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Nice place for big rigs and for a quick stop.. Did not see any beats... If you going south you should go on the next spot! Near the fish camp!! Better X1000.

Meziadin Lake 56.07834, -129.27470

9/10. Firewood was provided but didn't use. Can hear a lot of cows mooing at night. Place is well maintained.

Kennett's Kitchen 49.90171, -102.08931

All nice and friendly to beginn with...parking overnight also no problem at first. After some drinks and souvenirs had been bought we were asked to park somewhere and unfriendly way to treat travelers. Be aware of begging and ceaky kids....”

Beehive house & Cafe 36.85988, 39.03200

in front of Prefectura's office we spend a couple of nights, there is a public WiFi Network that once in a while works, the closer bathroom is in Monumento a la bandera.
in the week you will woke up in the middle of a lot of cars, try to park close to the exit if you want to go next morning. We leave the car here for hours with any problem, very secure and free.

Free parking spot -32.94248, -60.63332

This is a wonderful place. They serve local Colombian food (so lots of meat) and also have burgers and things like that. We are a vegan and a vegetarian and we were blown away by the food here too, they gave us vegetarian options and have a nice variety of local, national beers and fruit juices as well as hot drinks (tea, tinto).

We ordered a menu de día and asked to Jade it “vegetariano, sin carnet” so extra beans/salad/plantains or an egg instead. The menu came with a jugo and a soup (plantain soup! Sooo good).

If you are adventurous try the beverage named *Claro* is very typical of Medellin. It’s served cold and is made with corn and milk. The quite unique thing is that you drink it while you take small bites from *bocadillo de guayaba* (sugary guava paste). Love it

Terra Nostra/local comedor 5.79105, -75.78615

Perfect spot on the river with great cell service. You do have to drive 5 miles down a dirt road to get there, but it is pretty well maintained. It would not be fun in the rain/mud. Kudos to the person that said take the second road down to the river. The first is definitely a roller coaster. Once you get to the marked location, pass the first entrance and a stone’s through away is the second entrance to the loop. We watched some fly fisherman cruise down the river and one other family came to fish but left before dark. A couple of deer crossed the river as well. Another van drove in and stayed overnight. We did not do the short walk to the hot spring, but saw another couple coming back from there.It was lovely listening to the river lull us to sleep. The five mile drive down the dirt road was worth it.

Renova Hot Springs 45.78839, -112.12769

Walmart overnight parking For campers, RVs, trailers, etc.

Walmart Super Center 39.19239, -78.12627
Amanda Paunil

Nice spot for a night. Crowded during the day, but possibly due to the time of year. There were a couple people night fishing until about 3am. No signs about parking overnight, park servicemen came by in the morning and were friendly.

Kite Point 35.29300, -75.51525

The prices went through the roof here in Mompox. They asked 50k for the small basic room with fan and 70k for a room with a very old AC.
The fan turned out to be broken so we got a standing one. The bedroom and toilet is one and the same space.
Free potable water. We could leave our bicycles inside the hall.
We left after one day.

Hospedaje Union 9.23922, -74.42533

Really beautiful spot, I'm surprised there have been no reviews since 2018. There are 6 designated sites here, each with a fire pit (but NO FIRES at this time!!) Free. One vault toilet. You can hear road noise but that's ok. We had the whole place to ourselves. Zero cell service. Pretty dusty but the beautiful area makes up for it. Nicely shaded, lots of trees.

Prairie Campground 43.81758, -114.59507

Super bel endroit directement à côté de l'énorme plage de Sept-îles! Vue exceptionnelle sur les îles! Calme, grand parking, on peut rester 48h et il y a des toilettes à notre disposition! Je recommande fortement!

Plage Monaghan Beach 50.20524, -66.30371

Rio do Peixe waterfall
located in the municipality of Rio Negro MS 18km of gravel road Reasonable to MH, After a beautiful wooden bridge on the side of a house there is a gate and path to the top of the waterfall
nice safe place has trees and barbecue termites a little rough ground but worth it!

No facilities!

It has a trail to the bottom of the waterfall where there is a small beach Rio do Peixe is one of the most beautiful in MS

Cachoeira Rio do Peixe
localizada no município de Rio Negro MS 18km de estrada de cascalho Razoável para MH, Após uma bela ponte de madeira na lateral de uma casa tem uma porteira e caminho para o topo da cachoeira
local agradável agradável seguro possui árvores e cupins de churrasqueira solo um pouco acidentado mas vale a pena!

Sem facilidades!

