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Beautiful little lake shore, quiet, peaceful, fire pits. No service no pit toilets

Upper Gnat Lake 58.21917, -129.84383

Great price. Best place to fuel before hitting the big city. Open 24hrs

Gen 7 (24 Hour Gas Bar) 45.85142, -80.56339
Waldo’s Pappy

Still open. Only ones here until midnight someone with a bigger rig decided to park side by side. No lack of room with an acre of space but it is what it is. They left an hour later. Rest of night/morning peaceful. Definitely stay here again.

Reverse rapids New Brunswick, Canada 45.25648, -66.08830

Lugar muito bom , tranquilo pernoitamos uma noite e um dia , pessoal muito educado ,água energia, chuveiro quente, banheiro limpo .

Clube Náutico Engenheiro Mauro Ferraz -20.65762, -46.30694

I wrote the information but didn't spell correctly the name of. the shop. it is Serrano

Cérano -4.18149, 12.66527

Not what was written before
Not new
Not modern
Running water - yes - for part of the time
Toilet was broken
No seat - which is usual these days
Dirty linen and pillows and towels

Sleep in your camper rather - we should have


And food in restaurant was good
Meat and Veg and Rice and beer … at extra cost but cheap

Dream City Hotel 6.75739, 11.81405

$1 for parking and the night. $5pp for Termales and a bathing cap is required ($.50 rent $1.50 buy). Very, very quiet night at the parking lot. The Termales were nice, showers are also nice, the slides are fantastic. Feel like a child again! The Termales are open until 7pm, at around 5:30 they open it to the locals so gets a little busier in the showers. The road here was very bad the first few miles with thousands of potholes. The repairs started after that and the road was well graded for a few miles and the last few miles to town were all paved. Tool about 2 hours from the PanAm. Permission to drive the park road to Papallacta is $5, and still available at the Termales Parking lot. The town is a bit under construction with all new sidewalks and the roads are torn up, but any size rig can get to and stay at the parking lot. Still no cell service.

Parking lot at the thermal baths -0.21522, -78.08743
John Gabel

Fantastic campground. The shade from the trees helped moderate the temps. Spacious sites.

Anastasia State Park 29.86445, -81.27537

Right by the highway, so lots of road noise but other than that it was a peaceful night

Cracker Barrel 43.03673, -82.45496

A lot of signs "no overnight". But ! a lot of RV were spending the night. We spent 3 nights with absolutly no issues. Nobody bothered us.

Walmart - Bozeman 45.69567, -111.04517

lots of campers and lots of spots to park right on the side of the road. dispersed camping in woods and in roadside. close to a short trail to some falls. porta potty available

Zigzag falls 45.31231, -121.82693

We were the first visitors of the season this morning! Nice little station to pick up maps and info. Bathrooms on the side of the building along with water fountain with bottle filler.

Slana Visitor Center 62.71769, -144.10550

Very friendly staff, campsites really good and shaded, no water on our sites, clean and tidy bathrooms but needs maintenance. The hot water comes from a donkey and that’s not too bad either, the pressure sucks though. Stayed two separate nights both had a contractor’s radio playing, road noise is not too bad but nevertheless disturbing. All together better than staying in Kang but at a price, we paid 170 Pula per person.

Kalahari Rest -23.52192, 22.60815

This is a really nice place to stay right/before the border with Colombia.
It’s a campground on the river with hot showers, clean bathrooms, wifi, a bar and a lovely family that runs the place. They moved to live here during the pandemic and have now started developing it into a campground.
Price at the moment is $5 per vehicle.

Finca de Moma 0.05253, -76.88866

May 2023
Really nice place.
Nice view on the lake
I have a pickup camper
I park at the end on gravel side

No sign on the parking
Pic nic table
Huge parking

An other van life in the parking lot

Centre communautaire 44.58204, -80.93422

water tastes fine and looks clear. is coming out of a black hose seemingly for the reason of filling up so I imagine it's potable.

Water Stop 45.10476, -121.50579

Excelente punto de parada. Lugar seguro, con agua potable, wifi y ducha caliente. El administrador súper atento, así como el personal de la gasolinera y snack bar. Estuvimos 2 días discretamente detrás del snack bar. Ambiente limpio, seguro, tranquilo y silencioso. Muy recomendable, sin duda volveremos. Suministramos y consumimos como una forma de agradecerles lo que han hecho por nosotros.

Excelente ponto de parada. Lugar seguro, com água potável, wifi e chuveiro quente. O administrador super atencioso, assim como a equipe do posto e da lanchonete. Ficamos 2 dias discretamente atrás da lanchonete. Ambiente limpo, seguro, tranquilo e silencioso. Altamente recomendável, certamente vamos retornar. Abastecemos e consumimos como forma de agradecer o que fizeram por nós.

Excellent stopping point. Safe place, with drinking water, wifi and hot shower. The super attentive administrator, as well as the gas station and snack bar staff. We stayed 2 days discreetly behind the snack bar. Clean, safe, peaceful and quiet environment. Highly recommended, we will certainly return. We supply and consume as a way of saying thank you for what they have done for us.

Terpel gas station 0.33807, -78.18416

Nice quiet campground. Free fire wood. We extended one more day stay.

Chautauqua Gorge Forest 42.24187, -79.57786

Muy buen lugar para pasar la noche. Electricidad, WiFi, baños, agua caliente, proveeduría . precios hoy $3000 Motorhome + $400 x persona. Muy amable atención. Abierto 24/7

Top Malo Camping -33.71977, -58.68134

This place is permanently closed.

Road washed out -13.43297, 12.56694

Super spot south east of Podgorica - enough space under trees or open sky - absolutely quiet at night & daytime - no one bothering except some sheep or cows

Big pine forest park 42.41598, 19.28585

Great Laundromat, Prices reflect the area
$4.00 /2 load machine $6.00 for maybe a 4 load machine. .25 for 3 minutes on dryer a little steep, but hey, you're outside Yellowstone. Super clean, I would come again.

Little Ducklings Laundry 44.66034, -111.10956

We have been to alot of butterfly parks around the world and this is one of the best ones we been to. Yes it is small but there are so many butterflies 800-1000. Plus a guide tells you a bit about them and there is a vedio. It's $7 an very worth it

Butterfly Haven 8.60398, -80.13043

Free RV dump station
Potable water available

Belle Fourche Visitors Center 44.67409, -103.85298

8,89$ for the entry before 15h00 and 10$ after 15h00 and the weekends. Quite expensive but, you have 2 pools and one spa, 2 saunas, slides opened after 18h00 on weekdays.
It's very clean.

Canadian Games Complex 48.42440, -89.24249

WU novo! Passamos aqui por acaso e descobrimos esse Kiosco do WU, segundo vizinhos já está funcionando.

Change Money -46.59282, -70.92658

This place is in wrong location - it is located at 5.46295, 10.42675

Zenithe Insurance 5.46295, 10.42675

Do not eat at Zé da Moqueca restaurant. Bad food and price. Very close to the parking lot. Urgh

Parking of Prainha Vila Velha -20.32926, -40.29073

plenty of free camping right on old hwy 93.

BLM - Country Road 193 35.14846, -113.80997

ATENCION! vive un vecino que es poco tolerable y ha mandado a la policía para que no estemos ni pernoctemos acá.

praia do foguete -22.92925, -42.03821

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