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Spending maybe 2 nights here, $20 for a spot, $2 for electricity and water. Number 1 spot doesn't have either but was long enough to fit our Fifth Wheel and Truck. Other ones were fairly short.

Frank Carpenter Memorial Campground + Park 49.00551, -118.77696

The sign says “Vista Point” (which it is), but it is also a state sponsored Roadside Safety Rest Area. This means that you can park/sleep here overnight (for up to 8hrs). Near the (very clean) bathrooms there is a poster explaining what you can and can’t do here.
As for the stay? You couldn’t really ask for a better view of the city of San Francisco or of the Golden Gate Bridge. The nearby 101 can be a little noisy, and if the plentiful signage is correct there are roaming thieves waiting to steal your stuff. We had a great nights sleep and felt quite safe throughout. Highly recommended for a safe rest and beautiful view.

Vista Point San Francisco 37.83248, -122.47948
Jamie Z

Great place to camp. There are about four sites, I was the only one here.

Ground isn't very level, and there are a lot of rocks, so finding a good place for a tent is a bit of a challenge, but not hard.

The description here says there are two pit toilets. I only saw one, but it was very clean. I was able to scrounge up enough firewood for a warm fire.

Deer Creek Recreation Site 51.53890, -120.38690

A nice and quiet place. You take a short dirty road for 400m from the main road.
Many picnic tables and benches.
Nice view.
At night we were visited by herd of dears. Wonderful!
Keep this nice place clean. Don't feed the animals. There is a fountain with potable water. Fuente del Francés

Beside Tejo River Near Salto del Girano 39.82988, -6.03582

The night is shady with an A Frame, overlooks the pan. Facilities very run down however still usable (long drop missing lid etc.). The site was set up with running water at some point but no longer works (no sites in Mabuasehube have water). Water hole is dry and during the dry season you should not expect to see much game in this area of the park. Many previous campers have not respected the area and made poor attempts at removing ash and coal from fire as well as litter.

Mabasehube Pan Camp Site No 3 -24.98085, 21.99379

Nice stopover in the flower season. You have to pre book, call Elsa
Small campsites with own, very clean, toilet, shower and kitchen sink, braai.
We paid 140 R ppn

Groenrivier Guesthouse -31.38828, 19.10692

super nice, we arrive late and passed other vans / campers so we took last spot by the water. as mentioned, we barely cleared the trees but made it, 4x4 suggested, we had pickup truck with cab. also as mentioned, quiet fishermen were fishing when we awoke at 630

Wolf River Camp Area 48.82070, -88.53150

Probably cycling only - Enter past the lake and day use area and continue down the trail (marked for hiking, I met one cyclist on it) about 800 m. Then you will reach some very clean pit toilets. Nearby is a flat area suitable for camping. lots of mushrooms in the late fall and some other signs of camping. Keep it clean and probably no issues!

Watson Lake 60.01855, -128.59108

Came up on the first camp spot. Seems like someone had a sort of satanic ritual here. Had a very eerie feeling, we decided not to stay and as we were leaving our bibles were thrown from the shelf. I would stay away from this road and go to any of the other numerous camp spots along the hwy. Not saying the road is bad just bc it is 666 but ppl who are into satanic things seek out places like this.

Route 666 44.24236, -114.57325

Nice spot! Not staying the night, but good place to relax, cook(they have grills and a pavilion) and swing.

I didn’t have to pay not sure if it’s off season now or not.

Nickel Plate Beach 41.39566, -82.54431

Wonderful well-maintained & beautiful campground. They have sites for tent camping and sites with RV / big rig hookups. the showers were nice, and the staff was friendly.

Codorus State Park 39.77826, -76.91865

the hostel is located a few blocks from the center. It has a value of $25,000 per person (breakfast included) Each room has its own bathroom. Good and clean facilities. Parking for 4 cars. Check-in time from 1pm to 10pm.
More information in and in social networks find us as "hostal spartan San vicente"

Hostal Spartan -34.43718, -71.08061

My gf and I stopped there for a night. We exchanged a couple of texts with the owner who was super friendly and always responded as soon as possible.
Beautiful sunset on the Rocky Mountains if you park on the highest point in the field. 2 deers were there when we arrived, we saw a coyote in the distance when we woke up to a beautiful sunrise around 6:30 am.
Overall we spent a wonderful night and we highly recommend to spend a night there if you have the chance.

Dandelion Ranch 51.09749, -114.44115

Tranquilo pernoitar, mas tem placa de zona azul dos dois lados da rodovia. Dormimos em frente ao restaurante Jundu.

