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Beware their is construction going on in the lot next to where they ask you to park. For that reason I was woken up super early!

Tortoise Rock Casino - Twentynine Palms 34.12037, -116.05052

Free dump and fresh water. Watch out At first we copy paste enplacement and we arn’t arrive at the good place. But with «show me with google map » we found it

Morgan City 29.69617, -91.18716

we spent two nights in this parking lot without any security concerns. very calm. there is a guard who told us that there was no problem sleeping here. there are toilets closed at night. an outside water tap near the WC. raccoons occupy the second parking lot further off the road near the fishing pier. however, this second car park is more difficult to access due to low branches and an electric cable that is too low for us.

nous avons dormi deux nuits sur ce parking sans aucun problème de sécurité. très calme. il y a un gardien qui nous a dit qu’il n’y avait aucun problème pour dormir ici. il y a des toilettes fermées la nuit. un robinet d’eau à l’extérieur proche des WC. des ratons laveurs occupent le second parking plus éloigné de la route proche du d’embarcadère des pêcheurs. ce second parking est toutefois plus difficile d’accès en raison de branche basses et d’un câble électrique trop bas pour nous.

on jetty for Flamingo Travel 20.85764, -90.38386

Nice spot! It’s like a hotel/truck stop/travel Center with bathrooms, showers, wifi, and at Christmas time now has a whole Christmas light show with trees decorated outside. Good find

Little America Flagstaff 35.19099, -111.61910

Professional and helpful guys. I went there in search of a battery, which they didn't have but offer to recover my one and charge another one. They also offered to send one of their guy to go around the shops to find the most appropriate battery. While there, they had a KTM 250 in the workshop, and were doing works on the forks. They seem knowledgeable people.

Yamaha 4.05725, 9.69728

After Reading all the comments about the campsite near B1 we decided to Go here.
How really beautiful Place. Standing under a big tree we spent a very hot day feeding birds and waiting for a beautiful evening between the Quivertrees.

Mesosaurus Fossil Camp + Bushcamp -26.37953, 18.48282
Dune Crane

4th night in the last several weeks. Easy to find a spot even after hours as they post sheets with tear-off tabs for available spots. All good experiences thus far, and with Verizon I'm getting strong 5g signal.

Grand Canyon Mather Campground 36.05046, -112.11679

very small, but ok for one small rig. lots of cars and people passing by during day time. night is peaceful
we asked locals if its ok to sleep here and they said its ok

Near River 5.71795, -72.85203
Wendy & Graham

The GPS co-ordinates will bring you right here: look for 'El Sueno' at the end of the road. Silvia and Heinz are friendly welcoming hosts. The property is directly on the coast so you can go for a long walk on the beach. The camping area is spacious and the bathroom is excellent and clean. A washing machine is available. The price in November 2021 is $17US for one person and if there are two of you, you must pay an extra $8US. So the total for two people and a camper is $25US.

Paraiso Suizo -34.78919, -55.43140

Dump was great, easy especially for cassette tank dumps (wide hole). However, no fresh water. Was told by onsite maintenance that it’s frequently broken. Able to sleep overnight as well.

Rest area 39.68649, -75.47412

Great location close to Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. Easy access, tons of spots, and road, although close by, isn’t very busy or loud. Beautiful sunset views!

Gunsite wash - BLM Camping 32.23908, -112.75222

Great public park, it’s safe and it has a new playground and bathroom. The park also offers water and electrical hookups, 15 amp. It would make a great spot for a night or two. You can see more on our:
IG @tenaj_tino_

Stowell County Park 29.81274, -94.38044

Best Restaurant at this beach. We have eaten there severalvtimes different menus and it was pwrfect each time. Try the papillon fish, it's the best!

El Capi 15.69187, -96.23592

Spot as described. Reasonably quiet at night.

Ash Lake Road Pull Out 45.67826, -121.90884

Stayed three nights, payed 8US per person per night. No kitchen for public use, cold showers.
The place was really nice in general. Beautiful views, great to swim in the lagoon, pool and ping pong, kayaking, all at no extra charge.
The restaurant isn't too expensive either!

