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My axle broke exiting banamex parking lot, a guy in his fruit cart Ramon was there immediately and said he had a tow truck + mechanic to help me out.
Yes they had the trailer back and running the next morning - quick turn around. However they insisted they checked my other side/bearings/grease after the drop impact (bearings hate being off balance everyon eknows this!) After asking 3x, and the guy "friend" of theirs Ramon said the same thing its "all goooood". Drove 40km to the last gas station north of guerrerro and my entire other side hub had melted out and could have had a serious accident. For that I DON'T recommend these guys, also they cost more than any other shop. Clearly money hungry and going downhill, Glad they could do a repair in quick order however their negligence and insistence on ignoring my request could have caused a serious accident. I'm now in dispute with insurance over this.

Mechanic Futema 27.96737, -114.03508

I spent two peaceful days and nights here. Beautiful beach, not bogged down. And there's no noise at all.

passei dois dias e duas noites tranquilas aqui. Praia bonita, não atola. E não tem barulho de nada.

Somos o 2 TáBom pra quem quiser conferir nosso trabalho nas redes.

Beach Front - Frente à praia -3.21835, -39.28257

We spent one night at the square, on the street. It is not the best place, but the only site (asked at tourist information) we where able to stay, it was not nice and very dificult to enter with our trailer.
We asked some neighbors and they said we could stay there.
No services, but we felt safe, and near to some museums, church and groceries shops.

IG @freestyle_familiaenviaje

Plaza Gral. Artigas -33.99959, -58.28797

Stayed here for one night, arrived around 8pm and there were already 2 other campers. We all stayed around the back of the Cracker Barrel (between the restaurant and the hotel), no issues and felt safe. I could hear the noise from the freeway but not enough to stop me sleeping.

Cracker Barrel 35.36947, -119.04165

Nice place. They even have a vegan burger (if you leave off the cheese). We were here on a Friday night and it was really busy. Seems to be a popular place among expats. There’s live music and dancing on the weekends. We had a great time.

The Burger Bar 3.88974, 11.51497
Dijdi Kder

Large parking lot and a gravel area. Nice people. Asked to spent the night and the supervisor lady’s answered “sure, no problem people do it all the time..”. Felt safe. Parked for the night and did not leave until 10:00 AM the next morning.

Eagle Feather Trading Post - Mobil Gas Station 37.24111, -121.84199

Wanted to add that the hike to the paintings is pretty strenuous. We made our way up the hill (over the path that was steep, rocky and sometimes unclear) only to find out that to reach the paintings you have to go down at the other side of the hill and then up again on another hill... And then back again, so you'll basically climb 3 mountains. Also, we got lost on our way down because the path is not clear at all and had to walk through some prickly bushes. So we would not recommend this hike, but if you really like steep, unclear and rocky hikes this might be your thing ;)

Cave paintings 26.74402, -111.91573

Stayed overnight in the parking lot in a camper van, saw several employees in the morning, but no one said anything. We parked by the dumpsters on the side/back, and the interstate was very noisy all night.

Cracker Barrel 37.79866, -85.43154

Perfect place to stay if you want an early start for your Joffre Lakes hike.
Lots of room to park and incredible views.
Just a few minutes to to Joffre Lakes Parking lot. Quiet night.

Duffrey Lake 50.35395, -122.53315

quiet place at the end of dead street, not really nice but quiet and safe. Next to a closed beach club, it may be open in high seasons.

Dead-end street -31.38720, -64.45983

30k per night for 2 person and 1 cat. Cold shower and toilet, you can also fill up the water for free, wifi is working next to the restaurant. If you are higher then 2.8 watch out for the hanging cable next to the restaurant. Pet friendly and the owner is very friendly.

Camping Cispata 9.39485, -75.77483
Amanda Ferrando

Great little camping spots all along the road!

Rio Grand National Firest 37.56142, -106.71453

Such a beautiful view, very quiet place to spend the night. I was the only overnighter. The pit toilets were very clean and had sanitizer.

Rest place At Highway 17 48.96649, -87.98502

Competent car electrician. Top service for a rental RV.

Willards Auto, Electric & RV Repair 63.33324, -142.95640

As others said, nice spot to sleep, totally quiet. The tracks are washed out a lot. We had an suv with lower cars it might be hard to get to the spot but we saw some cars closer to the street which might be better for other cars.

BLM Route 7123A 35.17220, -113.88988
Richard Hollingworth and Diane Rogers

There are several spots available for off grid camping. Small little pier and bay ideal for swimming. There is a small coffee shack on site as well. Looks popular in the summer months with some permanent caravans on site.

