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An Eco-Park / Bike Park just outside of San Cristóbal. Long and winding dirt road to get to the main park area from the highway (1-2 miles?) but its in good condition, wide enough and pretty good clearance overhead in most parts. The main park area has loads of pine trees, picnic tables, swings, slides etc. Seems to be a popular place for local families to spend the day. Small tiendas scatter the area selling snacks, light meals, water and sodas. Lots of baños (locked at night). Caseta at entrance charged 10mp per person for day use, then we paid 50mp per night at the caseta near the back entrance. Road construction getting to the back entrance when we were there…sometimes passable in our jeep, sometimes not. Great spot for tent or van camping - worked for us in our midsized class A. (28’). No hookups, water, dump. Starlink worked most of the time despite all of the trees. No established “sites” - we were told “just park wherever” giving smaller rigs and tents lots of options! Quiet, cool, beautiful. During our 4 day stay - no loud music, no alcohol, no problems. Nice resident dogs. All the people we encountered there were extremely nice, helpful and welcoming.

Montetik Eco/Bike Park 16.70020, -92.61260

We pulled in just after 6:00. There was a woman there who said the guy who works there had just left. We pulled in and parked and figured we’d pay in the morning. The next morning the guy was around and seemed slightly annoyed, but we just paid him and he went on with his work. Fun place to explore and it was quiet. The church is open during the day, and you can climb up into the bell tower which was fun for the kids. There is also a giant concrete slide here off in the distance that was really fun for the kids.

Quinta del Obispos 16.73287, -92.58152

It’s a nice place with good hangout area, clean toilets, and hot shower. Large tent camping area, but it is a tight fit for vehicle camping. Maybe space for 2-3 vehicles.

However, the place is only open seasonally. And the day we camped here was his last day before closing for the winter. Maybe it will open again November?

Guarda Do Embau Surf Camp -27.90055, -48.59278

Superbe emplacement, nous avons pris la piste cyclable en arrière de l’arena en bas de la côte, nous nous sommes rendus à Danville.

Nous avons fait quelques achats dans les commerces aux alentours.

RV Parking Val Des Sources 45.77449, -71.93992

Quiet night here. Public (chemical) toilets nearby.

Parque Croata -23.67623, -70.41402
K n C

Camping on the beach. Dirt sites in pretty good shade with water, 220v, and black water drain. Covered communal kitchen. Bathrooms old and lots of mold but hot suicide showers. There are many long term tent residents in the camp and just outside it on the beach that don’t add desirability to the place. 115R for 2 in motorhome.

Camping Costa do Sol -27.42805, -48.44855

Buen lugar para pasar la noche, muy tranquilo iluminado y hay guardia de seguridad. Es conveniente hablar con la gente de la seguridad del parque para pedirles para pasar la noche.
Nos quedamos Mayo 2023 en nuestra casa rodante.
Hay parrilleros, agua, baños y cruzando la calle un supermercado.

Parque Municipal La Cascada -34.85027, -55.27451

Forest road. Free cattle around but didn’t pay us much mind. Quiet with the occasional moos

Coconino Forest 34.66889, -111.72720

Free Waste Disposal Site - No trash dumping . Open daily from dawn to dusk

Free dump near CA-91 33.88280, -117.55711

50s/2p/n in a car with rooftent. Good spot, clean bathroom and pool. Shared kitchen. Just be prepared that you are camping on the parking lot, no campsites free as it is full of their glamping tents.

Ecocamp Huacachina in Ica -14.08910, -75.76382

Ótimo local para passar o dia e a noite, seguro, silencioso e perto dos restaurantes e pontos turísticos

Lago Victoria -22.63133, -47.05688

Spent 2 nights here. The guy working charged us $200 MX/night, which we were happy to pay to support the orphanage. However, we later noticed the website is very clear to only donate online- not to pay cash. So, something to consider. It was very quiet at night and great sleep. The electrical outlets look new and nice but only provide 500 watts, which may be the lowest wattage we’ve seen for a 15 amp plug. We had chosen the spot for the full hookups noted in another post and had already paid, so we just used our generator for power. It was too hot for our cats to manage without AC. There’s water at each spot. The bathroom is a bit creepy… it could use a solid cleaning and some maintenance. We didn’t use the toilet. But the shower had good water pressure (cold) and worked for us after a week without showering on the steamy Oaxacan coast.

