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Um ótimo lugar mas no final d semana muoto movimento tanto d pessoas como d veiculos

Parque das Nações Indígenas -20.45627, -54.57281

Not possible to get here anymore, they installed a new metal crash barrier, that blocks the road.

Lago Tranquilo. -46.62329, -72.77211

It is on the right side of the road. Great spot, lots of space to park. Two other people were here when we arrived (Sunday night, May long weekend).

Westside Road 51.05759, -118.20645

Muito movimento d veiculos e também movimentado por pessoas, mas da para pernoitar a noite os banheiros não são abertos...não sei d dia!

Parking Nações Indígenas -20.45606, -54.57247

Coordinates are not correct. Try using these 49.1768, -96.8242

Roseau River Park 49.17881, -101.45123

Small, quite campground (3 spots). Flat parking, table , fire ring. Some road noise, but good for 1 night while passing through.

Summit Campground 47.53943, -103.24209

The Place is very nice - You don’t see any houses close by and it is very quite. Please don’t make fire here - it’s a super dry area and can get quickly super windy

Ruta 78a in the river bed -23.69345, -65.57308

We were at the border at 5:30 PM on a Sunday and paid nothing for the bridge nor for the TIP (nobody at the cashier). We were asked to put a camping address in Belize. Fruits and vegetables were checked. We had some bananas, apples and pineapple. They advised us that it was not allowed but it was ok for that time.
All insurance offices were closed. We need to come back on Monday.

Guatemala to Belize 17.05785, -89.15012

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go here even though it looks beautiful.

It’s NOT dog friendly. I wanted to surprise my girlfriend for her birthday with three nights here. I messaged in advance and Pierre asked if we had pets. I told him a small dog that’s friendly with other dogs. 6 months in Mexico off leash, no problem.

He responded that because one of his dogs is on its period, he couldn’t welcome us. Well it turns out my girlfriend has messaged Pierre a few days ago as well asking if we could stay (which she didn’t tell me because she also got denied)… Pierre told her we couldn’t come because he was out of town for the first time in forever and didn’t feel comfortable with new dogs being introduced.

As you can read from other comments and Pierre’s responses to them (like for 1 star Google Reviews 😅), this seems to be common. He should not claim this place as pet friendly if he gives everyone a different excuse for not being allowed to bring their dog. Just say no dogs welcome… save everyone some time, man.

Super weird vibes. Looks amazing though, wish we could’ve paid to stay there!

Pasaj Cap - Lago Atitlan 14.72320, -91.24986

Best tacos in town. I tried them all hehe and this one is the best! 27 pesos +/- for each, had three amazing veggie tacos here!

Tacos del Valle 32.10064, -116.56466

I could not get signal except for directly in front of the police station doors. Even then only got two bars of wifi.

Community Center 38.84390, -106.12334

Easy to locate! Pay at self check out (they may need to enter the codes in for you) and then fill up!

Walmart Neighborhood Market 40.09798, -111.61372

Fence up across the road. Not sure if it is seasonal or permanent.

Grassland Camping 47.53942, -103.24212

Very quiet and beautiful location in a valley/canyon. We stood in a dry water runoff. Easy track into the valley. Only negative are some sand flies.

Valley/canyon camp 45.41113, 55.29894

dry, unlike other spots along the roads back here! found a lovely, level spot under the trees without driving very far (in our 2WD). strung up some hammocks and enjoyed the peaceful woods.

National Forest Service Road 89 39.44642, -120.21764
Nomadic Ramblers

Good for all size rigs. You will here some minor Hwy noise during the day. Rest area with pit toilets and trash cans 2 miles toward Tok. In the upper or first part of the pit is where we camped and it was very clean and quite. Taking the road further down is a middle area with some more spots and all the way down a small hill will be the bottom where it is also very level with lots of room. The view is forest and mountains. No Fee.

Large "natural pit" area 63.49074, -143.83292

It is really difficult to find a decent wild camping spot in the Srinagar surroundings!! After a rather noisy night at the Swiss hotel parking we just needed peace.
with a small 4x4 this place is a very nice option. Only the last bit of drive up to clearance requires 4x4.
Get of the Srinagar Leh road between the villages of Buna Muang and Kijpora. The side road leads up to Naranag. There are habitations anywhere along the road for many km but after driving around 2 km there is a rough side track at the left side at something that looks like a water reservoir tank. Drive up till the clearance. Visible from the entire valley but long distance, no habitation nearby.
very quiet at night except sound from artificial "waterfall" in the valley and nobody passed by till mid morning where a couple of locals walked by.
Clean at our spot although dirty along the track leading up. Very nice views.

