Annacortes water treatment center | Sanitation Dump Station

United States


7 months ago
8.1 masl
The LandMarks


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Free RV dump station hours are between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM fresh potable water at the ministration building take a right after the dump station. Hose is to the right side of the front entrance of the building. P.S. the neighborhood/area around here is excellent for boondocking, especially nearby Market St along the old railroad tracks.


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Best dump station we've used yet. And we've been across the country in the last 3 months. Clean, hose threads are in good shape and easy pull thru. Potable water is on the right side of the entrance to the building. They even have the correct type of hose for drinking water!

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This is a great spot. There is a standard RV dump with non-potable hose at this location. It's in a fenced off area only open during specific hours. Around the corner at the administration building, there is a garden hose to the right side of the entrance for potable water. The garden hose is available 24/7. The hose is kind of hidden behind some bushes.

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The hours likely are fixed hours because there are gates around both sides of the waste dump. but the water is just a garden hose next to the front entrance in the parking lot so that's likely available 24/7

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Great spot to dump + fill! Non potable water to rinse and it says where you can fill up potable water!

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Found it easily and didn't have any issues. Very clean!

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just perfect and very easy to reach. free dumping station and fresh wather.

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Just as described! To find fresh water, park (temporarily) in the handicap stall so the hose will reach.

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Very good. Easy to access. Free. Water at the building not to far.

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Easy dump station. Clean and accessible by all. The hours of operation are still the same. The potable water is around the corner in the parking lot. Took us a while to find it since we were expecting a spigot. It’s just a regular garden hose stored on the right side of the building close to the front entrance.

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Free RV dump station hours are between 8:30 AM and 4:30 PM fresh potable water at the ministration building take a right after the dump station

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