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Super bons falafels. Cuisine visible et propre. Places uniquement à l'extérieur mais à l'abri du soleil.

Delicious Fast Food in Baghdad 33.31465, 44.33781

Now a huge pile of gravel. Small road to right does lead to a very nice riverside site for small vehicles.

Brush Fun Park 45.32021, -78.03585
El Elefante Blanco

En el lugar de la foto hay conexión eléctrica y parrillas.

Gruta San Expedito -51.62857, -69.62054

Great spot! Big trees for shade and hammocks, fire rings, flat areas for tent, clean. Beautiful views of mountains on both sides. Occasional road sounds, but mostly quiet. We camped next to the creek, which was lovely. We did splash in the creek to clean up, but then heard there are high bacteria levels. We did not have any adverse effects from that, thankfully. We were there three nights. There were 10-15 other campers, many just staying one night. Everyone was respectful and quiet. It was not easy to find places to do one's business when more people arrived. Overall I definitely recommend this spot!

Kolob Terrace Rd near Zion NP 37.22096, -113.16135

Great comments below from May 2023, I agree with everything. Cost for 2 people, car and tent ARS 4400. Only showers behind reception / small shop have hot water out of season, from around 3.30pm until 6pm (more or less). The camping place is, indeed, lovely but geared up for tourists with tourist prices. Small shop open until 8pm for snacks and cold drinks / beer (off season). Good place for bird, capybara and crocodile watching.

Camping Ibera -28.53718, -57.18556

Local fantástico, estrutura ótima para camping, trailers e motorhomes.
Vários pontos de água.
local para descarte de água cinza e porta potti.
banheiros com chuveiro.
Valor 35 reais por pessoa.
contato: Hebert: +5561996230921

Fantastic location, great structure for camping, trailers and motorhomes. Several water points. place for disposal of gray water and porta potti. bathrooms with shower. Value 35 reais per person. contact: Hebert: +5561996230921

Casa de Campo na Chapada Camping -14.13443, -47.50690

Xando is just incredible ! He knows everything about Land Rover, is really helpful and his staff works really well. Honestly you can trust him :) he also works on others vehicles like Toyota. Open from Monday to Friday. Fixed many little things on our Defender and didn’t even ask for money (of course we still gave him some because we loved his professionalism)

Alexander Xando- Mechanic -8.99539, 13.13681

Nice parking slot, just close to the lighthouse, amazing sunset ! place to park a big rig, no noise, toilet open during day.

Peggy's Cove 44.49149, -63.91650

After you turn left onto the dirt road it gets a little rough from it getting rutted out from people driving here in the rain but great spot for a night with cell service.

Brainard Lake 55.39710, -119.73751

Fairly small parking lot. I counted 6 other camper and a few people sleeping in their cars. Parking lot was quiet but a good deal of road noise.

Cracker Barrel 35.59826, -82.53424

Still there. The laundry looks good. 2500 ARS for a large basket. However, our laundry was not ready the next day at lunchtime as we were told. We were told to come back in 5h. But since we didn't have the time, we took the laundry back unwashed. Too bad.

Lavanderia Del Valle -33.37474, -69.14676

To be honest, we can't really relate to the super positive comments below. Yes, the people are super nice, but the wines didn't really convince us. There are definitely better wines in the region. We can't say anything about the tour because we joined the tasting later and were kindly allowed to participate spontaneously. But all in all it's a family winery that is getting a bit long in the tooth.

giaquinta -33.37608, -69.09870

Awesome spot near white sands. Quiet and with weboost 5 bar att signal. Off roaded a bit to find a nice spot, but that's not necessary.

Holloman Lake 32.81218, -106.12174

Small store with everything you need. They also carry many self made products, like cheese.

La Realeña 23.80565, -110.05782

This museum and the town itself is worth a visit. There is so much history here. Super modern, friendly staff, not overwhelming. Paid MX$150 for the two museums in town.

