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Camping dentro del complejo termal. Servicios como se describe. Cuesta hoy dia 1200 pesos por el M.H. y luego 400 pesos por persona para ingresar a las termas.

Chajari Camping Thermal -30.74535, -58.01021

Camping tranquilo y junto al lago. Seguro y fuera de temporada free.

Camping Municipal Santa Ana -30.91349, -57.92676

Excelent place, just before the off road starts. Good traditional food, excelent prices, very clean. Owner speaks English.

Bar Restaurant Jozi Prejal 42.18118, 19.71932
Because I turned right

Hidden under trees, perfect for some privacy. Noise level a bit high, off a country highway. But otherwise very nice place for a night. Ladies that own property are super nice, friendly and helpful. Safe place to sleep.

T&A's House 44.40746, -76.53451

Clean place, several size washers and free regular dryers. Pay with cash or credit card, no special card that you have to load

Spin Cycle 39.50729, -119.80341

ok overnight spot. river is nice, "firerings", fishing, walking around. train is far, and not much traffic on the bridge. muddy when raining but no prob with our 22ft '81 rv 2wd. place for a few camper. we found some relatively level on the upper left

Riverfront camping on the Skeena 54.71071, -128.31460

Nice flat gravel place in the woods. Very quiet. Accessible over gravel road in good condition. Only 3G network available.

Nice place in the woods near Salmivaara 66.74832, 28.42732

this spot is mostly as advertised. came on my motorbike, went down, looked around, then went about halfway back up and set up camp in a little alcove off the side where the grass wasn't so thick and the ground was more flat. I suspect someone with some skill and ground clearance could do it in 2wd drive but for the inexperienced: yeah 4wd or bike. data almost nonexistent with Vodafone, much better on Google Fi

Cascading river *offroad* 41.14233, 0.94431

Lots of space here. Gravel parking behind the building large enough for big rigs. Next to water. Awesome view.

Coleman’s Food Center Parking Lot 47.57213, -59.13865

6 campsites with tables and fire pits. The place has 2 pit toilets. It is also next to large creek can go fishing in. It is a Bc parks campsite so is seasonally maintained and free.

Enso 54.17961, -128.68123

Very helpful staff and if you ask you can get the cheaper online price for most items.
propane to fill tanks across the highway.

United RV Center 32.78110, -97.27292

Very quiet. My first experience with street camping. Dropped my son off at UCSC and needed a place to stay for the night. Worked great.

Street Parking 36.96784, -122.00677
Nomad N Rad

Very clean laundry facilities here with a nice little lounge with a TV, wifi and toilets for your use while you do laundry.
Awesome place

Peyton Woods Campground Laundry 49.65937, -54.78270

natural spring water at parking next to road

spring 46.38046, 23.15502

This is a beautiful area but I made the mistake of camping overnight, solo, when it rained. I was deep in to the area and had to use all my off-road capabilities to exit the area. It is pure clay when wet. Do not drive here if rain is expected.
Otherwise it is very isolated, great for agate hunters and those seeking solitude.

Baja Area, Buffalo Gap National Grassland 43.71351, -102.09926

Unmarked road off Hwy 20. Abandoned rock pile with some pretty spectacular views. Several spots w some privacy up here so even if it were crowded you could find a space, but I didn’t see anyone else on a Friday night. Nice flat spots for a tent or RV.

Rock pit spur road 48.56821, -120.78004

They have road signs that forest is closed and yellow tape to block …. However I did camp and saw one other still camping here anyways.

Goat Meadow - Snow Play Area 37.49124, -119.62368

Beautiful picnic park which should be good for camping

Confederation Park 45.61538, -74.60162

Parking before the waterfall. No facilities. Windy and a bit noisy. Two camping tables.

Parking 63.62190, -20.03076

Great place, can be very loud with employees blasting music as they change shifts and drive past. There is a train that passes by as well. All the spaces are lit all night so I hope you have black out curtains. We are very appreciative of a free place to stay and we had fun playing games in the casino. Stayed three nights and felt very welcomed. Some casinos feel like they’re watching you and waiting to catch you without your mask... It can create an undesirable experience.

Tulalip Resort Casino RV parking lot 48.08921, -122.19155

When you pull in the picnic area, go right. There is a stone stand with a water spigot. It's threaded and very close to the parking spaces, so you can use a hose. It has a fast flow rate, too. We went early in the morning, so there was no one there. Very convenient!

Bear Brook Pic Nic Area in Acadia National Park 44.32239, -68.25236

Quiet parking lot. Has Porta potty. Walking distance to nice stores and restaurants. Two cemeteries nearby.

Woodstock Parking Lot 42.04284, -74.11912
Direction East

Nice camping, perfect for tents. Clean toilets (squat toilet), hot shower

Haghpat Camping Kanchaqar 41.08991, 44.70520

Campsite is good.
Nice shade in parts.
Hot water.
Good ablutions.
Big rig friendly.

Sendelingsdrif Rest Camp -28.12294, 16.89167

(Southbound) 20A outlets on both sides of building, hose faucet open and hose attached

Rest Area 4-39 (Southbound) 41.21045, -81.66734

Tall evergreens (good luck, solar). Near Mt St Helens. This is true Washington. Mountain air, aka cold. Camp sites are large. Clean bathrooms. Full hooks up and tent camping all tougher (no patriarchy). Late check in via phone was very nice and helpful…must not have been state employee. Super quiet campground. Slept in until 9 am. Count on no cell reception. Main issue with campground was price. Most expensive state park we’ve stayed at.

Seaquest state park 46.29861, -122.82178

Camping selvagem a beira do Rio Canoas, na estrada que vai para a Pedra da Águia e Cânion Espraiado. Há vários refúgios na beira da estrada que você pode estacionar/acompanhar ao som da correnteza do rio. Lugar super tranquilo, sem movimento de carro a noite e a estrada para chegar é de fácil acesso.

Rio Canoas wild camp -28.02740, -49.37597

Vidange sanitaire très bien fait tout neuf et gratuit fourni par la ville lapocatiere eau potable aussi 😃 située au centre Bombardier blvd Desrochers

La Pocatière 47.36837, -70.03040

Beautiful campground on Kettle River and KVR rail trail

Kettle River Provincial Park 49.11308, -118.98087

Amazing, clean, friendly, beautiful sunset, the donation box is next the map which show where we can camp, it’s with a great pleasure I gave money for these people who offert us this kind of great camping with shower and toilets

Rowley Green 51.76212, -112.78730

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