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Street Parking. On the nearest side of the street there are businesses behind a raised parking lot.

Other side of the street are condos/apartments with their own parking lot.

A few cars were parked on the street, so you're not the only vehicle on the street. Good for a quick overnight.

If you have Xfinity, their wifi network has good coverage here, otherwise it's a city, so cell coverage is good

UC Davis was not in session when I visited, so it may get parked up when the university is in session. I'll be back in a couple weeks with an update.

Street Parking, Hanover Dr 38.55896, -121.75686

Park for motorhomes, campers and caravans situated between the mountains and the sea, at a short driving distance from several beaches and towns like Faro, Loulé and Tavira (Algarve Portugal),surrounded by holm oaks, cork oaks and carob trees, and away from overcrowded tourist centres. Set in a 56 000 square meters of land. very good Wifi connection. Several restaurants and supermarkets nearby. Opening hours - 8.00, closing hours – 20.00 (winter) 21.30(summer). overnight stay- 7€; eletricity - 4€; Laundry - 4€; toilette - 1€ person /day; hot showers - 1€/5 minutes.

Motorhome Ecopark São Brás de Alportel 37.16815, -7.90795

This is a wonderful stop along your way to Medillin. We had the typical chorizo plate, with chicken soup, 2 chocolate crossiants, fresh juices, teas, all for 32000 pesos. Clean, adorable plates, happy to support them!

El Kiozko 6.81491, -75.48509

Very low water at the moment but you can walk down to take a swim (very boggy). We stayed up on the grassy field and had a wonderful view all around. To stay there you dont need 4x4 at all, just to reach the place down by the water. Had a very quiet night, great place!

In a field next to a reservoir 42.20188, 0.97397

Slept here last night. Arrived around 9pm, left at 9am. No one bothered us, very quiet night.

Walmart Beaumont CA 33.92397, -116.95325

Amazing views! There is a gate right off the road you will need to open and close. Keep driving past the no parking signs and there are a few informal camping spots with fire pits at the end of the road. 2 wd accessible. A couple bumpy spots but mostly smooth. Good Verizon service, not great TMobile. One of our favorite spots yet!

Marble Canyon BLM 36.77637, -111.65915

Amazing location. 4wd is needed. Lockers probably needed if it’s ever wet.

Portland 38.01558, -107.65356
Pamela Vanderson

This is a parking lot at a dog and disk golf/ mountain bike park next to a grocery store. In the parking lot next to the train car there is water and power if needed and seems to be a public source. Stayed here over night.

Troy Timbereast Park 48.45727, -115.89176

Great landromat. Helpful owner. Clean, not too busy. Large machines.

Laundromat (Captains Quarters) 45.78674, -84.73455

Hidden gem. Great spot to park and camp. Big rigs might have trouble getting to the waterfront, but we did it with a sprinter van. Dog friendly, no amenities.

Search Bay Sites 45.99341, -84.51495

Nice place to stop for a coffee and cinnamon bunns!

Farm Market 54.05611, -124.85215

We drove there on Sep 16th and found out it was closed for the season mid Sep! Big gate is locked at the entrance. GPS also took us to a residential street which is wrong!! It’s entrance is right off 101 or Sunshine Coast Highway. Luckily we drove another 15 mins to Porpoise Bay Provincial park, which is just as nice and a lot spots available for mid Sep!!

Roberts Creek Provincial Park 49.44070, -123.67173

Lugar estruturado, bastante área de sombra. pessoal bem atencioso. fácil acesso. Lugar com churrasqueiras, pessoal dispõe de lenha. possui lancheira, servem pastel, lanches e comidas.

Fazenda Três Fronteiras -25.06579, -51.29876

Jubilee Lake Campground. Umatilla National Forest campground. 12 miles off Hwy 204 near Toll Gate. Washboard road, passable by 2wd vehicles. Pit toilets and water. Swimming and boat ramp. No RV hookups. Gorgeous lake and lake side trail. Pretty quiet, though popular spot with families and fishers. Lots of level sites many first come first serve. The lake is a gem. Stayed here two nights. $17/nt seems a little steep but it was easy and quiet. No cell service to speak of (1 bar LTE first night).

Jubilee Lake 45.83102, -117.96840

Entire fry’s parking lot fenced up. With no entry.

