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the ask a fee + visa gives not a good rate of change. so 100000cva-160€= 625cva/1€

Bank Societe Generale 16.02412, -16.49412

5km of bad dirt road, stay away... we arrive late 2200 no one where here

Vergel Parck -31.31136, -64.09506

nice view point, few tables and very little people

Channel-Port aux Basques Lookout 47.56793, -59.16050

Still one of the best place for sleep in the wild in Namibia. A very quite night with a lot of birds like Pelikans, Flamingos…. around and on the lake.

Secluded at the Naute Dam -26.95396, 17.96467

Hot springs are great! Good hot temperature options, and a freezing cold river to plunge into.

There is no vehicle / RV camping at the hot springs - according to the website and I also asked the attendant if it’s possible but confirmed no. There are no realistic options for boondocking on the road here from Steamboat either. There is a trailhead with clear “no overnight stays” signage, and a couple small pull-offs along the way, but I suggest it’s best to either park up on a street in town, or in the Buffalo Pass area of the national forest to the east.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs 40.55983, -106.84849

Very nice and clean Balneario with natural hot water coming out of the ground next door.

25qz for all pools or 25qz for a private spa and shower for 1.30 h per person including use of all facilities like barbecue, duchas (very cold after the warm bath) and changerooms.

They also have a little tienda for refreshments and little meals.

There are three basins, very warm, warm and cold for the babies, very well maintained and open frim 8.00 til 20.30.

We came here on a Sunday afternoon and it was of course quite busy.

Everybody is very friendly and helpful.
Ask for Leonidas, he speaks very good English!

Camping is possible in a tent at the big grassy areas arround the piscinas only reachable via a pedestrian bridge. Also two cabanas with a very nice view. Perfect for bikers, but also very acceptable for travellers in cars.

The high gated car park has three even places next to each other, all the others are fairly steep. Everything that fits in a normal carparksize can go here. No 4x4 necessary the road is unpaved but very good.
Next door is another fenced carpark with access to the pools with "height-control"
of ca 2.5m. There is a long stick for lifting up the wires. Security at night.

We stayed for one very quiet night for 50 qz for two people extra could use all facilities during the night and liked it very much.
So altogether we paid 100 for two persons in a truckcamper. A very good price for what you get! They whish you to leave at 10.00 or pay another day.

Nueva Asgard Agua Termales 14.62298, -90.01822

Manuel passes now by daily around 20.00 and he asks for 50 Q per vehicle. No negotiations possible. Place continues being beautiful, with acsess to the river. Lots of locals are using it to wash clothes and bath, so not much privacy. I stayed here because my 2wd couldn't make it up to the parking by semuc champey.

Riverside 15.54018, -89.95015

We asked the police officers if we could pitch our tent next to the station and they were happy to let us stay. They offered us water and they let us use they're bathroom with hot shower.

Narco- traffickers Police Checkpoint -23.69408, -62.33794
Tractomula Boricua

Coming from Cusco, just before the peaje, there’s a truck scale on one side of the road. That’s where the trucks overnight. You want to park across the street if possible. There’s a little storage shed with a roof to get out of the rain. Be sure and go to the weigh station or peaje and ask first. Quiet night..FREE!

Peaje Quince Mil -13.28600, -70.78724

Nice place to spend the night. Very quiet and beautiful sunset and sunrise.
The view during the night was great with a beautiful sky of stars.

Quiet wild camp next to river -22.41209, -68.70296

Stayed at one of the 8 spots near the pit toilets. 1 other camper when we arrived at 9pm. Super clean and quiet, lots of deer and bugs though.

Danville Conservation Area 38.87187, -91.51069

Great spot near the border. Clean bathrooms, wifi. Free! The folks at the gate are ready for you! Quiet and peaceful with a great view. Very cool at night. Our rig was 57 degrees F in the morning - inside!

Las Lajas parking of teleférico 0.81045, -77.59714

Nice campsites + electricity + tap + shade. Ablutions: nice hot shower and flush toilets. This camp is overlooking the beautiful mountains and a little stream running past the camp. Swimming pool at the campsite as well as one at the Lodge. Very friendly staff.

Khowarib Lodge -19.26210, 13.88139

Very sketchy at night!! The hotel next door was surrounded by 8 cop cars and they were chasing a couple men down within 30mins of us being there and setting up. Alarms and sirens constantly and very loud. We left immediately and went to the Walmart near west ashley I believe it was (much nicer and quiet).

Cracker Barrel 32.93339, -80.04826

30$us pour se stationner pour 24h. nous y sommes resté stationner pour la journée. nous avions un vr de 27 pieds de long et je dirais que c'est pas mal le max, sinon c'est vraiment trop difficile à stationner en raison de la présence de d'autres gros véhicules pour ce stationnement.

