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Quiet place. Really cozy. The owners are so friendly and warm. We paid 1400 per night for 2 persons. Hot shower, kitchen. Recommend!!

ParqueMadera -34.74876, -55.70959

Congo > Angola I guess we were lucky, 2 hours in total for this border (on a Sunday morning). Nothing to add to the previous comment except on Congo side a guy in uniform told us we should go to the gendarmerie and pay 5000 CFA. We said no, asked to customs who said it’s not official. So if anyone ask you for money to go out of Congo, just say no ! Changed 9000CFA for 7000kz, visa printing worked fast (lucky us). Didn’t need any fixer. Congo side : police / immigration / custom Angola Side : immigration / custom / police :)

Congo - Cabinda Border Police, inmigration and Customs -4.98920, 12.05516

Also asked for a passport photocopy. Too lazy to write the information :)

checkpoint -5.21313, 12.14399

Still a good option. We paid 60000 COP for a double room with AC and private bathroom. Super clean. The Wi-Fi reaches the rooms and is good enough for watching You Tube and some updates. The parking is gated and safe (5000 COP extra). Good deal if you need a break from the heat.

Hotel Belyferwis 7.75920, -73.38998

Nice, big flat area above the highway. You can find spots where you are not visible from the highway. You can here the trucks and they drive more or less the whole night, but we wasn’t bothered at all by the noise. The view is stunning and for us it was the first refreshing night after Cartagena. We had 17 degree at 6am, but around 9.30 already 30.

nahe des Nationalparks Chicamocha 6.78431, -73.00293

Nous avons passé une nuit ici, aucune affiche mentionnant que c’est interdit et en plus il y a des tables à picnic ainsi qu’un feu. L’accès est libre pour s’y rendre. Donc cet endroit est toujours disponible. Je recommande car ici à Tobermory il n’y a pas beaucoup d’endroits où faire du Boondocking.

Light & Life Chapel 45.24711, -81.65905

Wonderful site with a great view. The last kilometers of the road are bumpy and not very wide. We were happy that we have 4WD.

Gray Bay Rec Site 53.12364, -131.70558

nous avons passé 3 nuits ici, superbe endroit, très calme malgré la proximité de l'aérodrome, Wi-Fi, électricité, eau, douches chaudes avec de la pression et très propres, tout comme les toilettes, ménage fait tous les jours, table, chaises et BBQ à chaque emplacement. À 2 vehicules et 4 personnes, 6250$ par jour, soit 3125$ pour 2 personnes et 1 véhicule. nous recommandons vraiment ce lieu.

Camping Calasanz -37.94411, -57.55988

Mykines is very expensive and locally known as a "tourist trap", with hardly any birds to see. Better to wait and go see the birds in Iceland (for free).

Ferry Port - Sorvagur to Mykines Location Missing!

Great area! Public bathrooms available. Multiple spots to choose from. We stayed a bit further south from this point - away from what seemed to be the main park area. Murky waters, but the beach is very clean. Awoke to a 10k race happening. Nice place to rest after the border crossing from Argentina (:

Parque de Pinos Eduardo María Arbeleche Ércoli -34.01137, -58.29381

Water spout just outside the self-car wash entry to the right of the fill-up station. The tenants said the water is safe to drink. We filled up our tank & don’t have a filtration system. So far we’re happy, hydrated, and healthy. Free

ANCAP -34.45440, -57.84038

Large level space, for any size rig, with good view of the surrounding hills. easy access over concrete driveway. Turn right 50 m after the cemetary. No ammenities. Fresh breeze. Silent at night.

La Perla Community Ground 18.93406, -97.13064

This is located at mile marker 50. Didn’t stop.

Sevier Lake BLM close to road 39.08121, -113.18628

Turn at mile marker 46. We drove out and stopped at the sheep pen area which is large enough for a trailer to turn around. Lots of space there. The lake looked partly dry but still had some water. There was a narrow dirt road that headed toward it I thought. I hiked down it 2 miles but still hadn’t reached the lake. Beautiful day 65 degrees. Did not see anyone else out here.

