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Jamie Z

Sand and gravel beach on the bank of the Liard River. Good for van parking as well as tent camping.

May not be accessible during high water.

Liard River Beach 55.69900, -127.23000

There is a sign saying no overnight parking or camping, the sign looks fairly new.

Clear Lake parking lot 46.23823, -81.74598

Everything as described before. Beautiful place, clean and well maintained.
Nice hosts, very helpful.
180 ppn
We enjoyed this stay
+264 63 297 255

Amanzi Trails River Camp -28.69997, 17.53328

tried to get here butwas so foggy and late we just stopped at Beaverfoot Forest Service Road & Wapta Road intersection, right before railroad so we heard train all night, i am sure we could have driven further to this site but we were tired. the next morning 6am an 18-wheeler pulled up and the lights blinded and awoke us so we left. we should have driven further, but all in all, was hidden from road and okay for a night, but if u want an evening and morning, go further to the water!

Waterside 51.23385, -116.65377

Low, sandy bluff overlooking a small beach. We were a bit worried about safety at first, but no problems. Locals came to collect rocks and seaweed from the beach. Friendly and shy. No services, no fees just a bluff over the beach.

Bluff north of Don Alvaro 30.74600, -116.04700

STAY AWAY! Better to go to CMC, even if it's more expensive. At the end, it may cost you more to bring your car here.

I got there with a problem with the front propeller shaft. I said they could just take it out and leave the car without 4x4. Alex, the boss, told me the car wasn't made to function that way and gave me a cheap offer. It took longer than expected, because you have to be there pushing people if you want your car to be fixed. For me it took 3 weeks. The worse is that they "found" more problems. After 1000 kms, almost all the problems they fixed (that ended up costing a lot more) came back worse.

The worst thing is that I, not them, spotted some leaks from broken seals they putted. They even denied at first it was leaking. During the final test, I told Alex the front prop shaft was still vibrating a little. He said it was normal and blamed the modifications.

Entering Zambia all hell broke loose.

So, I took the front shaft propeller out myself, as I instructed Alex to do, and now it's fine.

Short, stay away

McDees Auto Works -6.78359, 39.26824

Bica de água antes das praias de Sununga e Lázaro Ubatuba SP

bica de água potável -23.49299, -45.14851

Nice area, quiet not a lot of neighbors in Loop B. Most everyone here seems to be out in Loop A or C. We are at site 29, working electric and close to bathrooms. Only 1 other camper in this loop today.

**NOTE** everyone in your vehicle 16 or older needs to have a hunting or fishing license!! Luckily we both had a fishing pass however previous check ins here made it seem like it was one per vehicle. This can make it cost prohibitive if it's $16 each per person. The camp host was on it, came out of his trailer right away to check our passes.

San Luis Lake SWA 37.67540, -105.73623

Nice place, lots of parking spots. We were about 10 RV, cars and minivans. Quiet st night, a bit noisy around 5h30 am

Quebec Cycle-way 46.78884, -71.23416
Benjamin Vaughan

Great place next to the river and falls. Some trash around, including a makeshift toilet full of human waste in the trees above the campsite. That being said it's a spot I'd recommend.

Peminee Falls riverside 45.59245, -87.77606

Picnic tables, 4 outhouses, garbage and recycling bins. No signage against overnight parking. lots of hwy traffic noise but it should die down at night.

Cariboo rest area 51.14696, -121.50169

Fairly expensive (60$/night 2 services) but free showers Good place with mainly long-term campers...washers/dryers, small pool, mini-putt. Well located.

Hazelmere RV Park 49.02283, -122.70174
Wilde Weite Welt

Very nice and peaceful camp close to a waterhole with birds, rhino and antelope tracks. 800 m from C39 on a good dirt drack with 4 dips that require a bit of clearance. Not visible from the road. No MTC-Signal.

C39 Wildcamp -20.26888, 13.75025

Lovely place. Very clean. Price 110 zar pppn

Vaalwater Lodge -33.49111, 23.59199
PikiPiki Overland Blog

Very nice place to chill. Pizzas are pretty bad-ass and affordable. Even the beers and happy hour cocktails are well priced.
We stayed here for a few days and the rooms are really nice. Basic but well looked after and clean.

Posada Mexico 15.65915, -96.50153

Beautiful spot nestled in the trees ! Super flat spot with fire ring …

FR 217 Jacob Lake / North Rim Grand Canyon 36.65753, -112.20682

Near a supermarket very good pressure.

water potable 41.21586, 46.43285

Right next to the beach. No cell signal available.

Small turn out next to Parc Scott Creek 37.05497, -122.24487

Pretty typical rest stop with bathrooms and parking. Some campers, a lot of semi's. Some decent parking in the back of the lot where it's pretty quiet and dark. there are a number of covered picnic tables too.

NC Welcome Center Rest Stop 35.18308, -81.40720

Standard rest stop with overnight parking and bathrooms. Vending machines too. Several boon dockers and semi's. Relatively quiet (in a pretty rural stretch).

Rest Stop on 85 35.84016, -80.13388

a small privately owned campgrounds out in the country. Site surrounding a small leg of different kinds. a little outdated but very friendly and accommodating owners

Hidden Lake Campground 36.00039, -79.29880

The review given my Hippysquared below sums it up nicely. The campsite is clean and nice and the view of the river is nice but if you are use to wild camping it is a bit institutional. Bathrooms are clean and private but in general the sites are very close to one another

Kleine Paradys -32.93842, 18.68042

Euro-Gourmet moved to => -25.28385, -57.58551

EuroGourmet - Quesos tipo Suizos y Franceses -25.27471, -57.56366

Place closed and under construction at the moment!

Furtio Bridge Restaurant 41.62182, 42.26477

I arrived after dark and most spots were full. I drive a crew cab Tacoma with 6-ft bed, and I wasn’t sure I’d fit many of the spots left. I stayed in site #8 and fit, but not by much. The campground was very dark (no security lighting), and sites seemed poorly cared for (overgrown, littered, blowdowns). I am very familiar with this region, but felt a little uneasy here. It was nice and cool, which was welcome.

Wolf Gap Campground 38.92440, -78.68890
Pacific NorthWest Yetti Expeditions

A good spot to stop, pit toilets, river access. it is about 40ft from the train tracks. Verizon service, we were about 10feet away from the Columbia. It is a treaty fishing area, so depending on when. expect some activity.

state line campground at Avery 45.66251, -121.03700
Instagram: @savannatales

Just adding some photos to my previous review. Beautiful views!

Kamkonzo Community Campsite -12.39766, 32.17744

beautiful spot right on the water. Quite a few fire rings and I suspect it is busy on weekends. no one else here on Thursday.

Waterside spot 51.23406, -118.21799

The reviews are accurate. I found a camp site for the night. People kept to themselves. Someone left (loudly) in the middle of the night, and there was no phone reception. I was fine being totally off-grid, but was just worried if something bad happened, not being able to call for help.

Paragon Primitive Campground 38.04801, -83.39514

Parked along the sea wall. No issues. It had been raining for several days so several of the adjoins streets were a bit flooded, but the sea wall was still accessible and well drained

White Point Gardens Park 32.77030, -79.93192

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