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Benjamin Vaughan

A good spot for a night. Much better than the other spot down the road because the grass has been mowed down and there is more space to set up camp. Plenty of bugs/spiders

Huckleberry Ridge Conservation Area 36.58889, -94.33125

Muito movimento em um sábado de feriado prolongado. Pessoas e carros passando de madrugada. Um grupo chegou por volta de 2 da manhã e colocou música alta do lado de onde estacionamos. Saímos e paramos no ponto anterior onde tinha uma van. Não sabíamos se era seguro, mas tinha menos movimento. Ficamos só essa noite.

Very busy on a long holiday. People and cars passing by at dawn. A group arrived around 2 am and put it loud music next to where we parked. We left and stopped at the previous point where there was a van. We didn't know if it was safe, but there was less movement. We stayed only one night.

Tiririca Beach -14.28585, -38.98594

São Pedro da Serra Municipality, Cantina Florêncio restaurant, have a pasta or a fish Very well done here!

Cantina Florêncio -22.31605, -42.33059

If you have a larger RV and are towing your car behind you it will be too difficult to find parking let alone drive through this narrow street with parked cars on both sides and median strips. There were some nice spots for an RV by itself. Just make sure you don’t take Corte Madera Ave all the way past the cross street Año Nuevo Ave because you will be confronted with a split private road: the left fork has no outlet and the right fork does but it’s a rectangular shaped loop that is narrow because the townhouses are crammed together on either side of the road.

Streetside 37.34494, -121.90019

crowded. lots of cars parked. works if you really need a spot to stay. nice view!

Burleigh Falls 44.56644, -78.21436

Sweet Spot.

Very quite and plenty of room to move around.

Rough Creek Park 32.41932, -97.78663
JaM Blog

Very beautifully located campsite at a lake with mountain view. It has toilets, electricity and a small bungalow where you get fresh drinks and you can use the barbeque grill. The owners don't ask for payment, but live next door and help you out with any problem you might have. Very friendly and welcoming. Voluntary donations of 10 BAM are welcome.

Camp Blidinje 43.59953, 17.48648

Because of the hole on the road we had a problem at the direction of the Van, the boss is kindly come to fix. Pay attention to look at what they do and not go for a tour while waiting, and set the price before it starts working.

A cause des trou sur la route nous avons eu un problème à la direction du van, le patron est gentiment venu réparer. Faite attention de bien regarder ce qu'ils font et de ne pas aller faire un tour en attendant, et fixé le prix avant qu'il commence à travailler.

Macanica "Ruben" -15.83474, -67.56012

This was a good spot for the night. There was one other camper van and it was quite quiet. As mentioned, there’s a nice trail along the river with several lookout spots.

Windsor Falls 48.92465, -55.65195

We managed to find a FCFS site on the long weekend. The location was great for what activities we had planned. Forest sites. Pit toilets. Privacy.
We were tent camping and unfortunately on our last night we returned to our campsite to find someone had stolen our sleeping pads.

Roberts Creek Provincial Park 49.43942, -123.67328

Not bad to sleep for one night. Noise started around 6h30am. Big parking lot.

Chemanius Lake Park 48.91228, -123.74980

Big open area with space for all kind of vehicles, hidden but close to the highway. We saw the most spectacular Northern Lights here and a beautiful sunset. We even saw a storm happening really far away from here.
Please keep it clean! Burn your toilet paper or put it in your garbage and please take your cans with you (probably not IOverlander users but I kept collecting them along the Dempster...)!

Sunset/Northern Lights viewpoint 66.20942, -136.96170

Quiet night sleep and wildlife all over. Level spot for our van. Weather was great and not too many bugs.

Marsh lake boat launch 41.71795, -84.98776

As described. Toilets are weird - they're completely made of metal and the seat is built-in, not separate, so you sit on metal.

Lots of trucks stop here at night so it can get noisy.

Rest area West/East Access 34.35098, -92.89224

Local super tranqüilo, bom p barracas e motorhome.
Água, energia elétrica, chuveiro c água
quente, restaurante e tanques p pesca.
Diária 20 reais por pessoa.

Pesqueiro Arco Iris -22.48148, -47.18737

Infelizmente não é mais um ponto de apoio/pernoite a viajantes/motorcasa. Apenas informações durante horário comercial. Uma opção é a rodoviária ou o estádio, lugares onde há amplo estacionamento.

CIT - Tourist Information Center -21.78650, -46.57183

as described. nice open spot. windy all day and night. great views and quite. would not dare to push further in our ford transit though as the road gets really rough...

BLM camp spots near Carlsbad Caverns 32.20493, -104.33305

I made it. the last part was a narrow lane through the Forest. Dosen't loocks used offten. had to pull a big Tree aside with my winch. you'll need 4x4 wen wet. No big rigs

Really bad road 13.18702, -88.28939

This is quite a large, rambling sort of place. A bit dilapidated but that has it's own charm. Our pitch didn't have any facilities but I think there are others with water and electricity. The communal toilet block is very clean. This is a useful base for exploring a pretty isolated area of Spain but don't expect too many creature comforts.

La Naturaleza 40.55417, -5.91285

Tried to stay here and the park rangers came about 10:45pm to tell us to move along. They were visiting all the hwy 1 pull outs in the immediate area. No citation issued.

Pullout 36.35060, -121.89771

tried to park here but there are no overnight parking signs all over the place

Swan River Pullout 48.06145, -114.05223

Great spot to have a fire and listen to loons.

Lakeside 59.97909, -127.56171

- limited service here
- great views.
- more sheltered spots near by

White Rock Canyon, Medicine Bow NF 41.56917, -106.28722

Dirt road leading up to several dispersed camping sites. Along the road. We were pulling a trailer with an atv and a rzr and had no problem getting to our camping spot. There were several others camping in the area.. but no one close to each other since hue area is large. No one else was on our camping side which allowed us to enjoy the privacy. Lots of trees and creek was close by. Water was low but still good enough to provide a swimming hole for the kids to enjoy. Spend the labor weekend here. Will definitely be back!

swimming cliffside camping 36.25042, -94.12375

Nice place on the river, large municipale parking.

No overnight parking

Next to the train bridge 45.56411, -74.33468

This campground is located on the corner of 9th Ave and 1st St. It is a well-treed campground, all sites are electrified, feature a wood-burning BBQ (wood not provided), and a picnic table. An RV Dump station, washroom, and free showers are located steps away. Also nearby is Lions Park that has many amenities including a Spray Park, Playground, Tennis Courts, and much more. Campgrounds are open from May 1st to September 30th. Check-in: 1:00pm Check-out: 11:00am. Reservations are taken on a first-come/first-serve basis. Reservations open April 1st. This is a great place to stay while attending events at the Brian King Centre or Arthur Neufeld Soccer Pitch

Brian King Centre Campground 52.32116, -106.57003

Relatively quiet, well-lit free parking in front of an apartment building.

State St. 29.76472, -95.37354

Nice spot just off the highway. About 5 to 7 spots. Some with fire pits. Nice a quiet as the sun goes down and less traffic.

Off Hwy 40 53.56143, -117.90945

Excellent campground. Vault toilets were very clean. Dumpsters for garbage and fresh water at numerous locations throughout the campground. Single sites are $12 for seniors and military. Good ATT and T-Mobile signal.

Haviland Lake Campground 37.53412, -107.80699

perfect place, people will welcome you at any time of the day

free place 46.75654, -71.31432

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