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Nice place. Military came by around 4pm no problem. But then again around 9pm and told us to leave.
Apparently security was an issue. Animals - indeed we spotted a wolf very close to our truck!

No negotiating helped we had to leave after dark. Camped at the football field of Sory (which was secure because of the checkpoint nearby)
We believe they didn’t want us there…

Spring and caves 36.96994, 43.94821
biker bent

i got a place here in denmark with a closed hut with 4 per shelter and fireplace plus a 2 per shelter. outside toilet, water wood power for mobil

Bent Hjort Hansen 56.53710, 9.99948

We travelled between Malindi to Voi on the C103, but were required to pay 104$ at the Tsavo East NP Gate. We decided against it and took the turn off opposite Crocodile Camp to the McKinnon road. It is a 60km stretch of adventurous dirt road with lots of spots for wild camping.

This spot was fantastic. Lots of signs though of herdsmen passing through but we saw none for the duration of our camp. Hyenas at night.

Between McKinnon and Tsavo East -3.56001, 39.09128

great spot next to the water
nice walk to the most northern point of Estonia

Wildcamp next to beach 59.66801, 25.69858

this is where the last of the hostilities of WW1 ended. Von Lettow Vorbeck's East African Forces laid down their arms at this spot in Abercorn, Northern Rhodesia, now Mbala in Zambia.

Memorial to the end of the First World War -8.84835, 31.36967

German-Tunisian couple renting 3 holiday homes (one of them a former train wagon!) and a cozy guestroom in a beautiful setting.
Breakfast (baguette, eggs, yogurt, juice etc.) delivered to your door, coffee, tea etc. in the kitchen.
Very high standard, extremely clean, spectacular view, extremely friendly owners.
All holiday homes have their own little pool. It’s a pet friendly place. They have many animals and you can bring your own.
Camping (tent) possible!
They are building an overlander camp space with toilets, showers and outdoor kitchen, but it’s not ready yet. Outdoor toilet available though.
Matthias: +21694774222
Lilia: +21698778822
[email protected]

LKsar 36.47070, 10.47576

Small campsite on a human scale with 35 pitches on the banks of the Luech river.

Camping Le Moulin du Luech 44.30262, 4.05825

Beautiful and calm area between many tall trees with many little spots for camping. Also down by the river. Locals seem to come here for picnic, so some trash… but enough spots to find something beautiful! Asiacell 3G

Vast Medow-River Camping 36.80369, 44.23514

Wonderful view down on the valley and the canyon. There’s no “official way” there, just many little paths…

Dore Valley Look-out 36.89501, 44.13523

A little corner of paradise by the river, very quiet and very clean.
Jonathan welcomes you with joy in his small campsite in the heart of the Cévennes.

Camping Le Moulin du Luech 44.30262, 4.05825

Nice spot, less than a km off the highway on a small lake. Good road, some spots under water in spring. Free dry camping up to 21 days. No water, toilets, garbage cans etc.

Palangio Lake 49.04488, -81.20087

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Palangio Lake 49.04488, -81.20087

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Palangio Lake 49.04488, -81.20087
Track World Travel

Still closed. The entrance blocked. (see also one of the pictures). I closed this point in iOverlander.
We went to the Grillplatz spot.

Kailsbaach 50.13962, 6.05913

i asked the lady of the house at the end of the path, she said it's okay, didn't charge me. was there on a sunday and it seems to be a famous picnic spot, but there's so much room. also peacful at night, river is louder than the road ;)

Cooling down 38.87160, 68.83476

Some trash and muddy waterside, but the area is nice in general. We had a quiet first night.

Then the second day a lady in a car stopped by and claimed that the land is hers and we had to pay. We laughed a bit with her and refused (there are no facilities here at all, it’s just bush) and locals from the nearby town quickly came to tell us it’s a scam: parking/sleeping is free here for everybody.

Then the lady got a bit annoying/kept coming back and send over her family to act like officials and ask for documents. It was all a bit ridiculous really, we just ignored it and asked them to call the tourist police if there was a problem, they quickly left.

In the end we didn’t stay for a second night as it was all a bit annoying. We crossed the tarmac street and found a quiet spot on the other side.

At the lakeshore 39.78297, 64.79366

After Praia do Diogo heading the sandy road there are some small lakes. Perfect to bath in fresh water on the beach front there are cliffs to explore. Beautiful sunset. Please don't litter.

Camping Praia do Diogo -4.19971, -38.06549

They got everything you need, but it is super expensive.

Shoprite complex -11.46168, 34.01430

Melhor lugar de Salvaterra para curtir o Rio e a Natureza!
O lugar fica de frente uma propriedade e na beira do Rio... O Sr que mora na casa é gente boa demais nós ofereceu água potavel e uma tomada no dia de chuva para carregar as baterias
ficamos por 1 semana e o lugar é incrível! nascer do sol magnífico e contato com a natureza perfeito!
tem um pier próximo para curtir o Rio e um gramado com sol ou sombra para ficar estacionado
funciona todas as operadoras, o que é raro na ilha
Episódios 496, 497, 498 e 499 no canal Travelando no Mundo do Youtube

Best place in Salvaterra to enjoy Rio and Nature!
The place is in front of a property and on the edge of the river... The man who lives in the house is very good people, we offered him drinking water and a socket on a rainy day to charge the batteries.
we stayed for 1 week and the place is amazing! magnificent sunrise and perfect contact with nature!
there is a pier nearby to enjoy Rio and a lawn with sun or shade to park
all operators work, which is rare on the island
Episodes 496, 497, 498 and 499 on Travelando no Mundo YouTube channel

Best Place -0.72810, -48.53134

There are signs at the enter of Chiquita town and at the enter of this particular spot, saying that motorhomes (casillas) are prohibited, and that you have to go the tourist office to ask for the places to stay. We leaved the town.

Mar Chiquita End Road Fish -37.74257, -57.41569

Nuit calme au bord de la plage Aucun service

Puerto Morin -8.40501, -78.89868

Great food and great service. Finally things are getting back to some normalcy!
We parked close to interstate side next to the motel and dumpsters. I needed the room. Traffic was a bit noisy (as most are) but tolerable.

Cracker Barrel 39.65467, -80.00714

The views of the Vermillion Cliffs are worth the bumpy road.

Soap Creek 36.75181, -111.71328

UK passport. 120 USD for 7 working days or 170 USD for 5 minutes. Tried bargaining 150 USD but it didn't work. If you have a vehicle and don't have a CPD a laissez-passer is 100 USD for a car and 80 USD for a motorbike.

Embassy of Liberia (Freetown) 8.47133, -13.27020

its just a stop place, near the road. nothing fancy with kids and dog😉

Halte de l'Île-de-Bellechasse 46.91481, -70.75401

Got “controlled” today at about 8 AM. They wanted to see drivers license, car papers, drivers passport and the white car import paper you get at the boarder. As described before they take it to the office, doing something also they took a picture of the car plate. That’s all, uncomplicated and friendly

Sunat Aduana Check -18.09394, -70.74074

Did a good job at fixing our motorbike tire. Nice guys.

General mechanic -23.89383, 16.00548

There is a Windhoek Bank ATM in the shop next to the gas station.

Windhoek Bank ATM at the shop -23.89382, 16.00547

A praça fica em frente ao hotel, mas é uma praça pública. Tem um ponto de água no meio do jardim e fica bem próximo a orla do rio são Francisco.

Praça central -9.41003, -40.50934

Safe site. We had a bad night, they played loud music until dawn, even though it was Sunday night. Monday night was ok.

Public Parking 0.81857, -77.71426

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