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Quite large place, not level. Very noisy, cars and trucks even during whole night.

Roadside « lay-by » gravel 49.94102, -119.50443

Make sure you check the hours (see pics) before visiting.

Free dump station - Hyperion Water Plant 33.93029, -118.43349

There is a sign at the entrance that says "no overnight parking"....but its a good place to pop in to get cell service, use the bathroom (with running water) and get rid of trash (dumpsters).

Bear Lake Overlook SR-89 Rest Area 41.92102, -111.45755

This is the location you probably hear other travellers talk about! Good coffee, small breakfast/lunch menu offering smoothie bowls, avo toast etc. Vegan&normal desserts, juices, cocktails and beer. Open 8am-3pm.
Check photos for current prices/options

Cafecito Del Mar 13.91696, -91.06947

Sign posted that dump will close permanently in Oct 2021. People are calling the city to try and reverse this.

Churchill park 43.34268, -80.31258

Typical KOA. Really nice campground with electric, water, and sewer hookups. We didn’t stay here but we drove in to fill up our freshwater tank. Talked to the office and we paid $5 for the water. They also have propane.

KOA Campground 34.43247, -81.75503

Parking at the street without fees. Calm, not too busy

Parking for free 36.15284, -86.79917

Great spot! GPS coordinates were wrong, so we had to backtrack. However, was easy to find. Accessible by all rigs (maybe not crazy long ones), area to turn around.

Ryan’s Brook 47.60483, -53.28776

Nice, quiet clean camp, but not that big like all others around. Directly at the beach. Fair prices, especially out of the season. You can get also a bungalow.

Camp Sole 45.61371, 12.90576

A place to dip into fresh river water to cool off or bathe. There is a lot of small fish to give you a thai massage. The water is crystal clear and shallow. There is a place where you can park and a small path to walk to the river. There is a little bit of thrash from the locals but nothing that stops you from enjoying the refreshing water

River bed 15.62958, -87.06548
Rich Fesler

As described. Note: Clearance height of 13'6" for you bigger rigs. Do have reservations only overnight camp site. (800) 452-5687. Space can handle quit a few rigs.

Arizona Beach Day Use area 42.61562, -124.39799

After paying 3$ for foreigners and 30 lempiras for locals, you can park at the entrance of this trail where you can hike to the waterfall, there are some bathrooms in the parking lot, if you don’t feel like hiking there are some spots by the river to hangout there is also a smal waterfall. Water is cool and crystal clear.

Entrance to the park Pico Bonito 15.69312, -86.93281
Rich Fesler

Nice place for chill'n next to the water. Full LTE. Large enough for the biggest rigs. No services. Area to natural hike, beach, animals to run. NO overnight camping. Spent a few hours here ...made lunch, chk internet, watch fishermen fish.

Jetty View 42.42497, -124.42743

Loved this spot however there is now "no overnight camping" signs lining the telephone poles and one at each end where you can access the beach.

Beach access 44.23515, -64.41338

Nice and quiet and no bother I stayed in my van

Cracker barrel 29.61766, -82.38889

Gouvernement road halt. Parking, picnic tables, toilets, pay phone, drinking water.

Municipal halte 46.44267, -72.31882

Great spot! A bit of garbage around. Bumpy road in, space for one vehicle that we could see, but there could be others further up the long service road.

hydro service trail 46.43022, -81.39239

It is very very near the ferry terminal. A good idea if you have an early ferry departure (ferry runs on Newfoundland time, although it departs from Quebec technically). A good thing to remeber with the time change and when the ferry actually leaves. Got me stranded here a couple of nights unintentionally. Lots of spots in the vicinity have been used. Quiet except for ocean waves and wind that come through. Lights from the docks are quite bright at noght but the further you move away from visibility of the docks they less they affect you. Beyond the dock and down the gravel road there are more options of wild camping to set up. Camper or tent. Road is very pot hole-y. Good place to camp though. No major complaints

Traverse Blanc Sablon. 51.41471, -57.15537

Stopped here for lunch. It’s small but they were so kind! They have lots of meat options. For the veg/vegan friends they can serve you a big platter “Bandeja Vegetariana” w beans, rice, salad, potatoes, fried plantains and egg. Lots of juices and tinto, of course :)

Restaurante parrilla (veg options too!) 5.23844, -75.78531

Established campsite with no no camping sign but has a fire ring. Can definitely fit my 24 foot travel trailer in here but there’s no turn around so will have to have exceptional back up skills.

Larry Creek Road campsite #2 46.58451, -114.14575

My tundra is 18 feet long so you’ll get an idea of how big the campsite is

Larry Creek Road campsite #2 46.58441, -114.14584

Right off the road. It’s been camped in before and there’s remains of a campfire. There’s a trail right behind the campsite. Right off the road. I could get my 24 foot travel trailer in here and park my truck next to it (18’)

Larry Creek Road campsite #1 46.58681, -114.13929

After I loaded the site 20 feet down the road was a no camping sign

Larry Creek Road campsite #1 46.58635, -114.13973

About a mile from Charles Waters official campground is this spot. It’s obviously been camped in before you could put at least a 40 foot travel trailer in it but there’s no turn around so you have to have excellent back up skills. There’s an established fire ring made with rocks. The view is excellent

Larry Creek Road campsite #3 46.57718, -114.14365

20 dry sites with pit toilets in a group campsite area within Antelope Island State Park. Spaces are very spread apart. Each come with a fire pit and a table/table cover. All have nice view of the Lake. $40/night (per the website, which covers 2 cars) however we were allowed to stay for $20/night since we had one vehicle and Bridger Bay’s dry campground was full. Be warned there are an unbelievable amount of mosquitos that hound you as soon as you get out of your vehicle. Maybe would be better at other times of the year. Warm showers are available as well as flush toilets at the Bridger Bay Campground. 2 bars signal with TMobile.

White Rock Campground, Antelope Island State Park 41.02814, -112.24442

this is really a pullout along the lake. Good for a night. Could be busy when the weather is nice.

pactola lake parking 44.06446, -103.48796

Small free campground just off the road with maybe 8 spots that have steel fire rings and have been prepared and maintained by the state. no signage on main road, just look for gravel turn off. short walk to the river, very pretty views. lots of road noise until late in day then gets very quiet. maybe 1 bar of att and 4 bars Verizon LTE. no facilities except the fire ring. NOT big rig friendly, honestly I wouldn't bring anything longer than a cargo trailer in here and probably wouldn't do that, I saw a guy from dotd grading the spots and he parked his trailer for his bobcat on the main road and didn't bring it into the for car, truck with camper top, Van's ect.. or tent. even longer trucks have to backup a little at the turnaround at the end just to make the loop, it's very tight!! spots are prepared gravel and pretty level.

Granite Rock 39.03305, -106.25205

Spent the night without any problems, was a bit loud but it had great t-mobile service

Large, flat pull-off 44.12066, -124.12493

lots of open space shade and cooler climate. no trash super clean.

Apache forest 34.26254, -110.10140

Agreed with all the other reviews. Very nice place to stay. Access to the trail to go around town makes for a nice walk after a long day driving.

Pincher Creek Veterans Memorial Campground 49.48969, -113.94036

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