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This a marvellous place, near the little fisher port of Grande Anse in Acadie New-Brunswick. The spot is on the sea high up . there is a few small chalet around but the spot as not sign of not camping. We camped there for one night. This was our favourite spot, our "coup de coeur" of Acadie ! There is also a small restaurant about 500 meter away at the port. People are very friendly. No water, no electricity and good wifi signal!

Grande Anse 47.81898, -65.18060

Absolutely stunning view, not many people. Big open pull off, accommodating for many types of vehicles/vans. Stayed only one night, nobody bothered us! 10/10 recommend especially for the morning view.

Hwy 101 41.27832, -124.09412

The food here is not Chifa china. This is as authentic as it gets. lamian noodles are hand stretched here and the tofu is freshly made here. The flavours are absolutely incredible. One of the few restaurants with parking and pet friendly. Must try.

Lamian China - most authentic hand stretched lamian noodles -2.90559, -79.00468

Simple public parking.

- All concrete surface
- Entrance for big rigs (two gates; one quite high, one without height restrictions)
- Very close to main plaza
- Allowed to stay in motorhome over night
- Has a toilet

- No view protection from the streets (it has a fence, but no walls)
- Very noisy (day and most of the night)
- Toilet is very dirty

Public Parking Nuflo -17.78556, -63.18111

Big sign says no camping, right on the park sign.

Momo Lake School 37.95985, -119.11945

Súper workshop du ring 2h ours you will do you own pintura or magnet with natural colour from land of Colombia Santander region. Enjoy and relax with a cup of coffee or wine. (Biscuit for kids). 60.000 or 50.000 for a 🖼️ and 5000 for magnet. Staff very friendly. Great experiences. We love it!

De la tierra casa taller 6.63315, -73.22686

warning: our 2WD van got stuck in the mud at a nearby pull off. it’s beautiful back here, but the snow melt is making everything muddy/wet.

Tahoe NF pullout 39.44597, -120.21898

very nice place, big room so clean and quiet and friendly owner. 50 soles for one person. place also very safe for the bicycle.

hostal** Santa Lucia -13.15860, -74.22237

There is a sign that says the R3 is impassable to Londres. We drove the road all the way to londres on two fully loaded CRF300 Rally and it went quiet well.

- There is no way to drive this road with any car. It's to narrow up in the hills and it's not possible to turn around.
- I would not recommand to drive it on heavy bikes. We drove most of the time in first or second gear because of the rocks.
- The "road" is more or less a hiking trail at some points.
- It's extremly rocky trough all the sections.
- There is a large stretch of deep sand at the end.
- There are many deep washed out road colapses.
- There are lots of rockfields with loos rocks.
- At the end they are building the new road, because it was sunday no one was around.

It also have nice sections where you ride through the wilderness.

As we left Tinogasta on the gravel road to arriving on tarmac again in Londres took us +/- 3 hours with no breaktime.

Road R3 to Londres -28.02969, -67.55206

We park free of charge next to the Visitor Center, before the entrance, as the nice lady at the checkout has recommended us because we have traveled late. Directions: Please do the fall if you come from the north, take the detour via Leon!!! Directions from Malpasillo is possible but the road is very bad and hardly possible with large cars. Deep hanging branches everywhere and the streets far too narrow.

Cerro Negro Entrance 12.49409, -86.70273

Just updating prices. $21/day use $52/site. More for premium sites with electricity & water. We didn’t stay

The Pinery Provincial Park 43.24767, -81.82416

Very nice spot by the river ! Across the way from the Recreational spot but way better. Great stay! No amenities. Buggy in the spring but away from the highway, quiet and free! 10/10 would recommend

Willow River 53.87291, -122.27803

water tap just in the garden! drinkable as I have seen locals drinking it! also we are at 3000 metre altitude a guess the water is fine!
possibility to hook up a pipe!

water tap in the garden 4.87437, -75.17108

Lots of camping. You can go back off the road further. Good views. AT&T 2 bars. Quiet. Not deep sand. Piñon Pines for a wind break. I tried a few of the others closer to town and they had deep sand or high winds.

