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Small gas station with free water. As recommend we got gas first and ask if we could fill up our water tanks. The guy was nice and showed us where the water is at. Water and air are located north of the pumps.

Water tap at the Pemex 28.28762, -113.99905

I’ve spent Christmas in John’s family… nothing more to say… I was alone for Christmas and John said to me let spend Christmas with us.. so I spend Christmas with John family and this was one of my best Christmas (according to John’s family) and … nothihng more more to say

El Tip Viajero -33.42602, -70.59656
The Joslyn Journey

This is Arizona Land Trust so make sure to get your yearly permit at

Nice site with a beautiful view. Obviously, cows are present which also means cow pies. :) Was fun to do a short walk through the wash behind the site. Trees blocked the road and it was pretty quiet when we stayed. There is a pulloff right off the road, but we parked behind just a bit. Little traffic and noise.

Think we had 2 bars of AT&T and Verizon.

Nestled in site just off DW Ranch Rd/159 35.16300, -113.89000

Water fill up station next to road. Good pressure.

Water fill up station next to road 28.71475, 35.10596

excelente lugar y atención, posee un estacionamiento mientras permaneces en el bar o en el hostel detrás esta a pocos metros de la playa increíble praia do rosa NORTE.

Boa Vibe -28.12238, -48.64569

stay here 1 night very good, safe and quiet. the second night the poliman Come at 11pm, We had to leave because we have no right to sleep in this parking lot. No sign indicates it.

Mirador 16.73426, -92.64230

Stayed here for one night. Very nice location, and there's a lady by the entrance to the road who cooks very good stews and tortillas - would recommend. She said camping anywhere along the road is ok.

Beautiful place mountain view 23.58959, -99.23978

Boat landing off the freeway. Very easy drive to get in. No signs prohibiting overnight camping. I stayed in a tent with my motorcycle for one night no problem. Very few people coming in and out. Would recommend!

Herbert Boat Landing 29.74625, -92.32494

Área à beira da Lagoa Catu.
Proprietários muito hospitaleiros e solícitos.
Tem estrutura para receber até mesmo motorhomes de grande porte.
Disponibiliza cozinha compartilhada e área social com redes de descanso.
Vende alguns itens como cerveja, refrigerantes e salgadinhos.
Alugam barracas, caiaques e equipamento de pesca.
Possuem suítes com ar condicionado alugados à parte.
Wi-fi grátis e de boa qualidade para trabalhos mais tradicionais na internet.
Tim, claro e vivo tem as melhores qualidades de sinal.
Aceita animais domésticos.
Fica na 12km a Praia do Beach Park.

Clube de Pesca e Camping Tucunaré -3.94805, -38.37809

roads still good, all cool here. lots of rigs

Anza Borego SP 33.19962, -116.36335

Nice waterfalls. Asked if I could stay the night in the parking lot and he said no problem. Free.

Cascada Texolo 19.40208, -96.99371

Very nice and quiet place with a beautiful view on the lake. The ground is pretty soily and seems like it could get very swampy it rains a lot. We stayed in a small car for one night.

Wild Camping 43.79015, 6.18677

large gravel pit. very quite except some traffic

Dunsmuir Railway Crossing 49.38644, -124.61236

At the position of this entry there is nothing but a place to leave your vehicle during your visit of Las Nubes. Just cross the suspension bridge close by. No fees neither for parking nor for visiting the falls.
Don’t miss the ecotrail starting to your right shortly after having crossed the bridge. There are two viewpoints. At the first one you see the river falling down into a natural tunnel, at the second you have a spectacular view over the plain below and down to the Paraíso Escondido. On the way back - it’s a circuit trail - you pass a kind of fairytale forest with picturesque rocks and tropical plants.

Las Nubes Waterfall 16.19861, -91.32792

One of our favourite sites that we've stayed. The owners are farmers and very friendly and helpful. You will learn all about sustainable farming practices if you ask. The site itself is a little further along a dirt road from the farmhouse. The circular ablution block with central tree is really nice. Clean and tidy facilities. Walks in the hills around. The sky is beautiful at dusk and into the night. Support a wonderful local family! Only 150 NAD ppn.