Planet Hollywood 36.11000, -115.17010

Good Decter Machines, clean. $3.00, $4.50 and $8.00 machines.

Thrifty Wash 38.92456, -121.05485

As other have described, roughly 10 mins off the highway. It’s a pretty level and spacious pullout with a view of the ocean. Saw a couple cars pass by but no one said anything. Minimal/spotty service while we were here. Great quiet spot for a night!

Myers Creek Road 42.32950, -124.40860
Humble Bumble

Large parking area with two metal fire pits. Road in ok. 5th wheel trailer down one spot. I would not but each their own. More quiet than the field area on the way in. Also a spot just before and just after here. Gravel single lane after the pavement ends. Not great access to the creek as it's overgrown and marked restoration area. No Verizon. Outhouse just 200 ft walk and trash bins. Why leave a mess, take it with you and leaving your trash bags outside the provided bear-proof trash bins...not gonna work. Protect and Enjoy!

Indian Creek 37.87223, -83.65906

Good central location, across from the beach. There was some music playing until about 10:15pm at the food carts next door. Charged us 10,000clp per person. Bathrooms were a little dirty, but the showers were hot.

Camping El Eden -39.28980, -72.21961
The Lost Leopards

Site in the desert in a dispersed camping area set aside for the blm. Quiet. Beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada.
Follow Hawthorne Road east off Hwy 395 towards Nevada. turn south at the Bodie-Benton RR historic marker. We chose the first one that came up on the left, but there are probably more as you get closer to the lake shore. What we chose was by a big juniper and perfect for sheltering us from the wind.
AT&T and Verizon were both 70-80 mbps download and 8-10 mbps upload. Good, consistent signal from the cell tower(s).
This place is impeccably clean. If not kept this way, BLM will close it like they've shut down so many other places.

Mono Lake Dispersed Camping 38.11116, -118.93468

Wowowow! Genuinely can’t believe this is a free campsite. There are pullouts on the dirt road if you’re too nervous to drive the full 3-4 miles on the rocky road, but I HIGHLY recommend taking the time to drive all the way to the lake. Its really not that bad of a road when dry, but you just have to take your time. I drove 5-10 mph the whole way. It’s a BEAUTIFUL spot. You can pull right up to the lake and sleep there. Don’t know if you’d be able to find a super level spot but honestly i think it’s worth it for the view. I pulled up right after the sun set and I would probably recommend getting here in the light just because it is so rocky. But I pulled up 30 mins after the sun set in a Honda pilot and I still made it work. There are people fishing and hanging out but I honestly don’t blame them because it’s just so incredible.

Kingman Wash 36.03705, -114.71110

I had an amazing stay here, very chilled and I was made to feel at home. Off street parking for the moto, everything clean and comfortable. $10 per night for dorm room. Expect to stay longer than planned!

Orosi Hostel 37.27771, 49.58522

We slept one night there. In the evening the guy accepted us to sleep there for free, but at 7am, an other man asked us 5soles.
Bathroom were free and clean.

Repsol -8.07009, -79.12101

Museum closes at 2pm, so we didn't visit...
We've only visited the archeological site with a French speaking guide for 10soles. Very interesting, one of our best site in Peru.

Huaca De La Luna -8.07021, -79.12102

Quiet parking lot except for the I-16 traffic noise. No disturbances or other noise. Parking lot was completely empty after midnight. 4 bars of T-mobile, wifi from cb.

Cracker Barrel 32.48776, -82.93833

blue bilding to your left when you go out of border.

Ecobank 5.28856, -2.77251

stayed here last night. A few locals came through at various times in the evening. Bi-law also came through twice but didn't approach after shining their spot light at my vehicle for a few minutes then left without incident. after 11:30pm it was quiet.

Roadside 43.81243, -79.05179

spent the night here. quiet and dark. great place to view the stars. tent camping was open early may rv sites were still closed. several other people were tent camping as well. plenty of spots open for car camping and smaller rvs and vans. no att cell service.

Roubaix Lake, Nat. Forest 44.19972, -103.66139

this is an amazing location to stay at. really easy to get into and not too busy at all.

HOWEVER, we picked up over 4 bags of trash laying all over this beautiful BLM land. let's do better

BLM Near Bonneville Salt Flats 40.77377, -113.98207

Vu une dizaine de quetzals ce matin vers 6h-6h30. La zone d'observation se situe entre le point indiqué et l'église. Si vous n'êtes pas avec un guide, regardez simplement où les groupes regardent...

Quetzal tree n.2 9.55889, -83.80259

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