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This is one of the most beautiful drives! Its a long winding relatively smooth pathway to the top of the hills. There is one obstacle near the start where water has made a trench. I almost bottomed out with my 17” trailer so anything larger and that would be tough. Otherwise the road is in great shape the entire way.

This is an absolute gem with incredible views in your own grassy meadow. 1 to 2 bars LTE in the right spot.

Hilltop 43.79607, -118.07051

Beautiful site. Stayed in site 5, which had a pad the perfect size for our 11ft x 9ft tent. A little bit of snow still around but we were sheltered and cozy. Loved the sound of the stream below. $10 exact money needed.

Angel Creek Campground 38.00443, -107.69332

We tried to go to this site, however the road was blocked by a police car so we turned around. Not sure if this was a temporary or a permanent blockage.

Playa Tenacatita 19.28057, -104.87362

No signs posted that there is no overnight parking. There was a motorhome, a travel trailer and a few vans that stayed the night. Enough room for semi's to park and we're 65ish ft. No one bothered us, we all slept in. A good place for an overnighter.

Walmart 43.13555, -115.66790

As we pulled away from the populated section of the beach we asked the local police if it was OK to camp on the beach and we were told ABSOLUTELY. We drove down the Long Beach away from the crowds along the beach road, there are numerous pullouts that looked suitable. We chose this spot as it was flat and there were old abandoned palapas for shade. Great spot right on the beach however it is buggy ( ton of mosquitoes) at dusk.

Next to old red building 19.28967, -104.86728

We have a pool, jacuzzi, grill, stove, bathrooms with hot water shower, WiFi and 5G cell signal.
We are 30 minutes from downtown Santiago. Public transport and different Uber apps arrive, cabify, dídi.
there is current 220 v

Camping Izuelina -33.57369, -70.77974

Nice place at Lake Myresjön with a small shelter and fireplace. Just nature, no noise. Good clearance needed. Place for pitching a tent is available. 4G is available.

Myresjön 58.63546, 12.22714

This is a gravel road all the way to Jardin from Jerico. You save 45km instead of going back to the main road but def not time. Views are amazing as you drive through coffee culture and along a river. 4x4 recommended but no required when dry but clearance is better.

Gravel/offroad to Jardin 5.74397, -75.80775

Here you can have access to the river from the road. Very refreshing cold water !

Swim in river 5.71158, -75.81186
Kai-Olaf Dammenhain

nice small Hostal direct at the street between Guatape and San Rafael, they offer privat rooms, breakfast and dinner,
natural pool direct by the house, we stand for two nights with our camper (land rover with rooftent), the entrance is app. 2,5 meters! there is space for two campers,
all is very clean.
the owners name is Perla. they offer hiking tours with different duration and grads into the mountains.

Eco Hostal Tierra de Aqua y Fuego 6.28665, -75.09725

Here's the turnoff to the paraglider ramp camp spot, which can be particularly hard to find at night with heavy fog. I also realize now the dirt road shows up on, but not on Google.

Entrance to Paraglider Ramp -28.79954, -49.95326

Didn't spend the night but stopped to take a break and have a snack. If you pull through the woods there's a flat area with a big fire pit. If it's rained a lot could get super muddy and even flood as said below. I also wouldn't recommend swimming as there's a big sign saying there's a high drowning risk here.

camp by Nice river -28.44113, -49.88841

Nice place to hike to the waterfalls. When arriving a guy tried to charge me 40 reales to go to some park that's above the falls (Mundo Novo I think). I told him that I didn't want to go to the park and just wanted to hike to the falls. After a bit of convincing he let me go on without payment. Definitely recommend the little hike and I had no issues going with my big doggo. Small doggos might have issues climbing some of the bigger rocks.