Ubatuba, Praia Grande -23.47667, -45.07036

This is NOT first come first serve. You need a permit. 35 dollars. Only 2 sites. We got kicked out

Jenny lake Wyoming 43.82431, -110.67502

We spent a peaceful night with the noise of the waves.
Passamos uma noite tranquia com o barulho das ondas.

Sea shore/ Beira mar -29.98885, -50.12515

Nice campground spread out all along this road. Not sure how many sites but all looked to be right along the creek. Deep into the canyon walls, bamboo, trees, significantly cooler than the dispersed sites on the other side of the mountain.

We stayed at site #8 which was large enough to park 2 vans a Sprinter and promaster. Had picnic table, bear box on upper level, middle level was a campfire ring and hangout area, lower went down to creek. Caught a couple small brook trout with the fly.

$7 a night or $3.50 with Senior/access pass. Totally worth it!

North Crestone Creek Campground 38.02557, -105.67487

Campground closes for season on September 13th.

$13 day use only 7am to 6pm
$26 for single site per night
$13 for senior/access pass valid only on single site
$52 for double site
$87 for group site

Chek in 2pm check out noon

Big Meadows 37.53870, -106.79668

Decent spot near the end of the road. All other sites were taken or much too small for our 170 Sprinter. This one is a little up a very small hill that's a bit rutted out. No problem dry but would not advise in rain with 2wd. Site goes into a "Y" one spot open another in backed into the trees. Tree spot would be perfect for an suv, or smaller van and is more hidden from the road. Other open spot much larger and has fire ring. Not perfectly level but good enough and even a few additional spots for tents.

Some bee and fly action but not aggressive. Lots of pines and aspens. Zero service on tmobile. Spotty service on visible with we boost, when it's working 4g with 1-3 bars.

No access to creek but good for a night or two.

Spot for 2 37.37032, -106.93231
Benjamin Vaughan

Great spot right on the lake. Beautiful views, good cell service. You may have a hard time finding firewood. You'll get some traffic going to save from the lodge down the road and you can hear boats one the lake but it's nice and quiet otherwise.

Lakeside 47.47911, -94.07765

dirt road down public land. fine for an camper can and rv but hit some bumpy spots nothing my van couldn't handle. I couldn't believe this place was free. established campsites right on the water.

Bigelow Public Lands Trout Brook campground 45.17363, -70.41232

Stopped here on my way to Maine. Beautiful, quiet, and safe.

Dunham Reservoir 42.75972, -73.47329

Under power lines, 2 bars lte, quite the drive but dodge caravan made it.
Not too far from highway.

Under power lines 49.09625, -66.60759

The showers weren’t the cleanest but definitely cheap and I was in desperate need of a cleaning. Also did laundry here, be careful not to overfill the dryers otherwise they will open and waste your money.

Showers and laundry in Florence 43.99845, -124.10086

Great little Campground with beautiful trees and green spaces. Camping is kinda rough and hard to find flat spots. Saw some electrical outlets so power is available. Just spent one night in the pouring rain so didn't check out the amenities very well. Gravel access roads with a steep paved road to the Campground. Would be a bit tight for a bigger RV.

St Victor Campground 53.86474, -122.78712

Found a flat area for our rooftop tent, camping cost 1,000 ksh pppn. Hot showers (donkey boiler) and western toilet. Staff made a bonfire for us on our first night (this was charged at 300 ksh). The location is stunning; in the early morning we had a beautiful clear view of Mt. Kenya from up on the hilltop. The bandas are extremely picturesque, something out of the hobbit mixed with local culture. Extremely peaceful with loads of birdlife, there are walks and horse rides on offer. The road to Castle Forest is quite muddy (will be interesting in rainy season).

Castle Forest Lodge Campsite -0.37971, 37.31041

Really nice spot not too far off the highway and right on the lake, Would recommend a higher clearance 4x4 to get in

Rock bay 46.21872, -80.77709

Great site off the main road. Was $18.75 for the night. Listen to the cows call as you fall asleep. Closing 9/13 for this year of 2021. Not sure when they open back up.

Bald Mountain Campground 44.80571, -107.85999

This place is not a parking place. Its only for turnaround. Several parking forbiden signs. 100 meters before this place is a parking, maybe there is possible to stay for the night, but only out of season and weekends.

Parking near beaches 68.67128, 16.60335

large place lots of experience and equipment Large vehicle and ability to stay in vehicle whilst they made the repairs. Turbo rebuilds and injector problem solving lots of mechanics English spoken.

bosch pump and injectors laboratory 20.77831, -102.79011

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