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muy interesante! recomendable la visita, los soldados muy amables y tienen varios vehículos de guerra para poder ingresar y sacar lindas fotos!

Army museum -30.03150, -51.23541

Lugar histórico de Porto Alegre. Es un mercado enorme donde podrás encontrar de todo (especies, frutas, pescado, carnes, artesanías, ropa etc) nos pareció muy interesante y con buenos precios. recomendable lugar para visitar junto al centro histórico de la ciudad.

Historic place of Porto Alegre. It is a huge market where you can find everything (species, fruits, fish, meat, handicrafts, clothing, etc.) we found it very interesting and with good prices. Recommended place to visit next to the historic center of the city.

Mercado Público de Porto Alegre -30.02757, -51.22789

llegamos de noche y los lugares para estacionar estaban cerrados. hablamos con el guardia de seguridad y nos permitió pasar la noche, no creemos que sea tan público lugar como antes, creo que depende que tan bien le caigas al guardia.. igualmente es un buen posto, baños muy limpios y ordenados.

Petrobras Station Southbond -29.70213, -51.14679

We slept here and it was our coldest night ever !
- 12°C. If you can take many hot cloth/blanket !
Practical to have access to toilet all the time.
Be careful about the zorros (little fox) they are aggressive and come especially when you’re cooking.

Geyser camp -22.43440, -67.75898

slept here for the night no one bothered us. got up in the morning and went to PF to get a workout and a shower in. Appreciate being able to sleep here; very convenient

Planet Fitness. Flagstaff 35.22315, -111.58214

As described by others. I came at 09:30 pm and no one else was here. Reasonably quiet.

Grimes Point Archaelogical Site 39.40123, -118.64756

Nice open beach with lots of spots.
Signs at entrance stating “no camping”.
Most ppl left at sundown.
We stayed due to vehicle issues and no one bothered us.
A late night tour bus came by w ppl and stayed 1-2 hours.

It does state fines for camping fyi.

Playa Rajada 11.03087, -85.74455

Very basic hotel
100000kip for a double room with AC

Cheap hotel 16.04248, 105.42199

Supermarket with all kinds of stuff. Not the best ans quite expensive but most variety on the island probably

Pen wholesale supermarket 10.08318, 99.82710

Space next to the road. Not totally level but ok. Amazing scenery. About 6km from the tunnel and 1km before Koksar. On the bridge at this town is a checkpoint. Until mid may the road is closed towards the Spiti valley for tourists, because of the snow. In the evening there was however no control and cars could pass.
Just mind that this place is super touristic. Maybe we were unlucky, but during the day several hundred tourist taxis parked here and it was super crowded. At 5pm everyone was gone again. No Airtel phone reception here. Towards Sissu reception gets better.

Next to the road in amazing scenery 32.42079, 77.22690

Hose at corner of small campground by visitor center. Good tasting water.

Rockglen Visitor Center 49.17840, -105.94995

Am amazing location suitable to large and small rigs. The view is amazing. The location secluded. Be aware of the temprature. It's extremely peaceful and the view is breath taking.

Gandikota cliff, Indias grand canyon 14.82561, 78.28429

We were informed by a local family that this place is safe during the day but not at night and “if the robbers don’t get you here, the police will come and move you”. They also said the mountains are much safer for camping.

Riverside next to the bridge 9.40609, -82.51827

Really busy planet fitness, day and night, so you really blend in when parking there. I stayed for 2 nights and parked in the dirt lot. There was a trucker parked there one of the nights and another Camper parked there the other. Highway is close by, but nothing ear plugs can't fix!

Planet Fitness Pendale 31.73332, -106.31704

A beautiful and very quiet camping site in the park.
A few walks that are flat and not very long allow you to see some wild life.
Hot showers, electricity, potable water and BBQ pits etc.
I stopped for a night but ended up staying for 3

Parque Nacional Mburucuya -28.01797, -58.02868

Super endroit pour visiter le lac Titicaca, et passer un moment en immersion dans une famillle.
Plusieurs chambres sont disponibles. Antonia cuisine super bien et propose de nombreuses activités.
On peut egalement découvrir les îles avec Luis.
Il préférable de téléphoner pour réserver

It's a good place to stay for visiting the Titicaca lake.
They are a lot of rooms and Antonia cooked very good.
We can take a lot of activities with their.
It's better to Phone before 0051951613779

Casa de Luis y Antonia -15.72714, -69.76782

Great spot, super quiet for us on Wed-Thu (two cars on parking lot), got more busy on Friday.

When we initially asked at the Visitor Center if we can drive up to La Joya the guy was saying us we can’t - we need reservation 5 days in advance. But then we told him we will camp there and we have a small van and he was okay. Motorcycles and big trucks are not allowed to go to La Joya.

Entrance is 58mex per person per day (so if you are staying for one night you are paying for two days).

