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Lovely quiet and sunny spot right in the city. Easy walk to old city centre 10 min max. Only one bathroom with toilet, sink and shower. Good water pressure and hot water. No WiFi in camping area. Paid BOB 25 pp pnt

Isabella's Parking/Camping -19.05361, -65.25826

This place is permanently closed.

El Malinche 12.43371, -86.87497

Cool place, great vibe. Very reasonable for tents

Shoestrings Backpacker -17.92608, 25.83554

Quiet, lots of lovely views and several available gender neutral bathrooms and showers

Ocean city Screamin' Eagle campground 47.03254, -124.16192

still available. 20 litres cost 100mnt. we Can fill out tanks with adding own pipes

Water house 44.67015, 102.17922

This place is permanently closed.

Margaree Harbour 46.43993, -61.11315

excellent hostel, clean, comfy, got space to work on your motorbike, fluent English spoken and the guys are super helpful stayed for 2 nights while sorting a few bike related problems out

Ark Hostel and Camping 39.53774, 44.09906

This place is closed and moved to a new location. Therefore the photo and reviews are not 'valid' anymore. I added a new location for this hostel

Hostel la Caverna -35.46941, -69.57920

Basic rooms , clean , staff is okay. I came on bike, 70 k pesos per night

Hotel Winsor 10.88966, -72.85332

The location of this camp is slightly wrong, it is at the beginning of the turn. We came here late and found some cars and campers. Ver nice and quiet, spaces divided by bush. No network with Optus.

Karijini bush camp -22.57194, 118.07851

There’s a trash bag over the potable water sign, water is shut off to spigot, not sure if permanent or temporary

Pioneer Park 64.83720, -147.77599
Titi Melendez

This place is permanently closed.

Sanitization -30.40674, -70.88524

This place is permanently closed.

Gravel Pull- out 46.36229, -122.67365

Amazing spot, fire pit, 4 bars of reception, many different spots available.
There’s also a viewing tower with a toilet nearby (bring your own paper).

Highly recommend!

Dispersed Camping 35.95655, -111.95437

This must be one of the most well thought through campsites we’ve ever visited. The road noise is a small factor compared to what Xain Quaz (Welcome of some sort) has in store. Concerned owners welcomes you and actually ask what you want from them! Then a very pleasant Lady Veronica makes you feel very welcome at your designated site, she shows you the ins and outs, puts on the geyser and enquires about your trip in such a way that you want to spill ALL the beans. The site has a braai area with an adjacent fire pit with electric lights and plugs. As well as a shallow AND deep zink and prep area as well as a secured cupboard and a washing line, the dustbin is heavy duty and ample light to do your washing up at night. The bathroom, can’t call it ablution, has frosted windows in aluminium frames and tiled floors. There was double ply toilet paper and air freshener as well as a hand towel,hand soap and a foot mat for the more than big enough shower. The basin and mirror finishes of the picture. This is in a pristine condition. There are even extra blankets for the colder days. The money asked for this Glamping site is well worth the effort and more. RE: Outdoors give this site a 9/10 rating only due to road noise which is in this case excusable. WELL DONE!! Danie!!!

Xain Quaz Rest Camp -22.42550, 18.89519

Usually not doing comments but this owner got on me. No special hostal, actually pricey for what you get. We paid 27$ for a 2 bed room. Has a small parking lot bot he wanted to charge us 5$ each just for the night… even though the garage would stay free. First time someone even asked for that in whole Central America. Not enough space for big cars. Didn’t like his attitude and ways of doing business (for example: 575 Colon for a dollar instead of 529 just to pay the bill; 10% EXTRA!! not talking about changing money). So IF you coming here better pay in dollars than in their own currency XD. Small kitchen, shared bathroom. Wouldn’t come again and wouldn’t recommend it at all.

Hostel Dodero 10.63195, -85.44472

Great place to stay for a night. Enjoyed a hotdog at the entrance and talked to the chef. Hot Dog was cheap and super tastY! He even called the cops to inform them that we sleep there ! No problem at all he said, we are welcome!
Only con is that it is really windy up here on the open field ! And chilly
But its a great place anyway!

San Antonio 23.81411, -110.05763

10 mls of N. Denali NP, many spots, easy access from fwy, superb place, on the hill. Just go right on the track marks when coming from Denali. Accommodating any RV. It’s a whole mountain. Very windy. 5G

Hidden spot in the forest, easy access 63.82085, -148.98207

Follow the road through the site to find secluded camping spots in trees. River access. Established fire spots.

Swift River 60.00698, -131.18558

Theres some Free WiFi too if you Park directly in front of the liberary.

Library Parking 45.96272, -66.63931

This place is permanently closed.

Beach 32.79065, -117.25502

This place is permanently closed.

Mission Beach 32.77640, -117.23508

Great spot, free showers, free fire wood, close to the village, cell phone coverage.

Tunnel Mountain Village I 51.19190, -115.51864

Dispersed camping spots on either side of the rock. Great views all around. No service with Verizon. Road is very bumpy getting in. If you go beyond these sites, I'd recommend four wheel drive and high clearance. About 6.5 miles in from 191.

Balcony Arch & Picture Frame Arch 38.43483, -109.50684

$20 for electricity. Onsite water and dump.
24hr truck lounge. Very quite. Good for overnight

Blue Heron Service Plaza 41.49167, -83.36657

Stayed here two nights. Clean bright chalets with airco, table, fridge, hit showers and lots of power points in the room. Chalets are set in nice garden, peaceful and quiet. Secure parking for my motorbike. Good restaurant with lots of vegetarian options. Owners and staff really friendly. Paid 70,000 schilling for one person per night, including breakfast. Good WiFi.

Mbyea hotel -8.89279, 33.44783

The bar was temporarily closed, so no one were around. Not sure you can camp if the bar is open (it doesn't seems abandoned!). Nice beach, preatty noisy in the night because not far from the street.

Apamemi beach 38.87182, 21.15940

Secluded camp spots p as described - no one came past. Quite clean. Several really nice spots along the river - need to make a couple of river crossings to get further along but they are firm and flat

Temirlik canyon - river camp 43.35873, 79.16574

Very nice spot. Need 4WD to get to end of road. Narrow rocks in some parts of road so May n
Be too narrow for big rig. We had a Toyota Landcruiser and only just fitted through. Lovely river and flat campsite at the end. Very quiet except for the sound of the river, Sadly quite a lot of rubbish but very secluded and sheltered spot.

Wild camping close to the river 43.29568, 78.99074

Small half-hectare pine grove next to large gravel parking lot. A free camping to the north side of a paid camping. No services.

Very popular site for locals. We went to bed with 3 other campers, woke to 20 - from cowboy campers to tents to tent complexes (with generator!) to Roof-top tents. 4x4 and Jeeps spilled over northwards on the beach. Camping cars in the parking.

Nice beach.

No1 Surf 38.09246, 128.66041

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