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Nice grassy forest service campground near stream. Pit toilets, no potable water. Locals spring supposed to be pipe in ground across highway at entrance up small trail 100’. Haven’t been to it.
No cell service.
$12/$6 with pass

Blowing Springs Campground 37.98469, -79.88066

Campground closed still. Faucets don’t work. Only marina and picnic areas open.
Roads on this apps maps show going beyond second campground. It’s gated, closed and private property. Most close by areas for potential camping say no camping. One campground along finger of lake coming in was open but crowded, probably because regular camps are closed.

Bolar Mountain Campground 37.98249, -79.96833

Clean sites and washrooms. Firewood is available from the park ranger for $10.

Dry Gulch Provincial Park 50.58645, -116.03420

We paid for a shower for 350 pesos pp and they let us sleep out the front for no charge as the camping was full. Quiet street. Hot showers. Beautiful hosts. They were kind enough to give us a bag of veggies before we left! Recommend. $1200 pp for the night.

Camping El Molino -22.12674, -65.55509

Large gravel parking lot, part of the dog park. Official overnight RV parking spot.

Parking Lot 46.12764, -70.69331

Nice site near the river. 18$ the night.
No hook up. No water. Quite

Green River Camping 40.42064, -109.24319

Nice and super quiet spot, felt very private. In the forest and we hat service with At&T.

Logging Road Pull Off 46.62787, -86.09564

For free. We camped near the beautifull tree in the corner. you can use the shower and toilets. very good for a stop over on the road. safe.

parador La Magdalena 9.07298, -73.64807

This is no longer a good camp spot. There is a porta-potty, but it is in bad shape. There didn’t seem to be any parking off street. We moved on to Hettinger ND.

City of Lemmon 45.94429, -102.16802

Nice city campground. Bathrooms are clean and showers look good! Nice walk around the lake, and a very nice grocery -kennedy’s - walking distance at 2nd and Main. Full hook ups $30, no hook up $10.

Mirror Lake Park Campground (not free) 45.99761, -102.63819

This is an established campground 26 km north of Norseman, WA it has dispersed camping garbage bins, fire pits, but it is close to the train tracks and they are active train tracks so you will get two trains minimum per night

Lake Cowan campground -32.04101, 121.67822

A nice quiet spot. Have blocks to level out.
100’ walk over the split rail fence to Pine Lake.
Take FR 282 past the bathroom about a mile. Take the second left off 282. The first left is FR 4225.

Wild camp close to Pine Lake 37.73648, -111.95904

Good burger and fries for 3500, octopus skewer for 6000.
Service is kinda slow but tasty food.
Children’s park in the sand.
We slept on the beach right next to the restaurant, clean restrooms. They offered the staff shower access.

Alfa Bar -12.33257, 13.56062

We came here on a Sunday morning, a lot of locals were washing their clothes. Very friendly. You’re not bathing in the river but in a pool that was built for it. The water is very hot.

Hot spring -11.06892, 14.32955

quiet and safe place. Shower clean and free. Nice to sleep! posto de combustível, excelente atendimento. Banho quente num banheiro limpo, gratuito mesmo sem abastecer

Frango Assado + Posto -22.52808, -46.02509

Sven’s workshop got recommended to us from friends in Windhoek.
He was available short therm! Best to Give him a call before you stop by. +264 811 273 440
Open from 8:00-12:00 and 14:00-?
We did our oil change here it, very competitive price, they fixed the threat the got pulled out in Zambia. And we came back to have our spare wheel carrier welded.
They also do a lot motorcycles.
We can highly recommend them!
(Speaks English, German & Africans)

Professional car repair -22.58133, 17.07667

beautiful park! at the Electric/ water sites it looks like a big parking lot n you back up to the grass. there's a coveted picnic table at each site a little distance from the rv. dumpsters,real bthrm n 1 shower. large fields of wild flowers. reasonable rate of $20 a night. there's an old mission on site too, plus a museum.