Carrickfinn Pier 55.05620, -8.34283

We stayed here for 9 nights. As described before, great and secure location to explore Antigua and its surroundings. Price is quite steep for what is offered - see earlier comments about shower and bathroom - we had to pay 200Qtz/night for our big rig. We were able to fill our water tank with potable water, so that was a plus. And Issac and his team are of course very nice and accommodating.

Verde Eventos 14.56111, -90.73998

Nice clean/free campground with 2 vaulted toilet/outhouses. The Colorado trail’s runs through the campground with many other interesting trails nearby as well. Technically every one 16+ is supposed to have a hunting or fishing license but there’s no one here to enforce it. Had a great spot right on the creek. There’s no well water or spigots, but I ended up using the creek water (including drinking). Very clean and safe to drink at the end of may with the water temp right around 38 degrees.

Clear Creek Reservoir campground 39.01911, -106.27684

We paid 10 Soles and were allowed to stay inside the gate and use all of the pools, toilets, etc.. After a cold ❄️ night we warmed up in the pools (some really hot!) and took a cold shower in the outdoor facilities. Around 08:00 am a large team started cleaning all pools very thoroughly. Lovely place with super friendly people.

Camping inside Aguas Calientes -14.45088, -71.07335
New Map

Nice free municipal campground on a lake with picnic tables, fire rings, bathrooms w/ running water nearby, playground, swimming dock. Hot showers available at the nearby recreation center for $5 per person.

Burns Lake Municipal Campground & Lake 54.22253, -125.76299

No ir a esta veterinaria, nos cobraron 5 veces más el precio que es por el certificado para presentar en el Ica. Y también nos mintió diciendo que el hacia el apostillado y que salía 100mil y después vimos que el apostillado se hace online ,fácil y sale 32mil
un chanta.

Crespo veteranía clinic 10.44532, -75.51755

Perfect place, in the green grass, good for our dog, swimming is no problem, go in the water at the right side

Lagoa de Alqueva 38.43870, -7.35042

Sem palavras para descrever o bem querer desse quintal de Dona Kôka e Seu Roberto!
Passamos 21 dias aqui, um acolhimento nativo, uma vivência de imersão, entre sabores típicos, trabalhos no curral e galinheiro, foi muito divertido! Vou avisando que Dona Kôka tem o melhor sarapatel que experimentamos e Seu Roberto tem uma sanfona escondida, que se você pedir com jeitinho, ele pode até se animar e fazer uma cantoria… Aqui nos cederam água, Wi-Fi, sanitário para descarregar porta potti. Nós sentimos super seguros! Aos finais de semana, se tiver encomenda, Dona Kôka distribui cadeiras na mesa gigante da varanda para servir um almoço típico do sertão nordestino!

No words can describe the good will of Dona Kôka and Seu Roberto's backyard!
We spent 21 days here, a native welcome, an immersion experience, among typical flavors, work in the corral and chicken coop, it was a lot of fun! I'll let you know that Dona Kôka has the best sarapatel we've tried and Seu Roberto has a hidden accordion, which if you ask nicely, he might even get excited and sing... Here they gave us water, Wi-Fi, toilet to flush porta potti . We felt super safe! On the weekends, if you have an order, Dona Kôka distributes chairs at the giant table on the balcony to serve a typical lunch from the northeastern hinterland!

Restaurante Dona Kôka -8.14256, -36.37986

Infested with mosquitos. Strangest campsite we've ever stayed at, pretty much abandoned even on a weekend. Random people turning up in the night and setting off fireworks. Awesome view of the lake but definitely wouldn't recommend staying overnight. We booked for two nights but left after one.

Delta Beach Campground 50.18414, -98.34400

Great little spot for the night. Not too many places in Raleigh to park and sleep, so this was a great find.

Milburnie Park - Neuse River Trail Parking Lot 35.79838, -78.54479

Stayed last night among 4 other vehicles. No problems, but some kid in a pick up honked as he went by at 0600.

Sunset Point - pull out 34.04394, -118.87882

Estivemos na lavanderia, entregamos a roupa as 10hs e pegamos no outro dia 12hs. Pagamos 250 pesos, fomos super bem atendidos, muito querida! 👍

Lavandero Toques de Sol -46.58254, -70.92799

Just tried to fill up but it’s out of order :( spigots broken but hopefully they’ll get it fixed soon !

Silver Edge Gas 37.82339, -112.42476

This place is now a big dump. No place to park a car and it stinks a lot. We followed the river on the muddy road and found a place to stay on the side of the road. But because of the rainy weather, many stones fell from the mountain slopes. You really have to be careful! The place was ok, nothing special and not worth the effort. I have added a picture (the orange bus).

Kasol Forest 32.00677, 77.31975

passamos 2 noites aqui.

super tranquilo e moradores atenciosos l.

Espaço Gueralds -22.95366, -43.09121

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