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Parking lot does not allow overnight parking, but people do it anyway. This place is overrun by dangerous people at night. Saw fights break out.

walmart 47.91328, -122.21447

Awesome place, a real hidden gem - definitely recommend! This is a beautiful family run lodge with plenty of character (3 generations old so a great way to support the local community). The rooms are lovely and overlook the river (as does the sparkly clean swimming pool ;-) and the camping area is awesome (perfect for a sort out/reorganise) - right on the river, clean, tidy, safe and secure with hot showers and flushing loos - $20USD p/p to camp and well worth every cent. We all loved our stay here, the Hot Spring Pool (included in the price) was a real treat and a fantastic way to relax and recuperate.
The food was great, the wifi the fastest we have come across in all of Zambia and the staff went out of their way to accommodate us. 100% recommend at least a few days here (we didn't want to leave ;-)
Big thank you to Mark and his team for making our stay so memorable (and the route advice heading North), from us in the big orange truck👍
Note. Suitable for big overland trucks, turn left off the T2 onto a dirt road for about 30kms, signposted the whole way.

Kapishya Hot Springs -11.16952, 31.60015

Walked in at 13:00 and ordered food, very lovely owner and staff.
Nice place to sit in the shade.
Food took an hour so maybe best to order ahead as mentioned before.
They stopped making certain dishes due to being less busy but we could get a nice cold coke for 30k and Ordered a massive tasty plate of chicken and chips with cabbage and carrot salad for 75kwacha which are both good prices!

Dorphil -13.11221, 31.80982

Rest Area off rt 11 with great view overlooking Eagle Lake, facing east so perfect Sunrise viewing. Normal traffic on rt 11, quiet at night, few cars pull into rest area. Full service ATT

Eagle Lake rest area 47.04968, -68.59362

Ample clean parking lot of indigenous nations without facilities
Park of the Indigenous Nations is the biggest park in the city, it has Lake Pato, Capybara and many other wild animals.
Safe to sleep!

Estacionamento parque das nações indígenas amplo limpo sem facilidades
Parque das nações indígenas é o maior parque da cidade tem Lago Pato, Capivara e muitos outros animais silvestres
Seguro para dormir!

Parking Nações Indígenas -20.45543, -54.56986
Instagram: @savannatales

How surprised to see this fruit and vegetable seller pass by the camp with his bike (1pm)! We bought him fresh mint, basil, rucola, parsley, spring onions which were not to find in Mfuwe ! He also had banana, potatoes, paprika, etc. See the pictures. Thomas' current number is 09798608990.

Thomas the Gardener Fruit & Veg Delivery (tel - 0963138009) -13.10961, 31.75371

we spent 2 nights there. still no paper in the toilets.
we paid 600mt/night for 2 adults and 1 motorhome. they didn't charge our 3 kids (8,10 and 11 years old), so a good value for a family.

Bilene - Complexo Palmeiras -25.27820, 33.25251

Drive down the gravel road about 1km and there’s a fire pit and clearing. Mostly pine forest with some meadow clearings. Watch for large rocks on the path.

There is space for a truck to turn around - I’m not sure about hauling a trailer.

Paths lead to a lake & forest. Nice morning views.

If you follow Shepody Road (also called New Ireland Road), there’s plenty of tracks you can pull into.

It’s all logging / snow mobile and atv trails back here.

Easter Deadwater site 45.66972, -65.10400

A quiet little spot between cornfields, right up against the river. It is a car top boat access area with plenty of turnaround space.

It is on NH12A, just north of the Cornish Windsor Covered Bridge. The bridge has a clearance of less than 10'.

We spent a very quiet night here, 5G T-Mobile.

Connecticut River boat access 43.48062, -72.37910

Now more space, because some busches and grass has been cut. At dry summer, you can also park in the (then dry) river, more away from the main street. Very calm and quiet...

Fordside camp 46.26493, 9.40858

nice quiet location. be careful not to leave the asphalt going down to the water, soft sand and mud towards the water edge.

