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a flat area between river and road with few local trafic quiet and also birds on river in summer coton field

Ancient Bridge 39.55462, 22.08380

A bit rough 100 m downhill road leads to a beautiful lakeside.

Waterside 49.71332, 29.17994

Free beach shower and toilets. Quiet in the morning. Free parking before 8am

Capitola Beach 36.97190, -121.95032

This isn’t the right location on the map. Parc Roche à Caya is southwest of the island, and it has signs prohibiting overnight parking/camping. All the other potential public spots we saw on the island didn’t allow RV/van overnights, encourage local businesses and book a campsite!

Parc Roche à Caya 47.39708, -70.36542

PERMIT REQUIRED. This spot is permit required & basically no service to try to get one. Goodluck

Jackson Lake Wyoming 43.79383, -110.69432

As others said- nice level quiet spot. Very limited cell service. No running water. View of NP in the distance.

Rest Stop 48.19852, -112.50744

Small but clean and descent hotel above the D1 supermarket. Free potable water, fast internet and a fridge. Streetside parking only. We could store our bicycles upstairs in the hall.
50.000 for a double room with AC (with tree beds).
They also have a restaurant just down the street, Restaurante Central, with decent meals for 10.000. They do deliver the food to your room if you want.

Hospedaje Central 9.39576, -75.06391

Stayed 9/7/21 night. Road in is pretty rutted and very silty/dusty right now. But we made it with off road tires and only 2WD. Also a ~30’ RV made it (see pics) down the road so I would think anyone can make it. Very quiet, 4 other vehicle campers. Full Xfinity mobile bars and 2-3 bars t-mobile. The views on the cliffs are awesome.

Pillar and Shoshone Falls Epic cliff 42.60115, -114.43698

The place is nice to overnight, close to the stream.
Flat and shielded from wind.

But... when arrived at night, a lot of people where on the tar road loading planks onto trucks and screaming like crazy!
we felt a bit uncomfortable but, at the end were not bothered.

In the morning, with the bird songs, we've got also chainsaw noise...

we don't know if the forest massacre going on was only chopping down invasive trees (pines and eucalyptus) or... a coming end for the forest...

Zomba plateau garden forest -15.35724, 35.30600

abandoned Parking area near the highway. narrow entrence. paved ground. completely secret. good for the night before entering budapest. full gsm and Internet connection due to GSM Post near by

Sekret unser Parkinson arena 47.53410, 18.50344

Large multi tiered gravel pit. Would only recommend to trucks, SUVs, 4x4 vans etc. as the entrance road is a bit bumpy. Weak cell service is select areas, multiple dead spots. took some trial and error to get a spot with data. Fairly quiet, light road noise, great star gazing.

Sand pit 46.29915, -74.29594
La Vuelta al mundo en N días

From here you can walk 1km to Laguna Turquesa or do a full 4km round trip to all mini lakes.
The road to here is mostly ripio with washboards but no 4WD needed, just follow the main track available in OpenStreet Maps.

Lagunas trailhead -26.25916, -69.09888
La Vuelta al mundo en N días

This is the main access to road to Salar de Pedernales mini lakes

Lagunas access road -26.36098, -69.19931

Nice flat spot just above the road. Some cars/ATVs went by in the evening but quiet at night. A little wet but no danger of getting stuck. Be aware this site is around 10,000 ft and quite cold at night! Spectacular views up and down the valley.

Blue Moon Explorers Camp 37.80096, -107.57773

Spent one night in a tent. Minimal trash, 4 bars ATT, quiet & dark, pit toilets, fire pits and a picnic table. I would definitely stay here again.