La Joya 19.13365, -98.65187

Thomas and his family are still here. There is wifi, bathrooms and an outdoor shower. I camped with the tent and paid 15BD for the night. Lovely hammocks to relax in and to just hang out and chill

Sun Creek Lodge 16.20874, -88.91912

This is where we took the ferry to Manaus. We arrived on monday and the guys insisted for us to pay and park our van on the ferry, which was not possible for us. We ended up embarquing on Vovo Naza II on tuesday night which was necessary because the water level began to decrease and there was only one place left. We left on wednesday night and arrived in Manaus on saturday night, disembarqued sunday morning. For 2 people living in our van, and a dog, showers, toiles and meals included we paid 3.000R. We tried to negociate but could not go lower, the captain said it was the only ferry boat and we could not see any other boat, at least in this harbour.

Agency Porto Cai n' Agua -8.76918, -63.90802

very nice little Cafe with basic food (grilled cheese, pastries).
the owner is super sympathic.
the prices are fair.
free wifi.
i stayed there for hours without problems.

Loup Bleu 45.52873, -73.57536

Spot within the national forest, across the road from the Devil's Den Memorial trailhead. It's just a big open spot with a fire ring and some trees, next to the creek (you could walk down to the creek but it's steep). Spot is fairly close to the road but it's extremely quiet.
I also recommend the hike! At 4.2mi / 1700ft RT it's pretty steep but you get great views and a firefighter's memorial. Trail gets a bit harder to follow towards the top but keep your eyes open for the rock piles.

NF spot 39.34969, -112.27473

A Loop and both group sites are reservation only ( B Loop is FCFS. Without discounts, $20 per night. If you reserve for A Loop, an $8 fee is added for the use of the reservation system. If you use the QR code for FCFS, you can use this feature one day at a time and a $2 fee is added for this service. Closest potable water is the Shell Station as you head north into Moab from Kens. Free RV dump station (and potable water) at the Maverick Gas Station (approx 9 miles from Kens). Nice spot to get away from the crowds; Lake itself is stocked with fish. Verizon signal had 1-2 LTE bars consistently around the CG (better in the A Loop around site 13)

Kens Lake Campground 38.47820, -109.41856

This place is located at Copetrol gas station. Is a good system, because the are a lot of valves, and you can fill bottlws from other countries (we fill a bottle from Brazil). Then you pay the amount that the machine shows.
Este lugar esta ubicafo en la estación de servicio Copetrol. Es un buen sistema porque tienen varios adaptadores para rellenar garrafas de distintos paises (nosotros llenamos una de Brasil). Luego te cobran el importe qur muestra la máquina.

Santa Rita Gastankstelle -25.76454, -55.06632

On the side of the marketplace building, there's a small comedor popular, that is owned and subsidized by the municipality.
Meals are very cheap and good portions.
3.5s for breakfast
4s for lunch
3.5s for dinner
1.5s for lonch

Highly recommended.

Comedor Popular Junin -11.16135, -75.99154

If you find yourself in this quiet and charming town and need a place to sleep that's indoors (it's very cold here) you can ask at the municipality.
They contacted César for me, a local guide (or ranger?) that opened up the town's museum for me to sleep in. Was a fun experience.

The town is pretty with cool murals and a nice church, and the people are friendly. You could also sleep under the big pavilion in the plaza or just park on the street no problem.

You can use the toilets inside the municipality and fill up water there.
Wifi is available on the plaza for free.

Ondores Municipality -11.08372, -76.14679

Small chapel with a shrine, it's open and has a nice incense smell inside. Would make a good shelter in case of heavy rain.
No one around to ask permission, but I'm sure it's fine. Helping the weary and tired is a Christian value, no?

Small clean looking stream nearby for water.

For Bikers: Chapel -11.22782, -76.04049

Nice area with lagunas, birds (flamingos too), nice views and quiet. If it's clear you can get a good view of the cordillera to the West.
No one around except for a couple campesino houses but no one uses this road pretty much.
Plenty of spots to choose from where you wanna camp.

Laguna Camp -11.26238, -76.04209

For hikers/bikers only.

A pretty big cave on the side of a hill, with a few smaller ones around it.
You can't miss it if you're on the road, it's big!

Lots of flat areas inside to set up a tent, it's clean except for some animal poop, couple campfire leftovers and lots of birds!

It's a bit of a hassle to get up to the cave, but 15 minutes work and you'll have one of the coolest wild camp sites ever. At least that's the case for me.

The road itself is rarely used and you're fairly hidden from it anyway, so no worries there.

Big Cave -11.24649, -76.14290

Nyika is stunning. Worth the detour from our plans to visit. We had the whole park to ourselves! Road was fair, and they were repairing some bits damaged during the rains - we were happy to visit while dry. The park was in flower! Park entry was $10 each.

Chelinda have multiple accommodation options, we camped. The others require a little notice for them. $25 pppn.

Campsite attendant was called Blessing, and he was - the staff are delightful. Fire lit for our arrival, hot water in taps was suitable even for hot water bottles (chilly up here!) and plenty of wood. Covered “huts” incase it rains. We had Zebra grazing in camp, and a baby bush buck hanging out. In the morning I sat and watched the game move up to the grasslands as it warmed, we saw more game from our camp chair than our car! There’s trout fishing in the dams, $10 a rod. A bonus is that Airtel reception at campsite was faultless.

Chelinda Campground -10.58498, 33.79958

yup! great place to stay, we are cycling and they let us set the tent outside next to the child park (closed) under some tree shade. also we took a shower, they are clean and freeeee

Parador Rojo 4.25698, -76.11581

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