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Renato Pinto

Banho com água quente
Combustível acessível
Local seguro para pernoite
Hotel próximo
Um bom local para passar a noite

Ipiranga -15.57501, -47.32933
Renato Pinto

Fuel station
great place to spend the night
bathroom with hot water
24 hour security
place for meals

Posto Ipiranga -15.57499, -47.32932

Good place for an overnight stay. Clean, free wifi. A little noisy but not bad.

Hanna Visitor Center 51.63409, -111.93765

We saw what the previous comment was talking about but a few years later, it is not possible to access it anymore, they blocked the entrance when they redid the road

Gravel Pit RP1 -43.70613, -65.44347

Yes, but no !
You can sleep, on the street, next to the Park, but it’s very noisy because cars run fast next to you… neighbours watch you at night with suspicious, a lot of Karen live here…
If you have no choice it’s ok, but not a peaceful place

Street Parking - East End Beach 43.66551, -70.24146

Quiet location among the palm trees, easy access, very close to the Aan palace

At the foot of a small palace 17.48418, 44.09088

We had big troubles with our roof rack and a lot of other problems. Workshop with 4-5m highth
Barbachan had solutions for all our troubles.
We were recived very kindly and workes done for a reasonable price.
We have passed the night in our vehicle in the taller.

Good Year Technillantas -9.50607, -77.53247

We slept at this place before continuing our road towards Luxor. There is a small store and toilets.
It's a military zone. The officer will surely ask you to sleep next to his office.

Very quiet.

Gasolinera 26.66033, 32.71912

This is the trailhead of a backcountry hiking trail. There are often vehicles left overnight in hiking season.

Dobson trail parking lot 46.04096, -64.78678

great spot, accross residential houses. stayed 2 nights, no issues. they are signs but no one seems to enforce. would stay again.

Santa Cruz residential street parking 36.95268, -122.05441

The Flamingos are here from September till January (like 2000 birds) in the other month there are only few (2 to 50) We were here in May and we saw only 6 pink Flamingos and some white and grey babys. They absolutely overcharge you. You pay 6000 COP for parking, if the flamingos are not near to the „Laguna De Navio Quebrado“, you have to drive to the next one wich is called „Lagunda Grande“ and they simply double the price. They tell you it‘s a 3.5 hour trip, and cost 70‘000 per person. We where only 1.5 hours away and like 20min close to the flamingos. If you are not in the high season, we think it‘s a bit trap.

Flamingos boat tour 11.43033, -73.08881

a ne pas louper, a 22km au nord de LEIRIA vous y trouverez un restaurant el PROGRESSO cuisine traditionnelle traditionel au prix d un routier, typique Portugais.vous pourrez y dormir aussi, la patronne ainsi que sa serveuse parle Français, mais au-delà de cela vous y mangerez super bien et tres bon

lès Geudins "Progresso" Restaurant Hôtel 39.88803, -8.66848

Open space beside FS road with fire ring available as primitive camp site.

Dispersed campside beside Dismal Creek Road - FS201 37.23214, -80.87408

Wonderful spot to stop for the night. Permission granted. Others are here. It's different from other CBs because it's not in a highly populated and busy area so it's much quieter. There are a couple hotels in back and lots of grass for walking the pooch. Large gravel lot for trucks and larger rigs. I'm in a minivan.

Cracker Barrel 40.07722, -86.90651

amazing spot! yes, it is a pull off but it is quiet at night and the views of the lake, ocean and hills are spectacular! road noise starts about 7:15am. great spot! a must for the central coast.

Pullout with view over Lake 35.46077, -120.85983

Nice quiet site. Pit toilet and local map. Free.

Yates Campground 35.36487, -79.98934

Green area with drinking trough for animals and barbecue grill. Dirt road. The cell phone does not take the line here. Keep the area clean.

Valle Canatra 42.83262, 13.18799

Perfect for one night. Flat area. Very safe and quiet at night.

Parque Nacional del Chicamocha parking lot 6.78955, -73.00432

4 parking Lots for Camper, View to Green landscape

Big House Hotel 44.88369, 15.72768

Small campsite also with rooms, lovely restaurant and friendly staff. Basic showers/toilets but these are being improved. Hosts big events like weddings etc, but when no events it’s pretty quiet.

Kijiji Village -2.06452, 37.46426

Beautiful seaside with a beach in the midst of mansions. We had the place to ourselves. The gravel road is quite rough but only a few hundred yards long. No signs were posted to limit overnight stays. Several cars came through during the night but no issues. Room for several 40’ skoolies like ours. Rate 5/5

King's Beach 41.45387, -71.34233

This place is permanently closed.

Ault 50.09448, 1.43738

A girl knocked on my windows asking for crack, otherwise great night.

Lots of other Rv and cars, cleans toilets, phone signal & the noise from the highway isn’t too bad.

Hunter Creek Rest Area 49.35546, -121.57614

Slept here for the night. Quiet. No falicities

Car park by Fort Zeelandia 5.82497, -55.15094

Street parking for free overnight. Saw another rig parked nearby. Quiet neighborhood with light traffic and some train noise. The park does have bathrooms, not sure what time they are open. Shout out to whoever originally posted this place. Very grateful.

Kenton Park 45.58443, -122.68908

What a place to stay.. And it doesn't matter what the weather they have a great shelter and fire pit to keep you warm. Tocan in the trees in the mornings and views over the volcanos. I would recommend planning to stay more then one night. So relaxing. The road is fine and suitable for all vechile.

Quijote Experiencia Rural / Finca Quijote 9.79669, -83.64020

Very nice place with a really beautiful view, clean toilet and delicious coffee. Have asked the owner of the coffee shop permission and it was no problem. Completely free.

Tambo El Privilegio 4.85586, -75.63681

Open 24 hours for bathrooms (on the less kept side but not awful) can sleep overnight, very safe, off a toll road, construction happening but I was still able to sleep about 6 hours. An hour ish outside of DC so probably a good boondocking place if you are doing things in DC

Maryland Travel plaza 39.49724, -76.23303

the recreaton site is nice. the forest road is only for 4x4. i come here with my 21 feet RV Sprinter. it was very busy and i never do it again. 6km, 1 hour ...but a big bear crossed me on road.

Hartley Lake Recreation Site 49.60962, -115.05429

This place is permanently closed.

Power Line Road 40.74932, -75.95572

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