Sevier Lake boondocks 39.03376, -113.23031

food shop with groceries, beverages, clean stuff and even fishing. open from 9am to 10pm.

La Villa -42.56165, -71.59950

Nice spot , couple places of parking for big rig , was in a class c 27 and perfect, dog park , dog beach , outside shower (with a lot of pressure ) place to rinse the dog also , beach is great with clear water , Nice Pier to fish

Maxine Barritt Park 27.07089, -82.44810

We camped around the back side of one of the mounds. Windy but perfect for a nights rest! We walked around in the morning where the lake was…there is still water but it’s dried up a lot! Our dog got very very muddy 😄 Bo noise from the road even though this spot is literally just off the road.

Lake Abert South pullout 42.52926, -120.23379

The refugio huts are open all year round, no padlocks. If the gate is shut cyclists will have no problem going around it. Didn’t see a padlock hanging off that either though.

Refugio itself was shut. Possibly only used during skiing season or for the rangers?? Unsure.

No baños or duchas when it’s closed.

Small meltwater stream flowing to one side, I assume normally this is flowing? Unsure as this year has been a drought year, the Laguna is very dry.

El Tromen refugio -37.07821, -70.11910

Nice grassy forest service campground near stream. Pit toilets, no potable water. Locals spring supposed to be pipe in ground across highway at entrance up small trail 100’. Haven’t been to it.
No cell service.
$12/$6 with pass

Blowing Springs Campground 37.98469, -79.88066

Campground closed still. Faucets don’t work. Only marina and picnic areas open.
Roads on this apps maps show going beyond second campground. It’s gated, closed and private property. Most close by areas for potential camping say no camping. One campground along finger of lake coming in was open but crowded, probably because regular camps are closed.

Bolar Mountain Campground 37.98249, -79.96833

Clean sites and washrooms. Firewood is available from the park ranger for $10.

Dry Gulch Provincial Park 50.58645, -116.03420

We paid for a shower for 350 pesos pp and they let us sleep out the front for no charge as the camping was full. Quiet street. Hot showers. Beautiful hosts. They were kind enough to give us a bag of veggies before we left! Recommend. $1200 pp for the night.

Camping El Molino -22.12674, -65.55509

Large gravel parking lot, part of the dog park. Official overnight RV parking spot.

Parking Lot 46.12764, -70.69331

Nice site near the river. 18$ the night.
No hook up. No water. Quite

Green River Camping 40.42064, -109.24319

Nice and super quiet spot, felt very private. In the forest and we hat service with At&T.

Logging Road Pull Off 46.62787, -86.09564

For free. We camped near the beautifull tree in the corner. you can use the shower and toilets. very good for a stop over on the road. safe.

parador La Magdalena 9.07298, -73.64807

This is no longer a good camp spot. There is a porta-potty, but it is in bad shape. There didn’t seem to be any parking off street. We moved on to Hettinger ND.

City of Lemmon 45.94429, -102.16802

Nice city campground. Bathrooms are clean and showers look good! Nice walk around the lake, and a very nice grocery -kennedy’s - walking distance at 2nd and Main. Full hook ups $30, no hook up $10.

Mirror Lake Park Campground (not free) 45.99761, -102.63819

This is an established campground 26 km north of Norseman, WA it has dispersed camping garbage bins, fire pits, but it is close to the train tracks and they are active train tracks so you will get two trains minimum per night

Lake Cowan campground -32.04101, 121.67822

A nice quiet spot. Have blocks to level out.
100’ walk over the split rail fence to Pine Lake.
Take FR 282 past the bathroom about a mile. Take the second left off 282. The first left is FR 4225.

Wild camp close to Pine Lake 37.73648, -111.95904

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