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Little county Park on a small lake. There are about 7-10 established campsites with tables, fire rings and grills. Porta potties that seem to be cleaned fairly regularly.

Free, but they ask that you call the Sheriff's department at 507-237-4330, they ask for your Phone #, License Plate, DL # and length of stay.

Clear Lake County Park 44.46092, -94.51025

We use this place often to dump & fill water along with get rid of household recycling. Im not sure their hours but i think they’re open most of the day at least Monday to Friday.

Whistler 50.17045, -122.88392

45k for one Visa, the whole process was very easy. You need one photo, they can make passport copies themselves. It took 4 days over the weekend, if you pay 65k you get it the next day.

Guinea-Bissau Embassy 14.69944, -17.46163

What a view!!!! Worth the stop! With a fire pit! Very quiet! Slept to the sound of Cayoosh Creek. A small sandy road next to hwy99. “Hidden” behind a line of pine trees. A few spots available.

Next to a river behind trees 50.38524, -122.36705

Beautiful site. Seems very clean and friendly staff. Close to the day-use area at the beach. Verizon at the entrance but not at our site on D Loop

Sunset Bay State Park 43.33067, -124.37109

This was one of the few restaurants open in the area at the time we visited (late September). Organic ingredients, microbrews and foreign beers on tap and a nice wine list. Friendly staff, cozy atmosphere, vegetarian options. Thin crust pizza was very good and prices were reasonable, especially considering the remote location. Inside or outdoor seating with beautiful views of the mountains. According to the sign, there is a private campground here also, but we didn't explore that.

Woodstone Pizza 48.54886, -120.33842

facility reopen again! usable wifi from parking lot

Pincher Creek Library/Rec Center 49.48607, -113.94128

This place actually Elk Bay Rec Site not Stella Lake

Elk Bay Rec Site 50.27445, -125.42704

Really great free spots to stay few nights. Very busy on the weekend with a lot of boondockers but also a lot of dirt bike but very quiet during the week. Some locals seem to live there all year long, so we tried to not disturb them to much. Just one advice, if you have a big RV try to go on foot before going with your motor home as some road might be very difficult and U-turn could be impossible. Went with a 27 feet RV.

Osoyoos valley view 49.00737, -119.49478

Nice and easy spot to dump your tanks and fill your fresh water tank.

Osoyoos. Free dump station and free potable water. 49.03833, -119.49831

Stayed 1 night here.
Paid $25 - it is not by donation it is a requirement.
It’s $10 for a tent.
Bathroom and showers are clean.
The view is spectacular, the old mill is pretty and we were able to have a fire on the beach.
However, there a few things to note, there is a curfew of 10pm for the fire and for noise. Fine on the noise, we aren’t out here to make a ruckus, but on the fire that was a shame.
Also, the receptionist is very kind, but he did not speak very good English, which wasn’t an issue, translator apps exist and it’s our shame for not knowing any French!
All in all it was a nice place to spend the night!

Halte-repos Moulin Vincelotte 47.06389, -70.45294

to add... a couple other car campers joined us and there are a ton of black flies in addition to the normal mosquitoes... but I would stay here again as it's so special to be able to park at places like this!

Cap Egmont Lighthouse 46.40172, -64.13427

Beautiful spot next to the river. Many spaces and many ring fire. Very quiet. No sure a big rv can make it to there

Kolob Terrace Rd spots on the river 37.23053, -113.15561

Stayed overnight in one of the picnic spaces. The guard came by a couple times but didn't so much as shine a flashlight on me. Quieter than most rest areas, WiFi (hardly works), dump station, shade, guard, pet area, almost everything one could want. The only real negatives were the water is undrinkable (brown) and the hiking trail is closed.

Mississippi welcome center 30.46131, -88.43657

We entered Zambia via Kasesya border and got our toll fee paper here after explaining them nicely. They were friendly.

Road Toll Point -10.04830, 31.25898

We wanted to stay 1 night, ended up 5 nights! Fantastic spot for camping. Very nice ablution block. You can hike on the farm. But the best are the lovely hosts, you feel like home. If you have well behaving pets you can bring them with. Fresh eggs available.

Flower and Fern Cottage and Campsite -9.05955, 31.47860
Chaos adv

Nice stopover at vineyards/ agriturismo - lovely welcoming hosts (particularly the 90 year old father who is a find advertisement for this place). Clean toilets and shower/ wine and oil to buy.
Parking for big rigs may be a bit tight but possible if you phone ahead. General parking is just informal around the farmhouse.
Ideal stopover for a quiet night before down to Bari or Brindisi.
We paid €15 for camper and two people - but we did buy some wine (rose) which was excellent……so try it !

