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Nice campground at agriturismo. 2 minuten walk from the sea. Trees and electricity. Wc and cold shower. Lovely place!

area sosta camper Terrauzza Sul Mare 37.00991, 15.28999

it's a busy laundromat. You can get a post office box here or you can have a package shipped there for $5.00.

Southside Laundry 38.30525, -107.96616

This is a domestic airport, having good restaurant outside the airport building for everyone who wants to dine, good food, WiFi good,

Jashore Airport 23.17726, 89.16103

$22 for a 20 pound refill of propane. Nice staff :)

Husky petrol station 54.51758, -128.59838

Friendly hosts. Many spots to choose from along the river. We stayed at 16D.. Neat clean ablutions with solar/electric geyser.. Piping hot water. Stunning hikes up the mountain slopes and around the farm. Small Cafe that even delivers to your camp for R20. We paid R480 for 2 nights for 2 pax.

Jamaka Organic Farm -32.34177, 19.02165

Arrived here at around 11 pm on a Sunday and the area was very busy. Many cars around with people fishing, talking, making out, and who knows what else. The road adjacent to here is also busy but not very loud. I didn't think it was going to work out but have it a shot anyway.

I was not bothered at all. Woke up around 6 to the sound of a on the lake that is just feet from the parking area. No restroom (that I could immediately see) aside, this was a nice spot.

Lake Overholser 35.48881, -97.68760

great private campground. recently spruced up, fresh gravel and paint everywhere. beautiful ocean views or semi-private wooded sites.

Peyton's Woods RV Camp 49.65935, -54.78442

Beautiful, clean, bug free. Lots of room for any size rig.

Nelson Reservoir 48.49364, -107.53146

Good spot—found a nice corner of the lot and slept in my car. Secluded enough that you might be able to get away with a tent?

Parc de la Baie 45.45797, -75.69083

Vraiment un bon endroit pour passer la nuit
Près de la rue mais il n’y a pas de circulation
La nuit
Stationnement près des arbres devant les estrades du terrain de balle
Toilettes lavabo et fontaine d’eau potable entre le terrain de balle et terrain de tenis
Merci à la ville de Sainte Claire

stationnement de l'aréna 46.60675, -70.85871

A good stop along the Red Coat Trail. Only 3 other campers here mid-September. Services, including hot showers, still available but the office/info centre is closed - so no access to the password protected wifi. Good wifi at the library at the south end of the main street - a short walk.

$10 for an unserviced tent site - perfect for the van.

Redvers Log Cabin Campsite 49.57609, -101.70542

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 19.50195, -101.59346

Rancho La Mesa and RV Park 19.50195, -101.59346

a little tight of a space. Water is no longer free it is a $5 fee

Bentz’s self serve auto center 42.84240, -106.33384

Nice place but some traffic noise and the bathrooms are terrible.

Sandy Channel State Recreation Area 40.69269, -99.38059
Instagram: @savannatales

We stayed 3 nights at Croc valley (10$pp) and 2 at wildlife (13$pp). Croc valley is much nearer to the park gate, so better when gamedriving early morning until night, but was also more active, with noise from the bar until 23pm. Wildlife camps is better to spend the day, much calmer with larger spot and more openview. We had elefants and baboons in both camps, swimming pool was not clean in either camps. Ablution block is nicer in Croc valley. (for fresh fruit and vegs delivery see ''Thomas the gardener'' post near Wildlifecamp)

Croc Valley Camp -13.10954, 31.75371

Stayed the night. Near the highway so some noise. On the Mississippi. 24 hour bathrooms. Trucks spend the night too. There are signs for 10 hrs commercial vehicles and 4 hrs all others. No one bothered me. 2 bars ATT.

Welcome Center for Minnesota 43.85941, -91.30550

Stopped here for a walk on the trails. Didn't stay overnight. would be an excellent boondocking spot. This is a nice park. With lots of bike and walking trails.

Victoria Park 45.35999, -63.27269

This place is permanently closed.

Garden of Life -4.17757, 39.56259

Lots of designated spots along this road to camp. Beautiful and quiet. The dirt road in is a little rough with lots of rocks and potholes. My 1995 Ford van struggled a bit but I think most cars would be fine. Very large camping spots with fire pits.

Little farther up the road from “Arkansas River” post 38.87797, -106.14868

One of my favorite camping spots hands down. As others commented, the signage mentions a fee but there is no where to place it.

Highly recommended camping spot for visiting the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

Summit Campground 47.53948, -103.24204

the water at this location is not potable. do not drink this water. after 3 days in our tank it had white particles that were moving around when it water was left still.

were not sure what it is but we have dumped the water we paid for and now have to have our tanks cleaned.

we also filled out propane at a priced at $4.50 a gallon. avoid this place for your water and propane needs.

Water and all the things! 36.23891, -115.15711

One of my favorite camping spots hands down. Decent service on T-Mobile so was able to work here.

Highly recommended place to stay for the north unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park!

Summit Campground 47.53947, -103.24205

Delicious breads and goodies ! I only could buy a few treats at 3 pm.. they close at 4pm

Swiss Bakery 52.83212, -119.26408

The gate was closed, but a 4x4 could sneak in and have it all for himself !

Orchard Meadow Rec Site 50.02993, -125.57994

Have discovered locals do not appreciate “free camping”. There are a number of camp grounds locals would prefer campers use as they have a very short tourist season. There are no facilities Tenting on the beach is only permitted if you are 15 m from the average high water mark and 15 m from the dunes as these dunes are a delicate ecosystem protecting against erosion There is nowhere on this beach that would permit tenting at anytime. It is a small parking lot and campers will have difficulty entering and turning around.

Little Harbor Beach 46.35778, -62.18832

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 49.41256, -82.42270

Dump station and potable water 49.41257, -82.42270

This place is permanently closed.

Beach access 44.22907, -64.38642

This place is permanently closed.

Larry Creek Road campsite #1 46.58681, -114.13929

Beautiful place to camp. Road is a
little rough, but definitely worth it. Got a great spot right along the ridge.

Steer Pasture Overlook Dispersed Camping 43.89956, -102.23281

Roads are wide and easy directions from Google maps. There’s no cell service but there is electric and water hookups. Some of the sites may be too narrow for big rigs but there are a few that will accommodate. Friendly people.

Coleman Lake Campground 33.78422, -85.55899

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