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Spots are close together but we came late in the season so we are spaced apart. $35 for full hookups. $4 for a 10+ minute shower in a private, clean shower room. Our spot was near the propane tank so we kept the windows closed because of fumes. There is definitely highway noise but not bad for one night and a hot shower.

Trapper Creek Inn & RV Park 62.31452, -150.23134

Arrived after 11pm after a long day of driving. Grabbed a regular (non-RV) parking spot next to two other apparent overnighters. Slept soundly until 7am or so and hit the road shortly thereafter. Facilities were typical rest area facilities. Felt safe, was not bothered. Road noise wasn’t too bad on the back row of parking.

Welcome Center-Rest Area Texarkana Texas 33.47003, -94.05657
Hubert on Tour

closed for winter from today. really tasty water. disperced camping sites down the road are still open.

Curtis Canyon Campground 43.51202, -110.66807

Great spot to ride down to on my bicycle as it started raining. I saw a rainbow and lots of ducks in the lake. Beautiful!

Lakeside 59.75853, -133.77611

-no cell service
- high clearance preferred but doable
- well built fire rings
- other camp spots along this road as well
- lots of nosy cows roaming the area

Cow mountain 40.60358, -111.10055

That is indeed the start of a very easy hike to the volcano! I politely refused a guide or a horse, which really wasn’t an issue at all. At some point there was a fence, I went below it to climb the actual volcano. Well that’s a completely different piece. Not sure if I recommend it: super steep, very rocky and slippery, it felt quite dangerous to be honest. Also, I would probably have been in front line in case the volcano decided to wake up at that moment. Oh well!

Volcán Pacaya trailhead 14.40062, -90.61467

Ótimo lugar para acampar com consciência, levar todo lixo ! Não fazer fogueira ! Não cagar perto da água , etc !

Sempre respeitar a natureza!

Wild camping cachoeira do calixto -12.76309, -41.45075

lovely campground. water power 40 a night plus tax. clean hot showers. will stay again.

Hythe Municipal Campground 55.33638, -119.57187

parked on hellroaring st for two nights. it was quiet throughout the nights

Street parking 45.03710, -110.71539

Open shower located outside of the washrooms, right by the stairs to the beach. Free, but there's no hot water. brrr

Woodbine Beach Open Showers 43.66258, -79.30793

I stayed here 1 night. no longer 24/7 hours. they close at 11 pm. i found a good spot near back end of parking lot and under a tree. it was a quiet night. there were several tractor trailers parked on the opposite end of lot.

Walmart 34.08509, -84.48107

Nice place to crash for the night if you can be stealthy (ie window covers). Some cars passing by throughout the night but had earplugs so no issues. No amenities but a shopping center is nearby.

Street Parking 38.92255, -76.95696

it smells like sewage around this spot. lots of feces around. ended up moving towards the 2nd entrance area as it smelled alot better even though it was more exposed to the road. okay for one night

Quiet Roadside Pull-through, next to river 47.97138, -124.33331

As described, we were here 1 night. Very quiet, we parked at the end of the parking near the restroom. No wifi at night. Restroom open from 8 am to 6 pm.

Victoria Park 45.35816, -63.27364

We came to Halls lobster pound for dinner and asked them if we can park in the parking lot overnight and was approved. I think if you keep a low profile and quiet, it will be OK for one night, customer or not.

Halls harbor lobster pound parking lot. 45.20080, -64.62089

gravel pit some cell service, this isn't a big gravel pit. it is used a little, so if equipment is parked I'd not stay the night. but looks like only used when local roads are graded. A small area is flat, night be hard to level a large rig.

gravel pit, 657 lane 46.96548, -93.23611

Set of pull off spots next to the road. Pretty crowded on Monday when I arrived - I imagine the weekends get real hectic here. Multiple short paths to a secluded beach area. Pretty quiet, has 4 bars Verizon & no T-mobile service. Saw a Sea Lion super cool little place to be.

Klamath Bay 41.53582, -124.07520

attendant had no idea about the key or hose so had to fill up at campground in the park

Shell Hose Bib 48.52626, -121.43448

one of the better spots ive found. i stayed at a tucked away spot on the spur just past this marker on the right back by the stream. check out a few spots to find one that suits you. stayed 3 nights no other people minus a few hunters come through. quiet, piney woods, great gravel bike riding nearby. shower and dump at state park, close to town. what else can ya ask for! big rig friendly, 2 bars of Verizon, shade.
~leave it cleaner than you found it~

Bear Creek 48.48685, -120.11562

great rest area, beautiful sunset. A real treat to stop at after the ride to the Island

Rest Stop Port Aux Basques 47.70858, -59.30799

staying the night, great stop after the ferry ride to the island

Rest Stop Port Aux Basques 47.70857, -59.30799

..... ........................................................

Rest Stop Port Aux Basques 47.70857, -59.30798

Great site. Unfortunately today is last day of the season. I didn't know it would close this early.

Crazy Creek (USFS) 44.95931, -109.81563

Hello neighbours
I have a lot of the following veggies -
Garlic 🧄 K100 a kg
Broccoli 🥦
Strawberries 🍓
Cabbage 🥬
Swiss chard 🥬
Spinach 🥬
Lettuce 🥬
Carrots 🥕
Green peppers 🫑
Chili 🌶
Also plenty of coriander and basil.
Eggs 🥚 K60 a tray
You’re welcome to come and pick your own or I can arrange drop off.
All chemical and man-made fert free. In other words nutritious and delicious.
I use worm extract, comfrey extract, nitrogen rich fish water, metarizium and compost extract.
Cost is approx K50 a basket.

Draudan farm turn off (drive south +-2km) -13.89949, 29.29789

Road is generally passable with 2WD van when dry. Can be muddy and very slippery when wet.

There are a couple camp sites just off the road by Gateway that are easy to get to with any vehicle.
Quiet with beautiful views.

Manti La Sal National Forest 38.61251, -109.02324

great shower. not so great laundry.
shower was expensive, 12. but ilimited time.

Flying J Travel Center #684 46.92943, -104.00947

it's hard to find a place to sleep here but this little river is great. I'm traveling by bike

Bike camp laghetti dell aquila 44.19037, 8.32558

stayed here for one night. Good spot if you just need a place to sleep. Only thing was there was garbage everywhere from previous visitors ugh

Skinny trees forest 50.61550, -120.47712

Amazing place to stay. Overall, beautiful scenery, and if you have a clear day, the sunset over the mainland produces stunning colours on the Cape, and you’re already on location for the epic first sun over North America in the mornings. No issues parking overnight; no signs posted and there were 8 overlanding vehicles the night we stayed. It gets busy with car traffic through the parking lot just after sunset (including a few cars doing donuts) but gets very quiet after that. Car people start arriving again about 30-45 minutes before sunrise to see the sun come up over the ocean. We were there in off-season, so the historic site facilities were operating on reduced hours (closed on the day were there, so no washrooms).

Cape Spear Lighthouse 47.52292, -52.62428

Very welcoming rest area with picnic tables, trash bins, waterfall hike across the road, quiet, nice brook to fall asleep to. Not for trailers or big rv's, steep incline. Good for class B's.

Rattling Brook Falls Rest Area 49.62020, -56.17601

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