Tiogga National Forest sign, south side of Hwy167 good cell service. 38.15637, -118.80906

Nice FS Campground. 10$ per night fee tube. 13 sites. Vault Toliets and hand operated water pump. Very close to MDH Trailhead. All sites have picnic tables and firepits

Bennet Campground 47.49056, -103.34885

$37 for one person. modern hotel with AC, good WiFi. bicycle could go in the room. they'll wash/dry a load of laundry for free. right by a supermarket and a couple of restaurants. check-out is 1300!

hotel Plaza changuinola 9.46035, -82.51741

Nice state park campground. $30 for hook up site with electricity and water. $25 for dry campsites. 3 bars ATT service!

Escalante Petrified Forest State Park 37.78885, -111.63203

Good oven pizza . Very small inside so try to come early or wait little bite. Just great.

Pizza bari 6.63552, -73.22374

What a nice walmart , recent store , huge, very clean
Parking lot is landscaped and so spacey , so many trees ,inviting !
We are welcome , the personnel is cheerfull
We are behind the Denny’s restaurant, the trucks are at other end
We love this walmart !

Walmart Edgewood 35.07013, -106.19010

Decent spot, park on the side of the lot as mentioned and as seen by the GPS. Wasn’t bothered for the night and one other semi there.

update: right when I was leaving there was a man in a red truck (definitely not a cop) taking a photo of my license plate. I didn’t register it was happening in time for me to ask him why. Maybe it was because I’m out of state—but Virginia license plates are just white with blue letters nothing special.

Just be aware 🤷🏻‍♂️

Lynn's Dakota Mart 44.41687, -103.51406

Belle halte VR sur le bord de l’eau. Possibilité d’y rester 24h ! Svp respecter les règlements si on veut garder l’endroit accessible :)

Lac Megantic Marina 45.57383, -70.88247

Great restaurant!!!!!!!!!!!!
Delicious food.
Super friendly owners.
The best meals that we have eat in our trip trough South America.
The owner is a very talented singer and he song some beautiful tango music for us.

¡¡¡Excelente restaurante!!!!
La comida es deliciosa.
El trato super amable.
El ambiente de primera.
Fue una muy agradable sorpresa en nuestro camino.
Nos recomendaron llegar a este restaurante y valió totalmente la pena.
Ahora nosotros lo recomendamos muchísimo!!!!!

La Matilde -42.51336, -71.43067

it is still free to withdraw 400 pen here

ATM Multired Banco de La Nacion -15.86127, -74.24727

indeed a very good spot to stop for a coffee and some bakery products, both warm and cold, savory and sweet!

Panedaria Belén -15.85247, -74.25157

80 for matrimonial with plaza view, 70 for basically a windowless room. It was clean, hot shower, wifi, garage, but cannot sing odes about the hospitality here. When I asked her about the laundry, she was trying to talk about money and didn't seem to like the idea, so I didn't push the topic further..

Hostal/Hospedaje Pampino -15.27908, -73.34400
Dejando huella en familia

We stayed 1 night, good place, nobody bothered us. We were alone the whole time.
No Cell signal. No highway noise. Great views of the river and mountains. Fishing is possible with some restrictions. Everything clean and well maintained.
Toilets available but no water. Picnic tables.

Nos quedamos una noche aquí, buen lugar, nadie nos molestó. Estuvimos solos todo el tiempo. Hay mesas de picnic.
No hay señal de celular. No hay ruido de la carretera. Hermosas vistas del Río y la montaña. Todo limpio y bien cuidado.
Sanitarios disponibles pero sin agua.

South Rest Area 59.12146, -129.81821

Nice level site the we camped with a truck camper for the night

Dagmar WMA Disbursed Camping #4 34.86677, -91.31910

Filtered water 50¢ gallon. Containers only.

Yellowstone 24hr water 45.78909, -108.49045

they proposed 6bol/L, we negotiated to 5bol/L. directly in the tank.

On The Way To "Death Road" -16.43043, -68.07353

Campsite at the lake with vault toilets.
20 per night, 10 if you have a pass.

Cow Creek South 39.87382, -106.28308

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