Paradiso Hostel 11.93372, -86.05473

the best Indian restaurant I have eaten for 6 months in South America. Everything was spicy as it should be, the butter chicken and the tika massala were really delicious! The only complaint I would say is that the portions are small for the price .. 1150pesos for the butter chicken and 1150 for the tika, the waitress tells you that a rice for two is not enough, a rice is too much little .. we shouldn't have listened to it on his. The porcion of rice is for one people But everything is excellent, if you like Indian food and you are in the area go there!

le meilleur restaurant Indien que j'ai mangé depuis 6mois en Amérique du sud. Tout etait épicés comme il faut, le butter chicken et le tika massala etaient vraiment délicieux ! Le seul reproche que je dirais c'est que les portions son petites pour le prix.. 1150pesos pour le butter Chicken et 1150 pour le tika, la serveuse vous dit que un riz pour deux suffit ne la croyais pas, un riz sa fais trop peu.. on aurais pas du l'écouter sur sa. Mais tout est excellent, si vous aimez la cuisine indienne et que vous etes dans le coin allez y!

Mumbai Masala (Indiana food) -32.89241, -68.84884

In Belterra’s downtown, this is a very peaceful square during the week. At night, some people around here just exercising. There is a public bathroom that is open 24 hours next to the bus station. Vivo's 4G coverage works well. Small markets all around here.


No centro de Belterra, essa é uma praça bastante tranquila durante a semana.
À noite, algumas pessoas por aqui somente fazendo exercícios.
Há um banheiro publico que fica aberto 24h ao lado da rodoviaria.
Cobertura 4G da Vivo funciona bem.
Pequenos mercados ao redor da praça.

Belterra’s square -2.63613, -54.93685

Laundry Lounge is behind the Escalante Outfitters store. Laundry and shower is available as long as store is open.
$3.00 for wash
$.50 for dryer
There is a shower available for paid customers. Or you can purchase a shower at the store. It's spacious and clean. Right now there is only 2 washers and 1 dryer that is working. If everything was un order there are 3 washers and 2 dryers.

Escalante outfitters 37.77101, -111.60656

Nice spot. Plenty of room and cell service. Off the road enough to be pretty quit. Road coming in was not bad for our 24ft rv.

Close to Zion off Hwy 9 37.25416, -112.76952

Federal Building. No Water, No Dump Station, No Overnight Parking Anymore. Visitor Center drill open

Natchez 31.55417, -91.41296

Local muito tranquilo para dormir e curtir a praia. Dois vizinhos vieram olhar o motorhome e foram bem receptivos dizendo que o lugar é seguro e tranquilo.
Dormimos super bem e aproveitamos a praia.

Beira da praia -25.79414, -48.52338

Nice remote and quiet spot. 3 bars of ATT 5G. Had the place to ourselves. There was some trash/plastic debris which we disposed of. PLEASE leave no trace so that we can all continue to enjoy these beautiful areas.

No Name Camp 45.16354, -123.67104

we stayed one night. we arrived after dark but it was still easy to find a spot by the water. we were the only ones there. we heard the occasional truck from the highway but overall it was quiet.

Blanding Utah Recapture Reservoir 37.66798, -109.43803

the water was still turned on as of November 16.

Maverick Gas 38.55881, -109.54348

it was busy so there was a bit of a wait when we were there, but it is free so worth it.

Maverick Gas Station 38.55868, -109.54353

Great pullout with incredible views of salt lake city. 50' past this spot is another that's further off the road.

shaggy mountain pullout 40.50675, -111.97624

Spigot with potable water behind the gas station, had both hot and cold water.

Murphy Express gas 40.50677, -111.97615

Decent pull out off the dirt road, can see/ hear freeway, so probably want ear plugs.

Anderson Mountain Cutoff road pull out 38.12319, -112.61971

when approaching the coordinates, you'll see a slight uphill pulling to the left,this seems to be a tent area with some parking spots that you can camp in your rig. if you continue straight past this area, you will come to a more open area with a few tent pads and the toilets. I just pulled in here in the dark and the road in is a bit creepy but there's another van here now.

Blue Spring Campground 37.05399, -91.63853

Pulled in around midnight. Only person here. Flat and just a small spot tucked in behind the highway. Was quiet at night got noisy around 7:30 but not too bad stayed until 9 am with no issues.

Dept of fish and wildlife land 46.50397, -123.88687

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