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Showers opened at 10am. Used the time to read by the shore and recharge the Jackery. Shower never got hot, but warm enough to be manageable.

Lake Padden Park 48.70571, -122.45657

We arrived late in the evening and camped on the other side of the small creek.

Beautiful area where we were able to do a camp fire and look at the stars.

As we were having breakfast by the car on the beach, we had the visit of a group of sheep! Lovely surprise!

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Embree 49.32026, -55.05421

Acton Recreational Area, managed by BLM. 3,800 acres total with 6.6 miles of maintained gravel roads to explore. Seems to be a popular local mountain biking spot. 2 dedicated RV camping areas. One at the entrance and another maybe 0.5 mile down the road. Maybe 10 spots total?? 100% FREE. There were 2 RVs parked further down the road under some trees, not in the dedicated area. They were the only people here, along with a couple mountain bikers and a guy with a quad in the back of his pickup that just pulled up. My spot is right on the edge of a very steep cliff and overlooks a deep canyon with bluffs in the distance covered with scattered ponderosa pine trees. Pics don't do it justice, it's gorgeous.

This area is 9 miles off Route 3, which you take out of Billings. First 6.5 miles of road are paved or very good gravel roads. When you make the turn in for the last 2.5 miles, the road gets worse with some really nasty washboard that will knock your fillings out.... so take it easy Mario. Each site has a picnic table and a fire 🔥 ring. Burn ban is in full effect. There is a vault toilet 🚻 at the entrance. There may be some trash cans too, I think I saw.... but no other services. Surprisingly, there are 17 OTA TV stations. VZW is SLOW. 1.8 mbps down/ 0.5 up. ATT is a bit better.... 9.6 mbps down/1.6 up. ****Update**** night/morning/off peak VWZ is pulling 12 mbps down/3 up. stayed here 5 nights.

Acton Recreation Area 46.04209, -108.66079

Drove up Andy Creek Rd and by all of these sites today. The roads and these spots are all marked as private timber property and they are indeed outside of the state/NF forest boundaries. We did not stay.

Out in the Woods 45.30435, -123.86786

Drove up Andy Creek Rd and by all of these sites today. The roads and these spots are all marked as private timber property and they are indeed outside of the state/NF forest boundaries. We did not stay.

Grassy area 45.30347, -123.87226

coordinates are perfect. just past the vet.
credit card only. $2.50 up to 250 gallons. Instructions are on the door, and it's a little building with blue trim. Very easy.

Buena Vista City Maintenance Yard 38.82535, -106.13108

Small parking under the trees. One complete level spot for a van or car. More spots without level ground. I spend a very peaceful night here.

Forest (Grosswald) near SaarbrĂĽcken 49.25313, 6.91894

The hill is pretty rutted and loose. Starts where 56A joins 32C. Its not especially long but its 1 lane and I personally wouldn't want to be driving anything large and heavy up it. Probably why its so rutted. More than manageable with my short top 2wd promaster but I had to hug one side to avoid the ruts.
Roads were very easy after that.
Tons of scattered sites.
Lovely rocks formations.

Hartman Rocks 38.49902, -106.94837

hot showers, cheap laundry, little store with goodies and beer, the owners are the sweetest couple and so helpful. they keep the place super clean!! definitely recommend staying here if in the area or passing through!!

Elk Bend RV Park 44.90264, -113.96867

Public facility with toilets and independent sinks with hot / cold water. Lot of space.

Halte Routière Saint-Siméon 47.83758, -69.88192

Wide open area. Big rigs would find backing up and turning very easy.

Too bad someone dumped garbage here.

A good rest area.

Gravel Pit with View 55.35049, -115.04042

Public Wifi code is currently written on the tourism office door.

Wifi Halte Routière Saint-Siméon 47.83781, -69.88168

EVERY municipality should have spot like this allocated for overnights. Thank you town of Exeter. Very nice and appreciated.

Elliott Park 43.35665, -81.48361

Super buggy!!! No one here for
obvious reasons.

Freezeout Lake 47.68335, -112.04499

If following Google do not turn off of the first dirt road until you see the sign for the park and the building. Google said to turn too early

Casa Caravan Baja 23.34423, -110.16675

Free dump station. Went in to ask and make sure. It’s back behind diesel.

Sapp Bros 40.69095, -95.78935

Rest stop and picnic area with 3 tables and pit toilets... There are "No Overnight Camping" signs posted.

It'a beautiful here...

South Last Mountain Lake 50.74650, -104.86740

As described. Beautiful sandy beach. The lot is just where the road ends. The bridge over the river is in construction. We will see tomorrow morning how soon workers get to work!

Mira Gut Beach 46.03676, -59.96730

So far so good, just arrived. Spot is super quiet by the road and the grass is even cut.

Chemin Saint-Thomas Nord 48.23318, -70.21997

We stayed for one night. Big parking lot at a park with no signs about over night parking. Huge field for the dogs to run and right next to a river! In the morning lots of locals using the park to exercise. Bathrooms are clean. AT&T and Verizon had service but really slow... t mobile had service at 8 download and 2 upload. We are in a camper van - anything over 22 feet would be an issue... it is a neighborhood park - so incognito is best !

Sequoyah Park 35.92892, -83.97407
Frankazoid Travel

just small place with local trail to the village below. no too leveled, no cell signal, some locals walking by during the day. didn't stay for a night though. not visible from the road

Xilitla Mountains 21.34039, -98.97565

Fantastic facility and free. Right off the road where pinpointed, quick and easy. FREE

Dixie National Forest dump and water 37.70443, -112.64962

Borden camp site is a 25$/ night campsite with a staff member who lives on site. So it is not free but a very nice facility.
When leaving the next morning yes there is a large open dirt pit after the bridge exit to the right where free camping could take place. No signage there against camping.

Borden Bridge Campground 52.37651, -107.14462

Found it easily and didn't have any issues. Very clean!

Annacortes water treatment center 48.51889, -122.60732

We passed on it. It's $20 to dump and you have to go to the office and pay another $20 for the key to access it, which you get back upon returning the key. We dumped at Anacortes instead for free.

Friday Harbor Wastewater Treatment Plant 48.53817, -123.02338

Propane, gas, water and dump! Friendly staff. And portopotties if you come after hours

Chevron Gas Station 39.32264, -120.22763

Came on Labor Day Monday night and the crowds had gone. Got a nice, deeply shaded and level spot to park the van. Great views of the puget at the nearby park. Hot showers, 25¢ for 3 min. Only reason for the docked star was the price – too expensive for how close together/crowded the sites were, but because the camp wasn’t full it felt ok. $32/night, but a range of prices for spots (guessing the ones with louder train noises are cheaper, but we didn’t hear the train past 10pm). Lots of water taps and very clean bathrooms. Safe spot.

Larabee state park 48.65486, -122.49132

I think this spot is marked incorrectly on the map. It’s was just a pull off on the side of the service road… if you drive farther up the paved road there was a large pull in on the left. I stayed there instead.

NF-27 47.79257, -122.93583

Small place near the town Sac. For all who don’t want to get frozen up at the Passo Valparola, this is down in the walley, at the bank of the river. The name is copied from the place on the google maps, that is close to here. But the bridge is down, and the pathwalk is blocked by the fallen trees. Water is icy cold but clean

Cascata vicino di Acqua Solforosa 46.44461, 11.98758

Water and dump station. Good access for most size rigs

Cedar Dunes Provincial Park 46.61987, -64.37989

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