Quiet site near Bahçelik dam 38.67726, 36.30761

2.1m max height to enter informal camp ground on nature reserve.
Many spots with tables and pits, beautiful lake camping within the trees.

gyllebo slott castle lake 55.59973, 14.19155

a dirt road leads from the main road down to the lake. here is a lot of space. the öake has sometime more and sometime less water. water is clear and good for a swim or a shower. A Sheppard passes by with sheeps and dogs.

close to the lake 41.71797, 20.77470

price for 5kg is 170zkw quickly and friendly service.

afrox Choma -16.81444, 26.98040

This is a day use Provincial Park. There's a no camping sign at the entrance.

Melmerby Beach Provincial Park 45.65641, -62.50722
Iencog Nietoo

New and official camper and van parking spot. No anemities. Just next to the Koksijde military airfield with great view. Very calm at night, only bikers during the day. 12 hours camping max

Koksijde Airfield camper and van 51.10369, 2.66202

You have to request permission to stay, they let me because the campsite was closed but the people are super friendly and they have no problem opening the doors for you. Very quiet, safe and with all the comforts.

Polideportivo Municipal Villaguay -31.86443, -59.04519

46 Standard place for caravans or motor homes. 22 luxury spots with privileged view.
Nice place on a hill.
€ 33.50 all inclusive ( electricity, taxes,etc.)
Lots of shade.
+39 047 35681 38 /. [email protected]

Waldcamping Völlan 46.59859, 11.15059

This is a spot south of Interstate 80. Take exit 190 south only a few hundred feet. The dirt road is on your left. There is enough room for our 40’ Class A towing our Jeep. It’s huge and secluded right by a lake. There is some noise from the freeway.

By the Lake 41.04833, -100.52462

If you can't get a spot next to the river, this is a good alternative. Take the dirt road off the Silver Creek loop, it'll dead end at this spot. Cozy road with brush, will be too tight for some. Nice pull around with fire pit.

Silver Creek in the brush 43.24126, -113.99562

Station de vidange toujours en fonction situé sur le vdevant côté gauche du garage avec en plus de l'eau potable.

Canadian Tire 44.72352, -75.52204

Farm-direct local AAA beef.
Fresh and frozen products.
Also chicken from another local farm.

Green Valley Meat Market 49.15300, -55.39701

This is definitely our best find to date. The views are extraordinary from the pier, Canada is across the water and and the town is behind you. Just beautiful.

We asked a police officer when we arrived if there were any rules about overnight parking and he said as long as we follow any posted signs, we would be fine.

Quite a few cars drove in and around the pier for the views late in the evening. Fishermen showed up quite early in the morning.

We did not have good T-Mobile service service. There was free Wi-Fi in town.. Public restrooms are at the end of the pier and there are also porta-johns. We had to walk the dog back towards town to find grass.

Sullivan Pier 44.90611, -66.98306

This was the perfect spot to stay the night before we summitted Mt Katahdin. It is about 3 miles to Togue Pond gate, a pull off on the right side as you approach the park.

There is a sign saying emergency landing zone for Baxter state park.. Do not park in that area!! There is plenty of other space in that same pull off.

It was very quiet, very dark and allowed us to get to the the park as soon as it opened.. Just a heads up, oversized vehicles are not allowed in Baxter park without a special permit that can take up to a week if they grant it.

Also, dogs are not allowed in the park; there is a doggy hotel in Millinocket.

There are no services available.

Pull off near Mt Katahdin 45.81667, -68.88639

Très beau spot pour camper tranquille. Un autre couple y dormaient aussi. Magnifique vue sur la forteresse.

Louisbourg Lighthouse outside gates 45.91239, -59.96665
Rich Fesler

Nice spot. Full LTE (V, gFi). No beach access. Okay for all size rigs. We spent a night here.

Mile Marker 304 Pullout 42.71693, -124.46310
Cubby Van Life

Nice place to stop for a night, next to trail and muddy river. Safe water, clean bathroom, playground. Wandering deer. Quiet, no one else here. Sites spread out. $5. Please buy something in town to support this kind town gesture.

Trafton Park 48.36447, -107.87122

Cash only they do not accept cards per the attendant

Pemex 22.44302, -105.41634

Very safe and away from the road parking. It’s at the end of Nesika road and away from homes so no one should come bother you. Easy access to the beach. Spent the night and woke up to a beautiful view.

Nesika Road 42.51443, -124.40969
Mahoosuc Land Trust

This lot is private property. The Mahoosuc Land Trust does not allow Overnight Parking at Valentine Farm.

Valentine farm conservation lot 44.42053, -70.81231

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