River Avencal (starting point of the trail) -28.04220, -49.61642

Avencal Waterfall adding as a tourist site as well since the trailhead is just listed as a informal camping site. When arriving at the trailhead they tried to charge me 40 reales to go to Mundo Novo (a park with ziplines above the falls), but I said I just wanted to hike to the waterfalls. After a bit of discussion he let me pass and I didn't have to pay. Definitely worth checking out the falls. 500m hike, but you have to scramble over some boulders so I'd wear hiking boots if you've got em. Had no issue hiking in with my big doggo (little doggos might have some issues going over some of the rocks). I got there around 12:30 p.m. and had nice sun on the falls. Around 1:20 the shade started creeping in at the bottom of the the falls.

Cascata do Avencal -28.04710, -49.61730

At the exit of SH99 to Blue Eye there’s a new parking for Camper & Caravan & Buses - it‘s not more possible to go until the Blue Eye by car - there’s a barrier at the dam - walking distance from the barrier is approximately 1km - parking fee for campers see picture

Blue Eye Finiq 39.91684, 20.18167

É verdade esse bilete. Há um posto de controle agroalimentar. Foram bem tranquilos com a gnt!

Fruit, Meat, Vegetable Control -38.22812, -67.20951

Real big space in the National Park. Camping is allowed and you pay €3 per person at the entrance of the NP.
The way to the national park is gravel, but bumby and you need to cross some water after rain.

National Park Prokletije 42.51167, 19.77820
Renato Faria

What a beautiful place, super clean and organized. Good to go alone or with family and friends.

Acampamento Praia du Pombas -30.34276, -51.02828

Very much open! It's also a cafe, serving burgers etc. Free camping for cyclists. No facilities, but hope to install toilet and shower in the future. Free wifi.

La Clemira - Shop and Bakery -26.95107, -66.13462

Small trail to access the spot , awesomely calm ! No random car passing or rarely ,beautiful view on the cliffs
Very nice spot !

Clogher 52.16343, -10.45574

Germans do not need visa. Just get a stamp. Didn’t ask for anything else except Carnet or passavant … this was entering Gabon from Congo

Immigration Gabon -2.58102, 11.55577

We spent one night on the camping with our Van. Dry camping is now 250 pesos. The camping host Efrain is very friendly. Wifi is good behind the restaurant. Toilet facility looks a bit run down cistern lid missing, light not working....

El Padrino Campground 27.28482, -112.90184

correction, there are to bigger sites with a picnic table, and it seems like someone was tenting in the woods between the two sites, there is a firepit all three places.

Epic place above Wapta Falls! 51.18228, -116.58120

Small parking, gravel, flat. Nice and quiet. Next to résidentiel area. No no overnight signs.

Newell trail head parking 38.17560, -122.24280

Great showers still only $1!! Water pressure was amazing and hot as well! Very clean and a great facility for gym and swim if you want a $5 day pass for entire facility.

Washington City Community Center 37.13015, -113.51499

Free dump with water available to wash; unsure if it is portable water.

Maverick - Dumpstation 37.12222, -113.61753

Absolutely stunning peaceful campsite. Fire ring. 5 day limit. I was only going to stay one night but it was so pretty I stayed for 2.

Buffalo Valley dispersed campsite #11 43.85022, -110.36093

Our first night in Namibia after 5 months in Africa could’nt be better.

I wish everywhere we stay could be like this: good price, good people, quiet, nice views,

Congratulations Lucas!


Kapako Waterfront Camp -17.88365, 23.33864

good and friendly person.
i came stay at the hostel next to the shop.
i have a look and ask for my crf rally rear tire.
he gave me price 85euro including labour.
i didnt plan to change tire here. lucky me im the last customer he entertaint at saturday evening 🙏

Hobby Shop 39.70768, 21.62092

very nice place, can sit outside, friendly people and lovely menu.
All freshly made and it s very good, hah lovely red sauce!
It s on the other side of the street though.

Yo-Yo (amazing Cote d’Ivoire cuisine) 18.09529, -15.97897

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