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Comfortable hotel, supply of hot and cold drinking water. Crockery and kitchen sink available for basic food prep. Rooms are 150k or 200k with AC. Breakfast included. Cold shower. Short walk to shops.

Paradiso Hotel -8.31204, 120.48342

Good place for a quiet night should you be on the search between Malatya and Nemrut…

From the main road take a turn onto what seems to be the old road. There’s also some possibilities to camp, but a steep gravel road with some small washouts leads further up for more separation to the road and a nicer view. Not sure if a 2wd can make it…
Nobody came along, totally quiet, can be windy though…

The lookout 38.09951, 38.56347

Beautiful site next to a (very) small river. We took water from it to cook with. Place is a bit down from the road so you are out of sight. Kids can walk around/play a bit also because of that.

On a meadow 39.84199, 20.76433
Joy River Backpackers

Joy River Backpackers is a genuine rustic rural African village experience. It is a good stay if you don’t mind rural village life, sights and sounds.

Joy River is nestled in the Blyde River Valley, tussen die bos in berge (between the bush & mountains), and situated at the very beginning of the Blyde River Canyon on the Panorama Route (R532) 2km south of Bourke's Luck Potholes in the rural African village called Moremela.

Graskop, the town closest to us is 34km south, with God's Window, the Pinnacle Rock, Lisbon & Berlin waterfalls on route.

North of us is Bourke's Luck Potholes (2km), Diatla restaurant (4 km), Three Rondavels (10 km), the Leopard hiking trail (13 km) Ba-Dinkwanyane hiking trails (20 km) and Echo Caves (30 km)

Your contact: Mark on +27 64 616 5245

Joy River Backpackers -24.67886, 30.80172
Joy River Backpackers

Clean and welcoming, saturated in nature and local African culture.

Joy River Backpackers -24.67886, 30.80172
Chrystal Eng

DO NOT Park here. Just had a visit from city police. NO overnight parking. $200.00 fine.

Calgary, Weaselhead parking 50.99418, -114.14177

Fruit and Veg market in Livingstone. Decent prices compared to shops. Fixed prices.

Livingstone City Market -17.84896, 25.85763

We got here around lunch time and they didn’t have any diesel.

Last Diesel before Turkmenistan 36.95083, 58.66374

The spot is a overlooking a great green plain with lots of isolated trees.
To the eastern the beautiful red sandhills of the Sahara.
Of course there is no water in the lake ( so please take the empty bottles with you, they won’t ever fill up)

Top of the hill close to the lake 17.16778, -14.05187

We slept here after crossing the Laos-Cambodia border. It was very quiet during the night and windy. Good place to sleep.

Quite Place to Sleep 13.55642, 105.99332

Paco helped us a lot. Very generous man. With information about the region, about festivities, etc. Take your time here, he has many stories to tell about the people of Senegal.

I've tried to change the coordinates.

Ziguinchor 12.58594, -16.27124

just a regular checkpoint as everywhere, no problem here

Immigration Checkpoint -7.14145, 12.98462
Des routes & nous

270 rand for two and a car. A bit old but clean. Braï spot. Tables.
Animals around.
Okay for one night.

Steenbokkie Private Nature Reserve -32.34016, 22.65661

We were robed the 3rd night between 00 and 1.30 into the motorhome. Don’t be too cool as us and close your door not only mosquito net.

Grass spot on the beach 9.74092, -82.84857

The campgrounds are closed here for some reason right now so we spent the night here. No problem with authorities. There was a lot of activity from visitors stopping to see the view though until after sunset.

Chestoa View Overlook 35.92702, -81.95410

Here you can ride with an small old steam train, from Moldovița to Argel and back. There is a 40 min break in Argel, to buy some food. The whole event takes around 3h. You can do some reservation online, but you have to pay cash on the event day.

Check the official webside:

Price was 50 RON p.P.

Mocanita Moldovit (Steam train ride) 47.68891, 25.53649

Free space at the river,not the nicest place, but the only one we found. Good if you want to do the narrow gauge line (small steam train) ride on the next day.

Moldovița river camping 47.68174, 25.53821

possibility of parking with your motorhome near a body of water and in peace.
A few meters away the town center where you will find bakery, mini-market, butchers, pizzeria and many other shops.
You can empty and fill your gray and black water.

Locminé 47.89009, -2.84642

Solid hotel in the town center, one block off the main plaza. Secure parking, clean rooms, hot water with good water pressure, air conditioning, and WiFi. Nice courtyard to relax in. We paid 990 pesos for a double room (May 2023).

Hotel Olimpia 26.90171, -101.41514

Still exist,a car washing street,I paid for a Toyota a motor wash 2800 pesos.looks they doing a good job

Lavadero H2O Car Wash -24.83036, -65.42792

Oh! I forgot to add, there is a portapotty as well!

Cape Sable Daniels Head Rd 43.43902, -65.59317

Due to the new road iall the old options to get off the road are limited, this is a clear and easy exit

Entrance to the track 17.15060, -14.08569

They also can lift now the cars…in total I paid for the washing outside,inside and motor 2800 pesos

Lavadero H2O Car Wash -24.83039, -65.42788

Fuelstation and shop, please avoid it, they rip you of and double the prices for ‘touristsake’.

Hydro 24 and shop 17.52178, -14.65038

Motorcycle accessories store, spare parts, lubricants. We are motorcyclists and we provide help and we provide help with motorbike

Estación Biker -5.71247, -78.80950
2gether 2

free freedom camping at old railway station. 24hr toilets. shelter under old railway station platform. strong wifi from library. uses standard library password. self contained vehicles only

Lumsden railway station freedom camping -45.73896, 168.44225
Smart as a Goose

The road is as described. Not bad until the last half mile. You approach a steep hill with bad ruts filled with large rocks. We backed down and turned around.
there are places to camp below. which we intended to do. However, a wild fire started on the next mountain east. At that point we felt it safer to leave. We were sad to leave but even sadder was the beautiful forest being destroyed quickly. No one fighting the blaze. We saw some lovely birds. One trogon and bridled titmouse.

Piedras Bola 20.65247, -104.05726

Nice quiet spot with great views. On a Friday night we were alone from 8pm.

Mirador de Jericó 5.79491, -75.78284

Camping, com água, luz, internet.
Lugar calmo e seguro. Falar com Thiago, muito prestativo e gente boa.

Camping e Eventos -24.86356, -50.04621

There is a small field with even space for about 3 vehicles

RP40 by small pond -28.75504, -57.51086

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