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Amazing view, take a hike during sunset and watch the city light up afterwards and then leave. This was the first place that was so rowdy we left. Local kids get super drunk and were doing donuts super close to our rv. Go down the road to a quiet spot I pinned about a mile away.

Big Butte Parking Lot(s) 46.02200, -112.55695

No stop, everything is fine. Either way it's the highway, it's hard to slow down.

Checkpoint. Ruta 15 22.77941, -105.68243
Les Globelulus

Priscillia et Anthony nous ont accueillis dans leur petit camping, je dirais plutôt petit paradis. Tout confort. Sans problème pour les enfants.
Ces deux jeunes sont adorables, aux petits soins pour vous. On y a mangé des langoustes énormes qu'antony venait de pêcher à un prix deux fois inférieur à un restaurant traditionnel. Vraiment, allez chez eux vous ne le regretterez pas. Ils tiennent aussi une petite épicerie avec tout ce dont vous avez besoin pour quelques jours.
Ne ratez pas ce petit paradis.

Los Piratas del Caribe / km 6,5 18.67065, -87.72472

Nothing to see here only some vendors with (only) BEER :D

Punto de Revisión-Revision Point 15.72873, -93.27000

toilet is gone
broken glass
train and traffic noise as expected

Cambridge Diversionary Dam 40.28502, -100.12138

Blue water pump at 5/6, quick enough pressure! Also has gas, diesel, and ethanol free at that pump.

Maverik 34.55731, -112.47639

Wonderfull views, nice brease very quite night, will visit again!

Badlands Forest Land Scenic 43.89211, -102.22770

Still here and still acceptable. However, quite expensive (i.e overpriced…) at 120 soles for a matrimonial (2 persons). WiFi does seem to work now though.

Hotel Inca -9.58901, -77.17851

Couple of cheap hotels right next door to one another. I started at the one slightly too the south for 100 Birr. Rowdy people drinking up front, but they cleared out reasonably early. Good cheap food nearby.

Hotel 8.60489, 38.60658

huge flat spot. could easily park multiple big rigs. looks to be plenty of trails and forest roads around to explore. fire pit right in the middle but no trash. only concern is the hill up into the forest from the highway is very loose sand, and 4WD will definitely be needed if towing something. might be able to get in with 2WD if you get enough momentum coming in

National Forest Boondocking 36.75939, -107.20419

There are 2 glacier water refill stations in the back of the Safeway. It is located to the right of the pharmacy down a little hallway. $0.50/gallon

Safeway - Glacier Water refill 39.64598, -105.34002

$0.35 for 1 gallon
$1.05 for 3 gallons
$1.75 for 5 gallons

Pretty good price. Most of the water fill-up machines are $2.50 for 5 gallons.

A slow flow but it’s right next to the Orangewood RV dump station, so you can dump and fill up water nearby.

Located out front right by the Amazon pickup.

Circle K - Alkaline Water 33.63807, -112.30497

Drove in to the park about 70km from Chihuahua or an ~1hr 20. The road is partly paved and dirt. Absolutely awesome place to camp on the side of a canyon river bed. Can also drive down a little further on the riverbed a camp. Where we stayed had a washroom but no water or showers. Small little town 5 minutes away. Would recommend as it is a perfect stop coming up from central Mexico or Arizona/New Mexico. There is a fee but we were able to stay for free, due to the payment system not working.

Cumbres de Majaca National Park 28.79708, -106.49480

We pulled in around 6:00pm and there were already 4 campers in the parking lot. We went in to check if it’s ok to spend the night in the parking lot. The answer was yes. The store and parking lot are very well maintained. There are a lot stores/restaurants around the area and we feel safe here.

Bass Pro 39.02403, -104.82522

Quiet and a nice view of the Mesa. Almost all spaces were occupied so get there early.

Mesa Verde NP 37.36197, -108.42134

Exelente lugar arbolado. Baños, parrillas y mesas. Seguridad 24 hs. Gratuito

Parque Municipal La Cascada -34.85210, -55.27573

wonderfull route. do not miss it when you are in the neighbourhood. the small town is worth to visit. we had lunch the and drove back.


Great views! The levelers spot is pretty close to the road, which works for our van. We are the only ones up here so there shouldn’t be too much traffic! No wind today; this site would be challenging in the wind. There are several spots coming up the road that may have more room and more protection from wind. Full cell service with Verizon.

Hilltop by NP 46.94119, -103.57614

Driving to find another location and the road opens to a large spot that could easily fit a few cars and whatever rigs could make it over miles of bumpy road. My 18 crosstrek made it no problem. No service but occasionally 1 bar AT&T. Didn’t get out of my car to roam around so don’t know if it’ll get any better throughout the site. Rock fire ring

Group spot 35.02902, -111.77595

This Walmart still does not allow overnight parking for RV customers.

But if you ask the manager for permission over at Tadych’s Marketplace Foods, he’ll allow you to park in their far back lot for one night. They are open 24 hours except for Tues & Wed 0600-2300 local.

Walmart 44.85205, -87.35861

Great spot to stay when visiting the national park. Quiet although a little dirty. Great signal. Easily accessible. We stayed multiple nights.

Wild Camping near Alma 45.65608, -64.87773

propane gas very easy and good to park
1 ltr. 10,70 mex.Peso

huasca leyv gas 20.20767, -98.51754

12 mex Peso 20 ltr. garrafon
easy to park

Aqua Purificada pure 20.11259, -98.40537

This is the entrance to the archeological site El Caño.
It’s about 3-4 km off the highway. On the the way to here, I just saw one sign for the site. So just follow the road until you are here.

Museo Parque Archeológico EL CAÑO 8.39660, -80.50272

Opening hours Tuesday to Sunday 8 am till 3 pm.
Free entrance and a guided tour in spanish.

Museo Parque Archeológico EL CAÑO 8.39650, -80.50271

Free Municipal campground.
A large lake surrounded by a flat grassy area.
There are covered areas with electricity. Drinking water is available too.
BBQ pits.

Mburucuyá -28.03420, -58.22571

Established Pemex here. First Pemex we saw since Alamos.

Pemex 27.39987, -108.53758

During our visit we saw no obvious evidence of cartel activity. No armed personnel in the streets were observed.

Chinipas de Almada / NARCO TOWN 27.39453, -108.53824

For 500 Pesos we got a room with two beds, A/C, TV, amazing water pressure as hot and as cold as one would want. Basic and clean enough.
Cell service is weak to non-existent; modest wifi is available for a small additional fee.
Note most of the few restaurants in town close early, around 5:30.
We were able to park our motorcycles behind a locked gate for the night. They might accommodate a Jeep-sized vehicle, but larger rigs will probably have to park on the street. There is no parking lot for this hotel.

Hotel Los Arcos 27.39454, -108.53823

Great wi-fi in town, there is a back room where people take calls (there was even a board game meet up while I was there so you don't need to be quiet). The librarian told me that it's totally okay to take normal volume calls in that back room. If you want more amenities, the Monticello Coworking Space downstairs is $10 drop in fee, 24/7 access through an app. There was nobody there when I passed through so I imagine you'd get really focused time. Library wi-fi is strong enough for video calls at the picnic table by the back entrance if you'd rather be outside!

San Juan County Library 37.87376, -109.34227

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