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Walmart parking lot. At Walmart in the city the overnight is not allowed. Surveillance guides you to this Walmart.

Walmart 40.43266, -122.28961

Area de acampe en entrada del parque Impenetrable. Junto al destacamento de guarda parques. Seguro y tranquilo...
Lindo paisaje, junto a un rio y en el monte chaqueño...

Parque Nacional El Impenetrable -25.17825, -61.09574

Showers are no longer allowed and pool was closed

Piscine Olympia - Free Pool & Shower 45.51293, -73.46243

You can still extended here carnet and TIP.

Ministry of Finance, Directorate Customs &Exise -22.55990, 17.08025

This place is still open and accessible. The turn is after the parking lot, the road is a bit harsh at the beginning but im better conditions later. The rest is as described by others, next to the river and nice waterfalls. We were alone for the night and just a couple of cars came by during the morning but didn't even get out of the car, just turned back.

Riverside 51.04170, -118.21728

One spot tucked away in the trees, and one spot on the edge of the mountain, looking over the valley. Beautiful. Made it in a 144” to the cliff face. Could fit a 170 ext” though. No 4x4 necessary unless bad weather.

Secret spot outside of YNP near Gardiner 45.04437, -110.66453

Quiet spot at nighttime. Separate from any parking lots or security. All stores and coffee shops in walking access.

Dirt road and flat area 49.13011, -122.32442

A nice place to stay. Was a little noisey between 9p & 10p but quieted down!
it's Near a baseball field, basketball court, play ground, walking trail which connects to the estes lake trail (4.0 miles) Dog park is just on the other side of the baseball fields.
a nice view of the surrounding mountains!

Estes Park 40.37189, -105.49707

nice little spot towards the hills. quiet, full att, convenient to i40, got in here ok with my old dodge van but it's definitely a rough road

BLM Route 7123A 35.17138, -113.88965

Great camping location with flat ground for sleeping in tents. Beautiful view and lake access. Although high voltage powerlines are nearby the nnEMF readings are reasonably low and significantly lower than most people's bedrooms. Maximum RF measured 7.40 microWatts/Sq Meter (using Safe and Sound Pro II Broadband RF Meter). Maximum AC Magnetic Frequency measured 16 nT. Maximum AC Electrical Frequency measured 2 V/m (using GIGAHERTZ SOLUTIONS ME3830B meter). All measurements taken with cell phones off by the firepit without a view of the lake.

Wilson Lake Road 46.96504, -79.79288

Beautiful lake. Several spots, some directly on the water. A large area with several campsites have a small path to the lake. The most beautiful site seems to have a long term user in the summertime. First time we came in august they were set up with their rig. In September the site was open.

Medicine Lake 49.86028, -93.77246

Wow! This place is gorgeous. I didn’t sleep here as it was too early in the day to stop but this would be a great place to camp if you’re in a tent/van/car, not recommended for anything bigger than a van. No facilities but great views!

Amazing views! 61.08646, -138.54161

Petit spot sur le bord de la route, relativement plat. Il en a 2-3 comme ca le long de la route, sinon il a un gros parking où il semblait avoir quelque vr, plus haut sur la route. Je capte 1barre de reseau. Merci de rester propre :)

Few Little spot by the road 49.72091, -125.12141

Just next to the road there is a big open g
field with a small shelter. Lots of room a no traffic here at night. It's next to there Връх Околчица monument. Wild horses roam here and lots of hiking places.
The view is phenomenal!

Okolchitsa Peak 43.15372, 23.58338

The adjacent Walmart does NOT allow overnight parking and has signs posted as such all over its parking lot. Lowe's, however, allows boondockers. Simply check in with customer service counter and they will direct you as to where to park.

Lowe's in Dubuque (IA) 42.48850, -90.73403

This appears to be an abandoned campground and an abandoned rest area. There are roads (beginning to be overgrown) in a grid over an approximately 10 acre area. Roads are more open nearer the highway. We are in a 23’ travel trailer and drove straight in and turned left at a tee, out of sight of the highway and where there was less highway noise. We will back up into the other branch of the tee to get back out. Camper vans could make it through the overhanging branches without turning around, but best to walk it first to make sure. Unfortunately many previous users have left trash, cans and bottles. Overnighted should leave nothing but tire tracks and footprints.

