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This place is permanently closed.

Larry Creek Road 46.57718, -114.14365

Great stay in the grounds of the hostel, lovely people, hot clean showers and toilets, potable water, loads of space, near to town.

La Cúpula Hostel & Camping -21.55114, -64.71978

Good place for a night after driving this bad road down to Leskovic - very quiet at night - in the morning you might be wake up by the bells of passing by goats

wildcamp near a pass 40.29186, 20.62693

tried to set up again and got rolled out in 45 min. They're not having it this summer!!!!

Seaside Nature Park 49.35874, -124.46817

Great parking lot on 14th street before crossing the mayo bridge. Well lit, safe and quiet. Only 5.25 for 24 hours. VERY close to all the trails. Perfect spot.

14th St Parking lot 37.53142, -77.43261

It is very hard to enter to Ethiopia now
Some rules have been changed and it is very hard process now
At first you need contact travel agency to get permission from Ministry of tourism. 
We have a lot of contacts who could help before but no one could help this time.
Only one guy - Ashenafi - +251944363356 (price 1000$) and it is not garanted (read more)

Also you need help from your Embassy. Some letters and permissions. Not every Embassy can help, so you need contact them to ask.

So only together travel agency and Embassy could help you enter. 

We leave 2 (!!) weeks on a border to wait when we can enter.

So we recommend not to go through Ethiopia and Sudan now. It is good idea to ship to Mombasa from anywhere.

Also it is information only for travellers by car. If you come by foot or by bicycle - it is no problem. 

So one more helper on this border - Aviot - +249994937331
He can’t help you with enter but he can help you with Sudan border and documents and help you while you live on the border if you stuck (bring food and water, change money (but check the rate first), come with you to cafe and so on. Very nice guy.

This guy can’t help
Minyamir - +251913970068
Tariko - +251910146234 - price 500$
Girum - +251910053200
Muller - +251925300538 - price 600$

Metema 12.95802, 36.15194

Staying on State Trust land. Need permit to do so. Several campsites along the road. N Bill Gray road is like a wash board. Found a good site that we could get into pulling our 27’ trailer. Hope to be here for a few days.

N Bill Gray Road 34.78161, -111.95924

Nice and quiet place next to the river. We stayed here with a roof tent.

Riverside near Matka 41.96076, 21.29650

This place is permanently closed.

Road closure at Neah 48.34237, -124.50949

Recarga de gás de cozinha
Serviço de carga de gás.

D.I.C. Gases -32.93286, -68.78427

Great dump station, water spigot was not on.

Pilot RV Dump Station 36.99496, -111.56374

Sadly smells after human waste and trash around- no goody vibes
Can imagine that had better days
They have a fence btw P and the beach
Cocodrillos are happy

Playa zapotengo 15.71462, -96.40495

There is a large grassy area in the back side of this gas station with tables and a playground (access by the ACA restaurant). Several places to park. We didn’t stay to sleep, just to cook and have lunch but it seems to be a quiet and safe place.

ACA YPF Station -35.49429, -58.03056

Gated camping. Very nice facility. Clean modern ablutions. Price was N$700 for two people, one camp. You can book Sandwich harbour tours from the reception. Not much to do around the camping or in the city but this campsite was perfect to relaxe for a night on our way from Spitzkoppe to Sossusvlei.

Lagoon Chalets And Camping -22.98032, 14.48683

I wasn't able to find this place.

BraMotors -8.13071, -78.99494

Quiet BLM campground. $6/nite with vault toilets. Senior pass accepted. picnic tables with shade. Fills up on weekends.

Sportsman’s Beach 38.68982, -118.76889

Nice open field with some trees on the side next to a river. Nice vieuw of some horses and sheeps. BUT after rain the grass becomes very muddy and only accessible with a 4x4. Also quite deep rain pools. But place is beautifull and we have only seen one farmer who waved friendly.

Plav wildcamp 42.58637, 19.91691

plenty of signs, no overnight parking allowed!

Cullen Park Boat Launch 41.70296, -83.48005

great area for an overnight. easy access for most. pack it in/out. rest area very close with toilets and trash. an occasional vehicle passes by on Horse Canyon Rd., but otherwise peaceful.

blm camping 39.41832, -110.41982

Good campground for access to the ocean and sunlight. It was pretty windy during the day when we were here but died down around sunset. Kind of expensive for camping in a parking lot with no showers (have to go to Morro Bay State Park for that) but it is what it is. Great sunset views.

Winds primarily out of the northwest so if you can get site 13 there are shrubs about the height of a vehicle to protect you during the day, they won't keep the wind off a rooftop tent though FYI.

Morro Strand State Beach Campground 35.40039, -120.86709

Campsite close to the beach. Warm showers, running water (we were told it wasn’t potable so we boiled it for coffees etc). We were the only people here when we stayed, very peaceful. 275 rand for the two of us on bicycles.

Ganzekraal Camping -33.52488, 18.31875

Really cool place. Has everything you need for a nice stay. The place is pretty big. We came when there was nobody else here so we had the whole place to ourselves :)
There are 3 camping spots i think. The nicest one is by the pond. There’s also a small forest nearby. It’s very close to shops so you can get whatever you need. If you camp on the farther campsites yoo can brong the car / bike near your tent so that’s pretty cool. The place is very clean also. There are grills, fire pits, benches, fire wood etc

Camping Arges 45.09555, 24.65276

Always nice to camp in Karoo NP. Clean & nice shop. Water and electrical point. Highly recommended and big rig friendly

Karoo NP Campsite -32.33228, 22.49249

This is it.
Palms, yellow sand, flat space to park, swimmable beach, shade and a hidden rock pool to cool down ( the opposite side of the beach)
Really nice folks and doggies
No cell signal needo starlink bro :D
For peeps that complained about road etc ever in this app > sorry this is iOverlander not iVan
Funny road but NOTHING special (locals make this road with the mexican beetle :D - see photo)

Playa Tambo 15.69649, -96.42687

This place is permanently closed.

Squamish 49.79379, -123.12991

We came early. We had a very good spot. Hard to find free dump stations. Gas station and campground charges $20 per dump.

Tom's Best Spring Rd. in National Forest 37.72553, -112.25194

nice place to park for the night & water too! thanks Cabela's! water is potable

Cabela’s 41.17991, -96.11240

Stayed here. Asked at the campground where I could stay without paying, and they said the municipal platforms before the cabins begin. My view of the volcano was slightly covered by trees but still very visible and imo worth the Q50 saved.

municipal camping 14.49877, -90.88002

No longer an option, lot has been repurposed for the LRT project.

Dow’s Lake Parking 45.39958, -75.70919

I slept here overnight in the big parking lot with no troubles at all. My 2nd time traveling out west from florida and always stay here. The bathroom is always clean and you get 5G with t mobile as well.

Loves Green River 38.99528, -110.18537

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