Possui uma trilha para a parte de baixo da Cachoeira onde existe uma pequena praia Rio do Peixe é uma das mais belas do MS

Rio do Peixe Waterfall -19.57728, -54.89234

WC propres et accès gratuit à une ouche froide. Ne fonctionnait pas dans les washroom femmes mais OK côté hommes avec de la pression.

Public washrooms. 51.64747, -120.05913

Beautiful park. We parked our van near the fenced in soccer fields. Quiet and nobody bothered us. We were the only overnighter there.

Murray Park / Ken Price Field 40.66000, -111.87922

stayed for the night. There was some noise from big trucks comming to rest for the night, fine with earplugs!

Rest station 48.90230, -90.02885

Quiet spot overall. (Four trains overnight, which are loud.) A couple of folks were back and forth from the river before midnight, but not too noisy. Trash left around, so did a little picking up, but would need some big trash bags to really clean this area up. Very convenient to downtown.

Parking Lot - Glenwood Springs 39.54801, -107.32814
Kelly Silver

A perfect spot to rest, conveniently next to the ferry crossing to Tadoussac. The road was a little noisy but the view more than made up for it. Apparently Belugas were highly active just before we arrived. I recommend walking up for the sunrise. It's worth noting that there are no bathrooms.

Beluga Watching 48.12500, -69.72294

Nice area right by a little creek. Three "official" sites with picnic tables and firepits, but room for quite a few. One night there were 5 setups, one of which was a truck and trailer and we all had plenty of room. Pit toilet on site, unserviced so provide your own supplies. No garbage cans nearby so unfortunately some garbage tends to be left here. Occasional truck noise on the road behind but it's infrequent and short lasting. Met some awesome people each night I was there.

Jolly Creek Recreation Site 49.06261, -119.11549

good clean laundry, can easily park there.

13 Pesos per kilo

Tgey speak englisch


Lavanderia turquesa 19.16307, -96.11316

What a great location! Any size rigs will make it out here and the views are great! Pit toilet clean. Friendly folks all around.

Bear Flat, Dixie Forest 37.68045, -112.85857

super tranquille des arbres entre le stationnement et la route de campagne, peu achalandé.

Morphet dog park parking lot 50.23305, -119.18332

Pemex with water tab with non-potable water, faucet with thread (mit Zollgewinde), good pressure, with Katadyn ceramic filtre more than 2 l/min

Pemex with water tab 17.97241, -102.20443

Guarded parking garage with roof, 12 pesos per hour (discount for long-term stay), heigh of the entrance was no problem with our 2.50 m van

Parking lot 19.42338, -102.06460

Didn't stay here.
I just drop a commend to say that there is no ferry anymore. They built a hudge bridge last year.

Hotel Doña Cande 9.23722, -74.74600

Es un lugar al lado del río Guejar y al lado del puente El Limón, cuenta con zonas para campistas y camperistas, además con habitaciones, dueña y baño, servicio de restaurante de comidas típicas y bebidas, cuenta con playas del río, punto de salida para rafting o canotaje por el río Guejar hasta Sanjuan de Arama, atendido por Don Álvaro y su familia, personas muy atentas y serviciales.

Estadero El Limón 3.36930, -74.03031

Stayed here on a Tuesday night with at least 30 other campers. Busy, but beautiful and free. Good cell service on ATT.

Blankenship Bridge 48.46335, -114.07280

lovely spot overlooking La Bufadora. 100 pesos/ night. we stayed 2 nights. very good cell signal. Beautiful sunset, perfect weather! we would definitely camp here again.

El Mirador 31.72539, -116.72305

Unmetered street parking north of the beach. Mix of locals sleeping in their cars, surfers/vanlifers avoiding the pay parking to the south, cars with "for sale" signage, and parked work/repair vans for local businesses. Street sweeping on 2nd and 4th Thursday, so must be out by 6am on those days. Bathrooms and beach showers a 10 minute walk south, hours depending on covid. Traffic whizzing by but otherwise quiet.

Beach Blvd between Indianapolis & Atlanta 33.65297, -117.98853

5 of us sleeping here security keeps passing but hasn’t said anything to us not to much noise perfect for a quick stop safe travels

Aberdeen Mall Parking 50.65640, -120.37177

I didn't actually stay here just stopped for a break but couldn't find any signs prohibiting overnight parking.

Really nice sport by the water. Absolutely quiet with very few locals coming by as there's limited parking (around eight cars max). Please keep this place clean if you end up staying here.

Two bars with Telus.

Cherry Point Beach 48.70999, -123.55654

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