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La Policía nos paro, nos pidieron la documentación (estaba todo en regla) Intentaron buscar algo que justificara ponernos alguna sanción. Cómo teníamos todo en orden finalmente nos dejaron pasar, tras 15 minutos, mirando y remirando.

Puesto Control Policia -22.46752, -60.05518

I followed the previous person's directions, but had to go a bit farther down the road. no difficulty on the road. Very quiet so far. Arrived around 5pm. saw 4 trucks going down the mtn, none
coming up. the view is obstructed by trees, but there's a little to see.

Red Mountain BLM 39.95306, -123.69678

Here is the correct location of the spot. Nice spot and small RV is ok too.

Fire pit right location 37.74649, -110.91304

very nice place and the owner, Rafael is very helpfull ( there was no wifi because of the storm last week and we can use the wifi at his sisters house to do some work). We had a wonderfull walk to Las Gachas and you are immediatly in the beautifull small village.

La Cabaña de Don Luis 6.24512, -73.41695
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

Quiet pullout more or less behind a hill 50 m from the main road near a watering pit for lama’s. Flat. Some lights from installations nearby.
In the morning you will be visited by loads of lama’s who come drinking. Please respect the animals and let them be...don’t scare them.

Pull out -21.19851, -67.21255
RdamNatas Panamericana NL

Good quick service with the right equipment. They changed our tyre for the spare and fixed our punctured one. (We are with a high clearance motorhome, so was a bit of work)

Llanteria -20.46745, -66.83736

There is a filtered water dispenser on the exterior of the laundromat building. $2 for 5 gallons. We can fit our 6 gallon container in it. Quarters or $1, & $5. Change machine in laundromat.

Fast n Fluffy Laundromat 46.50679, -114.09321

Newer, clean laundromat. Takes quarters, change machine, bathroom, big machines and small ones.

Fast n Fluffy Laundromat 46.50680, -114.09322

Local tranquilo, de frente a praça da Igreja Matriz e do Estádio de Futebol. Pernoitamos uma noite, sem facilidades. Tem torneira de água e bwc público na Praça dos Brinquedos, que fica a um km de distância +-.

Praça da Igreja -29.37475, -51.11539

didn't stay the night, not planning to. but there is a home made sign that says no camping. It doesn't look official at all.

Woodland Dunes Wetland View 44.13246, -87.62030

Only 4 sites left when we arrived at 5:30pm.
Very friendly camp host, gave us a nice gift to take home with us.
$15 per night
Clean pit toilets, no water. Waterfront sites.
Gives out free firewood.

Edith Lake Recreation Campsite 50.57324, -120.35301

We paid $16 for two of us.
Free 2 hour parking in carpark
Went for a swim first and then a shower. Was amazing and well worth the money.
Lockers are $0.25.
Wifi available

Canada Games Aquatic Centre 50.66834, -120.36537

$5 for shower, can use even if not staying here. Very clean facility. Will come back

Fishing Bridge RV, laundry & showers 44.56366, -110.36940
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Plazas, trees, stone maze.
More than just a museum. There is a beautiful park. It takes you through an adorable city built of stone. And there is a wonderful stone labyrinth here.
Dogs, kids, etc are welcome. Ok for big rigs if you go slow and watch trees and the woman hanging in the tree. This is well worth the detour or just a stop and stretch.
Several places on plazas, parks and at the museum that you could park for the night. No services there. But the town has a few small stores and restaurants and a campground.

Museo de La Poesia -32.80466, -66.08620
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

I contacted them about a tour. There are a few significant points.
1- there is no parking at their home. You must leave your vehicle at a dock to go on the boat ride.
2- pets are not allowed
3- they bring the boat in during May and do not open again until approx September.
The trip looks amazing and the reviews are great. But consider the parameters before making plans. Contact them through the listed website only.

Delta Unplugged -34.36930, -58.59901
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Yep- use your brain and check the surface. There is a lot of groundwater under the grass. There are tracks from vehicles getting stuck. Don’t be another one. Do not assume you can park anywhere on this meadow. Pause and check the surface. No services here and a long walk to help.