Sugar Hill State Forest - Cayuga Trail (Alternate) Parking 42.39073, -76.99863

It looks like the original GPS coordinates for this listing are for a parking area on the left after you cross the bridge but that lot was blocked with a chain across the entrance, so we parked in the gravel lot next to Kiwanda Coastal Properties. It was right on the river. Almost directly across the street was an entrance to the beach, and off to the right as you enter the beach you can climb a sandy hill and get a great view of the ocean, from Bob Straub State Park over to Pacific City Beach. Bring a chair and watch the sunset. The lot isn't quiet by any means, trucks turning the corner there and passing through. We arrived at 6:30pm and left at 8am. Between those times about 6 people pulled in beside us to throw recyclables into the bins on the side of Kiwanda Coastal Properties, about 25 ft from where you park. Around 2am someone came to fish through the recyclables for cans and was quickly on their way. Harmless but a lil startling. There were no "No Parking" signs. Kiwanda Coastal Properties has a sign saying 24 Hour video surveillance, which I suppose is reassuring if true, and if you had a problem. I was awoken again by trucks passing through at 6am, hitting a bump in the road, and their work load bouncing loudly. I thought it was a knock on the door. We were the only ones there and no one bothered us.

Pacific City 45.20190, -123.96593

2 lovely Stugas with all you need on a very nice family property.

Mangskog 59.73936, 12.82951

Great stop for the night! We ventured just slightly past the main lot mentioned, past the small hut and found ourselves on the actual dirt road trails. Many impromptu camping spots perfect for small and larger groups. Several others were nearby all doing the same. Amazing for mountain biking and trail running. We’d have stayed longer if we could.

Paulson Xcountry Ski Parking Lot. 49.24320, -117.99950

No camping allowed, but parked here with plenty of RVs on the dirt road. Quiet road, pretty dark!

Cold stream road 39.31892, -120.23129

nice place to park. had company from.other RVs, but no issue. 5km walk to the city center or a short uber ride. there are other parking lots ahead where you can park for the day while visit the city center, but they do not allow overnight so we came back to this one.

Quebec Cycle-way 46.78869, -71.23435

Great campsite. ZAR 150 pppn but it is great with an outdoor shower, bathtub and many other things. The sites are great as described elsewhere.

Rocky Road Backpacker + Camping -33.94701, 23.50467

A nice clearing right off road with fire ring. Partial views west and east, 1-3 bars Verizon. Stayed here 2 nights. A few vehicles have gone by early. Very quiet after 7pm.

Partial Views 48.31105, -113.32989

No overnight parking, was told around 11pm that I had to leave by a security guard. But was recommended to a close by grocery store to stay for the night.

walmart parking lot 40.03204, -76.24175

GPS is Meziadin PP. We drove to see glacier and Into STEWART Small cafe, about 8 tables? .. bakery goodies are excellent and made in house by the chef ! We had banana bread, mocha cake and blueberry scones. They serve food as well. It didn’t look like they were ill affected by lack of sales during covid, meaning the locals must love them too. They were busy.

The Rookery (in Stewart,BC) 56.08702, -129.30718

Just pay the $200 to support the local community. The area is clean and flat. If you are tent camping you can put your tent up on the beach, per the guy that takes care of the area.

Los Cerritos Beach 23.33100, -110.17528

Loud…busy…dogs barking…screaming kids… you get the point. Will definitely stealth camp next time I come through.
(Follow me on IG: our_heroes_graves)

Kiwanis Rest Area 47.05506, -109.45893

Four spots with water and power. $20 per night. Self-pay if they are closed. $10 extra to use the dump station. Hot showers and clean running-water bathrooms. View of the mountains. Dog-friendly with grass and trees. Four bars Verizon signal. No laundry, but laundromat nearby. Burner-friendly. (Water fill up $.25 per gallon if you don't stay here.)

Modoc District Fairgrounds - RV parking 41.52350, -120.17597

Large Closed Road sign right off the main road. And the spot to pull in to this marking has a clear pile of tree debris laid out to stop you.

Rifle Pit Rd. 43.59214, -103.51247

cg in colville nf, $24 per night. pit toilets, potable water, fire rings, picnic tables, trash cans. in the tall trees next to the river.

pioneer park Campground 48.21187, -117.05533

First night free after getting a players card and a visit with security to be approved to stay. Then you are expected to spend at least $50 dollars on the machines for up to 4 more nights. Too rich and risky for my blood, I moved on from there and did not stay.

Three Rivers Casino at Florence 43.98019, -124.08795

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