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Okay campsite, the camp spots are ok; flat on grass but with sheep poop. No shade. Toilet/shower facilities super basic, not heated so really cold inside, NO HOT WATER, no place to do dishes; they point us to an old bathtub on the grass, dark, no roof, no place to put the clean dishes. Staff present on site, also Wild animals walking around like sheep and horses. No WiFi, the potable water point had rust in the tap so we skipped it. Safe, relatively quiet at night, no traffic noise but music all day in the distance. We had an okay night but Would not come back.

Camping Vista Campana -32.88153, -71.09739

Had a lovely hot shower here earlier today. Still $2.25. Private shower cubicles, very nice

Badlands Community Centre 51.46731, -112.70618

When we arrived the water was being repaired, but in 15min it was on. Showers hot, toilets clean when we arrived but horrible the next morning (many camioneros) 😳
We arrived through the side road from iquique and the retorno to continue in direction arrive is only 500m away.
We slept good although many trucks stopped here in the evening.
There s a paramedics post on the other end of the area de servicios, as usual in Chile.
Water is signposted as no potable.

Area de servicios, highway parking lot -20.23505, -70.02033

we stayed with no problem, but we're also a little unsure about the no camping sign that seemed to be more for the trail than about overnight parking in the parking lot.

Stewart Dam 46.36419, -122.55993

it's open again! we spent the night :)

c'est ouvert ! on viens d'y passer la nuit :)

Espace gazon et boisé 50.26500, -108.00061

A small/medium clearing with a rock circle fireplace located by the river. Access is just off the southern gravel road and you can see the clearing and firepit from the road. I didn't sleep here, just checking it out on my way out. I stayed further up Whatshan Lake Road on the shoulder at the little bridge near "The Hippie Hole". This would have been a better place to sleep and has more room. both roads were fairly quiet while I was here. You can hear traffic going over on the Highway 6 Bridge. Depending on size of vehicle it can be loud, but the river drowns out some of that noise. Again, I didn't say overnight, I suspect even less traffic then at 7am while I was here.

Whatshan Lake Rd 49.89450, -118.12402

Just stopping by, didn't stay the night. Took some photos to add and looks like a lovely little spot. A nice clearing for a tent at the end of the little trail, and another area with a nicely built stone Fire Ring. located right by the Creek, just off the road but not visible from the road if driven in. There is an area just by the road as you come in where one could park or use as another spot.

Nakusp Creek near hot pools 50.28887, -117.72054

Great place to crash for the night. Hard to find these places this far east, most have posted signs but this location is good for all.

Bunch of other RV, Van, Cars. Let’s all do our part keeping the place clean. Too good of a spot to spoil

Walmart Supercenter 44.52361, -68.39420

Down a small dirt road. Tight, but enough to turn around. Great view of the lake. Camping directly beside the lake.

Camp site beside lake - Wayne national forest 38.81851, -82.48885

Showers still off and restrooms closed. Pit toilets open.

Lone Rock Road 37.01635, -111.54506

Water was off today. Bottle fill station available inside.

Paria Contact Station 37.10476, -111.90094

Main parking is a large gravel lot about 1500ft south of here where the turnoff and large orange sign for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary is. Follow the trail up the wash to the caves. Bit of a side sloping traverse on sandstone to get up but not a big deal. No real exposure.

Moqui Caves Alt Parking 37.11355, -112.55561

As described. Stayed here because the campsites on nearby FS roads had gotten too muddy in the rain. can be loud when cars are driving by. arrived after dark and left early.

Parking Lot 43.93036, -103.45033

Nice cobblestone road that leads to the trailhead that leads to the actual waterfall. We are in a Earthroamer (kind of a high roof RV) and we had to get out and move some low branches out of the way to get here. The hike down to the waterfall is well well worth it.

El Cora Waterfall parking 21.41682, -105.12280

Waterfront is now developed as pedestrian zone. No more "privacy" trees. But the parking lot is still there. Parked approx same spot, starboard facing the wall and the river. Weren't bothered. Perfect spot.