Museo Ruta de Plata 23.80204, -110.10833

No issues getting here. It's only a 15-20 minute drive from the main road if you go very very slowly. Amazing scenery & very private. Very quiet during the night and much cooler at this altitude. Felt very safe. Great find, thanks for posting.

chimney ruins 23.78717, -110.05489

Quiet spot. Plenty of spots and great stars. Would recommend

School Trust Land 38.76625, -109.70402

Stayed at the visitors center. Very clean and restrooms are open all night!

Outer Banks Visitors Center 36.09857, -75.71494

Really nice spot to park while you are in Trujillo ! We spent 2 nights there and felt really safe. It is a huge park area with lots of option to park, you’ll definitely find one ! Some coffees and restaurants nearby, people walking in the park.

Paseo de Aguas -8.12916, -79.04649

We stayed here 1 night while we were stopping in Gatlinburg. It was recommended to stay in Pigeon Forge instead of Gatlinburg for ease. There were RV campgrounds closer to the park and tourist areas in Gatlinburg but it was easier to drop the camper before heading further up the hill to narrower streets. This campground is very new and everything is clean. Trash pick up at site. Bathrooms and showers are code-entry and very clean. Very happy overall. Pool and hot tub (but hot tub was broken). Not fenced but off the main road on a no outlet street so more secluded. Lots of space to walk the dogs. About 20-25 mins from the Gatlinburg shops and right in the heart of the tourist areas in Pigeon Forge.

Pigeon Forge Landing RV Resort 35.82007, -83.58177
Des routes & nous

We spent the night 2 km far from the A20. Only a few caws and goats in the distance. Very quiet. Lots of little places along the track to park for the night.

Wild camp on a sand track -24.85346, 23.15016
Des routes & nous

Very easy border crossing. Friendly staff on both sides. Payed road taxes and 3rd part insurance on Botswana side.

470 poula for a 1997 land rover discovery.

You can pay by card.
No Carnet de Passage needed on both sides.
Customs checked the car on south africa side.
The road to come SA to Botswana is a bad gravel road. 50% corrugated.
Botswana side its a good tarmacked road with some potholes.

McCarthy’s Rest Border Control -26.20248, 22.56908

A cute place! We just came to spend a night (we didn't enter the Game area) and paid 10$ pp.

Dana B Savanna Camp -17.99573, 31.29495

Affordable and nice lodge, no camping. They have a bar/ pool/ restaurant area which is frequented by locals, good food, if nothing special. They are expanding the site and have a new block with 3 floors which is already opened by 2/3. Rooms there are modernish with fancy tiles, tv, ac and bathrooms, even a tub (but that was not working). Older rooms are without ac, but still have fridge and warm water. Old rooms are 300, new ones 400. They have breakfast, old rooms with continental, full english-style is 60kw. Very friendly staff, we got a free wifi router with okay network.

Sinamu Lodge -10.20383, 31.18325

Just a night at a station, shower for 800 pesos. Quiet and safe.

Copec Forecourt -32.82722, -71.13056

Everything as described by busleven below. Except we ‘only’ payed $29 pp for Antigentest and had to pay $3 customs. No idea why. We discussed for a very long time. However it took us about 5 hours to cross the border and they didn’t really check the one. Only opened the cupboards shortly and that’s it.

border Turkmenistan/ Iran 37.62293, 58.40881

250PpP to much, we left, Cold 2.400m, wifi incl

CantoCamp 19.51563, -97.50066

perfect Service, very clean, good maschines, parking space near the road also for big rigs possible, cheap, fast wifi, paid for 1*14kg, 2*10kg Maschines (each 35min), 1*14kg Dryer (45min) 166Pesos.
Lady speak english. Super.

Laundry Lounge - Centro de Lavado 19.06565, -98.28755

We stayed one night 2p and motorhome and paid ARS 1,000. Very nice spots with table. Showers indeed 8pm-8am but perfect. Clean toilets. Table and electricity on site. WiFi on spot nr14 was fine. 100% recommend this. Given very low price great values for Money.

Campground Prov. Park Ischigualasto -30.16355, -67.84129

I made the service here for my Toyota 4 Runner.they checked everything,the prize they told me didn‘t rise up,so I was very happy with the service of Mister Hugo and his team.

Toyota Salta -24.83201, -65.43036

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