Hogar Infantil 16.77606, -93.38394

Slept here a couple times on my way down and just recently on my way out of Florida with no problem. Little noisy one night but overall felt safe and is one of the true 24/7 planet fitness locations around Florida which I appreciate on a Sunday driving late.

Planet Fitness 29.86329, -81.34326

No idea where you're supposed to camp here, on the narrow road in front of the barrier? not even a pull out. Much nicer places earlier along the road. Zero cellphone reception with claro and Bitel. Whole road nothing but potholes.

Laguna Yeracmayo -11.85301, -76.15151

We stayed on and off outside David's place in May when we were selling our van. it was great chatting with David and meeting like minded adventurers within the city.

Overlanders General Services 49.21900, -122.92750

This is my second time spending the night here and it’s still such a nice place for me. It’s beautiful - you can see the sunrise and sunset in the same place. At night it’s quiet and it’s also the best place for birdwatching.

Bird Sanctuary 46.14416, -72.73058

nice private area, lots of space for people including small adventure trailers

random spot 41.52244, -121.15008
Seth Wing

SA to Swaz, solo USA citizen, 4x4 rental

SA: easy, no issues, pretty quick

Swaz: R100 for a road tax, they also reviewed all my vehicle paperwork in detail and made copies of everything. You should have your vehicle registration, letter of approval from the bank if the vehicle is being financed, proof of insurance, and a letter from the owner if renting (preferably on company letterhead) stating you are approved to drive the vehicle. Also make sure the registration disk on your windshield is up to date, they scrutinized this on my car.

Border Ngwenya Oshoek -26.21285, 30.99043

lugar tranquilo con un amanecer increíble.

quiet place with an incredible sunrise

Picnic Area At The Lake -46.53803, -71.60967

I love this place. For $43 you get power, water, showers, laundry...darn good value for an rv park. Staff is very nice, location an easy drive to town.

Mountain Valley RV Park 35.10251, -118.42642

This place is best reached from Road 44 on the West of it. Turn off at 36.039368 59.65212. If driving North on Motorway 2, there is no possibility to turn off; you have to drive further North, turn round and turn off M2 going South at 36.06773 59.73103. At 36.043278 59.66411 you can park out of sight from the road.

Wildcamp miles away from the streets 36.03027, 59.66259

Tried to use this but both entrances were closed. This was around 12noon, might be because it was a Sunday but be warned that entry might not be possible.

Bass Lake Side Road 44.60033, -79.48884

Best spot for visiting Granada with your RV, camper, or rooftop tent. Super-near walking distance to the city Center. All amenities in good shape. Highly recommend this oasis in Granada.

Granada RV Park and Camping 11.92079, -85.95516

It is a Swimming and Picknick Place by Jackson Lake. we have a quiet night.

Jackson Lake 49.87341, -99.03678

nice little spot to spend the first night in the van! little bit of traffic through the night, couple pedestrians, nothing major. didn't get bugged about being there, worked out good. bathrooms nearby!

Port Elgin 44.44941, -81.40738

Police came and asked us to move to the pueblo because it was too dangerous here… Didn’t really gave us a choice so we moved.

Mirador Escencio -20.17302, -66.95273

Convenient spot about an hour east of Flagstaff right off of Rt 40 with open space closer to the highway or more private area behind the banks next to the railroad. Camped here on a Saturday from 3pm - 6am Sunday. Didn’t see a soul except for the train conductors. Follow @ultimate.vacation for more adventures!

Desert Wild Camp 34.97127, -110.53809

Very nice free campsite, loads of space by the river! Lots of stone fire pits (be careful with your embers) and during this time of year, it was quiet just us and another car! Only problem is the woods behind the campsite, probably the worst littering of toilet paper I have ever seen! Crazy, bury your waste!

Rio Pichi Traful Free Camping Area -40.48730, -71.59627

It is now indicated in town to take this road (RPA17) to go to the petrified bosque.
It’s a nice paved road for half of it then it’s the usual gravel/dirt mix, still very easy to drive on.

Track to petrified bosque -45.75717, -69.04448

Easy access, nice flat plot, very quiet, monkeys wandering around

Tranquil at the foot of the ruins 18.25927, 42.44873

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