Azienda Rasicci, Controguerra 42.83434, 13.80058

we were lucky to be able to fill our van with water because just afterwards maintenance came around and said they were closed and locking the gate for the season.

Northumberland Beach 45.96454, -62.71375

Self-reported to be the only RV park in the Metro-Milwaukee area. We were desperate after a few days of long drives. A dry site costs $42 ($35+tax) and it is essentially a parking lot. There are showers so not an absolute waste of money. You can reserve online at

Wisconsin State Fair RV Park 43.02719, -88.00873

Very nice place to stay. A few guys were doing doughnuts in the lot for a good 10 min but they can happen anywhere. Average amount of road noise that shouldn’t be an issue.

Overnight parking lot 43.81913, -103.63960

nos despertaron las pedradas de un tipo que estaba escondido y nos tiraba con una gomera. segun el era cuidador del lugar pero en ningun momento nos aviso que no se podia estar en el lugar. atentos con eso. mas vale acampar en otro lado hasta que sea seguro que esta habilitado y es seguro.

Water fountain fun wild camp -25.85800, -65.95228

Nice quiet spot near Bryce canyon. Stayed here one night

Wild camping near Dave's Hollow 37.67009, -112.20377

Vet Check point. They have not check us (coming from South)

Vet check point -20.31151, 26.30751

water spigot is perpendicular to baseball fields right alone one of the roads, in the grove of large trees. took me quite awhile to find it as I was originally looking alongside the buildings

Lincoln Park 48.11419, -123.47860

Beautiful spot overlooking Kolob Canyon. Somewhat windy but not too bad. Easy to find based on the description above (note that it's FR 037, not 031). Decent reception.

FR 037 Browse Above I-15 37.34194, -113.31212

Ok place for one night on the Boa Vista - Manaus stretch.
Silent at night and apparently safe.
Really dirty bathrooms with cold shower.

Bom para uma noite de descanso no trecho Boa Vista - Manaus.
Silencio durante a noite e aparentemente seguro.
Banheiros muito sujos com chuveiro gelado.

Petrobras Just Outside Of Indigenous Reserve -0.22102, -60.69163

Came in right before dusk thinking that we could stay here, but when we pulled in there where "no overnight parking allowed" signs everywhere. Did not want to drive somewhere else in the dark, so we tried to be as stealth as possible in out campervan and had no problems. I would not stay there again.

West Virginia welcome center 39.58736, -77.84749

Es un lugar cercano al río que permite acampar, pasar el día y pernoctar con casas rodantes. Sus dueños son personas muy amables y el lugar es muy tranquilo. Hay baños y te puedes bañar en el río. Altamente recomendado si pasas por la zona. A nosotros nos cobraron $10.000 el día.

Estadero Paisaje ( Río Humadea) 3.81155, -73.74820

This is a good spot to stay. We have a 36ft trailer and pull with an F250, we were able to find one spot to accommodate our trailer and it was perfect and pretty level. We found a trail to hike which took us up to the top of the ridge (for intermediate hikers only). There was a cell tower at the top and got great cell service (Verizon and At&t with a booster) I was able to do zoom meetings with only a few drops.
There is some garbage around but it is left over shell casings, people will come up here to shoot and ride motorcycles. We stayed a week and saw one person. It was very quiet in the evening, some wind but nice in the day and no mosquitoes! Here is a suggestion, if you have a big rig it needs to have some good clearance, the roads have eroaded away over the years. check the weather, it could easily turn into a nightmare if it gets too muddy. Park at the bottom and take a walk up, its not far; see if your rig can make it. Also, when you get to blm land (gravel road turns into dirt road), there will be three dirt roads. One is nice and graveled but if you go up a bit, it is gated so take the middle dirt road to get where we were. You are also not far from town, like 10 minutes. We will stay here again.

BLM land 39.51378, -107.73930

Good hotel to have as a base if you are taking the ferry to Pemba. Rooms (double) start from 55000 with aircon, fan, shower, western toilet, TV + substantial breakfast included. Restaurant on site for local dishes. 1000 for a chapati with sauces! Beer 2000. Laundry 1000 per item to be hand washed. Stored the car here for a week at no extra charge but we did tip. Car is in the sun but in a secure compound with 24hr security. Friendly staff, they can order a tuktuk when you need it. We gave our food that wouldn't last the week to the chef and put our food in their fridge- it was still there on our return!

Nyinda Classic Hotel -5.07138, 39.11742

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