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Definitely 4x4 with oversized tires. We made it in our lifted Sprinter but it was slow and most everything was on the floor….lol
Worth the trip for sure. Just go slow and steady.

Alstrom Point 37.05905, -111.36409

across the street from trail heads and baseball field is a parking lot for the public pool. no 'no parking' or overnight in this lot. there's also an unpaved field below that you could drive down or tent camp. dumpsters here and bathrooms across the street at the baseball field. stayed 1 night no problem, cops can't even see a car parked from the main road.

3 bars verizon.

kenealy nature park lot and side field 40.05965, -75.27369

I found the spigot under a large orange road work "cone". The attendant was new and didn't know why but encouraged me to just go for it.

Smiths fuel station 40.70034, -111.80327

Facile à trouver en utilisant «  ouvrir dans Google map » en bas des commentaires.⬇️
Bien organisé, mais nous n’avons pas pu remplir notre eau potable.

Grimsby 43.19503, -79.53893

Pretty nice view! No one bothered us here and we slept in our car from 10pm until 7:30am. Plenty of space for multiple cars or RVs though it was empty when we went

Coastal Pull-off 39.29194, -123.79424

Open sand area off to left of road, just before water crossing.

Open Sand Area 45.04839, -77.23557

Diesel Available, easy access and few vehicles

E/S Diorca 10.14715, -64.66911
Carleton Overlanding

Wonderful campground right on the bay. Amazing sunsets! Came in the Wednesday before Jeep the Mac expecting the camp to fill up Friday night. It had three other campers in the 34+ spots, cannot see any of them. On Friday night two more showed up, still super quiet and private! Hard to believe how quiet this beautiful spot is!

We had both AT&T and Verizon service, AT&T is stronger.

Drummond Island Township Campground 45.99731, -83.79057

Had a great conversation with the property owner and his son. You pass their homes on the way. The water coming from the spring is used by some for their drinking water. If you don’t have an internal bathroom please do your business 200+ feet from the water, not behind the rock that is right at the cave. Keep it clean and practice LNT and this will be available for many years to come!

Emerging Creek 37.31147, -84.35549

Campground: standard Parks Canada - firepit, picnic table, good space, power (not used), ablutions close by with hot water, multiple areas with many sites but not too close. CAD 29.25.

Redstreak Campground 50.62464, -116.05420

Very neat, clean well-maintained spacious RV park. This is one of my favorite places. Plenty of room between campers. My spot is backed up against the river. I didn’t think for the price It was going to be much but I was fooled. It is very well worth it

Toad Suck Park 35.07539, -92.54421

Little spot along the road for 1-2 smaller truckcampers 7,5T. Just some flat surface, no amenities or facilities. Opposite the road more flat grass but view from the window would be a little bit less. Lots of sparrows but sadly also some rubbish on the beach. Small market just up the road for some supplies. 5/2023

Beachfront view 41.57440, 19.47730

The entire campsites area mentioned here is operated by the State of Washington and does require a Discovery Pass.

Beacon Rock Boat Ramp Campsites 45.62044, -122.02956

A chill lot with good spots but wow it’s quite noisy. Lots of trucks and cars passing the entire night. At one point a building alarm went off across the street and the fire dept came with their sirens. OK other than the constant noise. But it did give me a bit of trouble sleeping if i’m honest.

Public lots next to Argosy Cruise lines 47.63151, -122.34076

At this time of year all campgrounds and rest stops are shut in Quebec. We were so glad to find this fabulous spot, thank you iOverlander.

Rivière Ste-Marguerite #54 48.42813, -70.38515

unfortunately the generator noise is a bad problem . on at 4.30 am , its just too much.

Sitzas Campsite -25.77067, 19.99517

Price update : 4 dollars / night / vehicle.
A bit noisy due but a fresh night.

Texaco Cojutepeque 13.72305, -88.91998

Ótimo camping. Simples, mas com bom espaço e a infraestrutura que precisávamos. Pontos de água e eletricidade para abastecer o camping. Chuveiro quente e banheiro limpo. Os donos são muito receptivos e nos deram várias dicas. Passamos uma noite bem tranquila. *ñ tem wi fi, mas pega 4G em alguns pontos.

Camping Tata Bencho -27.63352, -67.02410

Super calm and beautiful bay. Don’t miss the bioluminescence at night.
Still a wild camp place. No one is charging any money here. Good Claro signal.

Playa Iguanita 10.63130, -85.63053

Autoposto UNA- passamos duas noites aqui para trabalhar, o lugar é ótimo! Estacionamento com ponto de água, energia, banho, Wi-Fi. Completo. Tem até café rsrsrs. Funcionários muito educados e uma conveniência com bons preços, vale a pena passar a noite aqui para quem estiver na região


Autoposto UNA- we spent two nights here for work, the place is great! Parking with water point, energy, shower, Wi-Fi. Complete. There's even coffee lol. Very polite staff and a convenience with good prices, it is worth spending the night here for anyone in the area.

Una -15.29851, -39.07372

We decided to spend a second night here after doing to rim hike (which took us 5 hours with a 6 year old). It’s so quiet and peaceful here! Also, relatively close access to the market in Otavalo

Below Laguna Cuicocha 0.29270, -78.34809

Lugar tranquilo, dormimos 3 noites. Próximo ao centro, da pracinha, de posto de gasolina e supermercados. Não tem água, nem luz.

Estacionamento da igreja -28.01532, -49.59251

We were too late to visit the site, so we stayed at the parking lot. Quiet night, no problems, nice people, restaurant close buy. Could use museum toilets as long as the museum was open.

Parking lot of the El Shincal Inca site -27.69012, -67.18426

very good place to spend the night, very attentive staff did not charge for the bath. excellent bathrooms impeccable cleanliness both on arrival and departure. we stopped near the roasted chicken and got the Wi-Fi signal. to sleep it was a silent and safe night because there was 24h security.

local muito bom para passar a noite, funcionários bem atenciosos não cobraram pelo banho. banheiros excelentes limpeza impecável tanto na chegada como na saída. paramos pertinho do frango assado e pegamos o sinal Wi-Fi. para dormir foi uma noite silenciosa e segura pois havia segurança 24h.

Frango Assado -20.43064, -47.83477

This place is permanently closed.

Purificadora Natural 16.43883, -95.44230

Muito bom p pernoitar! Tem policiamento noturno.

Estacionamento Parque Barigui -25.40227, -49.33558

Small, but very nice campsite. Toilets, showers, kitchen are available and clean. We paid 4€ p.p.

Rock land camp 41.40193, 22.24659

We entered from the park side and turned left after the cattle guard. You can also enter from HWY 181, but turn right at cattle guard before park. Followed the road all the way until the end. Great spot. Very secluded and quiet. No off-road vehicles (even street legal) allowed in “Salt Valley”
Road is fully washboarded, about 8 miles from main park road. Very soft sand at spot, impassable after rain. 4x4 not necessary.

Arches NP / Salt Valley Wash 38.80861, -109.68820

This place is permanently closed.

Gunbarrel Lager Travellers Rest -26.59918, 120.34102

No longer has WiFi. Changed the brand to AXION but still good for the night

SHELL -33.13379, -60.57261

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