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African Landers

We stayed here during 3 nights. Very beautiful place in front of Bwindi Forest. From there, the gorillas trekking of Nkuringo is very near.
Seith is the owner and he can get last minute gorilla permits. He is a very nice guy with a lot of storys about Uganda.
The place is very good, with wifi, rooms and dorms. You can pay also with credit card. The road to get there is very scenic and the gorilla experience is one thing that we will never forget.
If you go to see the gorillas in Nkuringl, this is your camp base to stay for sure!

Bwindi Backpackers Lodge -1.10300, 29.65102

Amazing - v clean portapotties, strong Verizon service, no T-Mobile

Moon Lake Recreation Camp Site 2 41.25126, -76.04120

Seasonal park open April 15 thru October 15.

Cedar River Campground 41.64649, -91.12765

Awesome spot, gets a bit windy at night. The sunset here is amazing so make sure you get in before that. Great cell reception(Verizon) Spotify and videos load instantly. Room for probably 3-4 larger rigs parked close to each other. Spot is on a slight slant so, if you want to be level, blocks are a must. Traffic is very very light, I’ve only heard a few cars all today and none after about 8 pm. There is a lot of trash in the bushes surrounding. Picked up what I could get to. Looks like some of the other spots coming here were closed with rocks so it would be nice to keep this one clean and open.

Gibraltar Road Pullout 34.48135, -119.68500

Small pull off on the entrance to the preserve, which is the start of a class 6. Enough space for a van or smaller camper. One-nighter to crash is what it’s worth. Limited VZW, a little noisy with traffic.

Ossipee Pine Barrens Preserve 43.84179, -71.18545

Well run rustic camp well kept grass private camping sites with water, power, zink, Table nook.

Great hospitality & assistance - kudus to Adam, Jackie & Marc being great hosts.

R120 pppn

Fiddlers Creek -28.69009, 17.58360

Perfect for tent or caravan. Near the beach. Closed. Provided by

Wiaje Wild Camping near The beach -37.30567, -57.00484
Mike Stern

Pull of near intersection of FS roads. This is a bit nicer than "hills of hoh" which was dark and dirty. This site is better for a van and much more sun. Made camp at 5pm and the only vehicle that passed was a local in an ATV with a huge, well groomed labradoodle named Sassy that played with our dog. We changed our dinner menu when the man returned and offered us a pound of chanterelles that he just picked. Who says you should not eat wild mushy given to you by a stranger in the woods.

Hills of Hoh 47.82097, -124.13570

A dry campsite by a lake for $25/night, with a water spigot 50 feet away. I used a 1/2" pipe nipple into the blue faucet bib with two connector hoses to fill up my rig.

Cape Disappointment State Park 46.28371, -124.05456

Parking area for Jeep road to the right or walking trail to the left. 5-6 campsites, 1 on right suitable for truck camper. Not suitable for high or larger vans.

Black River Wild Forest- McKeever Parking Area 43.61252, -75.09049

As others said, good quiet spot to spend the night. Open lot with a few other RVs.

Presque Isle Downs & Casino 42.06546, -80.03423

River coming up from the mountains, very clear, may be not drink Water.

Natural big Spring. 42.93713, 42.15100

Nice spot for a VAN. No spot for tent.
access to toilets
Park with pic-nic tables.

Halte municipale Notre Dame de Pontmain 46.28366, -75.63037

nice woodsy campground with hiking trails going off up the hill. Sites are well separated.

Sitting Bull Campground 44.19123, -107.21367

Enter at the main entrance on Harshman and take an immediate left. There are power boxes along the fence line and goat barn. Self pay kiosk is near the goat barn, $20

Rawlins Fairgrounds 41.78366, -107.16193

large-ish campground.. easy In and out.
pretty sure they have everything for full hook ups. but I have never actually stayed here..

Camp Cadillac 44.28148, -85.36625

Definitely find somewhere else to park. Yes, it appears that it is allowed but I left at 11:00 at night and moved to a Walmart due to the fact that there were two people doing drugs there. I watched them walk up to a car, then over to what was an empty shell of a porta potty and go inside together. They were clearly already high at that point. The parking area was littered with trash and so was the park. I didn’t feel safe there.

Back Cove Trail Parking 43.66472, -70.26719

The stores closed at 10 PM so it was really quiet for a Walmart supercenter. Not sure if those are the normal hours or the off-season or Covid hours. We parked on the back end of the parking lot near the hotel. Great Verizon service in the morning. Highly recommend.

Palmyra Walmart Supercenter 44.83719, -69.29133

Peaceful place near the lake.
Cost 3000 COL per person

Parador Turistico San Buenaventura 9.86773, -83.64501

We drove from Santiago to San Pedro. The unpaved section was not easy with our motobikes. Some people around but no one stopped us. No bad experience.

Robbery 14.65903, -91.29389

As promoted, there is free dumping of tanks and fresh water and propane. We even picked up a spare part we couldn't get from King TV.

Dump FREE Colton RV 43.08062, -78.87423

No more refilling

Constantini LTD -13.98527, 33.77144

A very good rest area for actually getting some rest. There are places to park with a good distance from both the interstate and the truck parking, ground is pretty level, restrooms are clean.

Rest Area 36.53831, -89.59485

Probably due to covid and having not too many guests the toilets and showers haven’t been cleaned for a long time. There’s no hot water. 10 USD pp seems a bit much for what is left.

Amabere Waterfall Campsite 0.66849, 30.22553

Quiet solitude with a nice view on top of a hill looking down into meadows. Strong Verizon signal. Can be a bit windy.

Elk Meadow- BLM land 45.29880, -118.96895

This is the first rest stop we have stayed overnight and we felt safe and thankful the entire night. There are so many grassy areas overlooking the most beautiful scenery. Perfect spot to let our pup run around. The bathrooms are plentiful and clean. Very good cell service (Verizon and Metro).
Definitely recommend- keep this place clean and follow the overnight parking rules.

Riddle Rest Stop. Southbound. 42.94310, -123.29332

we spent one night there, it's very quiet indeed.
BUT it is not allowed to sleep there as it's part of the national park (as shown by the signs). early morning park staff (very friendly) came to inform us that we were not permitted to camp here. we had to report to their office and got a proper "warning", but they didn't fine us (the fine is 1000R).

Ingwe Beach Parking -28.37904, 32.41009

O Posto aceita pernoite após às 19h. Banheiros sem chuveiro.

SHELL Fuel Station (24/7) -22.73375, -45.58462

Terrific place. Many deer wandering around this morning - our 2nd morning here. We can here the fawns calling for their mothers. And the coyote howling last night! Very close to the campervan - 100 metres or less. Maybe they were after the rabbits.

So come here for the wildlife. And enjoy the trails through the hoodoos.

CBC at 1010.

Dinosaur Provincal Park Campground 50.75743, -111.51589

What an amAsing place to sleep. The view on the Atlantic ocean is awesone. Plage et vague au rendez-vous. Venteux mais si stationner vers les sapin ses parfait

Chimney Corner Beach 46.38970, -61.16722

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