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This place is permanently closed.

Walmart 43.60330, -96.78935

Great starting point to begin the James bay road and trans taiga road from.

Ghost Town Joutel 49.46069, -78.30960

We stayed other side of truck of petropass at regular Petro station gasoline.

There is a access to toilet and shower access. Shower access is $7.35 and with towel around $10 in change.

Petro station has decent sandwiches and also have 27/7 A&W drive thru as well.

Petro Canada Travel Centre 50.66007, -120.39849

Beau spot pour dormir. On a dû faire dormir notre chien dans la voiture (les fenêtres baisser bien sur) car il y avait des moufettes qui rôdaient autour.

En quittant les lieux le lendemain, nous avons en effet vue le « no camping » mais il est très mal affiché et dure à voir.

Tatamagouche Free Camp 45.70945, -63.26648
Instagram: @savannatales

Still 200kw ppn +30 car + 20 service.
Beautiful view on the river, crossed by elefants. Helpful staff. A dozen of people live around this community camp. Place for only 3 vehicules on the river front.

Kamkonzo Community Campsite -12.39786, 32.17771

Perfect for one night ! No noise if you park behind the centre. Beside the fields. Nice and clean toilets.

Manitoba Visitor Centre 50.04322, -101.40555

Easy 2 mile dirt road in. Room for two maybe three RVs. Ours...32 foot class A with toad. room to circle out without disconnecting.

Martinez Road Dispersed Camping 34.99797, -105.78477

Putney Road is very noisy but once it gets later it quiets down as a traffic lightens up. Safe feeling will definitely stay again nice to wake up to the lake or pond or whatever this is I had very good Verizon’s reception and no problems a couple of cars stayed for a couple hours and then left and I had one other car camper and that was it hope this helps

Parking Lot. The Marina 42.86722, -72.55685

Stayed last night and slept well. A lot of road noise but if you are in a camper, you should have no problem. We called ahead to make sure we could stay since we were going to arrive after hours to get the boondocking permit. They said no problem and thanks for asking. Very clean visitor center and friendly staff.

Indiana dunes national park visitor center 41.63380, -87.05395

Nice campsite R. 150 per person
Electricity points, great showers and kitchen area.
Beautiful farm views

Ganora -31.84335, 24.58551

Área perfeito para camping próximo da praia Martin de Sá , água potavel chuveiro banheiro super limpo tomadas 110 e 220 wots aceita barraca , Ravs . campers possui cozinha comunitária .

Camping -23.62228, -45.38116

Stayed here in a 27ft class C motorhome. I would not recommend this spot for big rigs unless you are a phenomenal driver. There is no turnaround so it's one way in and one way out. If you pull in here and cars are parked a big rig will not be able to maneuver. There is road noise, but it's no worse than over nights at a Crackerbarrel. It is quite in the evenings.

Dept of fish and wildlife land 46.50413, -123.88681

Very nice place to stay overnight or even during the day.
Safe and quiet at night.
(on 2 Thursdays in a row while we were there, we heard music, but not too noisy).

parking lot:
6 am - 6 pm 0.30 $ (every 3 hrs)
6 pm - 9 pm 0.50 $
9 pm - 6 am 1.50 $

0.20 $
(bring your own toilet paper with you. The amount of the paper pieces you get are barely enough to cover your toilet seat).

shower (cold):
0.40 $

swimming pool:
1.00 $
includes toilet (no toilet paper) & showers (cold)

The park offers:
- 2 pools
- 1 km round track
(ideal for walking, running, rollerblading, skating, etc.)
- free outdoor Gym
- free courses (like Tai Chi)
- soccer and baseball fields
- beach volleyball field (in pool area)
- bicycle rent
- fenced dog running and play area
- restaurants
- toilets & showers

Tai Chi (outdoor)
The Tai Chi group is very friendly and welcoming.

Tai Chi classes:
Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri
8:30 am & 9:30 am
30 min courses

Have a nice and relaxed stay :)

El Cafetalón (Polideportivo con seguridad 24hs) 13.67508, -89.28333

it's closed, no service available.
but you could maybe get water at the gas station nearby

Sanitary Unit 70.14531, 28.17533

South Pleasant Valley Rd., Winchester, VA

Walmart Super Center 39.19239, -78.12627

Very nice! Basically just a patch of parking lot with a few shade trees. Quiet at night. Free dump and water, wish we’d waited instead of paying to dump earlier in the day.

No Mans Land RV Park 36.67760, -101.48261

Closed due to COVID-19

The Peace Dam Park Auto Camping 38.20609, 127.85042

Front tho the skatepark there is a church. Big parking and available for one or two nights. Otherwise on the street front skatepark. Water and bathroom. Really calm place! And neighbors cool!

Rare, quiet street parking 36.97678, -121.91233

Chill place. Minimal traffic. Toilets wide open all night. Some noise from road

Picnic area next to the road 50.64108, -97.21620

This place is permanently closed.

Water 37.77086, -111.60083

UPDATE: September 2021

Puerto del Diablo is closed for about a year due to construction.

Puerta del Diablo 13.63532, -89.18810

Great place to stay with amazing views. Good cell service and spots for several rigs. We stayed for 4 nights and loved it.

Johnson Lake trailhead 44.80099, -111.15338

Great spot for a night or 14. Clean bathrooms with hot showers, a lot of space for big Rigs, there’s about 6 camping sites total, tents are allowed too. On the back there is a big park. Could use more trees, but the potable water and electricity offsets that. Would definitely come again. Only bad thing was some ppl come late at night to use the facilities and they were blasting music but I think that was a one off situation.

Red cliff Municipal Campground 50.07598, -110.79466

Got here around 3:30/4. Nice older couples lounging outside their RVs. Were at least 5 spots left and a deer skull on my site. Not much shade but i parked my RV so it blocked the sun and it cooled it off. But the hill getting here challenged my v8. Not experiencing too many bugs as mentioned in previous comments and I’m typically a gnat snack.

Apparently there was a grizzly siting a couple days ago so I’ll prob go inside once it gets dark.

Eagle Creek Campground, Gardiner 45.04524, -110.68023

what a nice place absolutly the best in the Northren Cape you have your owen bath room paid R180 for 2

Die Mas -28.76273, 20.64614

Nice little pull off right near the highway next to the baseball field under some trees. Noise doesn't bother me too much. Fairly quiet other than that. The washrooms nearby were locked the whole day so I'm not sure when they are open. Mostly stayed for the Shaw WiFi.

Barbara Diane Colin park 49.09235, -118.67656

chalets as well as camping. camping in private ablutions and also general ablutions. lovely place.

Red Sands Country Lodge -27.51160, 23.30418

Nice place. And is 10 minutes to Grand Canyon . We recommend this place.

Kaibab forest free camping 35.92534, -112.12576

There are absolutely no amenities at this location. We came out of our way to get here.

Cabela’s 43.69044, -98.01608

Il y a maintenant une pancarte "no overnight camping".

Wawa Lake 47.99421, -84.76790

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