, -111.38955

Sweet little RV parking lot. 8 minute walk to lift. Pay/reserve spot online for $28. Spots large enough to accommodate two vans. Pottys and trash available. Town is pretty baren when it comes to supplies/gas/grocery so load up in advance my doods

Gila Monster Parking Area at Taos Ski Valley 36.59719, -105.45712
Instagram: @savannatales

Excellent shade for a lunch picnic and some very fresh air from the sea.

Shaded Tree (With Fresh Sea Breeze!) -18.41290, 12.45981

Harvest host offers one space for free dry camping, with specialty ciders made on site. Also has a food truck with excellent Asian fusion cuisine. Dogs welcome, on leash as they have cats and chickens on site. No amenities but the restroom is open overnight, a long walk from the RV parking location!

Hye Cider Company 30.24527, -98.53904

Huge parking lot, suitable for big rigs too. I called to have permission to stay overnight and was told: as long as you're not in the way of customer entrance ( as we should do in all other businesses' parking lots). So park as far as you can, plenty of room.

Bass Pro Shops 26.05717, -80.16540

Fantastic stay! Mario is extremely friendly and knowledgeable willing to explain everything he knows in both Spanish and English. We pitched our tent under one of his many ranches and enjoy the serenity of his property. Bird watching with coffee early in the morning, day trips and hikes all around, close to town and all that for $5pp/pn… score!
Highly recommend

Potosi camp 8.59899, -80.14299

Woke up to a park ranger rapping on my window telling me I had to leave immediately. There are no signs, she said “they can’t put signs everywhere”. She also said you are not allowed to car camp in the boat ramp area even if you pay the $5. Was in a van that is not stealth. Apparently this spot it is private government property. The state park down the road is very nice though.

Modoc- boat launch on peninsula 33.73223, -82.23068

Shell parking lot. 25 Quetzales for the night. Toilets clean. Noisy but ok .

Camping in the parque central next to shell 14.68244, -92.13853

Flat, wide, off the road good for a night between Yungay and turnoff to Route 7

Hillside pullout -47.86262, -73.31069

Stayed 2 nights. Only $10 with hot pay showers. Close to I 580 and Tracy. Expect noise from dirt bikes.

Carnegie SVRA (off-road vehicle park) 37.63192, -121.53837

Pretty quiet during the day. Was some loud fighting at nighttime and some bumping music but not close to us. Toilets working.

Courthouse Pier, Beach Parking Lot 30.37758, -89.04378

The coordinates for the entrance are
(21.8776258, -100.0422217)

Make sure you use these as the ones indicated on iOverlander will have Google make you pass by a small dirt road on the canal that is not good. We scratched the top of our rack on our van with low branches and the road is small and very rough.

Using my coordinates will bring you on a good road to the entrance.

Rincon de Luna 21.87839, -100.04115

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