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Ignore previous entries saying it is closed. Those who marked it as such were heading to Argentina and the facility for exiting Chile is indeed closed now, you need to travel to the other side of the pass to Argentina for this.

What’s open is the facility for exiting Argentina and entering Chile.

Border crossing facilities for Argentina to Chile only (integrated, formalities for both exiting Argentina and entering Chile in one place).

Do not stop here if you are going to Argentina. The facilities for Chile to Argentina are on the Argentina side, after the pass and the tunnel.

Argentina - Chile (only) Border Crossing -32.84648, -70.11707

Facility for exiting Argentina and entering Chile only - not both directions.

Integrated Border Formalities — Chile to Argentina only -32.82085, -69.92394

muy buen lugar! plano para estacionar, el barrio tranquilo y está muy cerca del centro para recorrerlo caminando.

Square of Roses Street Parking -29.38367, -50.87011

Near the gasoline pumps close to the palm trees there is a water tap with city water. Be fair, get fuel, ask the attendant if you can get some water.

Pemex 23.06359, -109.70130

We stop here to have our lunch.
We enjoy a lot, view on the mountains and many birds.
A little bit windy.

Socaire Crag -23.61402, -67.85191

We stay here 2 nights. The place is very quiet.
We met there very nice people.
The spirit of van lifers is here !
The ground is flat. Not a lot of shadow but the night you have many space to look the stars.

lonely tree -23.02803, -68.20063

Very bad welcome. We didn't have the tickets and the person tells us that we can book on the internet but that it doesn't work, but we have the network, so I ask her for the booking site that they don't want to give me. Strange but I insist. She gives me an wrong name but I find it on Google and she laughs at me because I ask her the price, she tells me to manage on the internet. I don't understand his attitude, this my Spanish is not very good but I make the effort to try. In the end a second guard arrives and they laugh at me together. I don't know why. I show them that Internal works but they support me together that it doesn't work. In the end, after 45 minutes of difficulty communicating I see the people who were in front of us. It shouldn't be worth it if the Tour is over in 45 minutes. So we decide to leave.

laguna Miscanty and Miniques -23.61402, -67.85191

End of sand road next to bever Dam (see pictures)

Dodge Road 42.95601, -71.82626

As described before, this is a big parking lot with a dump station by the side with non portable rinsing water. It is clean and close to 70.

Dump Station Parachute 39.45416, -108.04246

2wd or 4wd, but you do have to come up a steep embankment to reach the site.

after passing hone quarry campground, after the bridge it's about a 500 yards on on the left. if you go up the hill to the retaining lake you went too far.

you could fit probably 3 or 4 rigs in here. good tree cover, and sounds of the stream as you sleep. to the rear of the sight is a small trail that will bring you to the stocked stream.

Hone Quarry wild spot 38.46988, -79.14085

perfect! very friendly. good wifi ! i add 1 photo de price

lavanderia lava Rapido 13.48616, -88.17324

Quiet, feel safe. Few others RV with us. Very strong free Wifi.

Walmart Supercenter 44.52544, -68.39499

Ótima estrutura, banheiros limpos e banho quente, cozinha compartilhada, área de lazer, tem tudo que um camping deve ter. O atendimento é ótimo. Varios atrativos próximo ao camping, Obrigado por tudo Família Pilua.

Camping Família Pilua -27.08494, -49.45527

Acampamos atrás da Hosteria Municipal, pagamos 1000 pesos por dia para o casal e mais 300 pesos para tomar banho. Internet rápida se usada no saguão, mas da barraca pegava também. Estávamos de carro, com barraca de teto. @biguaoverlander

Hostería municipal -26.06248, -67.40721

plusieurs endroits gratuits pour camper. très bel endroit calme. on peut y dormir pour 16 nuits consécutives. les endroits ont des feux.

State Route 12 Camping 37.72718, -112.24732

dump station et station d'eau lorsque vous entrez dans le parc de coral pink sand dunes. le coût de l'entrée est de 10$. les dunes sont incroyablement belles.

coral pink sand dunes 37.03455, -112.73334

Has a water bottle refill station and clean restrooms. I filled up a 6g jug here on a Saturday early afternoon and no one seemed bothered by it. Also hung with the dogs and did a workout before heading out. Safe place to refill if car camping.

Sports park 38.40004, -122.82581

Basalt "cave", hideout of the Pincheira brothers, a royalist outlaw gang.
In my opinion not worth the entrance fee.
Adult 5000
Kids 3000

Cueva de los Pincheira -36.89770, -71.55315

This place does not exist anymore. But close by are new parking lots for big rigs (no longer than 8m) no hight restricion.

Nuevo Tingo -6.37430, -77.91248

Official parking lot on the outskirts of the village. Above sports field. Playing kids during day time but quiet at night. 5 parking lots neside a completely new road (2023). Big rig friendly if not longer than 9m, no hight restriction. Dimensions of our camper 2,50x3,50x7,59m

Nuevo Tingo -6.37436, -77.91251

small parking on a rock with à butifull view of the Saint-Laurent river. For small vehicules only. No services. Can fit 2 véhicules side by side.

Chem. William Tremblay 47.75338, -69.97082

Road in was recently graded and easily traveled in 2WD while dry. This spot is located right at the rims edge. Beautiful vistas and tall pines. The last 50 yards or so do get narrow, anything wider than a Class B will struggle. Plenty of flat areas that could even accommodate larger groups. There is intermittent traffic but otherwise the only sounds are birds and the breeze blowing through the pines. Several fire rings exist between this location and FR218.

1-2 bars of Verizon.

Site has no prior garbage that requires being pack out which is a pleasant surprise.

On the Edge 34.43826, -111.35952

Cold spring water faucets. Quite popular with locals. Etiquette seems to be to wait in line in your vehicle until you can pull up to the springs

Whittington Spring 34.51507, -93.06969

Currently closed for repair. Not sure when it will reopen. Whittington Spring isn't far away

Free Spring Water 34.51882, -93.04931

Not really possible to fill the tank here, moved to the next spot (5km from here) were we filled the tank.

Parque Infantil 19.81298, -90.59076

Awesome night! Quiet and beautiful! Dogs loved the stream.

Creek 47.96468, -124.26083

Quiet location for the night, industrial area close to the city.

Near brewery 46.92241, -114.07205

This spot along with turnout directly across road are both closed, one has ‘area closed’sign and other states no overnight camping. Pull offs along this road also say no overnight camping.

Blankenship Bridge 48.46568, -114.07547

Several large pull-outs along this road. This is a pretty large and flat one. No signs.

Please do not litter!

Avenue of the Giants 40.27645, -123.86366

We were so surprised that this beautiful Hacienda (ranch) was not listed in iOverlander yet. This place is so beautifully build and mainainted, the view over the Cotopaxi is fantastic and they have a truly fantastic restaurant (with 24-hours slow-cooked ribs!). They have won many prices with their cows, the offer horse riding tours and there are a lot of other animals.

We were traveling with our Overlander vehicle as a group of 4 for a week, so we booked a room and for an additional 10 USD we were able to camp in our car. They mentioned that they are definitely open for more overlanders to visit, since it of course also generation different revenue for dining etc. The parking areas do have a few horizontal areas, although that might look different at first.

After 4,5 months of travel this, this places was one of our top-5 camping and dining locations.

Hacienda El Rejo -0.54485, -78.61174

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