Goliad State Park 28.65502, -97.38325

grand emplacement pour passer la nuit on y a dormis 1 nuit et passé une journée et c'est tranquille. il y a au bout un snack on a pris des frites elles sont très bonnes.

bus parking -22.89355, -69.32047

Very big gas station. Very little traffic at night so it's quiet.
wantzd to fillup with diesel in the morning, but they ran out...

Exxon Fuel -15.54036, -70.21083

Free potable water, walk in the direction of the restrooms but instead of turning left to go in to the restrooms, carry on right and a water tap is situated on the right hand wall. Filled a few gallons quickly. There are also water fountains and a reusable water bottle station just outside of the restrooms. Restrooms were very clean also.

Red Hills Visitors Center 32.25411, -111.19700

A very nice and well kept hotel. The room has aircon, toilet, and shower, with balcony. Restaurant and bar also on site.

A little pricey at 500,000 GNF, but as we couldn't find the camping option and another hotel we were happy. You may be able to negotiate if you speak good french.

The main entrance is on the south side via blue doors. You may need to beep / shout over the top to get them to let you in.

Hotel Residence Bethanie 7.73167, -8.82727

suoer bon spot tranquille si vous voulez pas vous faire déranger!

English River 49.23542, -90.97490

BLM land. Arrived here and got stuck in the sand pretty quickly in our two wheeled drive minivan. Would recommend that only four wheeled drives enter the spot or check for a route in with harder sand to be sure. If you have a two wheeled drive vehicle, there are spots to pull in to while staying on the track. Luckily, we were rescued the morning after by some local people after tow companies said they were unable to come out to us. The cell service isn’t great but did get a bar and hardly anybody drives down the track so it feels quite remote. It is a beautiful spot but worth mentioning that we were told some people who cross the border illegally into the US can come through this way.

Steins Wash 32.21820, -109.03058

Warning - I, female, stayed here for 1 night with my female travelbuddy. We did not felt comfortable here. Very happy not to be alone. While we think there is only good intentions by the male host, his behaviour icw the very very dirty house made us feel unsafe. He didn’t had the feeling for how the whole situation could be kind of a threat for us. He came to close (More than a cultural difference) and it’s a huge guy with muscles.
Very very dirty kitchen (old food scraps in pots and plates everywhere) and at some point a ‘masturbation topic’ on the tv. This could be bad luck with the daily news, but not okay timing :’)
On google it has okay reviews, so don’t want to be disrespectful. But i think (especially) women don’t want to end up here alone so that’s why this experience written here.

Casa cyclista - warning -32.83701, -68.83884

We stayed here for wonderful four days in the middle of the nature. The owners are very friendly and the woman is cooking great food. 20 soles per night is a fair price. Toilette, shower and water available. 20min walk to train station.
Not easy to find - have a look at the photos.

Rey Inka -13.25648, -72.28010

They will fill up RV tanks and portable as well. Access to the filling station on the left of the building is very narrow and you'll have to back up in the alley. Must be on driver's side. Very good service and price. Was at 3.19/gal on May 7th 2023 (cheaper than U-Haul).

Tractor Supply co Smyrna 39.28601, -75.59610

Free Dispersed Camping, has access to motorcycle trail, nice if u hav an off road motorized toy, one bar verizon service

426C NF 30.64094, -88.95122

Great place for Overlanders who have not eaten white sausages with pretzels for a year or more 😁. The food is really excellent, the service team is very nice and Tom the boss is the best of all! He knows everything about Costa Rica and is happy to assist especially European travelers with help or information (all others too of course 😉). The rates are NOT higher than in most other places of Costa Rica and Tom’s place is definitely worth a visit. The selection of breads and sweets is very good too. Real dark bread like at home - how long have we missed it! Highly recommended!

German Bakery 10.54138, -84.89300

cute park with tons of parking spaces and porta potties (tho they have no toilet paper), got there early and sat in the grass and enjoyed snacks and stayed overnight without any issue in the middle two streets

Daffin Park 32.04686, -81.08476

We had a windy/rainy time here, but lovely views of the lake and decent bathrooms. Not much privacy at sites, but we were only ones at the area. Nice big shelter area for picnic tables- many bird nests in roof part.

Fresno Beach Campground 48.59645, -109.95105

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