Brewer Riverfront 44.79111, -68.77011

Passamos a noite, muito tranquilo, posto 24h

Posto de combustível Asa Branca -28.00391, -52.23105

Buen lugar para pernoctar, y quedarse, tiene sombra, cerca del pueblo, un poco ruidoso está a 300 mts de la ruta 38.

Patquia -30.03994, -66.87681

nice place, by the water. campfire is not allowed. next to the campsite is a train track where a train runs along every few hours and sounds its horn 3 times. so also at night. :)

White Swan Park Campground 54.06276, -124.84775

Stayed here all week. It was empty until the weekend. There is a pit toilet and strong Verizon service. Be careful driving across the cattle guard, there is a broken piece of metal on the far left side (going down, right side coming up) and it will pop tires. Also, the lake is rising quickly. I'd recommend giving it ample room.

Stine Cove Recreation area 35.67895, -118.40791

DANGEROUS ⚠️ Não recomendo ficar de motorhome em Porto Alegre, é muito perigoso!! Recomendo ficar em postos fora da cidade ou próximo ao aeroporto, tenham cuidado ao andar na cidade

Parking for the night -30.03491, -51.22677

1 site off the parking lot and a tent site further east from the road. Fire ring and picnic table at each. BLM camping rules posted. Porta-potty in parking lot. Right on the river. Can hear road noise from highway but little traffic on Eidelson rd.

Eidelson Farm Rd. River site 64.70979, -147.19212

Site 23. We drove and drove to find an empty AND NUMBERED campsite! There were spots one could pull into that were NOT campsites. I'm so thankful we found this one on Memorial Day Weekend!

The road is a bit rutted but very drivable. I'm not sure that would be true if the road wasn't dry, however.

This spot is big with a loop for pulling in and turning around. it also has a fire ring and a beautiful view of distant mountains.

BLM 37.66973, -112.17628

One other large RV when we pulled in with our van. Parked to the back and the cascading creek mostly drowned out the RV’s generator and highway noise. Beautiful next the the creek with lots of wild iris.

Wet Weather Waterfall 41.85896, -123.87580

Nice spot, beautiful views, very quiet. Only saw two other campers Friday night of memorial weekend. Thunderstorm rolled in late, and easily could have gotten stuck in white mud. Recommend 4*4 and stick to the grass. Also... nerve wracking windy overnight.

Baja Area, Buffalo Gap National Grassland 43.71351, -102.09926

We found only this place for our big rig (3,40 m high 8 m length). The others just don’t exist or we couldn’t fit …
It’s really huge and safe (24 hours guarded). The hotel seems some kind of cheap and the restaurant doesn’t look inviting but we stayed safe. Trucks come and go but it’s ok for the night. Earplugs recommended…
10 soles for 2 and the truck. Worth it!

Gran Hotel Cochera -10.10162, -78.13890

free rec site, 4 established camps with picnic tables & 1 pit toilet. spacious but not that private. 1 great lake spot, but lots of broken glass on the floor from a burnt down trailer so be careful.

America Creek Rec Site 49.04306, -115.99777

Closed during winter months, only opens after Memorial Day.

Mackay Tourist Park 43.91224, -113.62223

Nice campsite in a beautiful nature, we loved it here , parked our van by the river, there are tables and bbq s everywhere, no electric, no wifi, but there is a good reception with data, you can do a bit of trekking by the river. We paid 20.000 CLP for 2 people per night

Camping Chochiguaz -30.16221, -70.38091

The visitor center has been knocked down. Currently, all that's there is an empty field with a fence around it. It'll probably be closed for a year or two.

I found their new temporary location, and the lady there said that they're going to build a new building at the original location. But, that apparently Won't be any time soon.

Visitors Center 49.29592, -117.65129

200 for 2 persons, nice swimming! Another family came but the place is very tranquilo!

Balneario Los Lobos 15.73003, -86.74978

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