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Nice for lunch, but lot‘s of rubbish :(
We did not stay for the night (because we didn’t plan to), but it looks if it would be ok and quiet.

parking in front of the bay, free -42.59875, -73.67932
Amar e viajar sm

Estávamos aqui em Teresina e sempre que achamos a lavanderia 60min lavamos nossas roupas, além de ser um bom preço muito prático. Uma máquina um cesto grande custa 15,00 e pra secar e 15,00 se o carro for pequeno médio consegue lavar todas as roupas da casa. Passando por aqui use a lavanderia.

Ficando no estacionamento da ponte estanhada e viemos a pé 850mts.

Sinal da Claro e Vivo pegam bem, não tivemos problemas, eu uso um dos Chips no amplificador . Eu uso um amplificador de sinal de celular rural, faz contato que te envio a instalação.

LAVANDERIA 60min você mesmo lava -5.07668, -42.79727

Walmart Surprise. Lots of parking, quiet. Stayed a few days, no problem. Lots of restaurant near by.

Walmart 33.64190, -112.35676

Loved this recommendation. I went when the reception staff were about to change shifts and they just let me in for free to save them the hassle of doing the paperwork when one of them was about to leave.

Showers at Rec Gym 29.28689, -94.79381

6000pp space for staying dry

dirty and very dated like the rest of rt 7 camping.

roof shakes and is loud if wind changes put tent towards the back maybe

Camping La Sirena -44.32608, -72.56085

great place to sleep. very calm night lulled by the sound of the small waves of the lake. we recommend

Camping à la pointe 11.49664, -85.69520

Large flat area beside the road with great views. Not very private but the road isn’t too busy. Just somewhere to park up for a night. Great TIGO LTE service.

Awesome views 14.43819, -90.12604

Cheapest place in the area for sure. We paid 8usd for two meals, two bebidas. Very good food, lots of options. They also can handle vegetarian.

Restaurante Jonathan 8.95245, -79.53601

We got told about this beautiful hike during our stay. If you drive up to the Puema Lodge parking area there is a trailhead to the right with a sign saying 'Laguna 5km'. We asked in the reception to park here and got told it was fine and it was free to do the hike.

The hike is mainly through forest and starts off medium difficulty increasing to hard at the top in terms of steepness. There are some ropes to help though. It is a well marked/easy to follow trail. It took us as reasonably fit people 2 hours to ascend and just under that to come down. The laguna view at the top is spectacular and worth the effort!

Laguna Pinilla/Obsesión Trailhead -43.33700, -72.02999

Nice city RV along the San Francisco River. They have full hookup sites to dry camp areas with a pit toilet. Big Horn sheep walked right through our campsite. We spent 4 nights here and explored the area.

North Clifton RV park 33.06134, -109.30120

This place had purposely placed boulders blocking the entrance suggesting it is closed. We drove up the road opposite (w-861) and in the same spot as this pin there was a flat gravel pull out which is also beautiful and space for multiple campers. Still visible from the road but very little traffic.

Rio Azul Access Via Road -43.30290, -72.02655

beatifull view, very quiet and near to the town.

Lighthouse view (Claro 3G is available here) -29.25181, -71.45967

Now ZAR200 ppn and Wifi is not for guests anymore. Road nearby very noisy, staff not very helpful. Do not recommend.

Highlanders -31.90037, 18.65033

Large parking area with spots for cars, trucks and rvs. Potable drinking water spouts and public washrooms

Oklahoma Tourist Info Centre 35.43043, -94.71668

Extra long parking spots available, perfect for big rigs, right off the Malecon. Free. No shade. Many restaurants across the street and 1 mile to the historical district and the Malecon path is beautiful. I didn't stay the night here but other campers did. I parked directly on the road along the Malecon overnight and had no issues but I would've preferred to stay in this lot. I left my dogs in the RV during the day with the generator running for a/c and no one was bothered.

there are bathrooms but they were locked.

4G Telcel 3.5 bars

Spacious Muelle Lot 19.83401, -90.55666

Rreally nice motor friendly hostel enough room to park big rigs but you have to take a room or bed in a dorm or if you want to sleep in your camper you still have to pay the price of a room.
The rooms and dorm are spacy.
Breakfast with home made jam and intergral bread.
Complete kitchen and possibility for asado.
5 km from the center, local busstop 200 meter from the hostel.
It's my fith time here, for sure the best hostel in Bolson.

La Casona de Odile -41.91944, -71.52233

It is not really for „us“
It is an active ceremonial site- lots of small bouquets and fires
Overnight is ok

Qumarkaj 15.02290, -91.16967

A tiny turnout next to the fence on the opposite of the beach. Very nice view. We arrived and immediately we saw two big dolphins! Feels good here. We don‘t have 4W and it was no problem at all.
A few houses around, but still very quiet.
Few cans lying around, which we will collect. Good 4G Entel!
Please keep the place clean 💙
Tents could stay next to bushes a tiny bit further, but sand gets bit deeper there.

2W Spot at the beach - Dolphins -42.70388, -73.55245

Says no overnight parking here Might be new

Walmart 36.57952, -87.41111

Filled propane tank for $15.00. Also free water tap, just need to get the key from the cashier to use it.

TA Truck Stop 32.26861, -109.84756
Cinquentões na Estrada (Marcia &Marco)

WesterUnion physical store for withdrawal. Open from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 6 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 12 pm

WesterUnion -9.07657, -78.59230

Boulangerie pâtisserie très agréable. Les croissant au chocolat sont très bon. Pas comme chez nous mais délicieux.

Very Good pastries and croissant chocolat

Délirions pan e delicia 16.93014, -89.89222

Very good plate of the day. We took carne arroz serve with tortilla and salsa de frijoles. And eggs. Very cheap. Very good. We paid 75 Qz for 3 plates of meat and 1 plate with eggs.

Street food next to hospital 16.51994, -90.18106

Still there its nice and good presure. Long hose to use

Coihaique -46.12079, -72.16205

Cash or credit, bathroom, soap, coffee, anddddd showeerrr hot! Dont ask just use otherwise they say no. Door at the left

Copec - Villa Cerro Castillo -46.12212, -72.16310

Very good wifi. We chilled here the whole day

Wifi and atm -46.12214, -72.16310

Works well:)
You can fix a hose on it too

Water Tap next to the street 10.16798, -84.90891

didn't even see the no overnight parking signs. decided to risk it and nobody said anything. bathrooms, showers all open. nice night, got some good pics of the sunrise! thanks for the heads up on this one IO

Beach Rest Stop 29.99043, -81.31507
ioverlander user

there is a free shower at the beach, maybe it is from the near hotel

free shower at the beach 16.51521, -88.36583

Estacionamento no parque la carolina com segurança 24h. Custa 50 centavos por hora e cobram das 6h às 21h. Por dia fica em torno de 8 dólares. Tem banheiro pago próximo.

Parking at Parque La Carolina with 24 hour security. It costs 50 cents an hour and they charge from 6 am to 9 pm. A day is around 8 dollars. There is a paid restroom nearby.

Estacionamiento La Carolina 5 -0.18416, -78.48299

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