Fry's Electronics parking lot 47.49879, -122.19868

Well - today was a strange travel day. Since it was raining cats and dogs I decided to spent my last Lekë for an accommodation. Riding with my motorbike was not really funny. At the time of my visit there was three options available and I ended up staying at this place which I kind of regret in the end.

All of them cost 10€ the night and 5€ for breakfast and 5€ for dinner. I don’t know much of the very last place at the end of the road but it was very crowded that time so I kept on searching. The second place (the very first one to the left) was nice and with a huge flat area for camper vans. Also some shady trees. Rooms are everywhere same same - simple bets for up to 5. Only downside there was the room in the second floor and since I didn’t want to carry all my wet stuff up I kept on searching.

Now comes the weird thing. Once I told them at the place I stayed in the end that I am going to pay with my last Lekë (1500 which is even more then 10€ and another 5€, also my last cash, for the dinner) there mood changed quite to the negative. They started a huge discussion about it for minutes. At a certain moment I just didn’t care anymore and decided to take it as it is. I really didn’t see the problem. I spoke with some Albans later and they told me kind of the same story. This time I should have left already. Anyhow - dinner for me was some overcooked pasta and salat and a glass of water. Some other tourists next table had fish and meat and some red wine. When I asked them for a glass of wine they said there is no more ?!? So - this is Not a very albanic mentality but I think for some reason they wanted to cut expenses down because I didn’t give them the good €. Has maybe something to do with the fact that they live closer to a bigger Montenegro city then some other in Albania. The room was ok. Shower and toilet is outside - no hot water, no light. The other one had a bathroom in the house. I will set another marker when I leave the village. So maybe one of you can enjoy a better hospitality. When I payed my 1500L + 5€ they took it if it was poisoned. Also no goodbye… I really didn’t get it…

The road itself is just mindblowing. The village is really nothing special. The view from the valley into the surrounding mountains is nice though. ;-) Try you luck with Lekë and let me know…

Greetings Martin

Weirdo Hostel 42.58925, 19.71431
Byways no Highways

Nice rustic campground ! Toilets are flush and clean. Short walk to a uncrowned experience of real Maine coastline!

McClellan Park 44.48636, -67.85405

Great place. Easy access in my 30’ class c towing a Prius. Right at mile marker 91.

Fremont River South Shore 38.27559, -111.08762

Tap has been removed.... .

Porters Lake Provincial Park 44.68979, -63.30300

Far enough from the highway the noise isn't too bad. Toilets open, but water fountains are closed

Rest stop 38.75476, -111.41740

gas station near capitol reef, also has propane

Howies 38.34012, -111.54085

Beautiful spot! No Verizon cell service.

Kluane Lake 3 - NICE 61.15731, -138.56047

Encontramos esse lugar por acaso. Fica a 300m da rodovia, de frente pro mar e é gratuito. Não tem energia nem água potável. Dormimos duas noites bem tranquilas. Local seguro e com uma vista incrível.

Pé na areia Barra Grande -8.99283, -35.20222

Parked near the side of the lot which had the least amount of traffic. Was pretty much left alone. A good spot for city free camping.

Walmart 47.55358, -52.78377

Free showers at the campground. If you park at the country store you can walk over to the bathhouse and use the showers without having to drive thru the campground registration station. However you will need to pay the park entrance fee which is currently $7 for Indiana residents and $9 for out of staters.

Brown County State Park campground 39.15542, -86.23027

There is also a spigot by the day use bathroom.. I added a photo

State Park dump (donation based) 44.41602, -119.08692

Nice place to stop for the nite, more than 3 spots I think

Barnhouse Campground (free) 44.47394, -119.93466

Nice, quiet spot. Road is a bit bumpy but should be fine for most vehicles. Some fire rings, pit toilet in the woods a bit behind the signboard.
I would argue it should be fine for bigger rigs as long as there aren't too many other people set up here, it's pretty open. But I've never driven one.

Hueco Wall 50.90174, -116.43506

Industrial Works for a night if you are low key and are driving a reasonable rig It’s right on the water It is a parking lot for a marina, boat repair yard on a road that leads to the Terminal Island prison

I’ve seen quite a few van types here many times

Terminal Island 33.73176, -118.26849

A quick, easy (although uphill), dog-friendly trail to break up the drive!
Less than a mile round-trip. I stopped to read all the historical signs and was done in 30 minutes. Gorgeous views and benches along the way & chairs at the top to relax & devour the scenery.

Interpretive Trail 61.02539, -138.50613

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