SWAMPLAND -32.85651, -65.99725
It's not a slow car, it's a fast house

Paid $2000arg per night for camper with two adults. We didn’t use electric but did fill water tanks. This fee was just for the clean, quiet camping area- hot pools are extra. The camping area had warm showers, toilets and many sinks for washing dishes and clothes. The big cold pools were closed. Our dogs were welcome and many friendly dogs stopped by. We walked to town in a Saturday night and it was peaceful. This is a very quiet little town with few services but extensive infrastructure including plazas, playgrounds, this camping area, fields, community centers and more. We saw two very small and a pizza place open. Nothing else. Plan accordingly.

Across the street is additional camping at the hot tub facility. You can use a communal pool or rent a private room with a pool and a bed by the hour. We soaked in the communal pool with only two other people on a Sunday morning. Paid $1500arg per person to soak.

Camping Muncipal Balde -33.34079, -66.62536

We drove here on May 15th 2023 and it seems like this is a new military checkpoint. We were going Southbound and they waved us through. Only checking Northbound. There was no sign about it and it was a little confusing. They put cones on the road to deviate us. Definitely wasn’t there the last two years when we drove thought.

New/temporary Military check point 29.92172, -114.97504

Beautiful State Beach with campsite. We arrived without a reservation at 10am and were put on the waitlist for a campsite. Paid $10 to pull into the state beach parking lot. At 2pm they start checking in people with reservations and going through the waitlist. We had to take a spot with electrical hookups for $50 even though we didn’t need/use it- it was all that was left. The showers are quarter operated. The dump is $10. Water fill is quite nice and totally free. Overall felt a bit like we were nickel and dimed, but the location was beautiful, perfect for visiting the beach and just a 1 mile walk or ride into downtown.

Half moon bay campsite 37.46729, -122.44552

There's free open WiFi with varying strength throughout the park. at this location there's outdoor seating and signal is strong.

Balboa Park 32.73187, -117.15084

Good for across from condos. porta potties on site for when the restrooms are closed. The Market Place a couple blocks from the pin has decent value tasty sandwiches.

Street Parking - Balboa Park 32.73263, -117.15924

Adding our experience about going north bound from Mexico to USA. We got in the border line around 10a on a Sunday and crossed by 11:30a. Lots of vendors if you get hungry in line. We didn't need to do anything on the Mexico side (no FMM cancellation required, we didn't have a TIP) just went straight to the US border and no problems.

San Ysidro, San Diego, California 32.54237, -117.02982

This is a formal campsite. checking in to update

Lake RV 33.72457, -117.29310

Belle place près du parc Zion. Quelques génératrices.

Kolob Terrace Rd 37.21263, -113.17677

We stayed for one night in our trailer at the back. One guy in a tent was also there past the trails.

Was nice and quiet. Sunsets were pretty. There's a barbed wire fence around which is fine, just a little stressful, with 3 dogs wanting to, of course, go all around the fence. They had a garbage bin there, which was handy. We didn't walk the trail, but the next morning was pretty busy, so it must be beautiful ! There are lots of ticks from the long grass, but to be expected. Picked over 15 from our dogs and one on my fiances neck. Just be cautious like you would anywhere else! No fire pits.

White Butte Ski Trails 50.47621, -104.36729

Good and free place! But Saturday and Sunday is very very busy!
Really is safe!
The beach is beautiful!

Playa Palmilla 23.01002, -109.71712

As described, very nice campground, close to everything and VERY clean facilities. We just paid $43 Aud for unpowered in the high season ( was about $48 but gave us an autoclub discount for our Canadian autoclub as a reciprocal thing ). Wifi does not reach everywhere but is good in some places.

RAC Exmouth -21.93842, 114.13152

Camped in my sedan here overnight. No one else was in the lot but I felt pretty safe. It’s very well lit and most people in the area are other tourists and families. You can walk to pretty much everything from here.

24hr parking - Niagara FallP 43.08404, -79.06166

looks to be recently remodeled. large flush toilet/ shower bthrms, clean, a bit heavy on the disinfectant smell. nice space between level concrete pads. Laundry house. lots of well marked trails. cabins n blaming tents also available. discounts for veterans n 62/ over. no shade at the sites so bring your own.

Sam Houston Jones State Park 30.29370, -93.25742

Lots of campsites, only about ten were in use. Only cost $8 because water was still turned off for the season. Campsites have a picnic table and charcoal grill

Lava Flow Campground (Craters of the Moon) 43.46027, -113.56094

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