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Just here to add that the road in off of Highway 1 is typical Mexico gravel washboard for the first 2/3 or so. Then a bit rougher for the last bit. Should be doable in nearly any vehicle if you take it slow enough. One way was about 1hr 20mins at moderate speed for our 2wd van with lowered tire pressure.

Carmen's Cave 28.11927, -113.30268

This place must have changed in the past year. It's now a small room with coin operated garafón fill station. It looks run down and neglected and the room smelled of urine. We didn't fill here but if you're in a pinch, there is water available.

Agua San Marcos 27.97394, -114.03944

Surprised noone has stayed here yet. It's a spacious, flat parking area at the top of town, quiet overnight, and right at the start of the walking trail up the mountain.

Parking Area -23.74670, -65.50173

Stopped here for lunch. You can follow the little gravel road all the way to the end. Couple of really nice bays, would definitely have stayed if we didn't had to drive a little more today.

wild camping at the ocean -22.42100, -70.26019

We were a little hesitant at first because of all the warnings on different overnight spots in Iquique. This place is in a fancy neighborhood and the local homeless/poorer people keep a look out in a friendly manner. Make sure to give them a little tip. The music from the local (sushi)bar wasn't too loud. Beaches and parks nearby are nice!

Iquique sea and town -20.23528, -70.15264

Always a good night at the Cracker Barrel. One of the best places to sleep, you can always count on it.

Cracker Barrel 43.57247, -89.77709

we paid 40+$ for one night, free hot showers. wild animals close by.

Whistlers Campground in Jasper NP 52.84510, -118.07774

Found this gem driving through. It has a
Spicket for RVs to fill up and it also has where you can fill up the big 5 gallon jugs or even just 1 gallon. 1 gallon is $.35 and 5 gallons is $1.50 it says around it that it is drinking water and there are signs everywhere that say the quality and the filter is used to make it drinkable. Enjoy!

Aqua2000 Fresh Drinking water 33.12335, -115.51412

Their restrooms are shared with a neighborhood hotel's pool. The restrooms have showers in them.

Outlaw Cafe 39.54173, -110.72329

Great place right off the main road to Zion. Definitely bumpy and lots of ruts getting in here but doable for any vehicle. There are a few little spots on the way to the main area. Once at the main area it looks like a corral of sorts. Folks camp all along the outside edge. Tons of room for folks.

BLM LaVerkin 37.20634, -113.24102

There were a few cars scattered around the lake and one trailer when we arrived a little after 6:00pm. The lake with snow capped mountains as backdrop was very pretty. The traffic noise was not bad. Quite a few of the picnic tables were not in usable condition. The toilet was piled with garbage and it’s wall was filled with profane writings. The grass area was littered with toilet paper, (animal) wastes and broken glasses. So sad such a pretty place had come to this state.

Stabilization Reservoir 37.16983, -105.51694
Where’s Oscar

Arrived around 5pm on a Sunday and had the place to myself. Saw a few local folks headed out for a run. Watched the horses frolic in the pasture next to me. Concrete picnic tables are nice. It’s quiet here. Feel safe. Can hear the train off in the distance, but not overbearing. Full Verizon bars. Would definitely return.

Bloody Shins Trailhead (BLM Land) 40.97042, -117.69619

Very quiet location with just a beekeeper around. We parked a bit more hidden in between the bushes (41.9983366, 45.4940435) to be less visible from all the dirt tracks around.

Turdo 41.99658, 45.49533

It is a small but nice campsite off the main roads in an original village. Really nice family - open from May to October Meadow for setting up tents, children's playground, cooking facilities, toilets and showers with hot water, water and electricity connections, disposal of gray and black water with biological treatment.

You may get some really nice food from the grandmother;) The khachapuri was delicious!

Ushangi Campsite 41.95640, 43.50550

Commercial developed hot springs about 15 minute drive from Steamboat Springs. As of 2023 it’s $20/adult per 2-hour time slot, bookings mandatory, cash payment only on arrival. Popular place.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs 40.55983, -106.84849

The price is now 500 tenge per person free for children.

Ecological checkpoint 43.32982, 77.61805

Nice and clean hotel with good bed, spacious room with terrace and hot shower ! Double room at 30000BF

Moonlight Hotel -3.94089, 29.61623

Updated prices: non-clallam County resident 30$/35$ unserviced/serviced (electric & water)
Dump Station for campers free & for drop-in 10$
no credit card; only US-Dollar!

Salt Creek Recreation Area 48.16525, -123.69845

scruffy looking man asked for our papers. he said he was police, but when we asked for his id he was a council officer. showed him the paper from the border anyway and on our way.

council? check point -9.55854, 31.20234

Great spot down by the river. There were some people walking by as there is a nice footbridge a little further down the path. The girls swum in the water.

Camping close to footbridge 40.43793, 20.28038

Good stopping point for a first good glimps of the canyon coming from Berat.

The bride's hole 40.46171, 20.26678

Conolly's Flat Rest Area: Nice rest area, behind the trees. Quiet and good smell from the forest. No facilities and no network with Optus.

Rest Area -34.53148, 116.00760

Very quiet little parking spot in nature. I parked in the grass next to the hill so I wasn't visible from the road. Almost no traffic. 4G reception

Water Station 45.44808, 4.68957
merlin hopkins

restaurant here is seasonal. tar road access up to a hard standing, which is popular with vans etc. if you have a 4x4 you can take a dirt track and engage low range for some off road action ( air down it is sandy) into a nearby clearing with some seclusion from the bushes.

Kilini Beach 37.89133, 21.11205
Des routes & nous

Outdoor shop. Electronic, braii, clothes, matress, tent ...
Check on the website.

Outdoor warehouse -32.92648, 17.98246

additionally to my last comment. the place was not cleaned since the last visitors left and as there might be a donkey boiler for the warm water we were not offered any wood . we think this place is a bit overpriced though it would have so much potential as the location is nice . we are sitting right next to the water but unfortunately can't see I as the reeds are high

Hudup Campsite -24.82947, 17.11811

Mixed feelings about this place. We checked out several places in Nkhata Bay but none is really suitable for camping/overlanding (car with rooftop). This place seemed to be the best option as you can stay in the car park. Be aware that, especially during weekends, it can get pretty noisy with people coming in and out of the bar. There’s also no facilities at the car park so you’ll end up walking back and forth up the hill every time. Vibe in and around the bar is really nice. No hot water when we were there. Like I said, it’s fine to stay for a night or so, but not a great place for campers like us.

Mayoka Village -11.61198, 34.30357

Nice little spot. Perfect as a stopover for camping or small Vans. Easily accessible by Motorbike or bicycle. On the road leading to the train station, take a right. Waterfountain nearby. Be aware of the boars in the forrest.

Little Clearing 41.45614, 14.55526

Forgot to say… there is a short very rocky part but it goes back to a gravel road! Just gotta get through the rocks and you’ll be good

Edge of Marble Canyon 36.76322, -111.66781

large wide open space beside the Smitty's. i asked inside if we could park here for the night and he said it was ok qs long as we didn't stay too late in the morning because they are going to start to fill up for breakfast.

Petro-Canada / Smittys 50.42696, -105.54829

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