Clearance with mountain view 34.28418, 74.89435

GE --> ARM
Georgian side super fast, passenger goes inside the terminal, driver with the vehicle, you got stamped and that's it.
Armenian side was easy and fast for passport control (again passenger separated from driver), it took a bit longer for vehicle. They checked inside (quickly) 3 times. After passport control you must go into the building and pay for TIP at the bank (10.000 Amd only cash, or 75 GEL). Then you go to the window next to it to actually get all the papers.
We bought insurance at a small shop next to the roundabout: 7.000 Amd only cash for 30 days (Citroen Jumper 130 HP) and Sim card at official Viva Mts shop (4.500 Amd 1 month unlimited, ok with debit card).

Border Sadakho 41.22772, 44.83152

Blissful quiet night, beautiful views. No signal on MTN. We may have just lucked out, but not windy for us, just a gentle evening breeze. Sloping ground but you can work at it to get flat below the fire ring.

Kuiseb Viewpoint -23.30148, 15.78126

gorgeous fresh spring off side of highway I found on has been tested and everything. please keep this area clean! right across from mile marker 34 small pullout that can fit 2 vehicles.

Fresh spring off side of highway 47.16053, -121.82326

Safe place for the night. The military guys are very friendly. They didn’t want any money so we thanked them with some fruit and booze from Germany. Calm night.

Military checkpoint overnight stay 6.90946, 11.42839

Filtered potable water; 10 litres for 800 Som; 10 litres in 10-L-canister for 10,000 Som.

Filtered water 41.55775, 60.63956

Very interesting place if you are South African with Huguenot ancestry or French. You get to learn about those poor people how had to run away from their own country because of religious matters in 1685. It also says a lot about how wine and fruit industry got develloped in the Cape region.
There is 2 buildings, one more recent and well organised, telling the story of the Huguenots in France and in the world. The second is where you buy the tickets, it looks more like a old school little town type of museum, with old items everywhere. Both are complementary.
I personally had no idea about french settlers in SA before I came in SA... Its a shame but we don't learn about that at school in France.
100 pp. Open every day.

Huguenot Museum -33.91318, 19.12385
Des routes & nous

Nice campsite.
Ablutions okay and clean.
The owner will turn on the donkey to have hot shower.
Campsite are very big and quiet with Braï spot and water tape.
It's 120 pula ppn.
Lots of birds and some koudous by night

El-Fari Campsite -21.35828, 22.13466

Great place, thanks for adding! They are very welcoming to overlanders. Enough space even for big rigs and the beach is stunning! They did say the price has increased to 5000 per night. We negotiated and paid still 2500 per night.

TSABEN BEACH 4.06038, 9.04363

Indeed a nice place to stay. You are visible from the road though; but nobody bothered us. People passing were friendly.

Parc de la Mefou 3.63055, 11.58167

Parking lot at the Beach Promenade of Durres - busy at daytime - quiet at night - bars restaurants & city Center close by

Promenade Durres 41.30768, 19.44667

Jordan to Saudi
Still 10jod per person to exit and 25 for the car.

To enter Saudi if you have a dog : you need health certificate from a veterinary valid only 3 days and ask for import permit on website (free) few days before crossing. You obviously need to have dog passport.
We had evisa for us.

Border Crossing Jorden 29.34644, 34.95568

Exit Jordan is easy, just have to pay 10jod per person and 25jod for the car.

Enter Saudi also "easy", just follow each steps : with evisa, passport check fingerprints and photo of each person. Vehicle inspection with a dog. X-ray and you have to take a vehicle insurance

!! If you are traveling with a dog : few days before crossing, ask for animal import permit on website (complicated but free). And you need a veterinary health check valid only 3 days, and your dog passport.
With all of papers ready, we took 2 hours to enter Saudi.

Durra border crossing Jordan/Saudi Arabia 29.34642, 34.95566

Here you can find DAB and sim card.
We choose Mobily as Zain was closed.
172 rials for 20go (and 20go more as gift).

Mobily and Zain sim card 29.28425, 34.94878

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