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Just on the corner of these two streets, hard to see if you're driving east

Water fountain 38.01544, 12.92293

Very nice campsite with all the good facilities you need. We used the toilet and shower of a cabin. Ed and Carmen are very friendly and we good conversation and sharing our passion of music. Ed is a really good photografer.
We visited a class for orphans nextdoor and this came in... what a great man who is taking care of those children.
Our children played a lot with children of the staff.

We are sad to leave but we have to move on...

Chitimba Camp -10.58483, 34.17596

Self Service laundry. Open from 8:00 to 23:00
Lavandería self service abierta de 8:00 a 23:00

Easywash 38.25535, 21.74612

nice place with a good view. Nobody around.

Elevated camp -6.29722, 35.73822
Miss Daisy

A lovely campsite, A welcoming staff. They let you connect to power, you can fill water, they open a room for toilet and shower. 10$ pppn for camping. They also have very nice rooms. We stayed 3 nights.

Hoima Cultural Lodge 1.43668, 31.34653

Convenient location right off Trans Canada Highway. Quite busy with activity into the evening otherwise a quite, safe and secure location. Room for car campers and campervans but any large motorhome will likely have difficulty maneuvering. No facilities available, but many fuel stations close by.

Deer Lake Car Park 49.17021, -57.43832

Nice place hidden in the forest close from main road, place for 2 campers. No GSM signal at all here !!! Enjoy silence and wilderness !

Hidden in the forest 69.13113, 25.73749

Panorama for river, spot elevated about 20m above river, not possible to go down, but this place has very nice view. GSM signal very weak, no internet (sometimes 2G).

Panorama - river 69.07090, 25.73789
Track World Travel

Yep, cool place. 28 Lev camping 2 people, motorbike and tent. Water on the premisses is from a well, adviced not to drink it. Free comunal fridges. Pack Track wrote snacks in the bar. We hoped warm or hot ones, but no. Enough other snacks though, incl. ice cream! Putting cleaning toilets and emptying garbage cans a tiny bit higher on the priority list wouldn't do the business any harm.

Motocamp 43.03733, 25.24915

Tent site 032. Great spot not far from the beach.

Anastasia State Park 30.29179, -81.80018

Water tap next to the road from Gori to Borjomi. It belongs to a small restaurant with a cute terrace overlooking the river.

Water Tap next to the road 41.92637, 43.48439

I think they changed the pricing policy. Wanted to charge us K45000 for 2 adults and 3 kids under 10. So we kindly said thank you and turned around .

Mikomo Beach Lodge -10.01149, 33.95500

Frente a la gasolinera, sobre la calle, entre los puestos de artesanos, se puede estacionar. Hay cámaras de seguridad y baños en la gasolinera

Refinor, mercado artesanal -25.51088, -64.97899

this place still operating and easy to find. Tnk Overlinder

Blockhouse Road 47.24040, -53.96428

Wild camping. one night only best. one other small car overnight. locals until dusk. no issues. great cell service. could of ordered door dash.

Lake Point Park 41.52721, -82.71264

We camping at one of the sites with private ablutions. Clean and well equipped. Perfect overnight stop

Red Sands Country Lodge -27.50993, 23.30369

Stayed overnight and woke up to a great view without any incident. Saw some deers walking by the water. Farmers market on Monday evening near downtown. 5* will stay here again next time

Pacific Grove, CA 36.62682, -121.91882

Adding: it’s surrounded by farms so be prepared for the faint smell of livestock 💩

Murtaugh Lake Campground 42.46154, -114.17057

Yes, total an quiete, lonely, nice sunset.

Adigeni, meadow near the river 40.97999, 34.65987

Church parking lot with picnic table available. Across the street, another spot could be interesting, right in front of a park. Nice and quiet. Because it's a residential area, I would suggest only one vehicule at a time...

Parking Lot 49.40881, -123.52348

Beautiful spot next to the river. Some locals around who did picnic. No 4wd needed to get to the place. MTS phone reception not very good.

Riverside 39.54604, 45.99607

Beatiful, quiet place with a panoramic view over the lake. Very spacious and many level areas for parking a RV or vehicle with RTT. Access road a little bit washed out, but nothing serious and nice sandy soil that does not get slippery when wet. We might decide to spend another night here, if possible.

Cliff over Lake Victoria -1.37252, 31.81587

they want 60 Reais for motorhome now and 50 with tent and there are not a lot of places with shadow

Camping Bambu -14.13139, -47.50915

Quick and easy RV dump.
The whole is under a bronze coloured metal grate beside the diesel pump and propane.
I asked about filling water as well, but they said that they don't do that anymore.

Esso Gas Station 46.41632, -63.77982

Nice guesthouse where we be allowed to camp :)
We paid K10000 for the 5 of us and we said we would eat in their restaurant (local food).
We could use the toilet and shower of a room.
Very friendly staff! Perfect for the night before heading to Tanzania.

Manguzi Executive Lodge -9.94212, 33.92791

A little old but relaxing hot thermal pool. Two big pools. One about 39 degrees, the other 42 degrees. Entrance 10 Lari for adults. Open until 11pm. Highly recommended after long day of hiking...

Thermal Public Swimming Pool 41.74324, 42.83460

Stayed over Labor Day weekend we were pretty much the only ones here. Lots of cows, some flys/bees, turkeys, deer and hunters using hunting dogs/bows. Bear area. Att and T-Mobile decent only with our booster.

end of the road 37.86219, -109.43348

We broke down in Cheney and actually were towed to this campground. the owner and his wife were very nice and accommodating. they immediately referred us to their mechanic and even called him in their phone for us. not sure what the talk about no hot showers is. the water was plenty hot. bathroom was a little outdated but it IS a campground. super cute little campground. we would stay again.

Ruby’s Resort on Silver Lake 47.57370, -117.65141

just perfect and very easy to reach. free dumping station and fresh wather.

Annacortes water treatment center 48.51900, -122.60744

This place is awesome. There is a fuel station with diesel, a pretty tall self wash bay, and laundromat all in the same parking lot. Across the street is an Albertsons with a Starbucks. This spot made chore day super fast and easy.

Lemon Laundry Laundromat & Self Wash 46.86875, -113.98119

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