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We spent 1 night (saturday). Was quiet and there is free wifi
Pasamos una noche (sabado). Bastante tranquilo y hay wifi abierto.

Plaza 9. Julio -29.44134, -66.89362

Great campsite right off the road. Easy to pay and set up. Fee is now $10 but well worth it. Very nice and clean pit toilet

Red Cloud Campground 42.69646, -103.00447

Really nice hotel, great for a treat, stunning views, wonderful staff, nice food (only can take your own alcohol in the rooms but lovely views from your big balcony so all good). The rooms are excellent, clean, comfy, all mod cons. Huge sparkling swimming pool. Suitable for very big rigs, very secure (Approx $100USD dbl, $60USD twin). Can organise the Chimpanzee trip from here, very helpful! Definitely recommend (the staff make this place👍)

Kigoma Hilltop Hotel -4.84670, 29.65204

Beautiful views! Plenty of spots to stay!
the GPS originally brought me past the entrance to the road, but I was able to backtrack!
the road to get up is very rooted, rocky and steep. I made it up with my 2wd sprinter, although if it was raining I would not have made it. But it was a beautiful spot!

Hartman Rocks 38.49309, -106.94654

This place is permanently closed.

True value hardware 39.63552, -106.07703

Nice, clean showers but $6 for 7 minutes is pricy.

Showers @ Signal Mountains Campground 43.82358, -110.67590

Cool spot. Half of reservoir is a field with hecka chill Cows 🐄. WAS VERY WINDY! Couldn't real get out without getting pelted with sand. However, the wind made the shade cooler on a hot day. all in all very relaxing night and day.

Prewitt Reservoir Boondocking 40.41020, -103.38586

Water available at of end of the parking

water 37.18891, -113.00075

fermé actuellement du fait du covid

Kropfs Bakery 17.09172, -88.62894

great place to spend a night or a few nights

Shire Free Camping 45.69237, -64.70706

As others have said, a great place to see the Golden Gate and do an overnight. Attention to those coming from the north, the first passage underneath, at the end of the bridge, is only 11.10" (the CAMARADAHOME has 12'10" did not pass). I was instructed by the security guards to make a U-turn right after the tunnel, taking the right and heading back. It's well marked and the GPS recognizes this second option.

Vista Point San Francisco 37.83276, -122.47949
Track World Travel

Very nice spot. Thank you guys. We did spend some time on rubbish collecting. It was not that bad. Three containers available there. We took the leading road from Bucakli. Only the last 2,5 km. are not paved, but the packed gravel road, not that wide, was in good condition. 2wd ok and no steep parts.

Cliff Camping 41.14120, 29.90831

Il y a maintenant un Ă©criteau: DANGER: l’eau n’est pas potable et ne peut ĂȘtre utilisĂ©e pour usage domestique.

There is now a sign stating water is non drinkable and cannot be suitable for domestic use.

St Sophie municipale yard 45.63282, -73.99253

nice place, sunsets and sunrises are beautifull...

Near the Dam Free Camp 49.96911, -109.52328

Campgrounds have been maintained more since later posts but there’s some lightly sketchy activity. Cars coming and going occasionally but nothing that has made me leave.

Rochester Falls 39.91015, -94.69270

Internet: Poor
Showers: Good
Bathroom: Useable
Sites: Ok

Pacific City Thousand Trails RV 45.23238, -123.96668

Not bad! Very quiet and secluded . Beautiful out here. Only 1 bar on Verizon but using booster I have 3 bars. The road does have a few VERY large ruts. But careful driving gets you around them. I’m in a 2WD 20 ft van. Would not want to take anything larger up here

Old Route 60 bypass 33.35416, -110.96651

Good place, near a highway, so a little noisy. No RV facilities.

Pioneer Park 64.83798, -147.77552

Welcome to Paradise! At the end of the town. Not too touristic. However, we visited in september. Great facilities, bar and traditional Greek food. Multiple terraces and private walkway to the sea.

Taverna Faros 37.84521, 21.10971

45 tl entrance National park with lake
You can stay so long you want

Borçka Karagöl 41.38659, 41.85722

Great place few minutes from the North Sydney terminal directly on the Harbour.
Nice boardwalk around the park. Several people come to enjoy it and walk at the end of the day and early in the morning. Quiet at night.

Munroe park 46.19286, -60.26526

$6.50 for a decent sized wash of 25 mins. $0.25/6 minutes of drying.

Hurricane Laundromat & Storage 37.17678, -113.28690

This place is permanently closed.

blu 50.20980, -119.29876

Both sides of the highway have rest stops, and both are currently closed for repair

Rest Area 35.03121, -116.46999

$50/ night including tax, pay for showers. $2.00 plus 0.15 for a
token for 4 minutes. Nice place, friendly staff.

Meeks Bay Resort 39.03758, -120.12486

A father-son mechanic garage. Father speaks German, son English.
Very nice people, very good and clean equipment. They didn’t only fix the problem (oil pressure sensor broken), but also found the reason (and searched for it without telling them).
They can also do oilchange (all on stock).
Construction market and supermarket close by so you can do your shopping while they work.

G Energy Service 55.48123, 65.32341

This place is a real paradise! Edy, the host, the best ever, very friendly and helpful.
Preis: 500 KSH pppn, firewood 400 KSH.
Big area directly on the beach, big rig friendly.

Twiga Lodge & Camping -4.24080, 39.60280

Recreation area with firepits, firewood, pit toilets. Very nice and quiet place. Camping allowed. Also good starting point for boat tours. Full LTE.

PÀihÀniemi beach 61.17160, 28.36722

Privat campsite. We were invited to a typical polish dinner. You can rent canoe here. Friendly people. They speak German

Stare Jablonki 53.69691, 20.10079

4x4 only! Hidden place very near to LĂŒderitz. We arrived in the dusk and it was very quiet. Beware of some broken glass. Sometimes windy (as everywhere in LĂŒderitz).

Loderitz -26.65662, 15.15006

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