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Great spot with full 30a hookups and sewer. A few others here, seem to be working construction in the area. Quiet spot to sleep for a night or 2.

Free Campsite provided by Guernsey 51.86882, -105.18811

Fresh Water located in RV parking lot. Hose available, but I used my own.

Indian Meadow Service Plaza, West Unity I80/90 Westbound 41.60636, -84.40634

Breathtaking view for a Floridian. almost afraid to get out of the car. haven't been this high since the 60's drug era lol. Definitely don't miss this sight. A bit windy for sure.

Steer Pasture Overlook Dispersed Camping 43.89939, -102.23303

This place is permanently closed.

Lake Oașa Wildcamp 45.57913, 23.61308

This place is permanently closed.

White River 47.86252, -120.85585

free water tap behind the store right next to the door

Petro Canada 49.70511, -123.14668

Petro Canada gaz station

free water tap behind de store right next to the door

Drinking water 49.70514, -123.14668

Level and very quiet, walking distance to restaurants, bars and coffee shop. Borders nice greenway.

24 hour lot in town 39.40226, -107.21115

Wonderful place. Lots of room, few campers. The GPS Coordinates listed take you off US60 and onto the county road needed to get to Forest Road 65 that these sites are off of. There are sites before and after the listed location. Just past it is forest with shade and lots of spots. Verizon signal varies but mine is fine for browsing.

Cinder Cone Views 34.20197, -109.55469

It costs 37.90$ to stay 1 night. Sites are big. Location is nice. Firewood is NOT free. It’s 8$/bundle. Showers are 1$/4min. Washrooms look like jail washrooms.. you get power and water at your site. Surprisingly high price for end of season..

Smithers municipal campground 54.78531, -127.14933

Water and dump station free. Jist a the gas station petro canada

Petro-Canada 46.07518, -64.76360

Water is so low you can drive all the way on the dry lake bed and set up camp. Full sun.

Free Campground 43.24536, -111.10341

This place is in wrong location - it is located at -31.37322, 19.14544

Star Wors -31.37322, 19.14544
Long Way For A Look

This place is permanently closed.

Mt. Work parking lot south 48.51725, -123.48791

The actual name is “Star Wors” as in the Afrikaans word for sausage. We arrived at the gate without a reservation. We called the owner Johan +2782 331-2616. He was very friendly and told us that he was fully booked but that we can camp near the storeroom, or basically anywhere we like. We drove until we found a spot and set up camp. There is a shower and toilet at the storeroom. And if you book in advance you can camp at the actual camp spot. But we were very happy in the wild. We also found good reception where we stopped. The price was R150 per person per night. Just a note - when coming from the main road the previous GPS coordinates will tell you to turn left where there is no turn off. Just drive a couple of metres until you see a sign (I have since logged the fault -maybe the coordinates are correct now)

Star Wors -31.35785, 19.18591
Dori & Mena

There is now a no camping sign posted.

La Tuque 47.39726, -72.73985
Dori & Mena

This place is permanently closed.

La Tuque 47.39726, -72.73985

Parking area for a small park. Park is closed 11:30PM to 4AM but doesn't explicitly say no parking. Grey area

Street parking 47.66563, -122.40130

Lugar tranquilo con mucho lugar para dormir. sin protección del viento. Buena señal de teléfono y 4G.

Pampa El Leoncito -31.81691, -69.45738

Very small parking lot off the highway. Better than a pull of for the night and less exposed. No cell service.

Charles Sprague Memorial Wayside 45.49238, -123.63014

This place is permanently closed.

One night stay 37.95156, -119.22469

Excelente camping. Ótima localização. Banheiros muito limpos. Gramado bem aparado. Toda infraestrutura necessária. Espaço grande para MH de todos os tamanhos

Camping Gramado -29.36378, -50.86227

Great rest stop. Warm washrooms, lights, kid playground, river, electric cars charging station, and power outlets outside washrooms

Hwy 16 Rest Stop 53.72614, -121.14313

no overnight parking signs everywhere!

Mountain bike parking 52.83975, -119.25601

All is well at this location. This has been a go to spot for us on several occasions now…

Parking Hard Rock Hotel and casino 36.16761, -95.76287

Simple but very clean and quiet hotel for a good price. With pool, spa and secure parking, especially for RVs. Very close to the historical center. Highly recommended.

Baluarte Hotel 19.19871, -96.13308

Great location on the river with all facilities present and in great condition. A bit on the expensive side as we paid for unpowered site 44AU$. Shops and restaurants close by. All facilities are modern and in great condition. Kitchen has the best view to the river.

Noosa River Holiday Park -26.39372, 153.07371

9.90.lari, ( normaly for Hostel guest, but there where very Kind and except , for us) Don’t Forget a Tip.

Laundry in Fabrika Hostel 41.70951, 44.80278

I called and verified it is OK to stay overnight. Just park in the lot to the LEFT of the store. There are adjacent businesses that have NO Parking signs, but that doesn’t apply to Cabela’s lot. Stayed here 2 nights with multiple other rigs. Huge lot, but located on a gently sloping hill so you won’t be level. A bit of road noise at night, and a few teenagers skateboarding down the hill, but they weren’t loud.

Cabela's Parking 40.43843, -111.89141
Instagram: @savannatales

We stayed 3 nights at Croc valley (10$pp) and 2 at wildlife (13$pp). Croc valley is much nearer to the park gate, so better when gamedriving early morning until night, but was also more active, with noise from the bar until 11pm. Wildlife camp is better to spend the day, much calmer and larger view. Price are not really fixed though : 10$ in green season, 16 in peak season... but 13$ for spontaneous campers in this still empty covid time. We had elefants and baboons in both camps, swimming pool was not clean in either camps. Good ablution blocks in both. (Fresh fruit and vegs delivery by ''Thomas the gardener'', see relevant POI near Wildlifecamp).

Wildlife Camp -13.10952, 31.75370

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