Aubures Camping -25.73796, 16.44439

Liked the cooking area here, lots of space. camp at back of campsite near rock for least wind

Camping and Refugio Paine Grande (Vertice Patagonia) -51.07185, -73.09468

Rooms are very big and clean according to African standards. Unfortunately we had dozens of cockroaches in the kitchen but luckily no mosquitos at all.
In the mornings the military have shooting practice next door with their machine guns.
Private parking with a gate is height limited. We are 2.6m and barely entered. Wifi is good but has only access for 2 devices simultaneously, so remember to log out when changing devices.
Price renovated :27k CFA; non renovated :25k CFA

Residence la Grâce 5.36201, -4.00355

For overlander this is the Best place: outside from the town, in the nature, close the the river (we heard hippos every night and saw monkeys every morning). The place is clean and well maintained. Walk until the town is 15mn. We payed 5000 cfa per night for 2 persons with ours 4x4.

Assan and Renata's Private Paradise 13.53569, -14.74910

The DOC Mangawhero campsite in Tongariro NP is small and needs to be booked in advance. If you want to get away from the campervan crowds drive a little further (past the tent sites) and find a few sites further along the gravel track.
Water is available from the river, but otherwise you need to be self-contained. No cost.

Up from DOC Mangawhero campsite -39.39074, 175.43214

By far our best camping experience in Patagonia. Route description is acurate, if you're coming from Esquel simply follow in reverse. We were treated by a blazing pink sunset like I have never seen before (see photo)! In the evening we could see and hear the gauchos herding the cattle down below by the lake, in the morning we were treated by their caravan of sheep moving down the road. Can confirm what TalesInVan wrote; the place is private property but the owner will let you camp if you don't build a fire and don't litter. Unfortunately there was some trash, so please let's keep this place available for fellow travelers. It's not that hard to clean up your own trash, people!

Lookout above RP71 -42.99652, -71.54058

Once again we had a great week at Los Cocos. This was our 5th time camping and this beautiful spot. We took our 2nd horseback ride with Marcelo and he gives a great tour. All the vendors were great as always. From produce, seafood, bread, and juice to souvenirs they have it all.

Playa Los Cocos 26.74304, -111.90039

Excelente prestação de serviços, com valor justo e serviço rápido. Tivemos problemas eletronicos com nossa F250, trocamos sensores após diagnóstico eletrônico.

NW mecânica RodoDiesel -16.33665, -39.58068

We parked outside for free. 50 cent pp to visit the lagoon, it isn't so nice..  not worth it for us.

Estacionamos afuera gratis. 50 centavos por persona para conocer la laguna, que nisiquiera es tan linda.. no vale la pena para nosotros.

Laguna Colta parque -1.72536, -78.76160

Full Service Lavanderia; 25 Pesos per kg, minimum 3 kg for 75 Pesos

Lavanderia Automatica Sonick 20.52167, -99.89388

Stayed in the RV lot across from the Cracker Barrel on 4 separate occasions while working in the area. No issues. Many other vans, RVs, and truck campers parked there too.

Cracker Barrel 27.49363, -82.47512

Fantastic campsite with good washroom and shower facilities - had a lovely hot shower. Lots of beautiful hanging plants and comfortable hammocks around the campsite. Richard welcomed us and was very helpful

Fuku Fuku Camp site -2.20297, 33.86233

Only person there, was good for the night and rainier in the morning was breathtaking

Mount Rainier Viewpoint 46.88439, -122.30035

Since this is a beach spot, I'd only recommend it if you have 4WD. There's no problem with swimming or getting into the ocean here. It's rocky, but if you have some kind of water shoe it totally works.

Los Barriles 23.75151, -109.71140

Very exposed, not a lot of privacy. Many spots with fire rings, so you’ll definitely find a spot. Road is not great, but possible with a 2WD.

klondike blm land 38.75906, -109.72605

Good for an overnight stop. New city parking regulations limit parking here to 2 nights in any calendar month. See photo of posted sign, including ordinance number.

Republic City Park 48.64804, -118.73928

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