Rest Area/Abandoned Campground. 47.24945, -65.40067

We only intended to stay 1 night. we arrived on Wed. afternoon and delivered out RV to Martin's RV Repair (awesome btw) Thursday morning. Due to a delay with Walgreens prescription refill , we ebnded upstaying 3 nights. We pulled in our slides and raised our jacks each morning to not give the appearance that we were living there. unfortunately, there were several others that looked like they had established residency. at least they didn't have chairs out or trash around their rigs. however, it was clear that they had been their for a while. it was quiet after 10 or so. we definitely felt safe. the store and parking lot were super clean. a very popular spot with travelers.

Walmart 47.49268, -111.21922

thus is a look out road pull off, 2 bathrooms and garbage available, picnic tables as well, over looks the lake

scenic look out 50.81500, -119.04439

15$-20$ person (camping or sleeping in your car). Best hostel! People working there are very friendly and the place is beautiful. Nice bar, nice lounge, terrasse and kitchen, very clean individual bathrooms. Access to the beach. Worth it!

Auberge Griffon Aventure 48.90398, -64.25753

good spot. 10 or so other vehicles already here when I arrived after dark but parking lot is big. quiet. good Verizon signal. did not park in the back corner where the gps takes you, just settled in with the rest of the folk on the north east side

Bass Pro 39.02399, -104.82518

Overnight parking is not allowed at this location.

Walmart 42.48730, -90.73426

Empty campground at Chewalla Lake. It is a good ways off the road and is clearly not being used for camping. There are some sites that will work even though the road that leads to the camping area is closed. We set up in the parking lot to the boat ramp (rooftop tent). The lake is opened for day use (boating/fishing) but there was no one else in the campground with us during the night. The beach access of the lake is temporarily closed due to vandalism. Pit toilets on site but the doors were jammed shut. Overall, quiet and peaceful place to rest for the night.

Chewalla Lake Rec Area 34.70518, -89.37432

Nice place and wide parking, one barking dog but didnt hear him later. Great wifi

Cole Harbour Centre 44.68285, -63.48813

Still one of my favourite spots in Sussex. Thank you Hastings Town Council for providing this facility. Well worth the £3.70 for 24 hours via Ringo car parking app or cash. Generally quiet from 10pm to 7am. Recommend the strenuous walk to the beach of Fairlight Cove. Toilets and a cafe nearby.

Fairlight car park 50.87341, 0.64331
Audrey Wakefield

Burlington was full. Plenty of sites here. Quiet, decent restrooms. Lots of trees.

Hidden Springs Campground 40.27642, -123.86503

Camping and chalets. Good overnight stop with flush toilets, showers with hot water from donkey. Resturant if desired. Shady campsites with power and braai pits. 170 pula per person

Kalahari Rest -23.52197, 22.60824

Very nice site. Close to the dam. R130 pppn (children 1/2). Electricity, warm water and WiFi (when working) included.

Umshanti -34.01824, 20.54011
Instagram: @savannatales

wrong location. the one on googlemap is correct though

Woods Camp -15.87183, 29.09042

A great little well maintained campground. Highly recommended for a night or 2. Good wifi in front of the town office / library - where you pay for camping.

The pit toilets could use some odour control - but don't they all?!

The train noise, extra because of the spur to the inland grain terminal to the south, didn't bother us - awake or asleep.

CBC at 540.

Nokomis Campground 51.51438, -105.00787

A lovely spot to stay for a night or longer by booking through AirBnB. The hostess is so kind. A gazebo is available for campers. I had plenty of room for my 24 foot camper van. The driveway is gravel but not bad. Water is now available through an outside hose.

1901 Historic Airbnb- Primitive Camping 36.90925, -104.43544

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